Dark Night in the Woods


Topic: He presses me against the tree, his hands groping my body.   I close my eyes, refusing to look into his greedy face.   I can still see his smirk, though.   His hands push my breasts, hurting me.   I try to push him away and his arms enclose around my middle, picking me up.
He leads me over to a picnic table and leans me over it, my back touching the wood.   My right leg is caught between his and I feel his hard-on straining the material of his jeans.   I don't say anything but the word is in my head.   No!  I don't want this!  He leans over me and kisses me, a pushy kiss with his tongue ramming down my throat.
I can't fight back - he weighs too much.   He pulls away from the kiss, smirking at me, and lifts my shirt.   I didn't wear a bra tonight and he squeezes my breasts roughly, making me squirm.   No, no, no, no!  He gathers my wrists in one hand and holds them against the table above my head, releasing his erection with his other.   He yanks at my shorts, getting frustrated.
"God damnit," he says, pulling at them.   I close my eyes again.

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    How did I get here?  "You little slut!  You thought you could tease me, damn you.   But now I'm going to fuck you wild. "  I start to shake with terror.   Finally he manages to pull my shorts down, leaving only my underwear protecting me.   No, God no!  I'm only seventeen - how could this happen to me?  I've had sex before but I could stop that.   I can't stop this.
He pulls my underwear down and his fingers enter my cunt.   I want to yell for help but I can't find my voice.   This is really happening to me.    No!  Please, God, no!  He withdraws his fingers and replaces them with his nine inch dick.   I start to finally scream but he covers my mouth with his free hand.   I try to free myself from his painful thrusts but can't.
His thrusts become increasingly rougher and I try to yell but his hand still covers my mouth.   Oh God!  Oh God!  Oh God!  Why me?  I whimper as he continues fucking me.   Each thrusts pushes me harder against the picnic table and the edge cuts into my thigh, making blood run down the back of my legs.

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Finally he stops and I pray it's over.   He releases my wrists and mouth and flips me over, smacking my ass.   "Oh, baby, when I'm done you'll be begging for more. "  He rams his dick into my ass and I scream with pain.   His hand worms its way under my face and covers my mouth.   His other grabs my wrists again and holds them above my head.   He thrusts and thrusts and I keep screaming with pain but his hand muffles the sound.
God!  God!  No!  Please, God!  Finally he cums in my ass and pulls away.   The cum drips out of my ass and I start to cry.   I've really been raped.   How could this happen to me?  "Oh, baby, you are a hot little piece. "  He flips me over again and smirks at me.   "How about I take you with me for a little more fun?"  I start crying harder and he pulls my shirt back down and pulls up my underwear and shorts.  
He slings me over his shoulders and I'm too weak to fight him.   God, God, God, God, God, God.

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    He walks over to his car and throws me in the backseat.   I see a little divider between the front seat and back seat and start sobbing.   He's a cop.   He locks the doors and starts driving.