Deeper part II


 When I woke up, my hands were still tied to the headboard. I didn't see Joe for a minute and thought maybe he had left me alone. "You ready to take it deeper, Lily?" Joe had been in the corner of the room, watching me "wake up". How long had I been out? All I could remember was Joe's huge cock shooting cum down my throat and him shoving it in until I couldn't breathe. " I asked if you are ready to take it deeper, little Lily?" Joe said louder, his voice as husky as it had been before, but not quite as urgent. "Joe, you have to stop. I can't do this. I couldn't breathe the first time, you are too big!" I had to make him understand. "Little Lily, my little cock licker. I bet you've swallowed one whole before, haven't you?" I had to think of something. Maybe if I played it up, made him realize he was so big, he wouldn't make me do this. "Joe," I said in a low sultery voice, " You are just so big. You are long and thick and I can't take all of you in my mouth. " Wrong move. I could see a change in his eyes, a change that made my insides clench. Joe took his semi-stiff cock in his hand.

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   He looked  me up and down. The way his gaze trailed over my body, it made it hard not to look down at what he saw. I have never thought of myself as beautiful. At home, we were taught to not get caught up in the "pretty game" as mum liked to call it. I used to look at other girls and think that I did look as nice as they did, better than most. Now as Joe looked at me, I shifted my gaze to follow his. My hair. . . medium length, dark red, thick and wavy. Face. . . I could see him staring at my mouth, remembering how he had fucked it earlier. My mouth isn't big, hence the problem with his demand to go deeper.


   My lips are fuller that I like, but since the movie stars have brought them in style, I fit right in. Eyes, green, like summer grass. Joe moved his eyes from my narrow face down to my breasts. I had always been secretly proud of them, but to have him rape them with his eyes made a rush of heat fill my pussy. I hate this. I don't want to be here with this man, and my body is in full tilt betrayal. The heat of his gaze makes my nipples tighten. They are usually a bit full and puffed, but when I get turned on, they harden in a minute, like two marbles. Most embarassing when you are trying not to be noticed. My breasts don't fill a D cup bra, but definitly overload a C cup. The best thing I can do is find something stretchy, which usually doesn't leave much to the imagination when my nipples decide to go into action. I peeked up at Joe's eyes. He was working his shaft. He moved over to the bed again and reached out to moisten his fingers between my legs. My cunt was wetter than my mouth, dripping on the sheet.

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   Joe groaned and used the juice to lube his cock which had extended to its full length, which I guessed to be around 10 inches. I felt a quivering between my legs that wouldn't quit. I hoped that Joe didn't notice. His eyes traveled from my breasts down to my smooth stomach. Family genes had really helped there. All of my family on both sides were fairly tall and slender, except for an aunt who ended up with a large backside. I don't mean that we are all skinny, just no fat in the wrong places. The women in the family tend to have big boobs, slim waists and legs and nicely rounded bums. Joe's eyes moved quickly down to my shaved pussy, which was still held painfully open by my tied legs. He seemed to take in every detail, the flushed plump lips, juice tricking down to my other hole, and to my further horror, a nubby clit peeking out of its hood, seeking it's own adventure!
Now that my body had fully demonstrated its betrayal of my mind and morals, Joe began to untie my feet. It felt so good to be able to put my legs back together and in a sense "hide" my slick holes. Joe chuckled,"Don't get too used to having them together, luv. You are going to open them again soon enough. " I didn't want to think any further than getting out of the present problem. He was edging nearer my mouth, engorged penis in hand.

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   I could see pre-cum easing its way out of the hole and wetting the top of his spear. "Lily, I am going to untie your hands, but you better not do anything stupid, luv. I think I know how we can help your throat be a bit more. . . accomodating. " I shuddered to think of what his mind had turned up. He untied my hands and pulled me sideways on the bed, leaning my head back off the edge of the mattress. "Lily, we are going to do it this way. I want you to take it deeper, down to my balls. " I couldn't think of what to do, or if there was anything I could do but try. "Joe, please, don't. " Even my pleas were sounding half hearted. He had me where he wanted me and my body was listening to everything he said, regardless of what my mind was telling it. "Lily, open your mouth.

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   I want you to taste yourself. " With that, Joe reached over between my legs. He used his fingers to part my wet lips and draw out my juice. Dripping fingers slathered his cock, which he then pressed to my mouth. "Open, Lily, taste it. " To offer encouragement, he then stuck his fingers, still dripping with my wetness, into his own mouth and began to suck noisily. Oh god, oh god. . . I felt the quivering in my pussy begin to pulse. Joe brought his fingers down and parted my lips, then slid the upper part of his hard shaft over my tongue. I tasted it. I tasted him, but I tasted myself. The salt, the wetness. Joe didn't pause but continued his journey into my mouth.

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   "Lily, do what you did before, relax. Now. " He eased my head down between his legs. He was standing at the edge of the bed, legs spread. I got quite a view as I looked up at the meeting of flesh. I looked backward this time, not seeing his stomach but his swollen balls and softly furred anus. He had pinned my arms with his hands on my elbows, pressing them into the bed. His shaft was in my mouth, moving, pumping, slowly making its way deeper. I began breathing quickly, taking in air as I could, when he eased back. This angle helped a bit, at least it seemed to. He pushed against the back of my throat, I began to swallow him, feeling the trobbing of his prick as he grew more excited. I must have done something right  because his breath picked up. "That's it Lily. Swallow me, swallow hard, now!" I had gotten a larger breath the last time he had backed out. I began to swallow as hard as I could.

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   I felt him push and groan. He was panting and I could feel trickles of sweat hit my face. He didn't pull out to let me breathe, but plunged deeper until I was full. I was completely full, his balls rubbing my nose and lips. I didn't have time to think that I couldn't breathe, I swallowed and worked his shaft with my throat. I heard him moan, cry out and shudder. He rolled his hips, the large cock pumping.   I felt his balls,which were resting over my eyelids, sharply contract. Cum flooded my throat. Hot, rich, and salty. My body was taking over. My vision went black.

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