Growing Up With A Secret


No, I had boobs that were like champagne flutes,sticking out,narrow and sort of tubular. These hated things were capped by what I thought were the ugliest nipples I had ever seen,they looked like pink mushroom caps,all puffy and smooth. They seemed to defy gravity jutting out of my chest with no sag and drawing peoples eyes down to them . I hated them plain and simple. How I wished for nice normal boobs like all my soccer and softball teammates seemed to have!! I wore the baggiest tops I could find to cover up what I was stuck with. I wore sports bras when I played but could never seem to find a proper fit . My brother Andy (who is 10 months younger than me) mercifully didn't tease me,he sensed that I was uncomfortable about the way I had developed. Andy and I had always been close, playmates when we were little and then pals as we approached puberty. It was a good relationship and I was grateful for it and loved him dearly. We both were tall, blonde and had the same blue eyes. We were both athletic and went to each others games in a show of support for one another. When we got a crush on someone we could talk to each other about it without embarassment. One day , just befor my 15th birthday. we were walking home from one of Andy's baseball games and decided to cut through a wooded valley on our way home. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful Spring day. The river was a little high from the recent runoff of melted snow but it was pleasant to walk along as we went over the game ,discussing various plays and Andys trouble hitting a changeup.

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   We left the path along the river and took the fork through the woods that would bring us out close to our house when suddenly from behind a big maple stepped the Dunigan twins and "Scary" Gary Porter. Jim Dunigan played for the team that Andys team had just defeated. His brother Dave had been kicked out of school for slugging the vice principal. Gary Porter was a few years older than us , and had a reputation that was, well, scary, hence the nickname which no one was foolish enough to call him to his face. One look at them and I knew we were in trouble. Before we knew what was happening Gary Porter had grabbed me and held me in front of him with my arms pinned behind my back. I struggled but knew it was pointless, his hands felt like vices clamped to my wrists. Dave Dunigan held Andy the same way as Porter held me and Jim stood in front of Andy and backhanded him hard across the face. "Where's your smart mouth now?" he sneered as he smacked my brother again. "Leave him alone!!!!" I yelled but that only seemed to anger him and he punched Andy hard in the stomach. "Stop it!!" I cried, hating the look of anguish and fear on Andys face. "Why are you doing this? We haven't done anything to you!!""Your brother has a big mouth when the game is on" Jim sneered. " "Now I'm going to shut it for him". He drew his hand back in a fist and was about to hit Andy again when suddenly Porter said "maybe we won't cripple the little fucker if you give us something more fun to do"A cold chill ran through me. "Please just leave him alone" I said.

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  Jim turned toward me and looked me up and down with a leering eye. "You have a good idea there Gary" he came towards me and grabbed my face in his large hand , " you gonna save the day by being nice?" He stepped back and slapped Andy again, "or do I really kick the shit out of him?" I was too scared to do anything but hang my head and nod. Jim came back to me and I felt his large clumsy fingers unbutton my shirt. Porter let go of my arms long enough to unsnap my bra and take it and my shirt off me before holding my arms behind me again. I was mortified as Jim took my breasts in his hands and squeezed then hefted them,"look at the hooters on her!" He sounded delighted with his discovery and his brother pushed my brother forward to get a better look. Porters hand came round from behind me and he roughly pawed my breasts. I could feel his erection against my bum and dreaded what was still to come. Porter pulled me over to a fallen log and pushed me down so I was lying across it on my stomach,my boobs pointing down on one side my bum on the other. He let go of my hands and with one quick motion pulled down my shorts and panties together. "She's gonna be a tight fuck!" he said and then I snapped out of my daze. "NOOOO!!!!" I screamed viciously and something in my tone made him back off. Maybe it was the fact that we knew where they lived,maybe rape was too serious an offence,I don't know,but he came round in front of me and said "Alright then, do a good job sucking and you won't get a fucking!"I stared horrified as he undid his pants and pulled them down enough for his cock and balls to be unemcumbered. Grabbing my hair he lifted my face and pushed his penis in my mouth. I had never touched a cock before or even seen one erect,let alone sucked one. I had heard girls talk about blowjobs but really had very little idea how to go about giving one.

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  I was soon to learn. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth til I gagged then pulled back and pushed in again. "Suck it bitch" he hissed "or baby brother gets hurt". I sucked it as he pushed in and withdrew, feeling his knob on my tongueand his shaft gliding against the insides of my cheeks. "Watch your teeth" he said once and I quickly covered them with my lips not wanting to anger him . "We got us a natural born cocksucker here!" he announced to the others and I felt my face turn red with shame. His balls were nudging against my chin now as he pumped my mouth with his hard hot cock and before long I felt his grip tighten in my hair. "Now you be a good girl and drink it down" he said. The words were no sooner out of his mouth then his semen was in mine. The first spurt caught me by surprise and I tried to jerk my head back to no avail, his grip on my hair preventing this from happening. I sucked and slurped and swallowed as best I could as he filled my mouth with his vile salty semen, until he finally was spent . " Leave me clean" he said so I sucked his knob carefully and swabbed at it with my tongue after I had swallowed the last of his load. He finally pulled out and I gulped for air like someone who was close to drowning. Before I knew it Jim was in front of me cock in hand ,pushing it into my mouth. He was bigger than Porter and my lips stretched tight around his shaft as he pistoned his purple knob into me.

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  I sucked as best I could just wanting him to squirt and get it over with. Porter meanwhile had moved back around behind me and I felt his foot kick my feet further apart and his hands grab my buns. His fingers snaked down the crack of my bum and I felt his index finger wiggle against my tight brown ring as his 'stick it' finger poked at my vaginal opening. I wish I could say he found my cunt as dry as a bone, but the truth is , my body had betrayed me. Having my boobs grabbed,my panties pulled down and my first look at a guys boner had started a reaction in me that was previously unknown. Having a boner forced in my mouth and me making his sperm shoot , had made my dew flow. My cunt was wet, very wet , and my lips made a clicking sound as Porters finger pulled them apart. I prayed for the Earth to open up and swallow me. "My,my" he chuckled as he fingered me,my dew coating his probing finger immediately,he held it up for Dave and Andy to see and said "bring him here Dave, let him see how much she likes it!" Dave dragged Andy behind me and my face flushed with shame and embarassment as my brother ,Porter and Dave Dunigan all stared as first one,then two of Porters fingers slid in and out of my wet cunt. As they were watching me being fingered Jim Dunigan finally ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed my second load of sperm that day. He pulled out and moved back behind me and Dave took his place in my mouth. He wasn't as big as his twin and for some reason he was uncircumcised. (I learned about circumcision afterwards). I was unsure what to do with the skin covering his knob but felt it roll back as he pushed it past my lips. Someones fingers were in my cunt now,I didn't know if Porter had switched hands or if Jim had wanted to finger me.

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  I just sucked on Daves cock as he face fucked me. I felt his cock swell in my mouth and his thrusts quickened, he grabbed my hair with one hand lifting my face up as he suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth. The first shot of sperm hit me right in the eye and then he proceeded to decorate the rest of my face til he was spent. I counted 9 squirts that hit me in the face, I don't know if any missed because I had closed my eyes after the first one blinded me. I gulped air and breathed deeply with relief thinking that they were done since I had sucked all three. I wiped my face with my hand and grunted as I felt a finger easing out of my cunt and pressing into my bum. Why anyone would want to feel in there was beyond me, and it hurt. I looked over my shoulder and saw Porter was bringing Andy to stand in front of me. Andy's pants were undone and his cock was hard and sticking straight at me. "I'm sorry" he whispered as Porter held my hair with one hand and pulled Andy towards me with the other. I opened my mouth and sucked Andy's cock as best as I could. Though my jaw was aching and my mouth felt dry , Andys cock felt good in my mouth unlike the other three. One of the Dunigans was fingerfucking my two holes,and Porter stood there and watched me fellate my brother to orgasm. He laughed out loud as Andy came in my mouth and I swallowed my 3rd load of sperm that day. As soon as Andy was spent and had pulled out of my aching mouth they took off as quickly as they had appeared,yelling a warning to us as they ran away laughing.

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  Andy helped me to my feet and then to get my shorts and panties up. He retrieved my shirt and bra from where Porter had left them under the maple, and after I was dressed we walked home in silence. We both pretty much stayed in our rooms for the next couple of days,not wanting to see each other just yet,still coming to terms with what had taken place. Finally on the night of the 3rd day after it had happened Andy came into my room after our parents had gone to sleep. He had a hang dog expression on his face. "I'm so sorry" he said. It's okay" I said quietly, "we must never tell anyone what happened,you promise?""I promise" he said in a whisper. "It has to be our secret" I said as I stood up and held out my arms to give him a hug. "It will be , I swear" he said as he hugged me tight. I held him closely, suddenly aware I was only wearing baby doll pj's and he was in thin boxers and a tee shirt. To my surprise and I must admit. . . delight, I felt his cock hardening as we hugged. I dropped to my knees, Andy lifted my top off me saying ' you have fantastic boobs" as I sank down in front of him and took his boner into my mouth.

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  . . . Hope you like this story, all comments appreciated. .