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After what seemed like a half an hour or so of driving, the car crunches onto a gravel path, and then eventually comes to a stop. The two men get out, move to the sides of the car and open the doors. We step out and our blindfolds are removed. In front of us is an old warehouse, standing dark and derelict in the middle of an non-descript industrial park. The two guys gaffer tape our hands behind our backs and walks us toward the open door on the side of the warehouse. We walk slowly and deliberately, with the two guys suspiciously checking the surrounding area. We reach the door and get marched inside, where there is a dim light at the far end, and a few other bits of furniture which are hard to make out from this distance. We shuffle toward the light, and it becomes clear that there is an old double bed, a couple of chairs and some mats on the floor. There is also a camera set up. We approach the bed and one of the men pushes you onto it, forcing your face down into the mattress. He removes the knife from his belt and cuts your shirt off your gorgeous upper body. The other guy pushes me onto one of the chairs and ties my hands to the top of it. I sit stunned, and watch as the men start the camera and focus it in on you, lying half naked on the bed. "We're going to fuck your bitch boy," one of them says, and with that they both begin to strip. One of the men is part Maori, and is short, (around 5'8"), but when he removes his top, I see he is huge and ripped, his large pecs and tight abs glistening in the dim light. He removes his pants and his underwear to reveal his large black cock.

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   The taller white guy does the same. He is much skinnier, but still quite toned, and his penis isn't quite as big. The black guy moves to you and rolls you onto your back, forcing his cock near your mouth. Reluctant to suck it, you try to turn your head away. He slaps you across the face and jams his hardening cock between your lips and into your mouth. "Suck it bitch!" he yells, and thrusts in and out of your mouth. The white guy has come over to me and has pushed my pants down around my ankles. He pulls my cock out and starts to wank me. It's actually a great feeling having a large male hand wrapped around my member. You are now eagerly sucking the black guy, taking his huge cock in and out of your mouth with expert control. The white guy, having given up on stroking my cock, turns to you and removes your pants and knickers, revealing your obviously swollen clit and moist wet pussy. He ties your legs to each corner of the bed, and undoes the tape around your hands. Taking care with two scarves, he ties your arms up around your head to the headboard, and positions himself inbetween your legs. My cock is rock hard as I sit on the seat, bound, watching you sucking cock and being eaten out, all the time tied up and unable to fight it. The white guy licks and sucks your clit, while circling your pussy with his index finger.

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   He slips one finger in and out of your moist hole as you drive your hips to meet his mouth. I can hear you cooing in pleasure as he finger fucks you harder and harder. The black guy is moaning with pleasure as well, as you gulp down his pulsating cock. He withdraws from your mouth and heads toward me, motioning for me to suck his cock. I eagerly take it in my own mouth and am surprised at the sweet taste of pre-cum oozing from his black member. I gag on it, over and over, as he forces it deeper and deeper into my mouth. My own cock, hard and erect, is almost ready to explode. The width of his cock is huge and it stretches my mouth and throat to its limit. He unties one of my hands and I bring it to his rod, stroking and sucking. I feel him pushing it into my mouth even more. I can hear you cumming for the first time in the back ground, and sneak a look at your beautiful body, with your hot snatch stuffed full with the white guy's hand. The ropes around your arms pull tight as your body writhes out of control with orgasm. But thats not the end of it. They untie you for a brief minute and turn you over, face down on the bed. Tying you back into place, this time even tighter, the bring out a tube of K.

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  Y. jelly and lather up your ass with it, taking care around your hole to make sure it is slippery. The black guy moves me from the seat and ties me down next to you, face down as well. Again the tube of K. Y. is used to lube up my ass, and its no secret what is about to happen. The black guy begins to straddle you, and I can feel the weight of the white guy on top of me. Then a warm piece of meat between my legs. It searches up to my anus and I can feel the warmth of it against my ass. Then slowly, I feel it pushing into me, a hot thick cock sliding up into my anal passage. I scream, loudly. . . it is a mix of pain and ecstacy as my anal virginity is broken. I look to my right to see the look on your face, just as the black guy enters your ass.

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  . . you're smiling and loving it. I can see the look of joy on your face as the bed rocks up and down with the weight of our two assailants fucking our asses in time. The pain subsides and the pleasure in my ass is incredible. I never thought anal sex could ever be that enjoyable, but its great!! The force of the ass fucking is huge, the full 8" of the white guy's cock entering and then slipping back out of my ass. The sound it makes is fantastic. They fuck us like this for about 10 minutes. We must have cum at least 3 times each during that time. The anal orgasms feel so much more envigorating than normal sex and masturbation, that I'm hooked. The white guy drags his cock out of my ass and forces my mouth back to it. It tastes great. . . a strange mix of lube and ass juice.

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  . . but its great!!! The black guy continues to pump your ass harder and harder. I can hear you screaming, but it just makes me more and more eager to suck the cock in my mouth. Your body goes hard, and I can feel you quaking on the bed in orgasm. The black pulls his cock out of your ass and swaps the white guy's cock for his. Now I'm cleaning the ass mustard from your anus off his cock, and it still tastes divine! They untie us both, knowing that we are really enjoying it, they allow us to roam around their bodies. I nestle myself under the black guy and begin to lick around his ass and massge his balls with my tongue. The taste is so sweet, and his ass almost seems to swallow my eager tongue. You lie across his face, with your gaping hole still dripping lube, and he hunts through your cheeks to find your ass and your soaking pussy, which he delicately licks and sucks like a pro. The white guy has left, and it's just us three. You push your hips down harder onto his face, and I can hear his muffled screams for air, as you continue to grind your pert shaven pussy all over him. He longingly pushes his ass and cock onto me, begging for me to lick and play with him some more. The white guy returns. He has another series of ropes, and other bits and pieces.

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   The black guy hops up (unfortunately for you) and helps the white guy. Against your will, they tie your feet and arms behind you. You are now bound on the bed, sitting up on your knees, arms and feet behind you, bearing your pussy and beautiful breastsfor all. In a little cardboard box, the white guy finds several clothes pegs and clamps them onto your nipple. You yelp in pain, and try to shake them off, but theye not going anywhere. He then wraps another length of rope carefully up and around your breasts, tightening it so they are forced to stick out, swollen. "Now its time for the main event," says the black guy, and he pushes you awkwardly back onto your back. The white guy slips underneath you and his hand begins searching your hard body, up and down, over your bound breasts, and down your thighs sticky with lube and your cum. The black guy positions himself over your head, and pries your mouth open, cramming his huge cock back in your mouth. The white guy slips the head of his cock up past your pussy, and between your ass checks, to find your now raw asshole. Forcefully he shoves his cock back up you as you gasp and gag on the other cock in your mouth. They motion to me, and I know exactly what my job is. I jump on top and slam my own huge, shaved cock into your pussy, and it's incredible. The warmth and wetness of your hole drives me almost instantly to ecstacy. I grab at your breasts and squeeze the pegs tighter until I can hear you screaming in pain.

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   I tighten the ropes around your breasts, and force them out even further. They are red from where the rope has cut into them a little, and you writhe with the feeling of 3 cocks inside you at once. My cock feels incredible inside you. I can feel the cock in your ass sliding through the thin wall of your pussy, and it gets me more and more turned on. I fuck you harder, as do the others, matching my rhythm with their strokes. I can hear the black guy about to cum, and he shakes the bed, squirting what must've been a half a cup of cum into your mouth. You dribble some down your chin, as he finally finishes his orgasm. The white guy and I alternate, cock in ass, cock in pussy, neither of us being inside you at the same time. You cum again, and I pull on the rope once more. You scream, loudly this time, in pain and in pleasure. I'm about to cum and I can feel the muscles in my cock begin to tighten. Then my balls tighten and I know it's too late. I climax, and pump deeper and harder into you than ever before, unloading my massive cumload into your hot pussy. I slowly ease out, and I can see my own cum begin to dribble from your cunt. Eagerly, I travel down and lick it.

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   The white guy is also about to cum, and you do again, as I lick my cum from your pussy. The white guy begins to contract and again tries to thrust even harder into your ass, but he slips out. I take his cock into my mouth, wanking it until he unloads in my mouth. Mmm. . . the mix of your cum, my cum and his cum is a fantastic cocktail (hehe. . literally). You're exhausted, and beginning to bleed from the tight ropes. The two guys leave. Just as quickly as they had taken us, they are gone. .