How I made my mother in law my bitch part 15 (the wife new fait continued)


How I made my mother in law my bitch part 15 (the wife new fait continued)My mother in law texted me soon after and told me to meet her about a mile away. I told my wife I would be back I had to run to Dave's and she said she didn't want me to leave till she fell asleep. . So I texted my mother in law and met her an hour later. She told me how scared she was till Dave took his mask off and realized what what going on,, She was mad at me for not warning her and I told her she had to act surprised as well to make it work. She looked at me and commented that I think everything out. . It turns out that cant be any farther from the truth. . As I was fucking my mother in law she was telling me how they taped the two of them eating each others pussies and how they filmed my wife getting fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time with a cock in her mouth. . . . I found it funny because I cant even put a finger in her ass without her saying no fucking way. She told me Dave made my wife fuck him like she wanted it but I thought nothing of it. .

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  . It was about all I could take listening to my mother in law as I hurried up and blew my load in her pussy so I could get to Dave's to see the tape. . She said she had a great time but enjoyed one on one with me the most. . Awwwwwwwwwwww. . . lolWhen I got to Dave's he was sitting there all cool in his recliner. . I walked in and grabbed a beer and sat down. . He asked me if I was ready to see my wife get fucked?I was like hell yea. Dave hit play on the dvd he had made and he looked at me and said he was the only one with a copy. .


   I trusted him and started to watch. . There were 4 guys and my wife and mother in law. And when the show started I was actually getting mad at the fact that my wife was sucking cock and getting fucked. Then I actually started to get turned on but I did feel bad for her at times. . After the guys had cum on her face the movie ended and I thought for a second and looked at him. . , He said that's when he shut the tape off so I said ok that's cool. He walked up and handed me a copy. "Here is your copy and your mother in law said she wanted to watch it. . She has a great pussy but your wife has a great pussy man I cant believe you aren't fucking it every night. . " I told him I wish I was.

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   And when I'm on afternoons I don't get home till midnight and she is sleeping by then. Took a copy and left. It was now Monday and I was on afternoons. . I left for work at three pm like I normally do. My wife doesn't like talk on the phone so once in a while we e-mail each other and that's about it for contact when I'm at work. Around eight pm Dave went over to my house and my wife told him I was at work and wouldn't be home till later. He told her that he knew that and he wanted to talk to her. When she let him in he said he had to show her something but not in front of the kids so she brought him upstairs to the bedroom. . He pulled out a disc and said he had something to show her. When he said that she froze. Not really sure what was on the disc he grabbed the remote and hit play. . Right away the scene went to the other night when she was raped.


  . All of rape wasn't there but the part where she was begging to get fucked was. She was crying sitting on her computer chair when she realized that it was Dave that night. . She started to scream and yell and told him she was going to call the police. He walked over to her and grabbed her by the hair and told her. . "Listen here you stupid cunt. So you see the video YOU fucked me. . you begged me to fuck you . . Who are they going to believe? I will tell them you wanted to make the video and your husband will see it and who do you think he will believe? He will think that's why you don't fuck him. . Yea bitch he told me you never want sex so I figured its time you do.

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   And like it or not you stupid bitch I own your ass now and your going to fuck me anytime I want anywhere I want. . You ever go to the cops or tell your husband I will show them the tape and tell them your trying to cover up your own desires. . He will leave you and what will you have left with two kids and a porn tape on the internet. "She sat there crying begging Dave not to do this that she wont go to the police to just leave. Or how he was my best friend. . He looked down at her and said. "Yea he is my friend but its you I wanted to fuck since day one. " With that he pulled out his cock and told her to start sucking it. She hates sucking cock so when he grabbed her by the hair again he gave her a choice. . Suck it or everyone sees the tape. She started to suck it when he was reaching down and rubbing her tits.

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  "Yea that it your going to be my bitch and your going to do everything I say aren't you?" She didn't say a thing "AREN'T YOU" He yelled She mumbled something with his cock in her mouth. So he pulled out and asked her again. "Yes Yes I will do what you say. " "You going to be my fucking slut?" Yes I will do what you what" "Good girl that is what I want to hear now get up and turn around I want that pussy of yours. " She was crying as she stood up and he grabbed her hips and swung her around and told her to pull her pants down. She did as he pushed her over so her hands were on the chair. He pulled her panties down and told her from now on she was to wear thongs to show her beautiful ass. . (She hates wearing thongs)He spread her legs apart a little wider and licked his fingers and noticed she was wet already. "Your liking this aren't you bitch?" "NO she said I'm always like this when I'm ovulating. " "Cool I'm going to knock you up then. " She begged for Dave not to cum inside of her as she told him I was fixed and he told her that wasn't his problem. " She begged that she would swallow it instead (she wont even let me cum on her or near her mouth) With that he said for her to start going on the pill again and she will swallow till them. He thought he didn't want to ruin a good thing by getting her knocked up)As he fucked her from behind he lifted her up and moved her to the bed. When he turned her around he pulled her top and her bra up exposing her tits.

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  But when he leaned into her his cock started rubbing against her clit and she could feel herself nearing orgasm. She thought to herself no no no she cant have an orgasm not now. A moan escaped her mouth as he put more pressure onto her clit. With that she couldn't take anymore and exploded with a soaking wet orgasm and muffled moans through her hand covered mouth. . "Yea that's it baby you cum all over my cock I knew you wanted me to come back I know you went faking it that night and your not faking it now. "She didn't want anything to do with Dave but he was right she couldn't help it but get turned on. She thought maybe because Dave's cock was smaller then mine so it didn't hurt but either way she knew it was wrong but there is nothing she can do she is trapped. . It wasn't long after when Dave pulled out and pulled my wife off the bed and on her knees. "Suck my cock and swallow it all baby I know you want to. If you spill a drop I wont ever pull out again. " He held her face over his cock as he pumped shot after shot down her throat. . She was gaging but he didn't care.

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   When he was don't she pulled away and started gasping for air. Sitting there on her knees she knew her fate. She was going to be his fuck toy from now on. A part of her hated him for it but a part of her was opening up inside. She didn't know what to be more afraid of. . " I will be in touch with you and you will obey me or else you got that?" "Yes Dave I will just don't tell anyone I don't want to lose my family. ""Kiss me" "Dave please I don't want to" "Well I will keep making you till you do it on your own and one day you will" He kissed her deep putting his tongue into her mouth. He could taste his own cum and told her. "You must like the taste of my cum its still in your mouth" She lowered her head and he kissed her on the forehead and said he would be in touch with her and walked out of the room and left the house. I had sent three e-e-mails to her by the time she replied to me that her night was boring that she must have fallen asleep. She said she would be in bed before I got home so to me tonight was the same as any other night at home. . How wrong I was. When i got home I put the dvd in of her getting fucked and the tape always ended as they all cum on her or in her and my mother in law.

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