Jess and Chrissie


They drove on for what must have seemed like hours before resting in a dark field. During the ride the girls had been held down, and their mouths were covered each by a hand. The silence was broken by the door of the van being flung open, and two men dragging the girls to the back of the van. The van was dark in color, inside and out. There was a wall between the back of the van and the front cockpit. The field they were in was one abandoned long ago by local little league baseball team. It was pitch black and there was never anyone within a mile of it. This thought struck a chord in Chrissie and she began combating the men. Kicking her legs, and throwing her arms, she managed to get one good hit in before she was struck. It hit her like a freight train, leaving her motionless and unconscious. “That’ll teach that little bitch!” One of the men barked. “I can’t believe she hit me!” Said another. Jess looked at Chrissie’s’ still body on the ground, tears welled up in her eyes instantly. She began sobbing as the biggest of the five men came to her. “Please don’t hurt me!” She pleaded, but her words fell upon deaf ears. The man slowly turned away from her, and bent down to examine her friend.

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   He grabbed her face, and turned her head this way and that. He continued to inspect his captive. He slid his hand under her shirt, feeling her bra supported breasts, fondling them. He glided his hand over her belly, past the band of her jeans, down the inside of her left thigh. He returned his hand up the length of her right thigh, following it directly to her denim clad crotch. “Well now, this just won’t do. ” He spoke while he unbuttoned her jeans. The other men, were all standing around watching first the apparent leader examine the body, and secondly, Jess as she watched her friend being molested. Her hands covered her face, her chest heaving as she cried. She could do nothing but contemplate the horrible night ahead. The big man tugged at Chrissies pants, slowly working them down her legs, and removing them completely. He then held his up in the air and snapped his fingers, signaling to the others to hand him a knife. With the knife, he cut her shirt off, leaving her in only her underwear. They all looked her over, admiring the precious being before them. The leader then cut her bra and panties loose, and yanked them from her body.

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   One of the other men took her belongings and set them aside saying, “We won’t be needing these. ”Jess looked on in terror, her fears growing rapidly for both her and her friend. Suddenly, all eyes were on her. She could feel the cold stares bore through her, as every man there mentally undressed her. She pleaded once more as the leader approached her. “Stand up!” He ordered. “Get the fuck up!” He said angrily, she tried but she couldn’t move. He quickly grabbed at her, getting a grip of her hair, and pulling her forcefully to her feet. Holding her steady by her hair, he ripped the silk blouse from her body. “Well ain’t those just the tiniest tits you ever did see!” One man remarked. Her face was turning red with pain and embarrassment. The leader held the knife to her throat saying, “If you’re not bare in ten seconds, I’ll cut you!”Fearing for her life, she fumbled at the snap on her jeans, trying desperately to get them off. Filling with panic as the seconds passed, she shoved her loose jeans down her legs, revealing her bare pussy. “I’ll be damned if she ain’t as bald as a baby!” The one man remarked once more. He was the only white man of the five, and his speech reeked of redneck.

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   Aside from him, it was an all black gang, and that frightened Jess. She had always seen black men as a threat, her parents raised her to believe that they only wanted sex and violence. To her, they were animals, even before tonight. She looked them all over, staring blankly into each ones dark and bloodshot eyes. She turned her stares at the man holding her, he slapped her. “Don’t you be eyeballin me bitch!”“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” She cried while cowering away. He threw her to the ground, making her land roughly atop her friends comatose body. Her hand landed between Chrissies legs, sliding her wrist along her wet slit. ‘Yuck!’ she thought, pulling her hand away hurriedly. She was young, and a virgin. The thought of sex didn’t disgust her anymore, but that had only changed recently, as her body began to gradually mature. The men around her laughed, knowing exactly what had happened. There she is, all alone with four black men, and one white. She saw the white one as a friend rather than foe, and began giving him the most desperate look she could muster. She wanted to try and appeal to his good hearted white side, in hopes that he would let her go.

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  “Well what’re ya looking at me for, I ain’t gonna help ya!” He chuckled. All hope she had was gone now, all she could do now is pray that they are quick with her. The leader, bent over and whispered to her, “Get off of your friend, I’m going to let you watch us fuck her, before it’s your turn. ” She cringed at the thought of this repulsive creatures words. Trying his patience once more with her hesitation, he pulled her off of Chrissie, throwing her in the dirt, and insect infested field grass. He put his fingers to his mouth, slowly licking them. He placed his fingers across Chrissies pussy, and wiped his saliva into her lips. He then wiped his fingers again, only this time over her mouth. He lowered himself over her body, between her legs, and sat back on his heels as he retrieved his enormous cock from his pants. Jess was dumbfounded at the size of it, she had never seen a prick before, and had never thought it could be that big. It was only half erect and still it was like a long neck beer bottle. He licked his fingers once more, but this time using them to rub the head of his cock. It gradually grew in his hand as he massaged it, filling to an astounding 12 inches of hardcore, pussy pounding meat. As big as his hands were, he could barely get one all the way around it. Leaning forward, he savored the feel of this white girls skin caressing his as he moved upward her body.

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   Holding his fully erect penis, he guided it to her pussy. He slid it up and down her slit, allowing her juices to wet the tip. Jess watched as his thick cock head spread Chrissies lips wide, and then she watched it slowly disappear inside her. With only the tip inside, he asked the other for help. “Hey, hold this bitches legs apart, she’s too tight. ”Two of the men grabbed one leg each by the ankle, they lifted her legs up and pulled them apart. By the time they had stopped, she was doing the splits. The leader backed his cock out slightly, then back in again, and again, and again. It took almost 20 strokes, but he managed to impale himself fully in her. Blood was running down the crack of her ass from her hymen, or from her broken hymen. He held his prick there for minutes as he simply rotated and gyrated his hips against her, stretching her to more easily accommodate his size. After he felt comfortable he had done just that, he pulled all but an inch out, then glided it back in, repeatedly. Every time his cock came out, more blood came with it, Jess’s concerns for her friend grew. Chrissie still was not moving, her nose was swollen and cut, as was her upper lip. The leader kept raping her, regularly speeding up and putting more force into his assault on Chrissie.

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   Another five minutes passed and Jess could now see in the dirt where Chrissies body had once been. He was pounding her so hard that he was moving her across the ground. Jess noticed a movement in Chrissies hand, Jess gasped as she realized that Chrissie was coming to. Chrissie wasn’t totally in control, and she couldn’t make out what was happening for several moments. Though as her position became clear to her, she started trying to get him off of her, but was unable to do so. The men holding her legs started pulling on them more, in part to hold her some, and also to yank her back onto the cock fucking her deflowered cunt. Screams echo throughout the area as she panics, but alas, nobody was around to help her. “Gimme that bitches panties!” He ordered the others. “Not those you stupid fuck! The blondes, I want the blondes panties!”“She wasn’t wearing any. ” One of the men clued. “Shit! Then just give me this girls panties. Hurry up!” He shouted with anger. Once given her panties by one of the others, he stuffed them into her mouth, trying to muffle her cries for help. “This ain’t working no more, bend them both over the back of the van. ”The girls were stood at the back of the van and forced to bend over.

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   At which point, two men inside the van held their wrists and pulled, holding them in place. The leader was behind Jess now, and she knew what was coming. She started wiggling about trying to free her wrists from the clutches of her captors, this only caused more pain as the men only pulled harder now. She felt the dick on her pussy, it was slimy from being in her friends pussy, she closed her eyes tight. He pushed hard, sinking his member into her in one quick, painful motion. She could feel him hitting her deepest point, and then going past it. It felt like he was poking into to her stomach, causing her to tighten her body with every thrust. She screamed from the pain, and he just grabbed her hair and started pulling it some more. The van rocked back and forth from the brutal fucking he was giving her. The white guy had now started fucking Chrissie, having no choice but to follow the rhythm of the leader. The two men fucked the girls hard and furiously, like they’d never get to have sex again. After many minutes of fucking, both girls were silent, in shock from the rape, the pain and humiliation. 15 long minutes later, the leader was cumming. Jess shivered as she felt his hot semen filling her. She winced in pain as his cock jerked inside her, spraying his seed deep within.

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  He pulled free just in time for two more squirts of cum to land on her back and ass. He stuck his fingers in her gaping hole, scooping out his cum. He forced his fingers into her mouth, making her gag from the taste of his juice. One more time he reached inside her, this time curious to see how far he could go, he pushed his whole hand in. He kept pushing until he past his wrist in her bloody cunt. Pulling out quick and rough, he shoved his fingers in Chrissies mouth, forcing her to taste both him and Jess. The other three men inside the van were now jerking off. They each crouched down over Jess, turning her over, they starting shooting their cum all over her face, hair, neck and chest. Each of them grunting loudly as several shots landed in her mouth before she could close it. Meanwhile, the white guy was still hammering on Chrissie, with long, fast, strong pumps. He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him, trying to penetrate her as much as he could. Moments later, Chrissie was being loaded up with sperm, with hot, sticky, gooey jism that seemed to burn her insides. Only a few bursts fell inside her, as he pulled out and jerked his cock, spewing her with his cum, aiming his cock right at her asshole. Before he finished cumming, he jabbed his dick in her now lubed asshole. Her body became erect with her first anal penetration.

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   His cock was buried in her ass, his balls resting against her clit, a his dick throbbed in her ass. Finally he pulled out, leaving both holes open. The men all left the girls laying there for maybe 10 minutes, they stood about 20 feet away recovering. While they were standing around they started going the girls things. In their purses they found school ID cards, the leader put those in his pocket. They removed all the money from the purses, leaving them with nothing. Then their belongings were placed in a pile, in the dirt, and lighter fluid was poured over the pile. The leader smiled as he dropped a lit match on the clothes, burning everything the girls had. When they returned to the van, they shoved the girls out of the van onto the ground, and drove away. The girls laid there for hours before gathering the strength to move. They thought about how they had been violated as they started the 10 mile journey to Chrissies house. Those two girls were never the same. Chrissie became extremely shy after that. While Jess became a slut, honestly, sleeping with every man she could after that. I found out later that this was the first time each of them had been raped, and were raped once more.

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  This story is based on the true accounts of rape experienced by two ladies I know. I have added parts and descriptions to make this more acceptable for this site. This version is for entertainment purposes only. .