Erik, My Dad's Friend


 When I was about 13 years old I must have been what like 5'0 about 120 some pounds and my body was way to mature for my age, I had alreay began to get curves and the whole 9 yards. My Hair was Midway down my back and had the cutest spiral curls. My Eyes Where big and brown full of dreams and promises.
 Well my dad, you see was pretty much an alcoholic and he had his friends over all the time, they must of all been like 35-40, and well I wasn't a slutty dresser persay but you know I liked showing off what little I had, so one night when my dad was already piss drunk with all his friends I was wearing a normal length skirt like a couple inches above my knee nothing spectacular, checkered, with red lines running through it and a casual red tank top, under a sports sweater.
 I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a pop and headed back to my room and on the computer. I could have sworn I was underattack with lustful eyes as I passed the living room to head upstairs, by my dads friends.
I went into my room shut the door and goofed around on the computer, I don't even remember what I was doing at the time but well ya. My dad yelled from downstairs he was going to the bar. What else did I expect, he always did any ways. I waited to here all the cars leave and I turned on my music and went to bed. See I can't sleep with out music, I don't know why, but its just like a reflex now to turn on my radio or cd player. Well I did that changed quickliy by removing my skirt pulling on some pj pants and went into bed.
I lay there, shut my eyes and well just as i did I heard creaking outside my door. "Dad I thought you already left! You scared me for a sec. " He opened the door as I covered my head with my pillow. "Go AWAY, I'm tired, I 'Have to get an education' tommorow" I said in a sarcastic voice.

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   I heard the door close. I uncovered my head to see not my dad standing there but his friend Erik glaring at me. "What The Fu. . . " I was cut off.
Erik was 34 years old, he wasn't much of an alcoholic but he was wild. He had a gorgeous body. His blue eyes went well with his blonde hair, which he always wore in a messy style. In a teenagers words he was just hot. He had a chisled chest ontop of chisled abs. basically he was a total hunk.
He turned up the music as if he had been planning this for a long time. He pulled off my covers. I held on, screaming.

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   Our neighboors new my dad was a party animal and the music didn't suprise them so there was no use in screaming. "Don't Fuckin' touch me or I'll tell my dad," I cried. He laughed out loud as if I had said something funny. I could barely hear him because of the music but he yelled to me. "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT YOU FUCKING WHORE. " My eyes grew with fear as a tear ran down my cheek. "DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING CRY. " [those words have rang in my head day after day after day and sometimes they still do but I learned to use the to give me strength not humiliation] I cried louder, As he tore away the covers.
He smiled to himself as he yanked my pj pants off as it revealed my panties that said Thursday. I actually used to own those underwear that said the days, sort of gay but what can I say I was 13! He knelt on my bed and I kicked him. He slapped me in the face. I gasped, No man had ever slapped me in the face! My mom did once and thats why I moved in with my dad. I lost conciousness for a second and when I realized what was still happening he stuck my panties in my mouth.
I punched the air but he was way stronger than me and he grabbed one of my arms pinned it to one side. Grabbed the other and pinned it to the other side.


   He unzipped my sweater and pinning down one side at a time, he removed it. He pulled off my tank and glared hungrily at my perky little B 34's. With his legs, he was holding down mine and I could feel his hard cock hitting my inner thigh every time he moved. I did all I could to get away but it wasn't enough. Not enough at all. He slapped me again in the face and let go of one my arms. As a reflex, I covered my face with the hand he let go and tears rushed down my face as I saw through a blur he was removing his shirt.
 I got all my strength and tried to get up, but he kicked me down, right in the stomach. I gasped for air as I couldn't breath but once I caught my breath, I could see his pants where already around his feet. I punched and slapped away as hard as I could untill he pinned my arms again. This was it, all my plans of saving my self for marraige where about to be ruined. Pinning my arm with his elbow, he used his hand to stroke my hair. "YOUR SO FUCKING HOT, YOU LITTLE CUM WHORE, I'M GUNNA' FUCK YOU ALL NIGHT LONG. " He screamed over the music, that was still playing.
He move his hand and tried to pinch one of my nipples, but by letting one of my hands go, I could slap him again and I did.

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   "THIS ISN'T GOING TO WORK IS IT. " he yelled.
He realized he wasn't going to be able to touch or do anything with his hands as it would send my hands free. He got up and told me not to move. I knew it would be useless so I just lay there emotionless. His cock was swaying around as he looked around the room. And the perfect thing he found. A skipping rope. How stupid was I. . . How stupid was I to ever leave something that easy to access right on the floor!
He got ontop of me again, his cock hitting me around my belly button, as he tied both my hands together on top of my head. He wrapped one end to the head of my bed, and made an impossible knot on my hands. Now he was certainly free to do with me what ever he wanted.
He slid his hands on my underdevoloped curves and put his lips on my left tit.

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   He flicked his tongue up and down over my tiny tit. It didn't really get that hard, I mean puberty was still getting to me and my body didn't know how to respond. He did the same to the other as I moaned a little, but he couldn't here me. I was glad he couldn't. With his large hands he cupped my breasts and then went on. He licked my stomach then lower, and lower until he reached my hot tiny pussy. There was a little patch of curly brown hair, and I was getting wet from all the pleasure he gave my tits.
He licked around my untouched pussy lips and instantly I felt a shutter of pleasure over my body. He nibbled on my love button and stuck his tongue in my tight whole. This felt so good. I felt a shutter all over my body again as this time I gave him what he wanted. An orgasm.
I quivered over his tongue as the first orgasm in my life exploded in his face. He wanted me to want this, as much as he did, but I just couldn't. He was 34, and I was 13 just thinking about it made me sick! He looked into my large brown eyes.

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   For two seconds I could hear his thoughts and he could here mine. I looked away.
Now that I was all lubricated for his pleasure, he knew it was time, and so did I. So I locked my ankles together trying to prevent what would happen next, but by now I should have known it wasn't going to work. He pulled my legs apart and his penis, thicker than my wrist and longer than my forearm had veins bulging all through it. He was about 6inches to big for me. Which made him about 8 inches.
He put one hand on my clit and with a couple fingers of his other hand, he furiosly finger fucked my little pussy. He didn't go to far in, because he wanted all that tightness for his dick. I had yet another orgasm as this felt amazing. My mind said NO but my body said YES. I hated this feeling. I would have never thought he could hold him self for so long, but his will power made his penis bigger and he didn't cum at all as he watched my body quiver under his violent touch.
Finally he would get it over with. As he slowly inserted the head I screamed.

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   He lay over me and inserted inch by inch into my red hot tight pussy. I felt blood coming out of ever pour in my body as he only inserted a few inches.
I was so tight and he was so big. He kept going, and by screaming all I was doing was making my pussy tighter and making him want to keep going. He broke through my hymen, I gritted my teeth and burried my head in my pillow. He slowly took it out. He was taking it easy as he didn't want to explode just on the first stroke. He stuck just the head in this time and let me gasp for air right before he rammed it all the way in. Tears streamed down my cheek. "Stop please it Hurtss!"
This obviously didn't work, and if it did it worked against me because just as I said that he rammed it in again and again. The final insert was the toughest. His friction was like sand paper being rubbed in and out of my fuck whole. He inserted and left it in as he exploded gallons of cum into my deepest insides. I lay there numbed as he collapsed over me.

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  " he screamed into my ear. He got up from over me and I thought he would leave, but this fuck was the first of many that night.
By now I was to weak to fight back and all I did was comply with everything he asked of me. He untied my hands. And I was to numb to scream. He turned down the music. I whimpered hoping he would leave. He wipped my tear and said " Shhhh baby, its ok, it'll be alright. " He hugged me. My body was as limp as his penis was after he had exploded.
 By now he was hard again. He layed me on the bed, face down. He put me on my knees, with my head side ways sinking into the pillow. I was barely regaining my conciosness as he grabbed my little love handles and fucked me from behind. I felt him deeper inside me now.

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I felt like his penis would come out of my mouth as he fucked me harder and harder with ever stroke. Cum and blood from the previous fuck ran down my belly button and stomach. I felt my body go limp this time as an orgasm brought me further into unconsiousness again.
He cummed in my tight pussy yet again. He got off me and lay beside me as he pushed my perfect ass down so I could lay flat.   I couldn't hear anything all I saw was his lips move up and down in meaningless blabber.
He picked me up as if I was nothing, and lay me on top of him. The heat from both our bodies intertwined. His penis wasn't as rock hard as the first couple times but it was standing straight up again. He lifted my motionless body and placed it on his cock yet again. This time I was sitting on his cock. My head was bobbing from side to side with unconciosness at its near peak, as he lifted me with his strength and let me fall straight down his cock over and over untill I felt him cum again. Right after he cummed, I had yet another orgasm and fell unconcious.
I couldn't tell you how many more times he fucked me that night, but I know it was many because when I woke up I was so sore, I felt like I had ran a 10 mile race with a 15 inch dildo in my pussy. I awoke to the musky smell of sex all over my bed and the sun cracking through my curtains.

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   Erik lay next to me. Sleeping with his arm under my back and through from shoulder to shoulder. I tried to get up quitely but I woke him up.
My body trembled with fear as he opened his exotic blue eyes. His blonde hair was in disaray and my hair was basically an afro. I tried to get off the bed but he grabbed my arm. "Don't worry baby, your dad didn't come home tonight, and who knows when he will. "
"Please, Please I whisped I won't ever be bad again just don't hurt me again. " I pleaded. " Shhh, your a big girl now baby, you don't need to worry. Oh and about getting pregnant, did you have your period yet, sugar?" He rubbed my cheek "Uhhh what the fuck was he talking about" I thought in my mind.   " Stop calling me baby, I'm not your baby. " I said to him.
"Answer my fucking question. " His voice becoming scary again.


   "I DON'T KNOW!" I yelled at him. "Good Good, otherwise you'd have to take these pills. " He rolled over and took out birth control pills from his pants. "Which is what you'll have to do for the next few weeks while I fuck you whenever I want. . . "
My world narrowed at that second. "You can't do this to me!" I whispered. This wouldn't be the last time he did this to me, if anything it was the first. A tear ran down my cheek.
"Oh and don't you dare tell your dad, I don't want our friendship being ruined over you. Besides, I took some pictures of you, while you slept and if you tell your dad, I'll show him the pictures, and I'll post them all over your school. "
"Listen I'm a Gynecologist I'm just going check you over, make sure my fucking didn't break anything. " What was he talking about. He broke everything that I was.

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Could this day have gotten any worse. Here I was now The Sex Slave of one of my dads friends, not being able to tell any one and scared for my life. Now he was going to check me if i was broken? Before he could check me, I heard a car pull up in my drive way. It was my dad.
To Be Continued. . .

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