Lyn's Bad day


            This is a true story about the events last week.         Being that I live in a condo complex you get to know everyone and there schedules pretty well. One neighbor in particular though I got to know even better. Her name was lyn . Lyn was an all around nice person 3 kids 1 dog and a single mother. She would get up in the morning and get her kids off to school then she'd leave for works 2 hour later. She had off every Tuesday when her kids went to their fathers house. Let me describe lyn for you. She's in her mid 40 's and is about 5' 6" . Her breasts are a c cup and she has a little meet on her. Just enough to hide her ribs though. She also had dirty blond hair with a nice tan to match. After seeing her you might be able to justify what I did. And here the story begins. . .

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  . . It was a Tuesday morning and she had just got her 3rd child on the bus to school and walked back to her house. Being that it was early in the morning and she didn't't have to work she went back to sleep . I silently stole into the house and walked up to her bedroom. She was just sleeping there peacefully under the covers. I had brought handcuffs so I wouldn't have to risk getting scratched during the ordeal so I quitly handcuffed her arms to the top bed post. Although I may have not been to silent because she awoke to see a masked man just after she heard the clicking sound of the last handcuff. She started screaming as predicted and I pulled out a fake gun and told her to shut up bitch or I will kill not only you but your kids to . That got her to shut up pretty quick . I put the gun down and started to take off my clothes . In a scared shivering voice she said what are you going to do ? And I chuckled and said " I think you already know " As I got off my clothes I took out my knife and cut of her shirt. I started feeling her breasts and then I cut of her bra as well. Then I went to town licking and gently biting on both of her nipples. I slowly kissed my way to her pajama bottoms and slid those off.

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   She was wearing a skimpy little pair of black panties . Needless to say those came of aswell. I went to town licking her clit and her body betrayed her as she silently began to moan . I looked in her side drawer for some lube and to my surprise I found a 8" dildo and some vaseline. I chuckled some more as I lubed up the dildo and slowly began to masturbate her . "aghghghghh " "oh fuck that feels so good " came out of her mouth as I brought her to orgasm with her dildo . I took the dildo out and jumped in between her legs and started ramming her . After a minute or to I put her legs up on my shoulder and started rubbing her breasts. "ooooooo" "ahhhh" " fuck "  " fuck me " thats all I needed to hear and then I went wild and started bucking as fast as I could . we both orgasmed at the same time as I shot my loads of cum into her. She was completly worn out and out of it. I un handcuffed her and took her downstairs and put her dogs caller around her neck as I handcuffed her hands behing the back . And I tied the dog chain to the closest doornob so she couldn't run away. After a few minutes she started to come to. And was awoken by a licking of her clit.

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   But it wasn't me this time. It was her dog. He just came in and started licking her clit. She started moaning louder then ever before as the dog went to town on her clit. This gave me a great idea. After a few minutes of that I helped the dog up and put it's front legs on his masters sides. He was humping her and couldn't seem to find the clit. . . . Needless to say I helped him . As he jammed it in there he started furiously fucking his master and this got her attention as she was being fucked like a jackhammer by her dog. I happened to notice a camera and started to record this for later . As she was being fucked it seemed she was having the time of her life. I have to admit even I couldn't get her to moan like that.

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  After a few more minutes of that the dog came right inside her and she had her 3rd orgasm of the day. I guess I forgot about the dogs knot when he tried to walk away . I held him in place for 20 minutes while telling lyn;" that she was now her dogs bitch , and his little slut , his fuck slave. he will fuck you every day now weather you want him to or not. "She was crying . Then the dog's dick just popped out and he walked away to lick it. Being that she was all steched out by now I decided to instead enjoy the nice home of her ass . I ran up stairs and got the lube and the dildo and lubed up both I slammed the dildo as far up her cunt as it would go . Then I put my penis behind her ass and rammed it in her . She let out a deep cry. As she screamed "No please anything but that " "arghh ""oh fuck it hurts" " please stop" I kept pounding away  Soon  her cries of pain turned into cries of pleasure as she literally begged me to continue to fuck her ass. And needless to say I did. As I rammed my dick up her ass she started to hump backwards and I noticed that her breasts started to flop around. I grabbed the her hair with 1 hand and pulled on it like a horse's rains and with the other I slapped her ass and the more I did it the more she moaned and bucked back. After what seemed like forever my orgasm started to build again and I moved around to her face where I shoved my dick in her mouth and she began eagerly sucking right when I was about to cum I pulled out and shot my load on her face .

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  She looked like such a slut now. As I stared at her cum covered face I wished this wouldn't have to end. Then I got an idea. It doesn't have to end because I can blackmail her to be my sex slave with the pictures and video I have of her dog fucking her. More to come if requested including fucking her own kids and being fucked by ever highschooler in town! .

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