Kelly gets what any stuck up cheerleader deserves


"God Monica, this party sucks," Kelly said to her senior cheerleading co-captain.   "Yeah, sorry girl, but I promised Brad that I'd show up to say hi, thanks for coming along," Monica replied.   "Whatever, your man is a loser and so are his asshole friends!  I'm going to wait in the car and call Jeff to see what he's doing, don't make me wait too long," Kelly said as she turned to leave the house.   She walked past the dozen or so guys that were there, most of which were already pretty trashed, they smiled and tried to talk to her and she gave them the worst go to hell look, even kind of gasping at some of them as they stared at her.   "What a bunch of idiots!"  She exclaimed as she left the house.   The guys couldn't take their eyes off her, "holy shit man, she may be a bitch but look at that ass!"
She was a bitch, but she was a hot bitch, 5'9, 120 lbs, nice athletic ass, 34C tits to die for, long blonde hair, light blue eyes, the stereo-typical cheerleader.   She was also a milionaire-to-be at age 21.   Her dad set a trust fund up for her to inherit millions at age 21 and she knew it.   She was 18, had whatever she wanted, and her boyfriend was the school stud, also the child of a rich parent, a requirement to even stand a chance with her.   On her way to her car she pulled out her Blackberry to call Jeff, "hey babe, it's me, this party is lame as hell, we'll be leaving shortly, see you later. " 
Back inside, Jason and Josh had partaken in a few too many drinks and were feeling frisky.   They told Brad, Monica's boyfriend, to promise to keep Monica busy for an hour or so, and he assured them that he would without even asking why.   They decided to go have some fun with Kelly, nothing serious, just try to piss her off even more.   Kelly fumbled for her keys from her new Mercedes SLR McLaren, a 500,000 car and way too much for anyone, especially this snotty bitch.   She hit the unlock button and just as she rounded the corner to the desolate alley where she parked she say two guys, two of the guys from the party standing there against her car.  
"Excuse me," she said as she walked to her car, but arms folded they weren't moving.

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    "I said move, are you fucking deaf?"  "No, we heard you," Josh said, "we're just not moving till you apologize for being such a bitch. "  "Fuck you," she exclaimed, "leave me alone!" as she tried to push him to the side to free her door.   He slapped her arm away, "don't touch me bitch, I said apologize. "  "OK, fine, I'm sorry you're such a fucking loser," she snsarled.   "You little bitch, you really are as bad as they say. "  "Yep," she remarked with a snotty grin, "and you really are the biggest loser in school, just like they say. " 
This was all Josh could handle, he had just enough chemicals in him to lose it.   As he stepped to the side she went for the door and he grabbed her arm and pinned it behind her as he bent her over the car, pinning her down as if she were under arrest.   Jason looked puzzled but all he could do was laugh.   "Get off me you dick, you're hurting me," she said angrily.   "I want an apology bitch!" Josh demanded.   Kelly called his bluff, "get off me you asshole!"  He pushed harder, causing her to shout out in pain, "oh god, you're really hurting me, please stop. "  "Just one apology for being a cunt, that's all I want," Josh said as he pressed harder into her from behind.   He now realized the position he had her in, his crotch pressed directly in the that sweet ass of her hers and he kind of liked it.   Jason continued to laugh at her, "yeah bitch, apologize.

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  "  Still nothing from Kelly, just utter hatred for this guy.   "Where's daddy now you little cunt?" Josh asked.   "Whatever you fucking loser, is that the best you can do, pick on girls b/c you're such an ass?"  Josh snapped, as if to prove his point.   "Pick on you, you think that's what this is about?  How's it feel being bent over your car like this, I bet a slut like you enjoys that on daddy's new car. "  She didn't reply, she knew that only having been with Jeff a few times didn't make her a slut, and that was her only sexual experience ever.   "Do you like that slut?" He asked as he dry humbed her from behind.   She began to get frightened but refused to show it to this weakling.   "What, too much of a slut to reply b/c you know it's true?"  "Hey Jason, why don't you get some of this, grab her tits or something?" Josh said as he held her arms back he turned her to face the laughing guy.   Without hesitation he reached both hands out and rubbed her tits over her shirt like a kid feeling breasts for the first time.   Kelly spat on his hands but it didn't effect him at all, he groped more and more.   Josh had her arms pinned, all she could do was scream and try to kick but she never connected and her screams were pointless in such a desolate area.   Jason stepped closer to her with both hands on her tits, "do you like it when I do this?"  Kelly refused to look at him, so to get her attention he put his hands inside one of the buttons of her blouse over her bra, feeling them again.   "I said, do you like this bitch?"  Still nothing but screams and closed eyes from her.   That was the deciding moment for the two horny boys, they made eye contact, as if to decide if they were going to go through with this, and without hesitation the decision was made. .

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  . .
The next thing Kelly felt was her blouse being ripped open, buttons flying off as the cool air hit the front of her black silky bra.   She began screaming wildly but it fell on deaf ears as Jason reached up and ripped her bra from her small frame, allowing her young breasts to spring free, she was ashamed at having her nipples exposed to these two guys.   All they could do was laugh.   Jason's hands were all over her, pinching them firmly, "yeah there you go," Josh cheered his friend on.   Kelly spat again, trying to get free but it was helpless.   Josh threw her against her car with force, now scaring the girl into submision.   "OK, I'm sorry I was a bitch, please don't hurt me. "  "Too late honey," Josh replied.   Kelly looked across the hood and saw that Jason was standing there, almost as if they'd done this before Jason reached across the hood and took her hands, now holding her face down, bent over the car.   She knew Josh was behind her and she could hear his belt on his pants being messed with.   Kelly pleaded, "please guys, don't hurt me, don't do this, I'll give you anything you want, my purse has several thousand dollars in it.   My credit cards, take them all, my pin number is in my phone, take it all but please don't hurt me, I'm begging you," kelly said through weeping tears.   No verbal reply from the boys, just Jason's hands tightly wrapped around hers.

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    The next feeling was the most helpless ever, she knew it was coming, but Josh's hands on her pants, unbuttoning them, unzipping, then with no subtlety at all she felt them being torn down her long legs.   Laughter got louder as she sobbed loudly.   She felt Josh's cold nose run up the indide of her thigh, up the crack of her panties.   "MMMM, smells good Jason," Josh laughed.   Then the helpless feeling got worse, one sudden jerk and Josh was holding a handfull of torn panties, tossing them at Jason's head as Jason nosed at them as they flew past his head and onto the ground.   She held her legs as tightly together as she could, but she knew it was useless, she could feel the cold air behind her, hitting her exactly where she knew he was heading.   No warning, no lubrication, just instant pain as she felt him ram his cock inside of her tight hole.   She whinced, screamed, cried, bucked, gave it one last fighting chance.   But it was too late for that, Jason had her pinned from the front as Josh mounted her from behind.   He laughed and groaned as he pounded her like a jackhammer.   He moaned b/c he loved it, she cried b/c she was miserable.   "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh," was all she heard.   She knew by default that the moisture would come, and it did, only allowing him to go faster and use more force.   He hurt her, deep in her, she knew she'd be ruined forever, it was too late to fight, finally, she gave in and gave up.   Laying there helpless on her car, no amount of money would help.

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    Nothing meant anything to her anymore, she allowed herself mentally to phase out of this moment.   Josh fucked her like a prostitute from behind for about five minutes before she felt him go stiff, freeze up, then she felt her insides being filled with hot juice.   She wasn't worried about being pregnant b/c she was on the pill but she couldn't believe another man's sperm just entered her.   She was spent, helpless, over the next 60 minutes she was used like a ragdoll by the two boys.   Both of them fucked her from behind, but before Jason came he rolled her over and fucked her from the front.   She remembered hearing him say something about seeing her tits bounce while he fucked her but she was so zoned out she doesns't rember exactly what was said.   He had her legs spread wide as he hammered her insidess with her young tits bouncing around freely in the open air.   Any minute she would feel him cum in her, just like his friend did.   Suddenly she felt a slight sting in her eye, then cool on her cheek, lip, nose and she instantly realized that Josh had just jerked himself off all over her face.   She did nothing, it wouldn't get any worse.   Jason unloaded his semen deep in her pussy, pulling out at the last minute and rubbing his head around her neatly trimmed black hair.   The two laughed, grabbed some stuff from her car, and off they went, leaving the young blonde to lie there, helpless and used.   She wept silently.
Monica approached the Mercedes 20 minutes later, "girl I'm so sorry, Brad said he really needed to talk, thanks for waiting. "  Kelly seemed angry as she sat in the front seat of her car, wearing only jeans and a white t shirt.

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    "What happend to your shirt, what's wrong?"
The cops took the full report, all the details as Kelly sat, weeping in her mom and dad's arms.   Her mom said, "I can't believe you got robbed by 6 guys, they all had masks and guns?  and your shirt tore, they saw you exposed, I'm so sorry. "  Kelly's dad hangs up his cell phone, "well the cards are all cancelled, but they did manage to withdraw 15,000 dollars. "  It's ok mom, at least they didn't do anything bad to me," Kelly said as she hugged her mom.   Her innocence was gone, but so was desire to be a bitch to everyone she knew.   She knew she'd never be the same, but she also knew that she'd never turn the two boys in for teaching her such a valuble lesson.