How i got with my mother :D


One day, after school me and the boy's were heading out for football practice. When troy asked me if i had ever thought about buying GHB and trying to get with a passed out girl. Qiuckly i replyed

"No. "

But soon days after this, i found myself thinking about using it on my mother. Me being myself i was and still am a good looking guy and girls haven't up to this point had the thought even to need helpwith the girl's.

But the thought of being with my mom was overwemlling  to say the least. Finally after about threee weeks and asked troy to get me some off this so called "love drug" the next day after football, he handed me some pills and said

"just slip them in their drink"

"O ok thanks dude" i yelled as i was driving away, that night when i got home i figured i might just hae to give this a try.

So at about 10:30 i was up making some soup when i hered her yell

"could you grab me a glass of  pepsi"

i thought to myself "go time"

as i replyed"yeah no problem ma"

I forgot totally about my soup as i quickly ran up to my room and grabed two pills. when i  returned i got the glass of pepsi ready and through in the pill's aas i watched them disapear i found myself getting very hard through my boxer's. i ran to the sitting room where she was watching tv and set it down next to her and ran back to my room. i couldnt help but pulling out my dick i was too hard to hold back for 16 i guess i was a good size at about 8. 5 inches hard. i stroked my large prick as i came within moments of stroking my dick. And when i came i came hard spurting load after load of cumm onto my tummy.

about an hour later i figured i would go check on her when i got down there i was shocked to see the pop was drank and she was fast asleep in a rather akward positon. I became hard instantly and i went over to her and made sure she was sleepiing hard as i slaped her face lightly then i took out my dick, and rubbed it on her chin then put the tip into my own Mother's mouth i felt so good i almost came, but holding myself back i thought i have nothing but time as i took her at least D cup outta her bra and God did she have the perfect pair they had little small silver dollar nipple's mmmm they looked good as i put my face into her chest sucking on her nice tit's making her nipples hard.

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After i was done with her now hard nipples i moved down to her little black lace panties. i first moved them aside and spred her legs but then, i realized i needed to get right in to get at my mom's tight little cunt. i slipped her panties right off and said outload

"mom do you want me to lick your clit"

nothing in reply, i started to lick and suck on her clit as i was getting her wett i could feel her juices amoung my tounge inside of her after she was wett i go to my feet looked at her and grabbed her hand and placed it on my now trobbing cock. and put it way down her throat i felt a slight gag. so i pulled out.

After that i moved down to my prize, The fact i get to; fuck my mother's own pussy. Was getting me so hot as i put my prick to her cunt lip's and i with one hard thrust ram'd at least 6 inches of my dick in her i began to fuck her faster and harder i was begining to feel my cum build up as i grew closer and closer to cumming i pulled out and came all over her tits. Then stood back and looked at what i had just done. I quick;y grabed my boxer's and wiped off the cum off her tit's and throw her bra and panties on and then looked and her on my way out of the room. She looked so happy :)