Military Plaything - Angie Raped to Entertain Soldiers


Angie knew she was still very attractive with a good face and body. She kept in trim and she often caught men looking at her breasts. Her nipples pointed up easily and whatever she wore they seemed to show through, but so far Juan had resisted the temptation.

Right now Angie was so excited, Juan had asked her to go with him to his country in South America as he had business to do there and he needed and assistant. It would be wonderful just to be with him and in a romantic setting.

It was early evening when they arrived in the small town high up in the mountains. It had been a long journey by plane and several buses. The last had been a small, old and overcrowded. Now she was at their destination, it all seemed worthwhile as they were welcomed by warm friendly people and the setting sun lit the mountains in reds and golds.

After 3 weeks in San Pedro, Angie really felt as though she belonged there. However, she was still no closer to Juan as he had to go away on business the whole time. He seemed to be greatly revered by the locals and Angie was slowly realizing that Juan was some sort of guerilla leader.

The town had a large military garrison and she knew how cruel the soldiers could be. She had seen a solder knock down an old lady with his automatic gun when she got in his way at the market. It was very romantic to be with a man such as Juan and Angie understood the hatred of ordinary people for the military. She didn’t understand the politics of it all but she had become a fervent supporter of the freedom fighters.

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Dressing up

Then Juan asked her to help with the revolution. He told her they had to get more guns to fight the soldiers. There was an armory at the garrison which would give them everything they needed. It was protected by high fences and razor wire but it was guarded by a single soldier in a guard hut. The problem was that this guard was in constant touch with the garrison communications centre and if they attacked him, there would be an immediate alert.

They needed some way to neutralize the guard and they thought he could be distracted by some female company. A local girl would not do as the guards had learnt to be suspicious of any local woman. An American girl would be quite different. Any of the guards would give a lot to just kiss such a girl. Later they would boast about it to their friends. Everybody in the town knew, Angie as the ‘American girl’ and all the men desired her.

Juan wanted Angie to distract the guard while they cut through the armory wire fence and stole the weapons they wanted. He warned Angie that it could be difficult as they would need her to keep the guard occupied for at least 30 minutes. He implied that she might have to give him some sexual encouragement to maintain his interest.

This was so exciting; Angie couldn’t believe this was really happening to her, it was like being in movie.

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   She asked him what would happen after the raid, as they would know who it was had distracted the guard. Juan told her that she would go with him to a hideout in the mountains where they would stay together for several months. The idea of being with Juan for all that time was wonderful for Angie but she was worried that Juan would be in the truck with the arms and she might be left behind. When she explained this to Juan he took her to see a man at a house in the town and told her that if for any reason they were separated, she must go to him and he would take her to the hideout.

While this lessened her anxiety, Angie still felt a bit frightened, but somehow the thought of using her sex to help the cause thrilled her. She imagined talking to the guard and flirting with him, she might kiss him but all the time she would be thinking of Juan. He might want to go further, perhaps touch her breasts but that was OK she had been a married woman and knew what men liked.

The day of the attack came and that evening Angie felt quite exhilarated. Juan had given her some of the local whisky to drink and, as she didn’t normally like alcohol, Angie felt quite light headed. She had to distract the guard at 10pm, so at 9pm Angie got ready. She felt like a vamp, a spy who would seduce the enemy for his secrets and then ride away with the good and true hero.
She showered and pampered her skin with talcum powder. She looked at her breasts in the mirror and gave them special attention. Angie hoped that it would not go that far, but if it did she knew her breasts were her final weapon. Men would not be able to resist them, or rather one man, the guard would not.

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She put on her prettiest lacy see-thru bra and panties, she chose black as this seemed the most appropriate for a femme fatale; then her white dress with the low neckline. The white showed of the golden colors of her skin and it unbuttoned down the front, at least this would give her some control over the situation as she could unbutton it slowly, if it got that far.

The raid

They dropped her off around the corner from the armory. It was only when she was alone in the street that Angie began to wonder what the heck she was doing here. She wasn’t a vamp just an ordinary woman and not even that young. The guard would probably be young and she could use her womanly experience to advantage, he would be like a child and be overcome with joy if she allowed him to kiss her.

Was she sexy enough? As she approached the guard room she undid another button of her dress, this would show her bra as well as her cleavage. Although she would not normally be that adventurous in her clothing, she thought that it would be better to over do it rather than to be too cautious, as she could hardly undo the button when she was with the man.

He was young, very young and quite handsome really. This would be easy. Angie didn’t normally smoke but for this occasion she had a packet of cigarettes. She asked him for a light. The wind kept blowing his match out so of course she had to go inside the guard room. She stayed there and tried to talk to him, but he didn’t understand English. When the cigarette was finished she would have to leave.

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   She had to get him to kiss her, but how?

He kept looking at her tits, but it looked as though he was too scared to do what he obviously wanted to do. He is shy, poor thing, Angie thought. She tried everything, she pushed out her breasts at him and he obviously got the message as he couldn’t take his eyes off them. She sat on the desk with her legs crossed, so the short skirt rode up to show off her legs. He seemed equally mesmerized by her legs, but still did nothing.

Her cigarette was nearly finished and she couldn’t exactly hold him in conversation, so she took a big breath, went over to him, put her arms around him and kissed him fully on the lips. He seemed to be amazed at this behavior and actually took a step back away from her.

He looked her and frowned in puzzlement. Then his face cleared and he smiled at her, well it was more like a sly and knowing grin. He took one step towards her and grabbed her roughly in his arms. Although young, he was quite tall and Angie felt the strength of his arms around her. He kissed her fiercely on the lips. He had no idea how to kiss, kept his mouth closed and pressed painfully and bruisingly against her, lips. His breath smelt foul as though he had been eating garlic before he went on duty.

Gagging, Angie tried to get out of his grip, but the more she tried the tighter he held her.

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   She began to panic, but she couldn’t get away from him. He pushed her back onto the desk and forced his legs between hers. There was a tearing sound as one of the seams of her dress gave way. By now she was really frightened; somehow he had forced her arms behind her back and was holding both her wrists in his left hand. Pinioned there she was defenseless and it left his right hand free to do what he liked with her.

She tried to break lose but he only tightened his grip on her and forced those stupid lips against hers. If only he knew how to kiss, but this man was just a brutish peasant. Angie had forgotten about distracting him and was just trying to stop him raping her.

His rough hand was inside her bra feeling her breast. She could feel his fingers pulling at her nipple. She felt the button at her neckline give way as he clumsily tried to get her bra off. He was still kissing her over and over. She could hardly breathe. Then he tore at her bra and she felt the straps break as he pulled it down over her breasts. He stopped for moment breathing heavily and looked down at Angie’s naked breasts.

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   He actually licked his lips in anticipation before putting his head down to her nipple. Oh God this is ridiculous. Oh he is hurting me. Angie thought, as the fool sucking at her nipple couldn’t he keep his teeth out of the way. To get his head down so low meant forcing her arms further down behind her back and the pain was killing her. Angie let out a moan of pain. She wanted to scream but couldn’t without alerting the whole garrison.

He stopped slurping at her nipple and started sucking at the flesh of her breasts. It was only later that Angie understood that he was giving her love bites, as some sort of primitive marking to show that he had been there.

This didn’t keep him occupied for long and soon she felt the thing she had been dreading. His hand went down to between her legs. She felt him force it up to her vagina and heard the sound of her dress ripping again. She could feel him trying to get his hand inside her panties and then he managed to hook his finger in them near her pubic area. He tugged at them so hard that the thin material tore and he was able to rip them off. Oh shit! Oh Shit! She thought he is going to fuck me like some cow in a field.

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   Angie was panting and moaning “Please, please don’t”.
Then there was a moment of respite as his hand left her body, she knew that this was just to undo his trousers. Suddenly his mouth went to her nipples again and then he straightened up and she felt his cock hard against her.

It was a nightmare, he was thrusting against her with what felt like a huge hard erect penis but he had no idea where to put it. He let her wrists go to use both hands to guide it. Angie thought of escaping but his whole body was crushing hers and somehow her body seemed give in. She thought let him do it I don’t care any more.

At last he managed to find his target and she felt his penis pressing against her, oh no!! It hurt. She was dry as he forced it into her. He started ramming it in and out of her like a stud bull.
Then all hell broke loose. There was the staccato sound of automatic fire and sirens and lights. The fool who was fucking her looked up in total bewilderment. Open mouthed he gaped at Angie and then with a slow dawning of understanding she felt his hot cum spray into her as he punched her full in the face.


Angie slowly emerged back into consciousness; she didn’t know where she was.

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   She was lying in a fetal position on the floor, her face hurt and when she tried to move, she found she was restricted by her hands which were tightly cuffed behind her back and around the leg of a desk. Her dress was gaping open and her bra was missing, one of her breasts was hanging out and her nipple was touching the dirty floor. She managed to sit up but was unable to adjust her dress with her hands behind her back. There was still the sound of gunfire and somebody was screaming as though they were dying.

Much later, men came for her and dragged her to her feet. They handled her roughly and were very interested in her left breast which was still exposed. Angie angrily asked them to let her do her dress up, but they ignored her and even squeezed her breast with brutal hands as they escorted her from the room. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, as they spoke in Spanish, but she knew they were making crude jokes about her from the sound of their harsh laughter.

The door to her cell clanged, the bolt banged and she was alone. They had released the handcuffs and she was free to move. Her bruises ached and she felt defiled but otherwise she was OK. There was a pain between her legs where the guard had thrust his hard penis into her dryness, she could feel where he sucked her breasts, her cheek ached where he punched her and her wrists smarted from the cut of the hand cuffs, but at least she was still alive. Later she would understand that being alive is not necessarily a mercy.

Long after daybreak they came for her. She had covered herself the best she could as there were buttons missing off her dress.

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   She had found her bra down around her waist with both the straps broken. One of the hooks at the back had gone. She managed to hook it together using the remaining hooks and tied the straps together with knots. It was loose now but still covered her. Her panties were missing and with the seam of her dress torn nearly to the waist it would be difficult to prevent anybody who saw her noticing that she had no panties on, or worse getting glimpses of her pubic hair.

They took her up into the daylight and across a yard. There were soldiers everywhere watching her, trying to see through the gaps in her clothing, discussing her private parts, speculating about her sexuality, joking, anticipating, and hoping to enjoy her body. She pulled the remnants of dress more tightly about her.

The Commandant’s office

In the Commandants office there were eight men; his aide, two of his immediate subordinates, the three soldiers who had escorted her, the young guard from the previous night and the Commandant himself. Self important behind his desk, he looked her up and down with distain. The other men looked her up and down with a frankly sexual interest.

The Commandant started to gabble at her in Spanish.
“No speak, speak English” Angie desperately whined.
“OK, speak English” he replied.
Angie let out a sigh of relief at least here was somebody who could understand her.

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   “I want to speak to the American Embassy” she blurted out. To her surprise the Commandant broke into guffaws of laughter, followed by all the other men in the room.
“We have no American Embassy here my dear” he replied in a soft voice. “I am your embassy. ”
Then in a harsh voice he added “you work with the Path to Freedom guerillas. For this the penalty is death. You understand!” Angie was shaken by the ferocity of his words and her body gave an involuntarily shudder. Surely not, she had done nothing wrong. “This man say you fuck him so he is not able to do his duty. If he lie he die. If he tell truth you die my dear!!”

“That’s not true, he raped me” Angie blurted out.
“We see about that. He say you want him kiss your breasts and you let him do it many times. ”
“No I would never let him do that. ” Angie exclaimed.


“He say he can prove you let him kiss your breasts as he leave mark there. ”
Angie was indignant “He did not!”
“Ok we see, show us your breasts my dear. ”
Angie was stunned. “What?” “Undress?” “No! not here in front of all these men” she gasped shaking her head. She looked at the other men in the room for support and saw that they were all very interested in the conversation.

“Yes my dear. Take off your dress please. ”

Angie looked around her in desperation surely somebody would stop this horrible thing happening. All she could see was the eyes of eight men on her chest with their mouths salivating almost to the point of dribbling. One or two of them had their hand in their pockets and she was revolted to see that they were touching themselves.

Angie swallowed, shaking her head again in disbelief. Surely he couldn’t force her to undress in front of these men. He should have a female officer with him. That was a silly idea; they didn’t have any women in this army. She looked appealingly at the Commandant and said in a faint voice “I can’t do that here.

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   Can I do it somewhere private?”
He looked at her blankly “You do not understand yet do you. You have committed a serious crime in this country and you are subject to military law. If you fail to prove that you are innocent you will be shot. If you do not cooperate I shall assume that you are guilty and have you executed tomorrow. Do you understand now?” Angie had gone deathly pale, her jaw had dropped and she looked as though she might faint. “Do you understand?” he repeated. Hesitantly, with her head swimming, Angie nodded. “Show us your breasts then so we can prove if this man is a liar. ”

Angie swallowed and then frowned to herself and started to undo the top of her dress. She fumbled with the few remaining buttons and opened it up so they could all see her bra clad breasts. As she did, she felt a slight thrill of sexual excitement, knowing that every man in the room was raptly looking at her chest. Then she understood why they were gazing at her so intensely, she was wearing a see through bra and every one of them was trying to get a clear view of her nipples.
Then she remembered that she had no panties on and quickly tied the remnants of her dress around her waist.

“Now the bra my dear” the Commandant murmured his eyes fixed on her breasts. Angie let out a short almost silent moan, swallowed again and closed her eyes in an ineffectual effort to stop the tears running down her cheeks.

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   She reached behind he back and undid the clip of her bra. Immediately her breasts sagged slightly as they lost their support. She looked around the group of watchers pleading with them to save her or at least look away, but they were all far too interested in the American’s anatomy. She could see bulges in some of the men’s trousers.

Already they could see her breasts and nipples as the bra was only partly covering her, so she took a deep breath and took her bra straps off first one shoulder then the next. Then she dropped her hands by her sides still clutching the bra and exposing her breasts. Now they could have a good clear look at her if they wanted to.

They did want to. There was a long silence while all the men in the room examined her breasts. Despite herself Angie felt herself being aroused by all this attention and she knew her nipples would be hard and erect.

The Commandant broke the silence. “Bring the camera” he said in English.
“What?” Angie exclaimed. “No camera!” but already they had not one but several cameras focusing on her. She realized that they must have known that this would happen, why else would they all bring cameras.

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   She crossed her arms across her chest, “No! No!” she protested.
“We have to have the evidence. ” The Commandant murmured.
“What evidence?”
“All over your tits my dear. ” He replied.
She looked down between her arms and saw the tell-tale red love bites that the guard had inflicted on her. “Oh no! Please don’t. ” she pleaded with him, but he just replied in a soft but firm voice “Put your arms down dear. ”

Angie gave in. She put her hands down and let them photograph her breasts. She wasn’t sure what the love bites proved, maybe they would think that it showed that she let the guard make them, but she didn’t really, he just did it without her permission. Then she thought, I could have screamed to stop him, but I didn’t, so did that mean that I wanted him to suck on my breasts? They will think that either I didn’t scream because I liked it or because I didn’t want to arouse the garrison, as I really was helping the rebels.

When they had finished enjoying her breasts and taking what seemed to be an excessive number of photos of them, Angie asked the Commandant in an exasperated voice “can I get dressed now please. ”
“Oh no my dear. ” he replied.

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   We have to see if there is evidence of recent intercourse.
Angie felt the blood draw from her face and stood ridged. Surely they wouldn’t make her show that.
“Please I want to speak to an American please. ” She whined.
“Please take off your dress dear. ” The Commandant replied.
“No I won’t. ”
“Take it off dear or you go to the firing squad tomorrow morning. ” He snapped at her.

It was no good, she had to do it. With trembling hands, Angie undid the knot she had made with her dress at the waist and let the torn and crumpled garment fall to the ground. She stood before them all completely naked. She looked straight ahead ignoring there eyes but she could see where they were all looking straight at her pubic area. She also knew that many of the men were actively stroking their hard penises as they enjoyed viewing her body.

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   She was ashamed to feel her body responding to their sexual interest in her. She couldn’t help thinking that there were several penises in the room hard and ready to penetrate her.

“Photos please. ” The Commandant directed. With considerable enthusiasm several cameras were used to record Angie’s nakedness.
“Open your legs. ” The Commandant growled at her harshly.
”No I wont” she blurted out. She would never do that. Never show them her most intimate parts. Only her ex husband had ever seen her there and she would not let him look closely at her.
“You are the cheap whore of that rebel leader Juan Carlos; already 3 of my men are dead because of you. If you think your cunt is private you are wrong, before you die it will be used by all of my men. Now open your legs American bitch or I have my men fill your diseased cunt with the barrel of a gun!”

Angie recoiled as if he had hit her. Nobody had ever spoken to her like that.

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   She was American and he just some cheap overdressed Latin. How could he? Was it true that 3 men had been killed? What had happened to Juan? Why doesn’t somebody rescue her? They were going to hurt her. Rape her. What could she do?

She gritted her teeth and grimaced. If she didn’t do what he said she was sure they would use a gun on her and violate her. The thought of hard gun metal being pushed into her was horrific. She remembered the advice that if you are being raped don’t resist it just makes it worse.
Slowly she opened her legs.

The camera’s clicked as they recorded her most private parts. The Commandant said something in Spanish and one of the photographers came in to take a close up of her vagina.

“I can’t see clearly my dear” the Commandant drooled in his most soothing voice. He gabbled again in Spanish and an aide brought a desk lamp and put it in front of Angie. He angled the light towards her vagina about 3 feet away and switched it on.

There were hoarse comments from the watching men, who seemed to have difficulty in speaking clearly, followed by crude laughter. She had no idea what they were saying about her, and didn’t want to know.

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Angie closed her eyes. Now she knew they were just trying to humiliate her.
The secret areas of her body were spotlighted and providing amusement for 8 men.

“We cannot see if you are raped or just fuck my man, my dear. You must open your fuck hole for us to see if there is any sign of forced entry. Open now!!”

Suddenly Angie was angry. She sucked her mouth and spat at him. It was pretty feeble and just hit the desk in front of her. What was worse was the remaining spittle dripped from her mouth onto her breasts.

The men thought this was hilarious, and broke into loud cackles of laughter.
“Please my dear. ” He lisped.

She couldn’t stand this anymore. If they wanted to humiliate her they could. It was they who were wrong and cruel.

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   She was not a slut.

Hesitantly, she put her hands to her labia. She grimaced as she pulled the lips apart to display the pink flesh of her vulva. She had never even looked closely at this herself, let alone her ex-husband and now she was displaying it to all these men who she knew wanted to use that part of her for there own sexual gratification. Of course they all loved this and the cameras clicked over and over again as she exposed herself to them.

The Commandant looked closely into her vagina then said abruptly “I can see no evidence of rape. He looked at the young guard and spoke to him in Spanish. He immediately saluted and left the room. He turned to Angie and spoke in English. I told him that I am satisfied that he did not rape you and that you deliberately seduced him to allow the rebels to gain entry to the arms dump. ”
“I have total authority in this Province and I sentence you to death by firing squad, the punishment will be carried out tomorrow at dawn. ”

Angie gasped, this couldn’t be true. She was an American citizen.
“However,” he continued slyly, “you have a good body and if you like you can entertain my men instead. ” He broke into a broad smile.

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   “You understand?”

Angie felt totally bewildered, she was being given the choice of dying tomorrow, being shot to death or being raped by over a whole garrison of soldiers, this couldn’t be true. She stated to shiver uncontrollably. “Do you understand?” he growled. Reluctantly, Angie nodded. This was like a dream. More like a nightmare.

Slowly he added “Do you want to give pleasure to my men? Or let them shoot you tomorrow morning?”
“I’ll do anything you want. ” She blurted out.
He spoke to the men in Spanish and they all saluted and left the room, except for the aide who appeared to be the chief photographer.

Blow job

After they had gone, he gestured to Angie. Walk around the room my dear; I want to see your tits bounce. ” He giggled excitedly in anticipation. Angie did as she was told and walked around while the photographer clicked his flash.

“Run dear. Jog as you Americans like to do! Let me see your tits jiggle.

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  â€ Tears ran down her face as Angie did as she was told, feeling her unsupported breasts flapping up and down.
He stood up and for the first time came out from behind his desk. He was not the imposing figure he had seemed but short fat and middle aged.

“Stop!” he commanded.
“Now kneel before me!”
Too confused to do anything else, Angie knelt.
“Now unzip me and suck my cock!”
“If you hurt me I shall have him shoot you in the head. ” He took his hand gun from its holster and put it on the desk to reinforce his point.
“If you do it well I shall be kind with you. ”
“Oh no” Angie groaned, “I can’t do that. ”
“Oh yes you can my dear. I not use your other holes as they are probably full of disease but I expect my men will not be so careful. I think your mouth will be clean though. ”

The Commandant’s crutch was only inches from her face and Angie looked at it with dismay. Tears poured down her face and dripping off her chin on to her naked breasts. She gave a great sob and reached out with trembling hands to undo his zip.


   She could see the bulge of his penis through his white underclothing, which was stained with yellow spots.

With her face grimacing she put her right hand inside the undergarment and touched his cock. She had to use both hands to get it out and there it was right in front of her face. It wasn’t even hard. It looked small and shriveled and smelt foul like rotting cheese.

Hesitantly, she lifted it up. “Kiss it. ” A voice commanded from above. As she reached forward to kiss it Angie became aware that her every action was being photographed. How many men would get to see the abomination she was being forced to perform, she thought. She pressed her lips to it in a half hearted kiss. “Now lick it. ” The voice said.

Still holding it in both hands she put out her tongue and licked the shaft of his penis. The smell was making her want to retch and it tasted salty.

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   Angie continued to lick it until the voice commanded that she should suck his testicles.

Angie felt so ashamed as she put her head on one side and bent further down to take one of his hairy smelly sweaty testicles in her mouth, It was totally repugnant to her, she had never done such a foul thing for her husband and to be forced to do it with this man was vile. She considered biting it off but knew that the moment she did the hand gun on the table would blow her brains out.
He made her suck both of his testicles before he commanded her to put his cock in her mouth.
Closing her eyes she put the horrible thing in her mouth and started to suck on it. If only he would get hard and cum, she just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. She started using both hands as well as her mouth moving her head back and forwards in an effort to stimulate this man’s disgusting old cock.

At last it started to get hard and soon filled her mouth. Then the Commandant made her pull it out and rub it over her breasts. He forced her to wipe the small amount of pre-cum from the tip of his penis on to both her nipples and laughed loudly at the look on her face. The photographer laughed as well as he recorded her actions.

Then he shoved his cock brutally back in her mouth and began to fuck her mouth as though it were a whore’s cunt. He held the back of her head with both hands so she could not retreat from his cock as he thrust it into the delicate tissues of her palate. It hurt the back of her throat and she couldn’t breathe when he pressed himself against her. She could feel his balls flopping backwards and forwards against her chin.

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Then at last she could feel him reaching a climax, and hot cum started to spray into the back of her mouth. She desperately tried to get the thing out but he held her firmly saying “Eat my cum, American bitch whore, it will be good for you. ”

So she took it all and swallowed it all, something she had never done before, as she found the idea of eating cum revolting. She wanted to be sick but couldn’t even do that with the thing in her mouth.

Then he withdrew and grunted at her “Open eyes bitch. ” Angie opened her eyes to see the penis which had used her shining wet with her saliva and with cum still dripping in long strands from its tip. “Lick up my cum like the cheap hooker you are. ”

By now Angie felt completely ashamed and screwed up her face in self disgust as put out her tongue and licked the cum from his penis. She could hear the photographer chuckling to himself as he got the shots that he wanted of the total humiliation of the American girl. Oh how the men would enjoy seeing these photos and the video. Later they would all get a chance at her and he was sure that he his own cock would enter that delightful body in many ways over the next week or so. Of course there would be many others but he would get his turn.

Then the Commandant made her put his penis back into his underclothing and zip him up before he went back to his desk and spoke into his phone. Angie was left kneeling in front of his desk naked with her hair hanging over her face many strands matted to it by her tears and his sweat. “Get dressed slut.

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  â€ He instructed her. Wearily she got up and retrieved the scattered remnants of her clothes from the floor. She put on her bra, very aware that the photographer was still recording everything she did. Then she put on what was left of her dress.

There was a knock on the door and a soldier came in carrying Angie’s suitcase. “Dear lady, we have your clothes and makeup from your house, I want you to look pretty for my men tomorrow so that they will enjoy you more. Be aware that if you look pretty they take their time with you; if you are ugly they treat you like a sow in a pig pen. So better you make yourself look good. Understand?”

Angie nodded. She had to make herself into a prostitute for his men. What did that mean? This was a big place and there could be many men wanting to use her. “How many men do you have?” She asked almost in a tremulous whisper.

His reply was harsh and coarse. “Not too many for a hooker like you. Two hundred and thirty one men of all ages, but mostly young.

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They have little experience of women you understand except for a few whores in the town. An American woman is greatly desired and I think that you will give them great pleasure for many weeks. When they have finished with you, there will be nothing left for a man to enjoy except for the worst scum. So then I give you to the cheapest bordello in town. They will not charge for you but just give you free to the poor men who cannot afford a hooker. I think you will last two maybe three years. ” He laughed at the thought of what this bitch will be like in three years.

He leaned towards Angie and said in a quiet voice. “There is any alternative my dear. We need to find your lover Juan Carlos. We killed four of his men but unfortunately he escaped. If you can lead us to him, as a reward I will keep my men from you and maybe even put you on a bus to go home. You can think of that tonight for tomorrow you start your new job entertaining my men. ”

He snapped something in Spanish. The soldier took her firmly by the arm and with her case in the other hand escorted her from the room.

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   As they left the Commandant gave further instructions to the soldier and she could hear him laughing as the door closed.

Dressing to order

They left the room and made their way outside into the brilliant sunshine. He took Angie across the main exercise yard in the centre of the garrison, where there were many soldiers carrying out different tasks and 20 or so men being drilled. As soon as they saw Angie all the men in the area stopped to stare at her. She tried to cover herself to stop them raping her with their eyes.
Instead of taking Angie directly to her cell he took her to a reviewing platform at one side of the yard. She was confused as he took her up the steps to stand on the platform. From this location she could be seen from everywhere in the yard. As she looked around she could also see many faces watching her from windows, and there was the Commandant standing on the balcony outside his office looking down on her. Her heart sank as she saw the photographer busy capturing the moment. She knew this would be more sexual humiliation.

Her guard opened her case and started sorting through her clothes. Then he straightened up and said in halting English. “Please change clothes now. ” Not here in front of all these men she thought.

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   They don’t expect me to dress in public like this. “Now!” he commanded peremptorily. Angie looked at him shaking her head with tears in her eyes “No please don’t do this to me. ”
His only reply was to reach out and rip her dress from her shoulders. With two hands he tore the dress apart and threw it on to the ground. Angie was too frightened to move and just stared at him with open eyes. Then he reached out and ripped her black bra from her breasts leaving her naked. He kicked her clothes off the platform to be eagerly retrieved by some of the watching soldiers hungry or souvenirs of the American girl.

By now there were about 40 men gathered around to enjoy Angie’s nakedness. She tried to cover herself with one arm across her breasts and her hand covering her crutch. “Please give me my clothes. ” She whined to the soldier. He responded by reaching into the case and holding up 3 of her bras to the audience. He displayed them one by one to the men, who wolf whistled, cheered and shouted at him in Spanish. The greatest cheer was for a very skimpy white completely transparent lace bra that Angie had bought hoping that she would wear it for Juan some day.

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   He held it out to her and gestured that she should put it on. She had never worn it and couldn’t believe that she would be putting it on for the first time in front of an audience of sex starved men.

She dropped her hands to her sides. These men were all going to see her nude anyway and most of them would have sex with her, what difference did it make if they saw her now. Despite herself, she felt her body respond to being viewed by a crowd of horny males. The men were silent now as they feasted their eyes on the American girl’s big tits. Her nipples were very puckered and pointed so that they could all see that she was sexually aroused and knew that she would be a good fuck. They strained their eyes to see through her black pubic hairs to the place where they would put their cocks tomorrow.

Angie put her hands through the straps of the bra and put it over her breasts, then she reached behind her and did up the hooks. Her breasts were not comfortably in the bra cups so she reached down to pull the cups out a bit and pulled her breasts into place. The men loved watching this intimate action of a woman dressing. Most of them had never seen a woman put on a bra before and certainly not a woman with such breasts and big nipples.

She had to go through the same performance with her panties. The men chose the panties that matched the bra and were very brief and totally transparent. Angie was already aware that the bra she had on was worse than no bra as it concealed nothing and just made her look more of a slut.

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   The panties would be worse.

She took the flimsy clothing and stepped into them trying not to open her legs to her audience, unsuccessfully judging from the sighs and ribald comments.

The soldier showed the audience several items of clothing for Angie to wear on top and then to her dismay held up a transparent nightie, that she had bought from the same shop that the underclothing had come from, planning to wear it on her first night with Juan. Instead it would be defiled by being used to provide sexual entertainment for these men.

She put it on. She knew she looked like a Playboy model or a cheap prostitute in this outfit. Angie swallowed and let out a trembling sigh as she thought of the way in which her skimpy clothing was displaying her sex in broad daylight to over 40 men who would assume that she was inviting them to be intimate with her. She was being made to look like a hooker but she had no choice, and in any case from what the Commandant had told her she would get used to being a white slave. The thought was strangely thrilling to her.

They made her put on high heels and then the guard led her down the steps and took her across the yard. As she went past them many of the men reached out and touched her breasts or felt her bottom. Again there were many cameras making sure that this moment lived on in the filthy minds of the onlookers and their friends. Fortunately for Angie, at that time she had no idea just how many men would enjoy her sex, had she known, she might have been less composed.

From his balcony, the Commandant watched the pretty American woman being escorted across the yard. He liked the clothing the men had chosen for her, she looks like the whore she is, he thought.

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   A pretty whore though, good sized tits with nipples that every man would like to suck on and her cunt had looked tight and inviting. She would be a good fuck, what a pity to waste her on those animals in the ranks.

He spoke to his aide, who was having similar thoughts. “She is pretty, but the men will tear her to pieces. Remember the last woman we gave them? The whore from town who stabbed one of the men? For 3 days they filled every hole she had with cocks without stopping. Even when she passed out or fell asleep they kept using her. She was so raw and bloody that I thought she would die from loss of blood. She died anyway, when they stuck that carbine up her and cut off her tits. ”

“What happened to her tits?”
“They are in the Trophy Room. ” The aide replied.
“Oh! Shriveled I suppose?”
“Oh no sir, I had them stuffed and mounted as you directed. They are as good as they were when they filled her bra. ”
“Oh good. I must come down and see them. I suppose the men see them?”
“Yes sir, those with special merit get to spend 1 hour in the Trophy Room each day.

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   There is much competition for this reward. ”
“Hmm, the American girl has good tits and exceptional nipples’ we could use her as a coat stand. ” The Commandant giggled at his feeble joke. “Can the man in the town stuff them so that the nipples will support the weight of a coat?”
“I am not sure sir, I will find out. ”
“She has a lovely cunt. Have we stuffed a cunt before?”
“Not to preserve it sir. ”
“Of course” the Commandant sniggered “we only stuff it with cocks. We have the photos of her cunt?”
“Yes sir. ”
“Select 100 of the best photos of her and have them enlarged for the album in my office. Also put them up in the Trophy Room. I suppose we still have posters of the old whore in the Theatre Room?”
Yes sir. ” “Take them down and replace them with posters of Angie the American girl. She will like to see them when she goes there to entertain the men, and make sure she visits the Trophy Room before she pleasures the men. ”
“Yes sir. ”

The Commandant ruminated in silence for a few minutes before remarking to his aide “It will be a waste for this American girl to die being fucked by the men.


   I will let the men have her but only for a few hours each day so that she lasts longer.

First maybe we use her to set a trap for that Juan criminal. ” “Take her as she is dressed, or maybe I should say undressed. ’ He chuckled to himself at the memory of Angie’s clothing. Tie her up in the town square. Make sure she cannot cover herself or stop any man touching her and looking at her. We will see if the men in the town can resist playing with the American when she is available to them. There will be great loss of face for Juan to have his mistress touched and enjoyed by the common men in town and he have to rescue her. Tie her up with chains to something that cannot be moved so that he will have great difficulty rescuing her. Post men around the square to capture him if he tries. ”

“Keep her there for one week. Each morning see that she makes herself up to look pretty and wear sexy clothes for the townsmen. Put her out from 9am to 9pm. Feed her well and give her drinks so she is in good condition. Keep her out of the sun.

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   Understood?” The aide saluted and left the room.

Female company

When they locked her back in her cell, Angie threw herself on the small stretcher bed and sobbed her heart out. She could not imagine that any woman could be treated the way she had been and she felt completely dirty and humiliated. All those men had been looking at the most private parts of her body and obviously enjoying her. They had taken so many photos of her, what would happen to them? She was sure that many, many men would get to view her intimately and make coarse jokes about her. They would even see her sucking that man’s disgusting penis. Oh God she felt like a slut and prostitute. How could this have happened to her?

Then she remembered that he said he would give her to the men. What did that really mean? Surely they wouldn’t all have sex with her. Over 200 men he said. What would men like that do to a woman like her? She really had no idea. Obviously they would have intercourse with her. She thought of the horrible guard’s big hard penis thrusting into the dry tissues of her vagina and immediately felt she must vomit. Not 200 like that surely, she wouldn’t survive 10 let alone 200, her insides would be ripped out by cocks. These men were brutes they wouldn’t care how much they hurt her.

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She was startled by the sound of the cell door opening and looked up with her teary eyes wide in fear. What now? To her surprise an attractive middle aged woman came into the cell. The woman was obviously concerned at Angie’s condition and with much clucking and unintelligible Spanish took her to a well furnished bedroom somewhere in the garrison. Later Angie was to find out that this woman had been the Commandant’s mistress for many years and beneath that warm and caring façade she was cool and calculating but never cruel. She had lived in California for some years and spoke excellent English.

In the bedroom, she helped Angie undress and bathe. Then she made Angie lie on the bed while she powdered her and put some cream on her sore areas. While emotionally Angie was sexually battered, physically she was fine. Apart from a fading bruise on her cheek, there was little to show of her ordeal.

The woman’ whose name was Ella, had a huge array of cosmetics on her dressing table and Angie was soon treating her like an old friend as she experimented with makeup and Ella brushed her hair.
After 2 hours, Angie felt relaxed and attractive again. It was surprising how a bath, makeup and the company of another woman could wipe out the cruel degradation of men.

Then Ella indicated that Angie should get dressed again. Angie looked for fresh clothing but there was none. Just the flimsy see thru underwear and nightwear she had come in.

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   Although these were still clean she couldn’t bear the thought of having to wear them again. What had been intended to be sexy and attractive to Juan now represented the vilest of male attention.

As Ella was very insistent that she had to wear the clothes she came in, Angie reluctantly put on the see thru bra and panties. After putting on the nightie she looked in the mirror and was shocked to see her reflection. With the makeup she knew she looked very pretty and almost pure, but her skimpy clothing just served to partially conceal her body. She could see her nipples showing clearly through the material and the dark V of her black pubic hairs. She looked like some model out of a men’s magazine. She just hoped that there were not many soldiers around as they escorted her back to her cell.

Journey by jeep

Two soldiers accompanied her through the labyrinth of dark corridors and they both managed to touch her breasts as they assisted her through many doorways. At one dark place one of the soldiers attempted to kiss her and put his hand between her legs, but the other man dragged him off growling at him in Spanish.

Suddenly they were out in the brilliant sunshine descending steps into the exercise yard. As her eyes became accustomed to the bright light, Angie saw what she feared, there were many soldiers lounging about obviously waiting for her appearance. Now every male eye was on her, devouring her body, touching themselves, she could see budges in the pants of many of them as they raped her with their eyes. She caught her breath and closed her eyes in pain as she thought of all those hard penises that she would have to submit to later.

Many of the men had video cameras focused on her, some even pointing the lenses deliberately at her chest or crotch.

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   She became horribly aware that the flimsy material of the bra she was wearing wasn’t designed to support her and that with every step her breasts were jiggling around. This seemed to fascinate the men and the movement was being captured on several cameras. She desperately tried to think of how she could control her breasts and thought of holding them in her hands but decided that this would just excite the men more, so she tried to support them by folding her arms as she walked. This just made her breasts jut out more and she knew that despite herself, her nipples had hardened with the attention they were receiving, which probably made her thrusting breasts look even more obscene. Every camera seemed to be pointed at her breasts now and Angie bit her lip as she became aware that her arms were stretching the material of the nightie across her nipples and making it more transparent. Hesitantly, she dropped her arms again only to feel her breasts flopping around.

She had been so preoccupied that she was suddenly confused when she realized that they were not going back to her cell, instead she was being pushed into the back seat of an army jeep, with her escort on either side. Once they were through the gates of the garrison and were driving through the streets of the town, her escort took advantage of the brief time they had to play with the American girl. Angie felt two rough hands on each of her legs moving up the inside of her thighs. Instinctively she grabbed at the hands to stop them getting to her. They responded by holding her wrists to her side in vice-like grips, while they used their other hands to explore her. One of them was trying to kiss her and she could smell his garlic breath, until the other man warned him off. They had been instructed not to touch her and a kiss would smear her lipstick.

The driver adjusted his mirror to view Angie’s chest and spoke harshly to the men in the back. They laughed and shrugged their shoulders.

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   The man in the front passenger seat turned around to leer at Angie. His front teeth were blackened and broken; all Angie could think of was that he could do with a good dentist. She felt fingers tugging at the lace bows that held the neck of the nightie together, and looked down to see them opening her front.

Angie struggled an moaned “please don’t do that. ” but she was held tight and had to put up with having the top of her nightdress pulled open to reveal her breasts hardly covered by the transparent lacy bra. She felt a rough hand feeling inside the cup of the right breast and pulling it out to show the men in front. Then her left breast was also exposed to them. The man in the passenger seat was actually dribbling with saliva running out of the side of his mouth as he gazed at Angie’s white breasts. He reached out to tweak her right nipple. Then the driver snapped something and re-adjusted his mirror. Her escorts hurriedly pulled her bra cups back over her breasts and tied the bodice together again.

Angie looked out of the window and saw that they were in the crowded main square of the town. To her horror, the jeep stopped and the soldiers opened the door gesturing for her to get out. They were going to make her walk through the square dressed like this, in front of all these people!
They forced her out of the vehicle and made her walk through the crowds into the centre of the square. This was even worse than being made to walk though the garrison as this was totally public.

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   Anybody could see her and in some way she felt more ashamed knowing that women were watching her as well as the inevitable eyes of the men. The women would pity her and think she is a slut; the men would just want to have sex with her. She was going to be publicly humiliated as well as in private.

In the centre of the square there was a wooden structure designed to provide a resting place and shade for the townspeople. It was also used as a general gathering place as it had a drinking water fountain and hexagonal columns on which posters could be displayed. She knew that Juan had frequently posted revolutionary posters there in the middle of the night, although the soldiers invariably tore them down or covered them up in the morning.

In the very centre of the structure there was an open area with a low podium around a central supporting wooden post. This was used by the mayor, traveling entertainers and sales men as an area to display their wares. Although it was shaded it was relatively well lit as sheets of translucent plastic had been used in the roofing instead of the corrugated iron used elsewhere in the structure.

The soldiers forced poor Angie onto this platform. She already was weeping again with her head hung with the shame of being publicly displayed walking through the main square in her underwear They handcuffed her wrists behind her back and around the main post which was big enough to force her shoulders back and her breasts forward. Then they did the same thing to her ankles so that he legs were forced apart and her feet back either side of the post. This had the effect of forcing her to push her pelvis forward in a lewd fashion as though she was trying to show off her pubic area.

Then to stop her sliding down the pole into a crouching position, they fastened another chain from the handcuffs on her wrists up over her head to one of the rafters. Chained in this way, Angie found that she could not move and was force to crudely exhibit herself through her scanty clothing.

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Public display

By the time the soldiers had finished securing Angie and left her, there was a crowd of about 30 people standing around her staring at her. These were mostly men and boys. Many of the boys looked as though they had never seen a semi naked woman before and their eyes were goggling at her. There were a few women eyeing her up and down probably comparing her body with their own. One of these spat at her and shouted something in Spanish.

Just as Angie was beginning to think that she would have to spend the rest of the day being stared at and insulted, a strange thing happened. Two old ladies arrived and started shouting at the crowd, and then a middle aged man came through the crowd and climbed up on to Angie’s platform. He spoke to the crowd and they hung their heads in shame and started to disperse. In 10 minutes they were all gone and Angie was left by herself for the rest of the day.

On the way back the guards in the jeep took advantage of her again and this time they managed to get their fingers into her vagina and she had to endure having rough dirty fingers explore inside her.

That evening the Commandant came to her cell and asked if she was ready to lead him to Juan’s hideout. Angie refused and he explained to her that he was using her as bait to get Juan to come into the city to rescue her. The idea of being rescued filled Angie with joy, but she quickly realized that with those chains on it would be difficult to free her. He said he would try this for a week and if it failed he would give her to the men to play with. Then she would decide to co-operate.

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Four days passed in the same way as the first. The guards would molest her in the jeep but always be careful for their attentions not to show. Angie almost got used to being fondled and touched by the dirty hands of these men. The guards seemed to be different every day, she thought. She didn’t know that there was great competition to be her escort and the sergeant was doing well from the bribes he was receiving. Each day the men in her escort would go back to the barracks to boast of what they had done with Angie, and to describe her intimate parts in great detail. Every man in the garrison was counting the hours to Saturday when they had been promised that Angie would entertain them all in the Theatre Room.

Each morning she was bathed and made up by Ella and forced to wear sexually provocative clothing. One day she had to wear just a white dress with no underclothing and after they had chained her up the guards casually unzipped the front of her dress so that it gaped open revealing glimpses of her breasts. Another day she was force to go into the square wearing nothing but a black see through bra and panties.

Of course all the soldiers had a good look at her but the people of the town stayed away leaving her to a private misery.

By the end of the fourth day the Commandant had decided that the bait in the trap was not alluring enough as the townsfolk were deliberately ignoring her. That evening in her cell he told Angie that since none of the men in the town had the courage to play with her he would allow his men time off duty to see that she had plenty of attention in the square. He would have his photographer record everything and display photos of her degradation on the display columns in the square. This would happen for three days then if Juan did not come he would give her to his men.

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   The first day the soldiers would concentrate on her breasts, the second on her ass and the third on her cunt.
Angie received this information with disbelief. How could he list parts of her body like that and say that the men would concentrate on them. What did that mean? She was soon to find out.

Breast day

The next day, Ella made her wear fairly respectable clothes, a matching pair of pretty gingham cotton bra and panties, with tight jeans and a white blouse.

She was chained up as usual but about 20 minutes after the soldiers had left a group of about six off duty soldiers arrived wearing civilian clothing. Angie’s heart sank when she saw the Commandant’s photographer was with them and that all the men carried cameras. She knew that this would be the beginning of the “concentration” on her breasts.

They started off photographing her with themselves in various poses and then occasionally touching her breast. Then one of them started to undo the buttons of her blouse while the others recorded his actions with their digital cameras. He kissed Angie’s neck and the curve of her breast making loud mmmmm noises to the amusement of his friends. Soon her blouse was completely undone and they could see her pretty bra. As she was handcuffed he could not remove the blouse completely but pulled it back over her shoulders so that it did not obscure the view of her bra clad breasts.

Then he carefully pushed the straps of her bra through their adjustment rings until they were undone. Angie’s breasts sagged slightly at the loss of support resulting in comments from the onlookers.

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   She could smell his foul breath as he put his arms around her and reached behind her back to undo her bra. Angie just gave a low moan as she felt her breasts sag further as they lost all support. She could feel the cotton of her bra slipping off her breasts and the air touching her skin as she was uncovered. All night she had been waiting, worrying about this moment when for the first time in her life her breasts would be completely exposed in public while she was chained up and unable to do anything to protect them. She had been resigned to having male eyes on her but now that it had happened she still felt a sense of shock and pain.

As a teenager, Angie had developed late. She had always been a tomboy and very flat-chested, not unusual for an Asian. Then at 17 her breasts had begun to swell and grew until she had to wear a 34 inch bra with a C cup. Suddenly men showed and interest in Angie and she caught them looking at her chest.

Although she was painfully shy about her breasts, secretly she was proud of them. Angie was modest and went to great lengths to protect and conceal her breasts from boyfriends. Her ex-husband had been the first and until recently the only man she had allowed to see and touch her breasts. All this modesty seemed wasted now, as she was on show to any man who wanted to look.

Angie had always had large nipples, but as she matured they seemed to point out more than other women. She had been frequently embarrassed by them as they would harden on their own at the most unexpected and inconvenient times.


   In the office where she worked as a secretary sometimes men would make an indirect comment about Angie’s breasts or nipples. If she said something they would say “you have a good point there Angie” or “You always have good points Angie” she knew what they really meant and so did everybody else in the office, and every time Angie’s nipples would immediately harden, much to all the guys delight.

Frequently men would mistake the behaviour of her nipples for sexual arousal and assume that she wanted sex. They soon learned that this was not what she meant, although privately Angie knew that it was sexual excitement that made her nipples harden. Right now she was tied up in the open in a public square with her naked breasts exposed to 6 horny soldiers. Angie looked down and sure enough her nipples were standing out like pegs.

The men loved this. They played with her nipples, pulling on them and sucking them. Each had to be photographed sucking on Angie’s nipples and holding her breasts. Soon more off duty soldiers arrived to join in the fun with Angie’s tits. They loved to lift them up and then let go so that they could watch them jiggle up and down, or to cup them in their hands so they could discuss their size and weight.

They noticed that Angie’s breasts were not completely even. Her left breast was larger and hung slightly lower than her right (see photo on page 9 of illustrated version). Consequently they spent much time holding both her breasts and comparing them, lifting the left one to make it match the right, or seeing if they could hold each breast completely in their hands. Fortunately, Angie could not understand the comments they made, although she knew from their harsh laughter that they were not being nice to her.

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One of them tried to draw a face on Angie’s breast with a pencil, but it would not leave a clear mark, so he went into one of the side streets and came back with some makeup which he had taken from some woman’s handbag. He drew a face in lipstick on her left breast.

One of the other men didn’t like this and took a blue eyeliner pencil to add more detail and put some lipstick on Angie’s nipple to make the nose red.

When he stood back to admire his work he decided he didn’t like it . So he wiped the makeup off Angie’s tit with some tissues and makeup removal cream. Then he started again using black mascara to draw the eyes and whiskers of a mouse on Angie’s left breast, so that her nipple looked like the nose of the mouse.

They all had digital cameras and took photos of the faces drawn on her tit, but they liked the mouse one best and were greatly amused by Angie’s expression when they showed her the photos of the mouse face. Angie had to admit that her breast did look very much like a mouse in the photo.
This photo of Angie’s left breast became very popular around the town and later a journalist drew a better version which was to be seen all over the world and made into picture postcards. Once this would have been the most horrifying thing that could happen to Angie, to have her breast publicly viewed across the world on postcard racks, but by the time it happened, it would be a very minor sexual exploitation for her.

Angie soon lost count of the number of men who had touched her breasts or posed for photos with them. By the end of the day she thought that maybe 70 men had played with her. She felt sore from continual handling, especially her nipples which had been sucked on all day long.
On the way back in the jeep she didn’t care what her escort did with her and let them feel her sore breasts and finger her vagina.

Somehow the continual use of her breasts seemed to make her stronger and she was even less likely to agree to the Commandant’s nightly demands for her to take him to Juan’s hideout.

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Ass day

That night Angie worried about what would happen to her bottom the next day. She could not imagine what interest men could have in that part of her body. The knowledge that it would be exposed all day was not at all sexually exciting to her but made her feel crude and ashamed. Perhaps that was the purpose of making her go through this day.

Ella dressed her and made her up as usual but spent more time on her backside, powdering the cheeks and ensuring that her anus was completely clean. She made Angie wear a black bra and brief black panties, with a full skirted dress that zipped down the back.

The zip caused a problem for her escort as they did not have time to fully unzip it and pull the top of her dress down to get at her breasts. She was thankful for this as her breasts were still sore from the previous day’s mauling. Instead they worked on her cunt, which she accepted with resignation. They seemed to think that pushing their dirty fingers in and out of her would arouse her. It actually had the opposite effect and for some strange reason made her feel sleepy.

When they got to the centre of the square they took Angie to one of the benches firmly cemented in around the podium. They positioned her at one end of the bench and made her kneel down with her chest pressing against the seat and her knees on the ground. They were unusually considerate as they put cushions under her knees and for her head to rest on as she lay face down on the bench.
Then they cuffed her wrists together under the bench and then they put a chain around both legs behind the knees and padlocked them together under the bench.

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   In this way she was kneeling down with her ass in the air. To make her ass more prominent they put several cushions under her pelvis which forced her to arch the base of her back and ass up into the air.

In this position Angie was actually quite comfortable, although from an onlooker’s point of view that main thing you would see was her ass. When the guard’s left, the off duty soldiers started to gather around her.

All day long, Angie could feel them doing things to her ass, but was unable to see exactly what they were doing to, except when they showed her photos. Also she had no clear idea how many men were behind her as she could only see those who were standing to one side.

She felt them lift her dress up over her ass until it covered her head and she could see nothing at all. Next she felt her panties being cut off with a knife and the cool air on the skin of her naked butt. She could feel them writing on the flesh of her buttocks. There were howls of laughter at what they had written. They showed her photos of it. They had drawn large arrows to her anus and to her vagina with text written in Spanish next to the arrows. She could only imaging what it might say. Until then she hadn’t realized that her vagina was also on show. Irrationally she thought “That’s not supposed to happen until tomorrow.

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After that every man signed his name on her cheeks and had to be photographed with her. This usually meant putting his fingers into her anus or vagina or both. She could feel them hold the cheeks of her ass open to expose her anal ring to view. Sometimes they kissed or licked either or both of her holes in a pose for photographs.

Angie got used to having fingers in her; every man seemed to want to do it. Nobody had put his penis in her yet except for the sentry on the night she got captured. Angie assumed this was because the Commandant had forbidden it and they were all scared of the Commandant. She was only half right. If any man had used his cock on her, at the very least he would have been beaten up by his fellow men. They all knew that she was being saved for Saturday night when they would all get the opportunity to put their cocks in all of the American girl’s holes. There would be great competition to be the first in each of her holes.

Then they started putting other things in her ass, initially just the stems of some flowers. This felt strange and tickled but did not hurt and they thought it was very funny to have a bunch of flowers growing out of the American girl’s ass and took photos to show to their friends.
Then bigger things, a national flag on a stick which was shoved into her, this hurt as they had to push it in some way before it would stay in, Then a large wooden baton or something, which made her feel as though she needed to shit and was very painful.

By the end of the day, Angie’s ass had been greatly used and was sore from having things put into it, but they had not been excessive for fear of upsetting the Commandant.

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   Angie was ashamed of what they had done to her but was in no pain. Much of the time she had slept and dreamt of Juan.

It was the next day that she dreaded.

As she had no panties on, it was easy for her escort to get to her vagina and ass on the way back. They even made her show her ass to the driver looking in his rear view mirror. They thought the words written there and the signatures were hilarious and enjoyed playing with her. Perhaps because of the things written on her, they treated her more roughly than usual and for the first time she experienced a man trying unsuccessfully to put his entire fist into her vagina, which was excruciating as he stretched the tissues of her vulva.

Cunt day

It was Friday and the day she dreaded was upon her. Worse tomorrow was Saturday and she couldn’t bear to think of what was going to happen to her on Saturday night.

In the morning, Ella got her ready as usually, paying special attention to her pubic hairs, washing them and even combing then. When Angie looked for her clothes there was only a black see through bra, nothing else. She protested about this but to no avail. “Oh no, they want me to go into the square wearing nothing but a bra” she thought.

She could scarcely believe it, knowing that her vagina would be on public display all day and would be used for male amusement. Then she thought of the soldiers and how their cocks would be hard wanting to enter her.

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   Perhaps they would put there cocks in her and she would be gang raped in a public square. Surprisingly, these thoughts began to excite her. Then she groaned to herself. “Oh no, I am getting turned on. ” She was alarmed to feel the juices of her vagina starting to run. Somehow, despite her horror at being exposed that way, her body still responded with a sexual arousal that she did not want. She worried that the men would see that she was aroused, worse her juices might drip as they had with her husband sometimes when she became very stimulated. Then they would know that she really is a slut.

She had to endure the usual crowd of onlookers taking photos as they took her to the jeep. She tried to put her hands over her pubic area as she had done on other days, but this time her escort held her arms firmly at her sides to prevent her attempt at modesty. It wasn’t just modesty that had motivated her; she could feel wetness in her vagina and was scared that her juice would run out. Not only did the greedy eyes of a crowd of men affect her, but also the cameras. With her breasts covered and the area between her legs open to view, all the cameras were focused on her sex many with zoom lenses.

Then to her horror she felt a drop of liquid running down the inside of her left thigh. It must be her period, which was almost due, “oh please, please, please don’t let it be her period’ she thought.

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   She couldn’t spend the day with her menstruating vagina on view. She just had to check to see if it was blood. Slowing down she opened her legs as she walked and tried to look quickly at the inside of her thigh, hoping that nobody would notice. Angie breathed a sigh of relief when she saw a clear liquid and not the blood she had been dreading.

Later she grasped that in looking at herself she had made a terrible mistake. It only served to draw the attention of the men surrounding her to the drop of liquid. There was great excitement and shouts as they pointed out to each other the glistening juices coming out of her pubic area and running down the smooth skin of her inner thigh.

Having gotten over her worries about her period, it dawned on Angie what a revolting slut she was, her genitals were lubricating her vaginal passage to facilitate the entry of the penises of the men surrounding her. The excess liquid running out of her served to advertise the fact that she was ready for sex, like a bitch on heat.

Then her guard actually stopped her walking so that the men take photo’s of her wet thigh. Of course she clamped her legs together but her escort forced them apart with their boots. Closing her legs had smeared the liquid but that didn’t stop men wiping some onto their fingers, smelling and tasting with rough comments all around. As she was immobilized some of the men actually put their fingers into her vagina and then waved them to everybody to show how they were wet and shining with Angie’s cunt juice.

Angie waited until they were finished molesting her with her head down looking at the ground and her eyes closed. This way her hair covered her face to conceal her deep shame of the odious response of her body to male attention.

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After what seemed to be a long time they put her in the jeep. Here, her escort took great delight in fingering her wetness and she felt guilty when she began to feel aroused again by their touch. She was scared that she would have an orgasm as a result. That would be terrible. They were equally interested in her breasts and took her bra off so she was completely nude.

They had a great time playing with every part of her and for the first time, the men either side of her got their hard cocks out and started to rub them against Angie. She wondered if it was the smell and feel of her juices that made them do this, but in reality it was because they knew that tomorrow was Saturday and that then she would get to know those cocks much better. Later, Angie was to realize that news of the secretion of her juices had rapidly spread all over the garrison and that this was a turning point for the men, from then on they stopped treating her like a foreign lady and more like the slut she was.

As usual the square was deserted and so the walk to the centre in only a bra was not as bad as it could have been. They chained Angie to a bench in the same way as they had the previous day, except this time she was lying on her back, with her legs apart either side of the bench and her wrists and ankles handcuffed underneath the bench. Again they put a pillow under her head and several under her ass to push her pubic area up so it was displayed more prominently.

This was obviously the day the men had been waiting for and there was a huge crowd to view the American’s cunt. There were endless photos of her with men holding her lips open, kissing and licking her cunt. She could feel them playing with her clitoris which felt swollen with all the touching and attention, although she could not be sure. Many of them sucked on her clitoris.

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   They tried sticking flowers and a flag into her but they would not stay upright like they had in her ass so they gave up.

The highlight of the day seemed to be when one of the men put a large cigar into her and lit it. Then men loved to see the American slut smoking a cigar. They showed Angie photographs and she pulled a face disgusted by the things they were doing to her. She remembered seeing a movie a long time ago, in which an Asian woman had smoked cigarettes with her vagina in a bar and even blown smoke rings. She hoped they would not expect her to do that. She had no idea how to smoke a cigarette with that part of her body.

By the end of the day, over100 men had viewed, touched and played with her genitalia and Angie felt tired, dirty and used.

On the way back she sensed a change in her escort. They handled her roughly and kept calling her “puta” a prostitute. As soon as they were in the jeep they got their cocks out and pulled her bra off without unhooking it so that the hooks were ripped off. They crudely and painfully pulled at her tits and made her rub them up against their cocks smearing pre-cum over her breasts. One of them pulled her face down on to him and pushed his cock against her lips trying to force it into her mouth, while the other rubbed his cock up against the lips of her vagina, but didn’t actually push it in. Angie nearly opened her mouth to let the insistent cock in but was saved by arriving back at the garrison.

They pulled her out of the jeep naked, not allowing her to retrieve her bra.

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   There was a huge crowd of men waiting for her to cross the exercise yard. The driver had deliberately stopped the greatest distance from her cell so she had walk across the entire yard with her nude body on show. To make it worse, this time her guard handcuffed Angie’s wrists behind her back so she couldn’t hide her body at all from the lascivious and greedy stares of the crowd.

As she walked her breasts jiggled but this time there was nothing she could do to stop them. Everything was on show. The men shouted coarse Spanish at her as she passed and made rude signs with their hands and arms, making it clear what they would be doing to Angie on Saturday. They even chanted “Saturday puta” at her. Many of the men had hard penises out and waved them at her to show her the wonderful things they had in store for her. Going up the steps to her cell Angie felt many hands on her touching her pulling at her breasts, feeling her ass and trying to get into her vagina. It was horrible and as they locked the door behind her she fell naked on her bed and sobbed for over an hour.

The Trophy Room

The next day Ella came for her as usual but did not take great care over her preparation and dressed her in bra, panties, jeans and a t-shirt. After an hour back in her cell the Commandant visited her. He told her that as they had not managed to capture Juan using her as bait; unfortunately he would have to give her to the men as he had promised them. This would be very bad for her as they would all want to fuck her and there were over 200 men.

He said “The problem, my dear Angie, is that when the last man has finished with you the first man will be ready to start again, so they will fuck you without stopping until you can no longer be fucked.


"What do you mean?” she exclaimed without thinking.
“In a minute I will show you the Trophy Room then you will understand why a woman cannot be fucked any more. ”
“However,” he continued “you can still save yourself from this fate by telling me where I can find Juan’s hideout. ”
“I don’t know” Angie whined, which was of course true.
“If you don’t know you can take me to somebody who does. ”
The Commandant was quick to notice the look on Angie’s face as she remembered the man who was to take her to Juan’s hideout.
“I don’t know anybody” she exclaimed but already he knew that she was hiding something from him.

“You will change your mind once the men have spent some time with you my dear. I will let them have you in the Theatre Room at 7pm tonight and I will come to see what is left of you at 1am tomorrow. Then you will be ready to do anything I ask. First I take you to the Trophy Room maybe after that you will want to tell me everything before tonight. If you help me capture Juan I will put you on a bus to America, if not my men will play with you until you are no use to them. ”

With that he strode from her cell and his aide indicated that she should follow. They went through many passages until they arrived at a heavy wooden door which the Commandant ostentatiously opened with a large key. Inside was a very long room divided into sections; each section appeared to be full of photos, clothing and other objects that Angie could not recognize.

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The Commandant explained “we have had three women who have been foolish enough to entertain my men, you are the fourth. The first was this girl Elise was a simple country girl who came here to help clean. Unfortunately some of my men raped her and as we could not afford to have trouble with the local farmers she had to disappear. Before she disappeared she entertained my men for two days. She was young and not very strong, she did not last long.

Angie gaped open mouthed at the photos of a young girl of about 17; she was slim and small breasted, with a plain face. In the first she was fully clothed wearing a cheap cotton dress. Underneath, she had no bra and some large ugly panties. Angie could see this as the girl had been photographed as the men stripped her. The poor thing looked scared stiff. Then there were many photos of her with men on top of her, sometimes three at a time using her somehow. Then a terrible last photo of her transfixed by a post rammed up into her vagina. She appeared to be in agony. The clothes she was wearing in the photos were on display together with her long black hair tied up in a ribbon and some curly black hairs that Angie assumed were pubic hairs.

“How could you let them do this to her?” She blurted out.

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   “You are animals. ”
“You will find out what animals they are tonight my dear. ” The Commandant whispered sibilantly in her ear.

The next section contained a similar horrible collection from an ugly middle aged woman who the Commandant said was a whore from the town who came to entertain his men and make some money. Unfortunately she was unable to cope with the number of clients and expired while being fucked. In addition to her hair there were some shriveled pieces of skin that the Commandant said were the remains of the woman’s breasts. He commented that “Unfortunately we had not found the taxidermist in town at that time, we are much better at preserving tits now. ”

The third section contained the clothing and photos of another whore from the town. She looked about Angie’s age but badly worn through a hard life. This unfortunate woman had stabbed one of the Commandant’s soldiers to death in an argument over money. To punish her he had given her to his men to play with. There were many more photos of this woman including close ups of her female organs and hundreds of her being raped by innumerable men. Angie was almost sick when she saw the pair of breasts attached to a board on the wall. They looked completely real except that they appeared to have been polished by being touched by many hands. “Yes” the Commandant commented, lovely aren’t they? We are very proud of these.

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   She had good breasts before my men cut them off, but not as good as yours my dear, you have wonderful nipples. ”

Angie felt giddy and nauseous; they were going to cut of her breasts.
“You won’t let them do that to me please. ’ She whimpered.
“We are thinking of preserving your cunt and asshole as well my dear, we think it will be possible. ”

Angie felt as though she was about to faint and had to sit down on one of the chairs in the room. She was crying again and the Commandant offered her a tissue from one of the many boxes lying on tables scattered around the room.

“We use this room as an incentive you see. Each day 10 men are allowed to spend one hour each alone in this room as a special reward for good work. You will see many tissues and rubbish baskets; this is because they all, how you American’s say – jerk off - in here. They enjoy looking at the girls. Already you are the most popular, come and see your section. ”

They had to assist Angie into the next section as she had difficulty in walking on her own. She gasped with horror as she saw posters of her naked with explicit sharply focused close-ups of her vagina and breasts. There were photographs of her pinned up everywhere and several albums full of photos all taken during the last few days with men leering at her and enjoying her naked body.

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   There was a video showing on a computer screen with scenes of her humiliation, jiggling breasts, open vagina, her ass with a flag sticking out, it appeared to be endless. They had even taken intimate photos of her bathing and dressing with Ella, they have a hidden camera, Angie thought irrelevantly through the mists of her horror.

“Wonderful isn’t it. ” The Commandant exclaimed excitedly. Now all the men have digital cameras and we can print our own posters with an ink jet printer. You are by far the most recorded of all the women, and you have so many clothes. He gestured at the clothing hanging around the room. All of the skimpy clothing and underclothing that Angie had been forced to wear was on display.

Already some sixty men have jerk off over you, Angie, and they have not even fucked you yet!” When they have finished with you we think we can preserve your pretty cunt and ass so that the holes can continue to be used long after you have gone, my dear. Just think how nice it will be to know that you are still giving pleasure to men and being fucked every day in 20-30 maybe even 100 years time. ” He leered at her.

“So now you understand what the men will do to you Angie? You will know nothing but their cocks. Some have very big cocks. One more than 1 foot I am told. Some are very wide maybe 3 inches across.

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   They will hurt you much when they come in you and stretch you so you are no good for any man again. They will use all your holes at the same time. Yes one, perhaps two or three in you mouth, one in your ass and one in your cunt. It is possible to have two in the cunt at the same time; I have seen a whore with 5 cocks in her. Perhaps you beat the record. I must ask them to try. ”

“Now they know you are a slut and a whore. I hear about your cunt running with your cum you are so excited by my men. That is good it will make it easier for you with the first ones, they will not hurt so much if you are wet and ready for them. Maybe you will even like it for the first 10 or so, after that I think not. They see your cunt in the public square and now they know it is free for any man to use so they will not take any notice if you scream, they just fuck harder so you scream louder. ” He chuckled.

“It’s up to you now dear Angie. I know you want to fuck all my men; I see it in your eyes. I also see that you know where to find Juan, so you can spare yourself a lot of pain if you tell me where.

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   After tonight you will never want to have sex with a man again, so you may as well give up Juan now and save yourself for some nice American man to fuck, marry and have children. ”

“Do you want to tell me now?”

Angie felt as though she was in some other reality. This could not happen to any woman. This man, everything he said. It had to be a dream. She would not tell them how to find Juan. They would kill him. They would kill her in the most horrible way possible for a woman; she would be fucked to death. Tears streaming down her face she stared at the floor and shook her head.
“Very well the men will enjoy you tonight. I will come for you at 1am then you will have changed your mind. ”

Good advice

Back in her cell, Angie did not cry but lay on her bed staring at the ceiling for most of the afternoon. She kept finding her hands exploring her body feeling her breasts and vagina, even her anus. She thought “This is the last time they will be like this. Tomorrow they will be sore and stretched, perhaps they will never be the same again, and no use for any man he said.

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   Maybe they will damage me internally and I will bleed to death. I don’t think they will take me to a doctor. ”
Then she suddenly realized that she had been touching her vagina for some time and it was getting wet. Somehow she had started thinking about all the cocks that would be going into it in a few hours time. Despite her horror and disgust at what they would do to her, part of her was sexually excited by it. This filled her with self loathing and she thought “I really am a slut. I deserve what they will do to me. ”

At 5pm, Ella came for her and took her to the bedroom. As usual she helped Angie bath and make up. She made Angie put on a lot of perfume and insisted on making her up extravagantly, with false eyelashes, lots of mascara, eyeliner and bright red lipstick.

She explained to Angie that it is important for the men to see you as sexy as possible. If you are attractive to them they will play with you, if they think you are ugly they will just use you and be cruel. “The Commandant says he only let them have you for six hours this time. That is not long, but in that time they can kill you if you do not do things right. Listen carefully to me and remember.

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“There are two ways in which you can get badly hurt or killed, either through too much fucking or because they do not like you and hurt you, like cutting off your tits. So you must make sure that they always like you and think you are sexy. You may think that if you are sexy they will want to fuck you more and this is true, but you can make them take more time, so there is less time to fuck you, and there are other things you can do. ”

“To start they will want you to strip for them. I will help you wear a lot of clothes so it takes longer to take them off. If you can be sexy and take a long time stripping, maybe an hour, then that is one hour less fucking. Perhaps 20 less fucks you have to do. You understand?”
“They will have lieutenant Manzes in charge of you. He is a very cruel man but he speaks good English. It was he who got the men to cut off the last whore’s tits. You must do anything he tells you to. If you resist him he will hurt you badly. ”

“Fucking many men will not hurt you badly; I read that the record number of men for a woman to fuck at one time is over 300, so 200 is not so bad, especially if you want to fuck. All the men know about your love juice coming from your cunt yesterday and they think you want to fuck them. You must make that happen again as it will be much easier for you if there is much juice in your cunt.

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   You have been married so you are used to fucking, but you have not had baby so your cunt is still tight. The men will like this but maybe you are not so tight after tonight. ”

“They will use your mouth of course but this will not kill you unless they put it in your throat and you choke to death. They will try to put it in your throat, did you ever ‘deep throat’ a man before?” Angie replied “No. ” in a faint voice. “That is a pity. It is not difficult if you do not panic because you cannot breathe and stop yourself from wanting to be sick. Do not be afraid of drowning in cum, you can cough it up when they take their cock out. ”

“Use your hands as much as you can, if you are gentle with the cocks and stroke them where the man likes best they this will keep him happy and your hands cannot get hurt. When you suck a man hold his cock with your hands so they stroke it and it not go in too far, use your tongue to lick it and kiss it with your lips, that way maybe you can get him to cum before he want to deep throat you. ”
“You have had sex before with your ass?” Ella suddenly asked her.

Angie replied almost in a whisper “What do you mean?”
“I mean has a man fuck you in the ass. ” Ella said in an exasperated voice.
“No, never. I didn’t know you could, until I saw the photos in the Trophy Room.

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  â€ Angie spoke in a little girl voice so small that Ella could hardly hear her.
“Oh tut tut! That is bad! So your first time will be tonight. It will be very painful for you and if many of them fuck you there it will be very bloody. It is your ass I worry about most; it can be dangerous for you if they do much damage there. You must try to get them to fuck your cunt or mouth as much as you can so they not want your ass. I will put some grease in it to make it easier for you. ”

“When did you last have shit?” Ella asked her.
“Last night. ” Angie replied perplexed at the sudden change of subject.
“Oh you must shit before you go to the men. ”
“Why?” said Angie “I don’t think I can. ”
“Because you silly ignorant girl, when they fuck your ass they will get your shit on their cocks and who do you think will have to clean it?”
“Me?” Angie replied weakly.
“Yes, with your tongue! You want to eat your own shit? It is better there is no shit, the men get nasty when they see shit. ”

“Now it is nearly 7pm your must get dressed. ”

Ella dressed Angie in sexy red bra and panties, a suspender belt and stockings, a white blouse that buttoned down the front, a tight short red skirt with a separate belt and red high heeled shoes.


   When she looked in the mirror Angie saw a heavily made up person who could well be a hooker or a stripper. She tried to feel sexy knowing that in 20 minutes she would be taking those clothes off in front of an audience of 200 horny men, but it was difficult.

She kept worrying that she should have a shit but just didn’t feel like it. She had better have a pee anyway as it would be hours before she would have a private moment again, from now on everything about her would be public, she was going to be the centre of attention for at least 6 hours. As she sat peeing, she thought that she would be worrying about having stage fright up there on the stage in front of an audience, except that she had no words to say. It was only her body that they were interested in and she just had to do what they wanted. Anything they wanted. Angie still couldn’t shit.

Lieutenant Manzes arrived with two guards to take her to the Theatre Room.

The Theatre Room

Angie shivered uncontrollably all the way to the Theatre Room and was then very confused when it turned out to be a small narrow room with the Commandant and several of his officers sitting and quietly drinking red wine.

“Ah, good to see you my dear. ” He greeted her. He looked her up and down and murmured appreciatively “Perfect. ” “I had you brought here so you can see what is in store for you and to give you one last chance to tell me where to find Juan. Look over here.

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  â€ He waived to one wall of the room. Angie caught her breath and her eyes opened wide at the scene before her. The Theatre Room must have been built as a real theatre as it was huge. This must have been one of the boxes in the original theatre which had been glassed in, she thought with one way glass as they had a view of the whole auditorium but nobody looked up at them.

She felt faint and about to black out, not at the theatre but at the men. The room was packed with men; she thought there must be several hundred.

“You said there would be 200. ” she whispered almost to herself.
“No, my dear, I said there are 230 men in the garrison, but unfortunately you have become very famous in this Province and men have come here in buses, cars and motorcycles from a great distance, some as far as 300 kilometers. The opportunity to fuck a woman such as you is something they will remember all their life and tell stories about in their old age, there are few who will want to miss it.
“How many?” she gasped.
“We think about 400, we are not sure. ”
“Oh God no, no, no. ” Angie moaned.

The men looked very rowdy and most of them seemed to be drinking from what looked like beer bottles.

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“What are they drinking?” She asked, with a terrible sense of foreboding, if they were drunk it would be much worse, they would not respect her at all.
“Rum” he replied. “We give them all 2 bottles of rum to celebrate with. This can be good for you as maybe some of them cannot raise their cocks they have so much to drink. ” He sniggered. “But I think most of them know that this could happen and will be careful until they have had their turn. ”

As Angie’s eyes got used to the darkness in the theatre, she screwed up her eyes in disbelief. All around the walls there were huge photographs of naked women. No they were all one woman; her. Even from this distance Angie could see enormous enlargements of her vagina and breasts, together with many photos of her undressing or in skimpy transparent clothing.

In strategic positions there were several large monitors showing video’s of Angie, the current scene was one taken yesterday evening as Angie could see her getting out of the jeep naked and being forced to walk through a crowd of men with her arms handcuffed behind her back. For a long time the camera focused on a close-up of her jiggling breasts, they looked gigantic on the screens.
The stage at one end of the theatre was brilliantly lit and had several pieces of strange looking furniture on it with chains, leather straps, whips, handcuffs and other items she could not describe let alone know their purpose. She could also see at least 3 video cameras mounted on tripods although there could have been more in the shadows. At the back of the stage there was a colossal TV screen of the sort that they have at football matches, it was also showing a video, this one was of Angie being bathed by Ella.

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   Angie hadn’t appreciated that Ella spent quite so much time soaping her breasts and suddenly realized that Ella was probably lesbian. Looking at some of the men in the audience she thought that they all probably already knew this. The men seemed totally hypnotized by the sight of Ella’s hands caressing Angie’s breasts.

She couldn’t believe how well equipped the Theatre Room was. It was like a rock concert spectacular, it must have cost a fortune. For the first time she began to suspect her coming ordeal might not be just for the men to enjoy. It occurred to her that there must be many foul perverts in the world that would pay good money to see an innocent woman raped by several hundred men.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the Commandant.
“Yes, Lieutenant Manzes. How many men do you plan to fuck this lady tonight?”
“We hope to get through 220 sir!”
Angie’s eyes shot wide open her mouth gaped as she let out a long moan and her knees gave way.

Fortunately, Lieutenant Manzes was quick enough to catch her before she fell to the floor. She was not actually unconscious but her mind was in a whirl as she tried to calculate how many men he expected to fuck her each hour. As somebody gave her some sweet liquid to drink, she coughed – it was like drinking jet fuel – swallowed and blurted out in a quavering voice “That’s nearly 40 an hour!” her voice rising to an hysterical note with sheer disbelief. “I can’t do that, it’s impossible. ”

The lieutenant looked puzzled and corrected her “No, I worked it our on none for the first hour then 20 each hour.

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  â€ “But that’s eleven hours. ”
Angie groaned. “You said you would stop them at 1am. ” She accused the Commandant.
“I said that I would come and see you at 1am so you can tell me where to find Juan, but if you do not tell me they keep on until 7am, by that time they will be very drunk and I think the rate of fucking will increase. It is not too late to avoid your fate dear lady, tell me now and I will cancel this event although the men will be very angry. ”

Angie was filled with a mixture of relief that it was only 20 an hour (how could she think that, normally one man would be too much for her) and horror at learning that they might have her for 12 hours. She shook her head “No, never!” She cried emphatically. Inside a small voice was saying to her “You really want to fuck all those men don’t you. ” “No!” she said, “no I don’t. ”

“Very well” barked the Commandant “on with the show. ”

He had a big grin on his face, not just as he was looking forward to watching the American girl being raped but because he was thinking of how much he would get for the tapes. They would edit them using their state-of-the art PC software and cut a DVD, this could sell for over a million US dollars he thought to himself. Enough to retire on, he could not expect to get away with this forever. They paid well for the other 3 women but this one was different a very pretty American woman with such tits and cunt and so naïve, they would love the sound of her screaming as she was penetrated by more men than ever before.

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   After tonight he would have other things for her which would increase the value of her DVDs, they could try for the world record.


Angie felt a bit tipsy as the lieutenant took her down the stairs and to the back of the stage, she was thinking she had to be sexy and maybe the alcohol would help. In a few minutes she would strip in front of an audience of 400 men. 400 cocks would be hard for her. She wanted to rub her vagina with her hand but she dared not do that. The noise of the men was getting louder as they impatiently stamped their feet and tapped their bottles.

Then suddenly she was shivering uncontrollably again, this time big shakes, and her hands, everything was trembling. “I can’t do it she gasped bending double. Her stomach was turning over and she wanted to throw up, she felt dizzy, her mind was whirling and she thought she would faint. ” “Oh yes you can. ” The lieutenant murmured as he dragged her on to the stage.

There was a great cheer and wolf whistles from the men. Angie couldn’t see anything the lights were so bright. Then she could see the men in the first few rows shouting and waving at her. To either side of her there were monitors placed deliberately so she could see herself.

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   What she saw was a very pretty looking woman dressed up like a tart. She stopped shivering and knew that she was ready.

The crowd fell silent as the Lieutenant gabbled something to them in Spanish. They stayed silent as some music started playing. Angie thought “I know that music, The Stripper isn’t it. Oh how corny for her first striptease to be done to ‘The Stripper’. ” The lieutenant hissed at her “Strip!! Make it good slut or I will let them rip your insides out!” and left.

She was alone in the centre of the stage lit by two spotlights with over 400 men looking at her, waiting for her to undress and show them her body, her breasts, her vagina. Angie was so scared but in some way elated and excited.

Angie started to move in time with the music swaying her hips in what she hoped was a sexy manner. She ran her tongue across her lips to make them shine and parted her mouth slightly. She caught herself in the monitor as they showed a close up of her face. She really did look sexy, her cheeks were flushed and her lips looked unusually full. She wondered if her breasts were swollen as well, her husband had told her they got bigger when she was sexed up. The men would like this she thought as would all the perverts who would view the video.

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   Would anybody who knew her see it? Well if they did they would find out that she could be very sexy “No longer miss nice girl’.
She started to run her hands up and down her body pausing at her crutch “oh that felt nice” and her breasts. She wanted to feel her nipples. “Why not she thought, that’s what they want. I don’t have to be shy about it, after all everybody watching is going to see me fucking soon. ” She let her hands play with her nipples which felt as hard as they had ever been. The crowd went wild shouting and whistling at her.

Angie had never been on stage before and for the first time she felt the enormous impact of a large audience willing her on, loving her wanting to enjoy her body with their eyes. The effect was so stimulating it was like having sex for the first time but much more so. She could already feel wetness between her legs. Good they had said it would make it easier for her, but she wanted some cock there already.

Her hands went to the top button of her blouse and undid it, then the second. Then she lent forward in time to the music so her cleavage and the red bra could be seen by the audience down her neckline. The monitors were showing a close up of her display. Then the remaining buttons and she pulled her blouse off slowly one shoulder at a time.

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   She was going to drop it on the floor then she remembered that strippers sometimes threw their clothes to the audience. She didn’t think she would be getting back into her clothes anytime tonight, so what the heck. She threw her blouse to the men in the front row, which created pandemonium as they fought for the souvenir. Eventually it was shredded as several men managed to retain pieces.

In his box the Commandant made a mental note to recover the pieces for the Trophy Room. The whore was performing well, either she really was very sexy or somebody had coached her well. He thought to himself.

Angie’s hands were caressing her thighs now and she inched the tight skirt up to show more of her legs. She remembered Sharon Stone in that movie when she opened her legs up for those policemen, what an impact that had. She was still wearing panties but she could try it. To the beat of the music she hitched her skirt up enough to allow her to squat down facing her audience. The camera men had followed her cue and were already focusing on her knees when she slowly and deliberately opened her legs wide to allow 400 men to see up her skirt. They loved it. The noise was deafening as they stamped their feet and yelled at her.

She straightened up and slowly undid her belt and slid it out of its loops.

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   She was going to throw it to the audience but dropped it on the floor thinking that they might want to use that to tie her up later. What was she thinking! Was she crazy! She opened her mouth at the thought of being tied up and then didn’t know what to do with it so licked her lips with her tongue again. Then she realized that the men would probably think this meant that she desired a cock to suck on. Maybe she did.

She glimpsed the monitor again; one of the cameras had been panning across the audience and was stopping to zoom in on any men who had their cocks out. It showed a close up of one man’s penis, it looked huge and very very hard and erect. Her eyes opened wide and for a moment she stopped to stare at it. A shiver ran down her spine. The audience saw her expression as she looked at the cock and there were guffaws of laughter all over the auditorium. Angie shook herself and stared at them; she shivered and bit her trembling lower lip then licked her lips again. The audience thought that this was even funnier.

She had to get on with the striptease before that part of her mind that was scared stiff took over and she froze. Still shaking she undid the zip of her skirt and the clip. She had lost time with the music now and she couldn’t get the clip undone. She fumbled beginning to panic.

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   Deep breaths and she got it undone. She dropped her skirt to the floor forgetting to throw it at the audience. Then for the second time the audience appreciation hit her in a huge wave. They loved seeing her in her garter belt panties and stockings. She saw what they liked so much in a monitor and began to feel sexy again.

She kicked off her right shoe and put her foot up on a table and with her leg stretched to give her audience the best view she unclipped that garter and slowly rolled the stocking down her leg. Angie knew that she had good legs and that she was playing well to the audience. She pulled the stocking off and threw it to the men. They loved it. She did the same with her left leg. Then she wriggled the garter belt off, hesitated frowning not knowing what to do with it and then dropped it onto the stage. “Want more tying up slut” she thought.

Now for it; she had to show herself and soon they would start using her. Her breasts first of course, most of the men had seen them already she thought and then remembered that many were visitors and that this would be their first view of her. She had to expose her breasts to 400 men, so just do it sexy she thought.


   Taking a big breath she slipped her right hand into the left cup of her bra. Her nipple was as hard as a rock with excitement; closing her eyes she felt her nipple touching it gently. It felt so good; she would love to have male hands on her. She thought of Juan, perhaps he would do this to her one day. Angie loved having her nipples touched. Well she used to love it, maybe she would hate it after tonight, she thought.

After playing with both tits in her bra she slipped the straps off her shoulders and reached behind her to undo the hooks at the back. As she arched her back she saw that all the cameras were zoomed in on her chest. She undid the hooks but held the bra in place by crossing her arms across her breasts. She slipped each strap down over her elbows and off the hands, still coyly covering herself. Then Angie stared straight at the audience as she pulled the bra off and flung it at them. She pushed her bare breasts out at them giving them plenty of time to have a good look; all the monitors were focused on her breasts along with every man in the auditorium.

Angie looked down at her own breasts with her eyes half closed. They did look good. They seemed unusually big and her white skin was tinged with a pink flush.

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   Her nipples were incredibly screwed up and wrinkled. She glanced at the monitor and saw that it was focused on her nipples in crisp close-up; the screen seemed to be filled with bright pink. Angie knew that the huge screen behind her would be showing the same image and that every man in the place wanted to touch her nipples. Licking her lips again, she started to play with her nipples gently pulling on them and feeling the weight of her breasts. One of the men in the front row started to climb up on the stage to get to her until he was dragged back by his peers.

After a while she noticed that the men were beginning to chant something, she didn’t know what they were saying, but suddenly realized she had spent too long playing with her breasts and that they wanted to see her pussy. She had to do it. She wanted to do it. She slipped her right hand into her panties while she continued to play with her nipple with her left hand. She slid the hand in her panties down to her slit and started to rub it gently. It was so wet! The men were making a racket with their bottles again. Angie glanced at the monitor to see what was making them so noisy. Oh no! It showed a close up of her red panties with the shape of her hand inside them fingering herself, but what shocked her was the big black area of her panties where her juices had made them wet.

She knew that all the men would have heard about her getting wet yesterday, but now 400 of them could see for themselves what an oversexed slut she is. They would want to fuck her even more and give her no mercy.

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   The other monitor was showing cocks again and this time many of the men were using their hands to stroke their cocks up and down. Angie let out an involuntary sigh and shuddered as she thought that soon they would be rubbing those cocks inside her.

She had to stop playing with herself and get her panties off. She pulled her hand out and used both her hands to slip her panties off and guiltily let them drop to the floor. Immediately several men from the front row jumped up and reached onto the stage for them. One of them grabbed her panties and standing up so everybody could see him deliberately sniffed the wet area and pretended to faint with pleasure. Soon her panties were being passed around the auditorium for men to smell and enjoy her juices. Angie gulped, if they did that to her panties what would they do to her!

Now she was naked in front of 400 hot men, what should she do? Angie started to feel her breasts again. That was good. She thought and then her slit. Oh no don’t do that not in front of these men. Ever since Angie had been a teenager there had been times when she had touched herself until she climaxed, usually thinking of some man she knew or a rock star. Now she knew she was going to do it in front of an audience.

She slipped her fingers into her vagina and started to caress her clitoris. Soon her eyes were closed and she was moaning to herself as she wriggled her bottom in time to the music.

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   It felt so good and she was nude in front of all these men and soon all those cocks would be in her. She moved faster and faster as she felt herself cumming. Then she panted Oh! Oh! Oaaahhh! As she felt her muscles tighten and she went into a long shuddering orgasm.

Her eyes were still closed when she realized that the music had stopped and the whole auditorium was silent, She couldn’t believe it, she had been in a dream alone in bed as a teenager with her nightie pulled up to her waist, Angie opened her eyes and saw this great crowd of men playing with themselves and watching her naked body. She was nude in front of them and had masturbated with them watching! She would never forgive herself for that, she had gone too far. She knew she was a dirty horrible slut and would have to submit to everything she deserved.

Suddenly the audience erupted into a pandemonium cheering, clapping and stamping, the whole auditorium seemed to be vibrating. They had heard that the American girl was sexy but nobody had expected a show like this. Almost none of them had ever seen a woman masturbate before let alone on stage, no decent woman they knew would even touch themselves, but this was a foreign slut and prostitute, oh how they would thrust themselves into that wet cunt when their turn came, they would make the whore scream for more.

The beer bottle

Angie was suddenly very deflated and frightened. She had no idea what to do next. She was just standing there naked in the middle of a well lit stage. The men were chanting something else and throwing empty rum bottles onto the stage. What did they want from her?

The voice of the lieutenant standing behind her explained “They want you to do it again with a bottle, Angie. ”
The blood drew from Angie’s face “No I can’t do it again and not with a bottle.

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  â€ She whined.
“Well you can either do it yourself or I will get 3 or 4 of them to do it for you, whatever you like. ”

Swallowing Angie leant over and picked up a bottle. She looked at it frowning. It was brown like a beer bottle with a three inch neck gradually widening out to about 3 inches in diameter the whole bottle about 11 inches long. She had to put that in her! She couldn’t the very thought of it was vile to her. She had heard of men forcing women to do that but never dreamed it could happen to her. She had to do it or the men would do it to her. That would be worse.

Gingerly and screwing up her face she put the mouth of the bottle to her vagina. “Face your audience stripper. ” The lieutenant snarled. Angie realized that she had automatically turned her back on the men to give her some privacy. She slowly turned around to face them and opened he legs wide towards them. She could see close-ups of her hair covered vagina on the monitors as she put the cold glass against the lips of her vulva and slowly slid the bottle in.

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It went in easily as she was so wet but it felt hard and cold inside her. It didn’t feel at all sexy. She pushed it in about one inch and started rubbing it up and down inside her hoping that it would turn her on. It was certainly turning the audience on, they were all cheering, but it was no good; she just wasn’t excited by it.

She kept moving it about but the men were getting restless and shouting at her. “Push it in further. ” The harsh voice of the lieutenant instructed her. She pushed the neck of the bottle in to its limit, it was beginning to hurt a bit as it was very rigid, not like a man’s penis she thought. “Further!” He growled.

Angie began to panic, pushing it in further meant that the whole width of the bottle would have to go in and she was not that big. Also the length was getting too long for her it would hit up against something inside her. “I can’t. ” she said in desperation it’s too big. Her eyes were beginning to water. “Shove it in your cunt bitch; it’s easily big enough for a bottle.

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   If you don’t the men will”

In the monitor she saw this disgusting slut bent forward naked with her tits dangling and a beer bottle sticking out of her cunt, she took a deep breath and pushed on the bottle. It pushed her lips apart as it moved further in but it was nowhere near at full width she saw as she looked down at herself and it was beginning to hurt. “No, no, I can’t” she sobbed. “I get the men to do it then. ” “No. ” Angie gave it a really hard push screwing up her face and crying out “oohhhh” at the pain in her cunt. She was still standing and she had to open her legs as wide as possible to get it in, Then she felt it go further in and looked down to see that her vagina had opened up enough to take the full width of the bottle.

It felt huge and painful inside her. The view in the monitor was horrible; she looked like a man with a big penis between his legs as the bottle stuck out from her cunt. The men were laughing at her and the lieutenant said “walk around cunt, the men think it’s funny. ” Angie knew she couldn’t walk with her legs wide open like that and she couldn’t close her legs on the bottle. She tried to walk twisting her hips to move her leg forward and managed to move a bit like a crab with this disgusting thing hanging down between her legs. The men thought this was hilarious.

Angie began to worry about the bottle breaking, she thought “if I slip over it will be rammed into me and the glass will cut my insides up. Panic welled up inside her.

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   “Please, please let me take it out, I am going to faint. ” She cried. “Push it right into to your overused cunt bitch” was the only reply.

“No! I can’t. It won’t go any further” she cried out in a scared little girl voice. At a signal from the lieutenant, five men came from the wings of the stage. Two held her arms and two her legs wide open to the audience. The fifth man was big and very ugly and he grinned at her with blackened teeth and a hare lip as he grabbed the bottle and pushed it hard into Angie. Her eyes and mouth opened as wide as they could go as she let out an ear piercing scream, the bottle seemed to be ripping into her insides. She could not bear to look down at herself and instead looked at he monitor. It had gone most of the way in but there was still about two inches protruding from her.

The man was about to try to get the last two inches in when the lieutenant said something to them and they lifted Angie up and put her on a table with the bottle facing the audience. They left the stage. Angie just lay there. The pain was beginning to subside and she began to worry about what was next for her.

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“Take it out” said the lieutenant. So she had to take the vile thing out in front of them now. The men had obviously enjoyed her scream of pain and were keen to watch the whore taking the bottle out of her cunt. She tried to sit up but couldn’t as the bottle dug into her insides with piecing pain. She shivered and took in a sharp intake of breath through her teeth. Then she started trembling as the panic started again. She would never get it out on her own. At that moment she realized to he horror that she felt like a shit. “Oh not now” she thought, she had another 5 hours to go at least, she couldn’t just ask to go to the toilet, they would just make her do it in front of them. She would have to hang on.

Lying on her back she tried to reach down to grasp the bottle. She found she could hold it provided she used both hands. Very slowly she pulled on it and after some effort it began to slide out. Angie had never had a baby but she thought that this must be a bit like having one, as she felt the big thing inside her gradually come out. At last it was just the neck and then the bottle came clear.

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   A hand took it. “For the Trophy Room” she thought bitterly.

She lay on her back on the table looking at the roof. There was even a monitor there showing a close up of the vagina. It looked normal as far as she could see through her black pubic hairs. No sign of any blood or damage. Perhaps it was not as bad as it felt. After all it was designed to have babies which were much bigger than a bottle.


Her thoughts were interrupted by the lieutenant. “Sit up bitch. ” Angie sat up and the lieutenant gave her some scissors. “The men are complaining that they can’t see your cunt clearly and want you to shave yourself. First cut off your hairs into this bag. For the Trophy Room. ” He sneered.

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   Angie felt sick; they were going to make her shave in front of them so she would be like a common whore. For some reason this seemed to distress her more than the bottle had. She kept thinking “I wanted Juan to see me with hairs like a decent girl, now he will think that I am a hooker. ”

Angie looked around for somewhere private to shave herself, but she knew of course that nothing about her was private anymore, especially her vagina. Even if she tried to hide it, she would be forced to display it. So she perched on the edge of the table with her feet on the floor and legs open to a camera about three feet away, that way they would all get the view that they wanted. Angie swallowed as she felt some upwelling of excitement within her, despite her horror there was something erotic about casually opening up her legs to an audience of 400 men and several cameras, especially as she was about to ensure that they could see her sex in detail.

She held the plastic bag open under her pubic area, bent forward and started to cut her pubic hairs into the bag. Her mood changed again as she saw her lovely curly black hairs dropping into the bag. She suddenly discovered that tears were running down her face and she gave out a big sob. Soon she had most of the hairs off and could see her slit clearly, through the remaining bristly hairs.

The lieutenant took the bag of her pubic hairs and handed her a can of aerosol shaving cream and a razor. “Shave” he snapped. Feeling miserable and distraught Angie sprayed the white foam over her remaining hairs and started trying to shave. Her audience was fascinated, watching a woman shave herself.


   The only women they knew who shaved were some of the prostitutes in the whorehouse, they thought that was because there were afraid of getting lice. Certainly no woman, not even the lowest of whores, would shave themselves in front of a man. The American whore was doing it in front of 400 men. What a wonderful fuck she will be, they thought.

However, Angie was not shaving, she tried but had no idea how to do it, she had never shaved anything before, let alone a sensitive area like the lips of her vagina. She couldn’t work out how to stop the razor from cutting her skin or worse she thought. “I can’t’ she sobbed. “You can’t do anything can you slut, except fuck. ” The lieutenant replied and then spoke in Spanish into the microphone. A man came onto the stage and picked up the razor. The garrison barber was very happy; due to his special skills he was going to be the first to get close up to the American whore’s pussy.

The barber made Angie lie down on the table with her legs hanging over the side. He then shaved Angie’s cunt with great flair, making sure that he did not obstruct the view of the camera’s and leaving Angie’s pubic area clean and bare. Now her slit could be clearly seen by all.

Make up for a whore

After the barber had left Angie was just lying there naked and totally exposed wondering what would happen next and feeling humiliated at being shaved in public.

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   Then lieutenant instructed Angie to put some make-up on as she was going to do a dance. She was a bit bewildered when he gave her a stick of bright red lipstick and told her to put it on. She assumed that her lipstick must have become smudged while she was crying.

Then he told her to put it on her nipples. “Oh no he wants me to look the complete whore,” she thought. Already she could see that the monitors were showing an incredible close up of her left nipple. She thought “they want me to start with that one do they?” Angie took off the cap and screwed the lipstick out. She looked down and gingerly started applying it to the edges of the aureole of her left nipple but as soon as she touched her it her nipple became very hard and pointed. The audience loved this as the huge monitor behind Angie showed her hardening up. Her nipple was now so puckered up that it was difficult for Angie to cover it with lipstick.

The audience was quiet now with fascination as this was yet another first for the men. They had definitely not seen a woman put lipstick on the nipples; even the town whores would not do that. They were getting hornier and hornier. Now every man knew that Angie was the biggest slut and whore they had ever heard of. She was obviously deliberately tantalizing the men to make them want to fuck her more.

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   They would make sure she got what she wanted and they would ram their cocks into her so hard that she would moan with pleasure.

When she had finished both nipples, the lieutenant made her put her hands under her breasts and lift them up so that the nipples pointed out to the camera. Angie felt obscene doing this but at the same time she was glad to waste some more time and reduce the amount of fucking she would have to do.

His next request shocked her more. He wanted her to put lipstick on the lips of her cunt. She wasn’t sure how to do this but sat again on the edge of the table with her legs wide open to the camera. This time it came in really close until it was about a foot away from her sex. The monitors just showed her vagina in great detail including some creamy white mucus at the edges. Seeing it Angie knew that her sex was beginning to respond to all the attention on it and was becoming lubricated again. “Good for the cocks” she thought, but embarrassing that all these men to see that she was turned on again. The lieutenant must have seen it as well as he unexpectedly told Angie to use her fingers to open up her cunt and show the insides to them men. “Show them where you want their cocks to go. ” He jeered.

Angie had no choice, even though she knew that they would all see how wet she was. She pulled her labia wide open with both hands revealing her vulva and soon the monitors where displaying her passage and her swollen clitoris.

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   All of the pink folds of her flesh shone with her juices.
Already totally degraded, Angie started to put bright red lipstick around the lips of her cunt so that it became a red target inviting cocks to penetrate.

When she had finished, completing her subjugation the lieutenant made her roll over and open her legs so that he could pull her cheeks apart and apply lipstick to Angie’s anus. Finally he made her make up her lips with the same bright red lipstick. Now all her targets were well identified.

Choosing her lovers

Now that she was ready for fucking, the lieutenant made Angie walk around the stage for everybody to see. Angie just looked at the floorboards in shame as they examined her body. Then he showed Angie a big barrel full of folded pieces of paper and explained that every man in the audience had been given a number at the door so that she could choose the lucky men to be her lovers. To start with she had to take 30 pieces of paper out of the barrel.

Angie closed her eyes in pain and started shivering uncontrollably again. It was about to start and with 30 men who would be her lovers and make love to her in front of a crowd of men. “Lovers!” she though bitterly, “they would just use her to satisfy their lust. ” Despite her feeling of panic, part of her mind was coolly working out how long it would take for them to enjoy her. With her husband it had taken about 5 minutes for him to climax. At that rate it would take nearly 3 hours for her to satisfy these men, but that was only 10 men an hour and the lieutenant had said he expected 20 men each hour.

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   They must cum quickly she thought. Another thought briefly surfaced, thinking how nice it would feel to have 30 cocks in her cunt one after another.

She had to chose a number from the barrel and then go out into the audience and help her lover back to the stage where she would undress him and make him ready for her. When she had 30 men ready they would start to ‘make love’ to her.

Angie picked out the first number and for the first time felt really scared. She had to go out there amongst the men. They would tear her to pieces. She was relieved when two burly sergeants accompanied her. Even so, her first direct contact with her audience was horrific, every eye was on her breasts or cunt, and they reached out at her, shouted at her, waved their hard cocks at her.
In every way they made it quite clear what they would soon be doing to her and that they thought that she was lower than the nastiest female that they had masturbated over.

She took the first man to the stage and started to unbutton his shirt, like most of the men he was young and looked very fit. If it had not been for the circumstances she might have found him attractive. She took his shirt off, touching his flat muscular chest and then knelt in front of him she took off his shoes and socks. She then took a deep breath and undid his belt and the top button of his trousers.

Angie swallowed as she started to undo his zip and pulled his trousers down.

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   This was the first time she had undressed a man, she couldn’t remember doing this to her husband. She could already see his bulging penis pushing out of his underclothing. Closing her eyes she pulled his under shorts down and felt him step out of them. Something warm was touching her lips and she opened her eyes to see a huge erect penis in front of her face with the man’s hand guiding it to her mouth. Instinctively she started back away from the thing, which the audience thought was very funny.
Then the lieutenant dragged him away from her to wait for his turn.

Angie repeated this with another four men until the lieutenant got fed up with the time it was taking and made her draw the remaining 25 in one go. They had to come up onto stage and undress themselves, while he made Angie dance naked on stage forcing her to swing her tits around as much as possible.

When they were all ready, the lieutenant made them stand naked in a row, with their cocks stuck out in front of them they looked ridiculous and Angie had to suppress an insane desire to break out in hysterical laughter. She knew that if she laughed at them they would make it worse for her.
The lieutenant told her that he wanted to choose the first three men from the thirty waiting for her as it would be a special honor to be the first. Angie couldn’t understand why he wanted three men; surely it would just be one who would have the ‘honor’ of fucking her first. He explained that the audience would make the choice, as each man would come to Angie and she must show his cock to the audience and kiss his cock. The lieutenant would give the honor to the three who received the highest level of approval from the audience.

The thought of having to kiss all those cocks was repulsive to Angie and worse being watched, but she had to do it, so she knelt naked and submissive at the front of the stage sideways on to the audience so that they could get a clear view of the men’s penises.

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As the first man came and stood in front of her with his penis at the height of her head and about a foot away from her, Angie was suddenly overcome with a feeling of desperation. Her eyes started to water again as she thought of all the penises she would have to cope with, how could she possibly manage. After this she would never want to have a man’s penis in her again, sex would never be normal for her.

His cock had a huge erection; it stood straight up and was about 6 inches long, it was circumcised. Angie reached up to hold it with both hands as she leant forward to kiss it she heard laughter from the audience and glanced at the monitor to see what they were laughing at. All she could see was a close up of her face and the rigid cock in her hands, and then she saw that it was the look on her face that they were laughing at. Her mouth was down turned and she had an expression of abject misery as she was about to press her bright red lips against that thing.

She kissed it and the audience cheered but not very loudly, they were saving that for some of the bigger cocks in the group. Every man was determined that the American slut would start the evening with the biggest possible cocks in her holes.

So Angie held and kissed thirty cocks and the audience chose those that she disliked most, one was very long (about 10 inches), thin and distinctly curved, another was short but very fat and disgustingly hairy, the worst was massive about 12 long and 3. 5 inches in diameter, bigger than the bottle, Angie thought. It had been so painful and difficult to get the bottle in her vagina, how much more difficult it will be to get that cock in her.

Ready for love

“Are you ready?” the lieutenant asked Angie. “Yes” she replied in a little girl voice, She went over and lay down with her back on the table with her legs open as this was the way she always did it in bed with her husband. Angie closed her eyes and waited for the feeling in her vagina as the first cock entered her.

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   Nothing happened. The audience was making a racket and she opened her eyes to see the lieutenant standing over her shaking his head. “Not like that Angie. ” He said. “Sit on this man’s cock. ” Angie looked over to see the man with the repulsively large cock lying on his back on a low padded platform with his obscene thing pointing up in the air. It looked even bigger over a foot long.

Angie swallowed “sit on it?”
“Yes shove it up your ass bitch, then this other man will stick his in your cunt and this one will go in your mouth. As soon as they have finished another 3 will take their place, so your ass, cunt and mouth will be filled continually for the rest of the night. ”

Angie just stared at him, her lower jaw trembling “Sit on it. ” She repeated in a stunned voice. She had gone very pale and felt faint. This was what Ella had warned her about; they were going to use her ass. Ella had said it could damage her insides. Oh no they had chosen the biggest cock to go in there.

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   She couldn’t possibly get that in her ass. Ella had said there would be shit in there and she would have to lick it clean. “Please no” she whined starting to cry. She got off the table and knelt down beside the man; she looked at the thing and put both hands around it, then lent over opened her mouth as wide as it would go and put the end of it in. She started sucking on it as hard as she could, between sucks she panted “see I can do this well, it’s much better. ”

The lieutenant grabbed Angie by the hair and jerked her head back off the cock. It hurt like hell and she was shocked at his sudden roughness.
“Ass” he growled.
“No I cant, I cant” she panted.

In desperation she knelt astride the man. She had to get the thing in her vagina, once he had started fucking her they wouldn’t be able to stop him. Maybe he would cum quickly, at least then she might have a smaller cock in her ass. She had to raise herself up to get her cunt high enough to be able to push the huge cock into her. She pressed it against the lips of her vagina and tried to push it in. It wouldn’t go in.

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   Suddenly she felt very dry as she did not feel at all excited, just scared. She managed to get the end of it into her, before the lieutenant dragged her off again.

The audience loved her antics. They couldn’t believe that any woman could be so excited by a cock and so desperate to get it in her. Admittedly it was a very large cock, but this American slut must have a massive appetite for cock to behave like that. They couldn’t understand why the lieutenant kept pulling her off, although they could see that he wanted to start with her ass. They all knew that the lieutenant was an ass man.

The lieutenant smacked Angie hard in the face with the flat of his hand “Ass bitch, or I will shove this gun up your cunt and shoot your guts out” he snarled. God that really hurt. He was beating her up. He wasn’t supposed to do this. Sniveling, Angie crawled up to the man on the floor, turned around into a crouching position with her back to him, her legs wide apart, supporting her weight with her arms either side of him she raised her ass up and lowered her backside down to his cock. She could feel the huge thing pressing against the cheeks of her ass, but she wasn’t quite sure where her anus was to push it on to the man. She had to feel with her hands for her opening. It was tiny and very tender.

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   She then found the cock and pressed it against her hole. This is ridiculous she thought, it’s impossible to fit that great thing into my small hole. She started thinking about all the shit in there and this made her want to go to the toilet again. “I can’t” she moaned.

The lieutenant did not reply but simply took a revolver from the holster at his side, bent over between Angie’s legs and put the gun to the lips of Angie’s open cunt and rammed it into her. Angie’s mouth fell open and she gaped at him stunned by the physical impact of having this metal barrel ripping into her delicate tissues. Her insides felt as though they were on fire. She could hardly believe that she had a loaded gun deep in her sex organs. It was so unexpected; she had never dreamed that a man could do that to a woman.

“Shall I pull the trigger bitch?” Angie couldn’t reply. She just stared at him eyes and mouth wide open. She couldn’t close her mouth; mucus was running out of the sides of her mouth and beginning to froth in the back of her throat. She could only make little gurgling noises. She couldn’t think and couldn’t move.

The lieutenant was happy; this was what he enjoyed most, to see that look in a whore’s eyes and to know that he had complete power over her.


   It was even better that the slut’s total submission to him was being watched by hundreds of men and would soon be watched by millions across the world who would envy his strength and control over this cunt.

He slowly withdrew the barrel, deliberately pushing it upwards so the gun sights scraped along Angie’s passage and pulled on her clitoris. As he did so he looked into Angie’s eyes and told her “you are a whore, you will put that cock in your ass or I will shoot you. I will give you a 1 in 6 chance of having your guts blown out. You have heard of Russian roulette? Well I am going to remove 5 cartridges from this revolver leaving one for you. If you have not got that cock in your ass by the time I am ready, I will put this into your cunt and pull the trigger. ”

Angie could do nothing for a few moments, but then realized that she had to be quick as he was taking bullets form the revolver. She still had her ass over the man’s cock which amazingly was still rock hard. Angie desperately tried to get the cock in her ass but it was just physically impossible, she got the head of the penis in her but the rest wouldn’t go in. It was very painful. She was shaking with fright and felt like vomiting and shitting all at the same time as the lieutenant finished getting ready and approached her with the gun.

“I’ll do anything, anything” she said in a high pitched quavering voice “try for the record, I will fuck every man in this place, I promise. I will do it well. . .

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“Say your prayers bitch” was his only reply.

This time he put the barrel into her very slowly and deeply right up to the trigger guard. Angie was completely paralyzed, her brain spinning. She just made little mewing noises. He was about to pull the trigger and he insides would be blasted all over the stage. She screwed her eyes up and prayed like she had never done before. Her whole body was so tense she thought that she would snap into pieces.

There was a loud click as he pulled the trigger, but no exploding bullet. The relief was overwhelming. Angie took great gulps of air, her whole body started shaking uncontrollably and then she completely lost control over her bowel. She could feel hot shit spurting out of her onto the cock and the man lying below her.

The lieutenant was delighted. Women often shit themselves when they were being raped but never before had one shit herself on stage in front of everybody and on video as well. Oh he would make the bitch suffer for this. He slowly removed the gun from Angie’s cunt and with his face just a few inches from her, smiled and said “Oh you have been a naughty girl, Angie.

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Angie was so ashamed. She had lost control of her bowel in front of 400 men. Even as a baby she had been very careful and clean, she had always done it in her nappies or a potty. Now she had disgraced herself totally. The lieutenant was smiling at her in that slightly insane way that he had. “Look what you have done. ” He drawled. He pulled Angie to her feet by her hair and made her look down at the mess she had made.

It was horrible. The man with his cock in the air had he not moved but he was covered in Angie’s shit. There were several big turds as well as a lot of loose runny material and it smelled awful.
He took Angie’s left arm and twisted it behind her back and up until it felt as though it would break. Then holding her hair with the other hand he forced her to her knees and then to lean forward over the man. “Oh you have got it all over your tits as well you nasty slut. ” He said as he pushed Angie’s dangling breasts down over the shit and then made her rub her nipples in it.

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   The man’s cock was in the way and rubbed across her shoulder and ear leaving a trail of shit on her and ending up in her hair. “And your face” the lieutenant snarled as he pushed her face into one of the biggest turds.

He pulled her back to her feet and made her face one of the monitors. “Look what a mess you have made. ” Angie saw this pathetic looking woman with brown shit all over her breasts and face. It was running in streaks down her face as it was washed by her tears and dripping on to her shit smeared tits. She was sobbing uncontrollably now.

The lieutenant let go of her. “Clean it all up slut. ” He snapped. “How?” Angie whimpered between sobs. “With your mouth bitch, eat it all up and then lick up the rest, or shall we try the gun in your cunt again see if you are lucky twice?”

Her teeth chattering Angie got back on all fours and bent down to the turds. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth and bit into one. The taste and smell was ghastly but she had to do it. She knew her vagina was exposed and vulnerable and at any minute expected to feel the gun enter her.

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   She chewed on her own excrement and swallowed. It took about 15 minutes for her to get the bulk of it down; she felt sick but couldn’t allow herself to vomit, as she knew she would have to eat that up as well.

There was just runny stuff left on the man’s stomach and the floor, apart from some stiffer material which had stuck to his cock. She licked and sucked her way around his cock until it was clean and then licked the runny stuff off his body. “The floor. ” The lieutenant growled. Angie licked the grimy floor clean until there was no trace of shit left.

The audience did not all share the lieutenants interest in shit but they really enjoyed the show. Many were getting impatient though, as they wanted to fuck the American before the night was out and did not fancy her being covered in shit. They began to shout at the lieutenant.

The lieutenant pulled himself together, he must get on with the performance, the shit was taking too much time. He barked at his sergeants and after a few minutes three men were washing Angie with buckets of cold water and towels. They got her reasonably clean, including her shitty mouth and then threw half a bottle of perfume they had got from Ella, all over Angie.
She didn’t look as pretty as when she started but she was definitely all woman and for many men the stink of cheap perfume was very arousing.

Serious stuff

The lieutenant looked Angie over.

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   The bitch looked pretty sorry for herself and he knew that after having a gun in her cunt and being forced to eat her own shit she would be broken. She would be completely submissive and compliant. He ass was a problem though. Obviously she had not had anal sex before and her ring was too tight for a normal sized cock let alone that ridiculous thing that the soldier lying on the floor was continuing to display. It would take a long time to get that in her ass and be very bloody, better to start with something smaller and work her up to it. The rate he was going he would not reach the target number of men before 1pm. Apart from his personal pride, the men would not be happy with him, nor would the Commandant, if he missed the target. Ah well, he would just have to sacrifice finesse for speed, or rather volume.

He snapped orders to his men, who made Angie get on all fours on a low H shaped padded stand with her hands and knees on the four vertical strokes of the H and her ass on the edge of one side of the bar of the H and her head on the other. They opened her knees wide and strapped them in place. This brought her ass to the height of an average man’s cock, there were some blocks of wood for short men and tall men would just have to bend at the knees.

Next they put a padded bench on the stand across the bar of the H, so it supported Angie’s torso. The lieutenant knew that Angie would not be able to support herself for 4 and half hours, especially as she would be working hard for all of that time. The bench had two holes in it through which Angie’s tits dangled, this would be more comfortable for her and allow the men to play with her tits.

They tied Angie’s wrists down to the legs of the stand so that she could not use her hands to interfere with the proceedings and then tied one end of some nylon cord into Angie’s hair and pulled her head up before securing the other end to the bench, this left her mouth free to open while not allowing her to let her head drop down to avoid cocks.

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   They put blocks of wood for men to stand on to bring their cocks up to the right height for her mouth.

The lieutenant carefully inspected Angie before placing cameras in strategic positions, one on the floor directed up at her cunt, two on her ass from either side, one on her tits under the bench and two on her face to show her expression and close ups of her mouth. Satisfied he started his stop watch and gave the order to start.

The man with the huge cock slid under Angie using a low mechanics trolley to roll under the bench and position his cock under her cunt. He had to hold his cock down to get it under the bench and lift his ass up a bit with cushions. He immediately started to ram his cock into the poor girl’s cunt; he could reach Angie’s dangling tits with his hand so he started pulling on these at the same time. Before he was conscripted into the army he was a farmer and he thought that her tits were like the udders on a cow and started to milk her.

At the same time the man with the short hairy cock stood in front of Angie’s face and started to push his cock against her lips until she meekly opened her mouth for him.

The lieutenant and the man with the long narrow cock, concentrated on her ass. While the other men were humping away at her the lieutenant greased his baton with Gel and started to insert it into her anal ring, with some effort he got it in and started to jiggle it about opening her up as much as possible. The man’s narrow cock was not much bigger and soon he too was thrusting it in and out of her.

Angie had been so shocked and revolted at having to eat her own excrement do that she let them strap her in place without thinking about what they were doing. After they pulled her hair back and used it to tie her head in place she couldn’t see much of what they were doing, but she knew that a naked man was being rolled under her and between her legs. Even so, it was unexpected when she felt the head of a large penis pressing up against her vagina and suddenly thrusting into her. After being stretched by the bottle, due to its flexibility the cock went in fairly easily despite its size although it was still very painful.

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   At the same time she felt hands pulling and mauling her breasts.

She stopped thinking about the pain when the man with the short hairy cock started to wave it in her face and pushed it up against her lips. Automatically she opened her mouth to accept it. It tasted salty with sweat but she licked it and sucked it hoping to get it over quickly. Then there was a sudden pain in her ass as something hard was rammed into it, this was followed by more pain as something bigger but softer was put into her and stated to move about.

Angie realized that for the first time in her life she was being fucked simultaneously by three cocks. She could hardly move. Apart from being tied up she was pinned into position by cocks, which were moving in and out of her. Then suddenly the cock in her mouth squirted hot semen into the back of the throat. She tried to swallow it all but it seemed to go on endlessly squirting into her and some was collecting in her throat. She desperately needed to cough and fortunately the man withdrew his already limp cock so she managed a cough up some cum before another large penis was thrust into her open mouth.

At the same time she realized that the man in her ass had cum as well and was withdrawing, it was a strange feeling for her like having a shit but it was a relief to have the thing out of her. Her relief was short lived as almost immediately she felt something larger penetrating her anus. This was very painful, so much so that she was hardly aware of the huge cock in her cunt climaxing and injecting wave after wave of hot cum into her. Angie had a vague thought of getting pregnant or catching some disease, but it hardly seemed to matter as she would probably die of fucking in any case.

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She felt another penis entering her vagina and the cock in her ass withdrawing to be replaced by another. Her main problem was the man fucking her mouth was trying to push his cock down her throat. As he got it further down she felt she could not breathe and began to panic. Then suddenly he came in her throat and she could feel hot liquid squirting down to her lungs, she couldn’t breathe, she was drowning in cum. Her whole body began to shudder and jerk as she tried to cough. The men fucking her cunt and ass appreciated this thinking she was enjoying their efforts and started to fuck her harder. The audience loved her actions and cheered her on, thinking what an incredible appetite sex American girls had. Angie knew that she was about to die from asphyxiation.

Then the cock in her throat pulled out and she went into a paroxysm of coughing and spluttering, desperately trying to get the sperm out of her lungs.

The lieutenant saw that Angie was going blue in the face and quickly undid the cord holding her head in place, allowing her to drop her head and cough up the cum.

The two men still fucking her came simultaneously with great grunts and sighs, and were being replaced by two more cocks as Angie managed to get oxygen into her lungs and began to recover from her panic attack.

After that the lieutenant instructed those men using Angie’s mouth not to ‘deep throat’ her and to give her time to swallow or cough up cum, he didn’t want the bitch dying already.

Angie soon lost count of the number of cocks that had penetrated her, as soon as one had finished another would start. Her ass was excruciatingly painful but didn’t seem to be getting any worse, it seemed to be very well lubricated probably by all the cum being injected into it. She could feel cum dribbling down her legs from her asshole and each time a new cock went in there was a loud squelching sound and she could feel cum being sprayed out from her hole.

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   She was worried that some of the lubricant might be blood but there was no way she could tell.

Her vagina also hurt but after the first few cocks each new one seemed to slip into her easily her passage was so thickly coated with cum. A steady stream of cum was running from her opening down the inside of her legs to the floor.

Angie’s breasts were bruised from many hands pulling on them as squeezing them. Her nipples were worst as men rolled, pulled, licked, sucked and bit on them all the time. She was sure that they were bleeding.

Angie hardly noticed the cocks going in and out of her holes as she was struggling to stay alive from the fucking of her mouth. The roof of her mouth felt as though it was on fire from the cocks being thrust against it, her tongue felt swollen and thick, she could no longer move it out of the way of the penises hammering into her mouth. There was no way she could suck on a cock as her swollen and bleeding lips were numb and she had no control over them. As she could not satisfy her ‘lovers’ by sucking on their cocks, men were just using her mouth like a cunt, holding her head with both hands and thrusting themselves into her. Angie’s mouth was much too short for the full length of a man’s penis so they ended up ramming their cocks against the tissues at the back of her throat. This was the most painful part of her body, it felt as though it was being ripped to shreds and the swelling was making it difficult to breathe.

Worst of all was the endless stream of cum being pumped into her mouth. Several times between cocks she had vomited up cum from her stomach this made her feel worse and now she desperately tried to avoid swallowing cum, spitting it out when she could. Most of the time with a cock in her mouth she could not spit and so ended up swallowing the stuff or trying to cough it up between cocks.

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A steady stream of cum was running out of the sides of her mouth, down her chin and neck to her breasts where most of the time it was spread into a slimy slippery coating by the hands feeling her tits. In between hands she could feel it dripping off her nipples.

To her relief, at the admonition of the lieutenant, some of the men were pulling out of her mouth when they climaxed and spraying cum on her face or hair. Angie had never had a man do this to her before, and if her husband had done that to her it would have disgusted her and she would have refused to have sex with him for months, but now she greeted it with joy as it meant that the cum would not add to the load in her mouth. There was thick strands of cum all over her face and hair, she had difficulty in keeping her eyes open as they were stuck up with cum, some ran down to her nostrils so she had to keep snorting the keep her airways clear.

Even so, anything was better than cum in her mouth. Angie knew now how she would die, she would drown in cum.

After several hours and a hundred or so cocks, Angie knew that her premonition would come true, she could no longer stay awake or conscious, she kept drifting off into a dream about being on a bus, only to be wakened into the horror of panic as she stopped breathing and coughed and choked, desperately fighting to get air into her lungs. Her throat was so swollen that she could hardly get air through even without the cum. She was getting weaker and it was taking her longer to clear her airways. She knew that she was dying but it hardly mattered, death would be better than prolonging this agony. The men fucking her took no notice of her condition and just kept using her as a masturbation doll.

She was just about to get off the bus when she realized that there was something wrong. It had gone very quiet and there was something missing. She felt quite empty as though some vital organ had been removed though a surgical procedure.


   The pain was terrible the anesthetic must be wearing off. There was somebody or something standing in front of her, she tried to look at it but went into a coughing spasm, she tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. She must be blind as well, what terrible road accident had she been in. Angie was very confused.

When the Commandant came on to the stage the men stopped shouting and the auditorium became deathly silent. It was 1am and they knew that he had come to question the whore. Those who had used her felt contented, those who had not were anxious in case he should stop the show.

The Commandant looked at the thing in the centre of the stage with an expression of absolute disgust on his face. He knew his men were crude, uneducated pigs but how they could go on fucking this thing he could not understand. They were no longer having sex with a woman but gratifying themselves in a mess of ejaculate left by the men before them.

What had been an attractive woman was tied down on her hands and knees like a cow in a milking stall. He could see the cheeks of her bare ass pushed obscenely up to make it available for anal sex. The skin was no longer the smooth pale gold of an Asian ass but covered in blue black bruises from many thrusting hips, white cum was smeared all over them. The delicate puckered pink flower of Angie’s anus was now a gaping open raw and bloody hole big enough to take the beer bottle they had started with on her cunt. Out of it were running lumps and long strands of creamy white cum stained red with blood.

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Another stream of cum was issuing continuously from the thing’s vagina which was now a long gaping slit, the lips seemed to have been pulled out in some way so they now hung raggedly each side of the hole.

There were great puddles of cum all over the floor and it was spread all around through the footmarks of men who had been standing in it while they queued up waiting for their turn at the whore.

He walked around to stand at the other end of the thing, the end which used to be a pretty made up face and long black hair. His stomach turned and he almost retched at the sight. His face contorted and he looked away. “How many men so far?” he murmured to the lieutenant. “233” was the proud response.

There was even more cum spread around the floor at this end, the Commandant wondered why this should be as surely the other end had twice as many men. He could see that much of it had been vomited up as there were traces of food. Not food some stinking brown stuff. Then he remembered she had been forced to eat her own shit, it was a mixture of shit and cum on the floor. He took a step backward.

He couldn’t see the thing’s face through the mess of white cum covering it and dripping down in long strands from its chin and breasts. The cum was stained with brown shit and streaks of blood as it drooled out of the sides of its mouth. The creature had become aware of him and started coughing up lumps of foul slime.

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   It was trying to look at him but its eyes were gummed up with cum.

“Clean its face. ” He ordered the lieutenant.

When the water hit her face Angie felt quite indignant, what were they doing to her now, what sort of a hospital was this! Somebody was wiping her eyes with a cloth. She blinked. They were full of something sticky. More water and more wiping. She managed to open them and immediately they became wide with terror, she knew that man. He must be the devil and she must be in hell. She knew she feared and hated him but didn’t know why. Then slowly she remembered and the pain and misery came back to her.

The Commandant sneered at her. “What a mess you are Angie. It is one o’clock and you have another six hours to go. I do not think that you will survive tonight.

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   A pity but then we will have your breasts, cunt and asshole preserved in the Trophy Room so you will still serve some useful purpose. ”

“Unless of course, you want to tell me where to find Juan?” he added in a quiet tone.
“Find Juan?” Angie croaked hoarsely spluttering cum at the Commandant.
“Yes. Do you know somebody who can take us too him?” The Commandant snapped.
“Yes Juan. Yes I can. Please stop them. I know who. Please take me where?” She grunted incoherently.

The Commandant smiled. “I will allow you 1 hour to get cleaned up and then you will take me to this man. If you fail I will let the men have your for another 10 hours. You will not survive this. You will take me to the man?”

Angie managed to make a hissing noise which sounded like “Yesss” before passing out.

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She came too in the bath in Ella’s room. Ella had been horrified at what they had brought to her and now all the cum had been washed off she was inspecting the girl for damage. Her breasts were badly bruised and had blue contusions in the shape of fingers all over them, her nipples were raw and bleeding slightly but these would recover in a few days she thought.

Angie’s lips were swollen and bruised but there appeared to be no permanent damage to her mouth. Her anus would never fully recover; it had been over stretched and would probably be a gaping hole for the rest of her life. There was some bleeding from it but not enough to suggest major damage.
The area that worried Ella most was Angie’s vagina. Her lips seemed to have been pulled out and were very swollen, somehow it made her sexual organ look more obscene. Also her clitoris was very swollen and was hanging out of her vagina. Ella thought that these changes might be permanent, but her biggest concern was the amount of blood coming from Angie’s fuck hole. It was staining the bathwater bright red.

Now that Angie was conscious again, Ella tried to reassure her that she was alright, saying the there was no permanent damage to her and asking if she was in pain. Angie managed to indicate with her hands that all her holes were in pain. Ella asked her about her vagina saying that there was a lot of blood coming from it. Angie managed to croak “Period.

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  â€™ Ella almost laughed with relief. After all she had been through the silly girl was menstruating, there couldn’t be too much wrong with her. She will never enjoy sex with a man again she thought, but then maybe with the gentle ministrations of another woman Angie would recover.


Angie sat in the back seat of the open jeep next to the Commandant. With her hair washed and brushed, hanging over much of her face at first glance she looked normal. Closer inspection would have revealed her puffy lips and the empty blank stare of her eyes. It was pitch black at 3am in the morning. Behind the jeep there was a convoy of military trucks with grinding gears and whining transmission as they carried armed and helmeted soldiers through the dark town.
It was so gloomy, Angie had difficulty in identifying the house that Juan had showed her, but then she was sure.

They dragged from the house in his pajamas and Angie saw that he was the man the Juan had said would take her to his hideout. “Is that him?” the Commandant murmured to her. When she nodded, he issued orders. The man was to be taken into custody immediately, his wife and any children would be allowed to dress before accompanying him. Nobody would be left in the house.


It was 10am on Sunday morning, and Angie was still exhausted when was taken to Ella’s room again.

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   Ella spent longer than usual caring for Angie, she had been told to make the American girl look good and to make her wear a dress which unbuttoned down the front, with white underwear. For some reason the Commandant had been delighted to learn that Angie was menstruating.

Angie’s breasts were still very tender as she put on a white bra. To prevent the small amount of blood seeping from Angie’s cracked nipples staining the bra she put a pad into each of the cups.
There was also blood leaking from Angie’s anus and Ella put a tampon into the gaping hole of her rectum to prevent blood staining her white panties. There was so much blood issuing from her vagina that Ella had to use both a tampon and a heavy duty sanitary napkin to soak it up.
As Angie no longer had a dress which unbuttoned down the front, Ella had borrowed one from a friend. It was about two sizes too small for Angie and the result was that she seemed to be bursting out of it at the bust and it was so tight around her ass that the outline of the pad could be seen.

Angie was taken into the Interrogation Room which was very large and to her surprise contained about 30 men seated facing a spotlighted dais with a whiteboard and other presentation tools. She had thought that interrogation would involve just one or two men, but she was to learn that the Commandant’s methods required many men.

The Commandant greeted her and led her up on to the dais to face the seated men. He explained that Angie would be a key member of the interrogation team so she was here to learn of the approach they would take. His devious mind had been hard at work. His main objective, well not quite his main objective, was to persuade the prisoner that Angie had given them to take them to Juan’s hideout. If this failed he had a fallback plan involving Angie.

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More importantly he wanted to further exploit Angie’s assets for additional DVD’s. The first one had been enormously successful. It had already made him enough pay off his superiors with ample left for him to retire on. He knew that the DVD’s of last night’s entertainment would make him considerably more, but he wanted to be a very very rich man. Angie was becoming a cult sex object in the pornographic movie market and he was sure that she had a great deal of mileage to go before she was completely used up. The Interrogation Room was of course covered with several concealed video cameras to provide further entertainment for the jaded tastes of the Western World.

The lieutenant had assured him that Angie was totally broken and would be compliant to anything he wanted, but now was the time to establish whether this was correct.

Facing the audience he put his arm around Angie and casually squeezed her left breast in his hand. Angie winced and let out a cry of pain. The Commandant appeared to be very concerned, exclaiming “Oh are you in pain my dear? Did the brutes hurt your breasts last night?”

Angie nodded shamefacedly. “That is terrible; I shall ensure that the men who did it are punished. Let me look at them so I can see that you are being properly cared for. Take your dress off dear. ” Angie stared at him with a hopeless look on her face. He was starting again; he just wanted to make her strip in front of these men.

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   What about her pads, if she took her dress off they would all see her pads through her panties and worse there might be blood from her period.
Her hands trembled as she fumbled with the buttons down the front of the white dress. It was so small that the stretched fabric made it difficult to undo. As each button came undone, her neckline gaped open as her breasts pushed the material apart. Her head hung in shame, Angie looked down at her bra covered breasts. The outlines of the pads showed through the bra making her breasts look misshapen.

After undoing the lowest button at her waist, Angie had to ease the tight dress over her hips to get it off and let it drop to the floor. She stood there facing her audience in her white bra and panties, acutely aware of the pad in her panties and wondering if any blood was showing through.
The look on Angie’s face was one of such resignation and emptiness that the Commandant spoke to her in an almost gentle voice saying “The bra, Angie. ”

She looked at him with a fleeting expression of cold hatred, parting her lips and clenching her teeth before closing her eyes, grimacing and obediently reaching behind her back to undo the clips of her bra.

As she let her bra drop, the nipple pads fluttered free and floated to the ground showing brown blood stains against the white material. There were some guffaws from the audience at the pads and Angie’s battered breasts.

The Commandant looked at her breasts, and for a moment there was an expression of genuine concern on his face. The brutes had made a mess of her tits, whatever had they been trying to do to her, milk her? They seemed to have lost their shape and looked pulpy covered with blue black bruises. Her nipples were worst red, cracked and torn with dark marks around them where many teeth had bitten them.

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   Blood was still seeping from the deepest cracks. The Commandant was at a loss for words but recovered himself by swallowing and muttering in a croaky voice “panties. ”

He stood back so that the audience could get a clear view of Angie taking her panties off. She stared at the Commandant with a long look and then started to ease her panties off at the hips. Once they were over her hips they stuck on the pad between her legs. She had a choice of opening her legs and letting the pad go down to her ankles with her panties or freeing the panties from the pad with her legs still together. Angie chose the latter, why should she give them a free view of her bloody vagina.

With her panties around her ankles Angie assumed that she must look pretty silly with a big sanitary pad stuck between her legs. The Commandant solved her problem for her by telling her to open her legs. Angie stepped out of her panties and opened her legs to the audience, but the pad did not come free and stayed stuck obscenely over her vagina.

With a look of genuine distaste the Commandant bent over to pull the pad free. It was soaking in red menstrual blood and the Commandant screwed up his face in disgust as he waved it in front of the audience before dropped it into a rubbish bin. Even he didn’t want such a thing in the Trophy Room, although later it ended up there.

He noticed some string hanging out of Angie’s vagina and pointed this out to her telling her to remove it. She gave out a loud sigh, what could be more humiliating for a woman than to be forced to pull out a blood soaked tampon in front of a male audience.

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   She bent forward, with her battered breasts dangling, to look between her legs for the small string and pulled on it. The tampon slid out easily as it was completely soaked in blood. She looked for the bin and walked awkwardly across the stage to dispose of the horrible thing. She thought “there can’t be much worse things that can be done to me”, but as she had bent over the Commandant saw the string hanging out of her anus.

He made her bend over with her ass to the audience while he pulled out the remaining tampon, which was only slightly stained. Throughout the audience had been quiet apart from the occasional ribald remark. They had never seen anything so amazing before. For most of them it was their first encounter with the most secret of female mysteries, menstruation and to see it displayed publicly for all to see was incredible to them. What stories they would tell when they got back to their barracks. They couldn’t wait to get some of the photographs that they knew were being taken of Angie’s shame.

The Commandant thanked, Angie and said that they would get on with the briefing. She bent to pick up her bra and panties, but he stopped her saying that he would not like her pretty underwear and dress to get soiled during the briefing so she should stay as she was until they had finished.
So for the next hour, Angie had to stand on that stage listening to instructions with more than half her mind concentrating on the trickle of blood running done the inside of her leg onto the floor. The audience had similar problems in concentrating as they were fascinated by the red liquid slowing dribbling out of the whore’s cunt.

The plan

The Commandant launched into a long lecture in Spanish which Angie could not follow.


   Then he started to draw pornographic pictures on the whiteboard which were very graphic and quite clear to her, especially as he labeled them in both Spanish and English. They consisted mainly of penises penetrating parts of a woman’s body in a variety of ways, but included some horrible images of parts of a woman’s body being cut open or cut off.

With her thoughts focused on the blood between her legs, Angie had no idea what he was carrying on about, until he explained to her in English.

They had already subjected the prisoner to intensive interrogation including torture and buggery, but the man had proved to be very tough and resilient, so far he had told them nothing. He had a wife and two children, both girls, which they were quite sure they could use to break him.
The Commandant explained that it was very important that they managed to break the prisoner that day, before Juan heard of the man’s capture. If they failed he would give the prisoner’s wife and daughters to the men that night. He would not limit the time the men would have with them, so they would be used continually until eventually they died of exhaustion or whatever the men might decide to do with them. The girls were young and he didn’t think they would last the night and he knew that Angie would not want any woman to suffer such a death, especially two innocent young virgins. Moreover the prisoner would be forced to watch the suffering of his family in a final attempt to break him. After they were gone, the prisoner would be shot. Of course, if the prisoner helped them capture Juan, he and his family would be set free and Angie herself would be sent back to America, which would be a bonus for her wouldn’t it.

Angie despaired at the thought of two young girls having to go through what she had the previous night and would do anything she could to help them, but couldn’t see how she would be involved.
The Commandant told her she could make a great contribution to the welfare of the girls as Angie would be the main inquisitor.

This shocked and bewildered Angie, she could not understand how she could interrogate the man, especially as she didn’t even speak Spanish.

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   Then the Commandant explained his Machiavellian scheme. Angie would direct the torture. He gave her a long pointer which she had to use to indicate the woman she wanted tortured, then she had to point to the whiteboard to show the type of torture and hold up her fingers to indicate the amount of torture. While she did this they would continually ask the prisoner for the location of Juan’s hideout until he broke down.
Angie suddenly realized why there were so many men in the room. They were not interrogators but merely carriers of cocks to be used on the prisoner’s family.

Before bringing in the prisoner, he indicated that Angie should get dressed. She looked around in desperation, in some vain hope that Ella might be there with some pads. She couldn’t get dressed without pads. She looked at the Commandant appealingly, despite her rage she couldn’t stop tears forming in her eyes. “Can I have some sanitary napkins please?” she whispered weakly, hoping that the audience could not hear her. The Commandant simply ignored her request.

Reluctantly, Angie picked up her white bra, put it around her with the clips at the front, fastened it, and twisted it around until the cups were under her bruised breasts, put her arms through the shoulder straps and pulled it into position over her breasts. Then she had the indignity of having to adjust her breasts in the bra in front of an audience again, as she pulled each cup out and pushed her breast into a more comfortable position.

There was blood running down the inside of her leg and she had to clean it somehow before putting on her panties.

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   She bent over and picked up the breast pads off the floor and used one to wipe the blood from the inside of her leg. Then she put the other in her vagina and wiped it pushing the pad into remove as much blood as she could. As she did this she was very aware of the 30 or so male eyes watching every move she made.

She picked up her white panties off the floor and put them on carefully to avoid staining them with any traces of blood. She did this automatically even though she knew they would have new blood on them in minutes. Then she put the white dress back on and she was ready.


She hardly recognized the man she had betrayed when they brought him in. He had been an upright grey haired man in his fifties, now he seemed to be very old and stooped with patches of hair missing exposing his scalp. He stumbled between his guards bent over with his legs and arms in chains. They made him stand to one side of the dais and as he looked up he saw Angie standing there in her white dress. He stared her with such hatred that it made her physically recoil.

Then they brought in his family. His wife was plump and middle aged, but you could see that she had once been as pretty as her daughters; one of whom looked about 17 fully grown as a woman but still with the slightness and fragility of youth, the other just entering puberty with the hips of a boy but with the shape of newly forming breasts showing through her dress. Angie thought that she might be about 13 or 14. All three women looked petrified.

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When he saw his wife and children enter the room, the man let out a terrible moan and tried to bang his head with his chains.

For about 10 minutes the Commandant harangued the prisoner in Spanish, before telling Angie to start the torture.

Her mind was spinning, although she had just exposed the details of her menstruation to this room full of men, for some reason she was filled with anxiety at the thought that at any moment her white dress might start to show red blood stains to everybody. At the same time she had to try to help this poor man and these innocent women. She had to get the man to betray Juan as soon as possible. She could not explain her reasons to him as he did not speak English, so she had to torture his family in a way which would cause the man to break down and at the same time hurt the three women waiting for her decision as little as possible.

She must start with his wife; she could not inflict sexual torture on these young girls. She pointed to the picture on the white board of a woman being undressed with the word ‘Strip’ alongside and then pointed to the middle aged woman. The Commandant gabbled in Spanish and two men pulled the woman on to the platform and started ripping her clothes off. The prisoner just stared at Angie with a look so baleful that she thought that he would kill her with his bare hands if it were not for the chains. If only she could explain to him.

The woman screamed and struggled as the men tore at her clothing. She tried to bite one of her guards until she was slapped in the face. Angie couldn’t help thinking “I didn’t scream and struggle did I. I just did what they told me and stripped for them.

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   I should have screamed. They will rape her and there is nothing she can do about it, but at least by fighting them she will know that she is not a slut and that she tried to stop them. I didn’t even try. Maybe I really wanted them to do it to me.

Under her dress the woman wore very large and old fashioned underwear. Soon her bra was off revealing two large white breasts drooping so that the nipples pointed down. The woman’s whole body sagged including the layers of fat around her middle. Once her panties were off, she stopped struggling and just moaned to herself, as her sex was displayed to the room.

The prisoner, looked hurt and in pain. He was closing his eyes and muttering to himself. The Commandant kept questioning him but he just shook his head and looked at the floor. It was apparent that undressing his wife would not get him to breakdown and Angie desperately tried to think of what else she could do. The woman had to be raped. She pointed to the picture of a cock going into a woman’s vagina, pointed to the man’s wife and letting out a deep sigh she held up five fingers.

Angie saw the wife watching her actions with her mouth open as if she could not believe that another woman would behave like this.

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   The prisoner’s hatred was also directed at her rather than the Commandant, as it was she ordered his wife to be raped by five men.

Angie could hardly bear to watch the rape; it was very sordid, with cocks going easily into the woman’s vagina as she was held naked and spread-eagled on a table. There didn’t even seem to be much pleasure in it for the men doing the job, they just grunted and made noises as they came inside the baby stretched cunt.

The prisoner refused to watch so the Commandant had men hold his head up facing his wife. Then he closed his eyes tightly shut, so the Commandant had sticky tape put on his eyelids to hold them open. This way he was forced to view the spectacle of his wife’s debasement, but still he didn’t give in.

“Maybe he doesn’t love her. ” Angie thought as the last man completed his task, leaving the woman lying with her legs open, he vagina dribbling cum as she moaned quietly to herself. It had to be the daughters then. Angie couldn’t bear to see the younger girl raped, at least the older girl may have had some sexual experience, she thought.

Having seen what had happened to her mother, the older daughter did not struggle but just cried as she was undressed. Her body was slim and attractive with firm breasts and rounded hips. All the men in the audience seemed very appreciative of her and were hoping that they would get to enjoy this young girl. The prisoner seemed very distraught at having to watch his eldest daughter stripped naked for a male audience and knowing what would happen to her next. Despite himself he looked at Angie hoping that she would spare his daughter being forced to have her first sexual experience in the hands of these rough soldiers while providing entertainment for a room full of men.

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Angie saw him looking at her. She had to shock him into giving in, or it would get worse and worse. Staring him straight in the eyes she pointed to the picture of a cock in a vagina, then to the elder daughter and then slowly and very deliberately held up the fingers of both hands. Surely he would collapse at having his daughter raped by 10 men in front of him.
The prisoner’s mouth spasmed into a snarl as he saw what she had chosen for his beloved daughter. Then he spat at Angie and shouted at her in guttural Spanish. The Commandant was very amused by the proceedings; it was all going very well.

The girl did scream and struggle as she was held down on the table and her legs opened to the men watching intently He pink vagina looked very chaste and her screams were ear splitting as the first cock penetrated her. She had been a virgin and there was much bleeding from her ruptured hymen. The ten men assigned to the girl were much too enthusiastic at their task to worry about a little blood.

Watching the unfortunate girl’s bleeding, Angie remembered her own condition and felt the wetness in her panties. She wondered if it was showing through her dress, but didn’t dare look. In any case nobody was interested in her at this time.

When they had finished with her, the girl lay very pale and still. Angie thought that she must have passed out from the shock of so many cocks in her.

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   The man had still not betrayed Juan despite his obvious agony at seeing his daughter defiled. How could she get him to see sense? She could have the youngest daughter raped by twenty men, but would that make any difference.

Suddenly she was angry. Angry with herself at what she was doing and the slut she had become; angry with the Commandant for forcing her into this situation and angry with the man for not giving in, while is family was ruined in front of his eyes. All men were the same, all they cared for was themselves and their cocks, this man didn’t deserve to have a wife and children, in any case his wife was a whore the way she let those men fuck her.

She would shock him into giving in. She waited until the prisoner was looking at her and then with a distorted smile on her face pointed to his wife and then slowly and deliberately pointed to the picture showing a woman’s breast with a knife cutting the nipple off.

The prisoner let out a howl of outrage and lunged at Angie. He caught his guards off balance and almost reached the platform, but fell flat on the floor before he got to her. His guards dragged him to his feet by his chains and gratuitously kneed him in the stomach.

His wife had been bending over his daughter nursing her after her ordeal and did not know what Angie had ordered. Angie herself felt sick at her actions despite her seething anger. They would not do it, he would stop them. It was just a threat to get the man to see reason; no person could possibly inflict that upon a woman. Then she remembered the whore who had her breasts cut off.

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   Surely it was inconceivable that they would do such a thing to the woman.

Two men grasped the wife by both arms and pulled her off her daughter. She looked helpless as they held her up in front of her husband. Her nudity was not sexy but merely pathetic with her rolls of flabby fat sagging down in pale unsightly lumps. She was alarmed but clearly had no idea what was in store for her. Her husband knew and was crying for her in anguish begging for her forgiveness.
Two men took hold of the woman pushing her chest out towards her husband. The third, held her left breast in his hand, and then lifted its weight until her nipple pointed out. Calmly he took out a barber’s razor and put the blade under her nipple while he pulled on the nipple with his other hand. He looked up at the Commandant. Now the woman understood what was happening and struggled with all her might, letting out a piercing scream almost drowning out the babble from her husband. The Commandant asked him one more time for the location of Juan’s hideout. Then he nodded at the soldier with the razor.

The razor sliced through her breast like a butcher cutting pork as the man cut her nipple off in a single movement. Blood poured out of the wound and down the woman’s body and she screamed from the agonizing pain.

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   Holding the severed nipple in his hand the man walked over to the prisoner with a big grin on his face and reached out to put it to the prisoner’s mouth. He spat it out as though it was venom. Still smiling the man picked it up and placed the nipple in a jar of liquid to preserve it for the Trophy Room. There was pandemonium in the room with the screams of the wife, combining with those of her daughters and a loud braying sound from the prisoner.

Angie couldn’t believe what they had done to the woman; it was the most horrible thing that she had ever witnessed. What was worse was that it was her fault.

The soldiers managed to stop the bleeding from the woman’s breast with pads and tapes. The poor woman had subsided into sobs of pain and shock from the mutilation she had suffered. Otherwise it had gone strangely quiet in the room as everybody looked at Angie to see what terrible thing she would order next.

Angie felt strangely calm. If she failed to make the prisoner reveal the location of the hideout, all three women would die a terrible death. She had no choice but to proceed.

She looked at the youngest daughter and pointed to her before pointing to the ‘Strip’ picture. This is what most of the men in the room had been waiting for. It was exciting to them to see a girl in puberty stripped and assaulted, she would be the most delicious of the three women, possibly better even than the American whore.

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The young girl looked innocent and bewildered as they brought her to stand under the spotlights. Instead of ordering her to be undressed, the Commandant spoke to the girl in Spanish and she slowly began to undress herself. She undid her white blouse and took it off carefully placing it on the chair beside her, and then she undid the button of her pleated skirt and unzipped it. After she stepped out of it she hung it beside her blouse. Her underwear consisted of a pair of blue knickers and a white vest. She had not yet been fitted with her first bra.

She looked appealingly at the Commandant before taking off the vest to reveal her slim body with two budding young breasts capped with delicate pink nipples. At last she started to cry as she pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them. She had a light fluffy down of pubic hairs that did not conceal her virgin slit. At the Commandant’s instruction she turned to face her audience stood there alone, naked and revealed by the harsh glare of the lights.

There was complete silence as the men enjoyed the exhibition and then gradually transferred their attention to Angie hoping that she would indicate that the girl should be fucked by 30 men.
Angie spoke coarsely to the Commandant. “Tell him he has to tell where Juan is, or I will destroy his youngest daughter. ” As the Commandant spoke to him, the prisoner just looked at Angie shaking his head. The Commandant said “I am sorry Angie, but he still refuses.



Angie pointed to the girl and then pointed to the white board choosing the worst of all the images that of a woman’s breast being severed from her body.

There was an audible gasp from around the room. This was one of the worst things that could be done to a woman and could well result in her bleeding to death. To do this to such a young girl with newly forming breasts was cruel indeed.

The prisoner could not believe his eyes. He just stood silent and open mouthed.

Four men took hold of the tiny fragile body and held the girl so she could not move. The man with the razor positioned her so that her father would get the clearest view. He took hold of one of the little girl’s nipples and pulled on it so her tiny breast was pulled out. He placed the razor under her breast and slowly began to cut upward.

The prisoner shouted something which made the razor man stop just as blood started to dribble from a small cut under the girl’s breast. His eyes rolling madly the prisoner started to gabble to the Commandant, whose face twisted into a tiny mean smile.


Angie had six days of respite in her cell while they went to capture Juan. Each day Ella bathed, nursed and fondled her which assisted in her recovery. On the seventh day the Commandant came to her cell.

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Her mind was in turmoil as she wondered whether her beloved Juan was dead or captured. “Unfortunately my dear he escaped” were the Commandants first words. Angie’s immediate reaction was one of relief followed by anxiety as to what would happen to her now. The Commandant saw the look on her face and said “Yes my dear it is lucky for Juan but very unlucky for you. Now you will have to stay with us and provide entertainment for many months, perhaps years. ” Privately he was thinking that he would continue to use her at least until he retired. The demand for her DVD’s was insatiable and the web site was getting tens of thousands of hits each day, thousands of new members were signing up at a high price for the privilege of accessing video and photos of Angie, as well as web cams. Surprisingly, the sound of her moaning as she was triple fucked was very popular. He had many interesting sexual experiments he wanted to try out on her, but he would be careful to ensure that she was not damaged the way she had been on her first appearance in the Theatre Room.

He explained to Angie “Before I left, I arranged for videos of you to be distributed to the townsfolk through my friend the mayor. The video is very interesting; it starts with you sucking my cock, carefully edited to show how much you are enjoying your task. The viewers cannot see my face only that you are providing gratification for a military man, but of course you can be clearly identified as it is difficult for a woman to suck cock without showing her face.

Most of the video is of your opening performance in the Theatre Room. I am sure you remember your behavior my dear, no editing was required at all, as you are so clearly enthusiastic as you strip in front of such a large male audience. The highlight is your orgasm with your finger in your cunt, to the accompaniment of much moaning and groaning.

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   None of the townsfolk will have ever seen a woman do this let alone on stage in front of 400 men. ”

“By now most of the men in the town and many of the women will have enjoyed your show and will be filled with loathing at the disgusting slag you are Angie, the women will be ashamed that you are female and the men will know that you are only fit for use as a cum receptacle, like an old condom in a sewer. They hate the military in the Town and knowing that you performed for the pleasure of soldiers will only make them despise you more. ”

“However, I am sure that you will be pleased to learn that I have kept my promise to let the man who you betrayed to us return to his home in the Town along with his wife and daughters. Unfortunately his wife is slightly less female than she was when you first met her Angie. I understand that the elder daughter has not spoken a word since you arranged for her to be raped by ten men and the younger daughter crouches in a corner of the room crying all day long. I am sure that most of the people in town know of your contribution to the unfortunate condition of this family dear Angie and I expect that they will let you know their opinion of you when they see you next. ”

“Which will be tomorrow, as I have decided to make you available to the Townsfolk for five days in each week. This will continue indefinitely unless Juan comes to rescue you and we capture him. You will have two days of rest, Wednesday and Sunday. You will need this time off your sexual duties in the town as I will make you available to my men in the Theatre Room every Tuesday and Saturday evening from 7pm to 1am.

I do not wish to see you die quickly, Angie, so I have arranged for you to have personal bodyguards who will protect you from any man from the town or garrison who is overenthusiastic and may cause you permanent damage. Of course most of the attention you receive will be sexual and there will be some unavoidable wear and tear to your body, but the guard will ensure your survival. Your bodyguard will have special privileges to access your services outside normal hours and Ella will continue to care for you in her own special way. ”

The Commandant was delighted at the way things had turned out.

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   With luck the woman could last years of sexual abuse and exposure. He was sure that many of her fans would be interested to view her gradual deterioration through over-use of her sexual organs. He would arrange for her to have weekly checkups with the garrison doctor to ensure that she was kept healthy, He was very strict with his men about sexually transmitted diseases and he was sure that they were clean. The town was also generally clean as it was such an isolated community, so her main risk would be from visitors to the town who would no doubt wish to use her services. The woman was on the pill so an unwanted pregnancy was unlikely.

Everywhere she went would be videoed and much of it broadcast live on the web site. Ella’s fond attentions had been a source of pleasure to many already. It was strange the way that so many men liked to see a lesbian fondling another woman. Many would enjoy watching Angie undergoing her weekly medical examination as there was a camera hidden above the examination table so that when the poor woman’s legs were in the stirrups she would be fully displayed to her public. He had even arranged for a video off-take from the doctors instruments which would be inserted deep into her vagina. It should make interesting viewing.

Most of all he was looking forward to viewing the modifications he had made to the shelter in the town square. It now had live video from several locations and included infra-red lighting and cameras for night viewing. He was sure that the men in the town would not hesitate to use Angie in a variety of ways now that she was so universally despised.

Angie was speechless; she had been sentenced to sexual abuse in public for the rest of her life.

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The Square

She slept badly that night, worrying about the next day. It had been terrible before to be exhibited in that public square, but at least the towns-folk had stayed away and she had just had to put up with the attentions of the soldiers. She prayed that the good people of the Town would continue to stay away and leave her tied up but alone. This would be bearable, although she would still have to entertain the soldiers twice a week. Surely the women of the Town would not let their men use her sexually even if they did hate her; some must remember that she was a friend of Juan’s. Then she thought of how she had betrayed Juan and worse still helped to force his man to reveal Juan’s hideout. Perhaps the Towns people would be cruel to her. She dreaded what might happen.

Ella made her make-up and dress like a hooker with a completely see-thru bra and crutch-less see-thru panties. Over this she wore a clinging white t-shirt with a low neckline showing off her cleavage and a very short pleated white cotton skirt with a floral patter in reds and greens. When Angie looked in the mirror, she saw that the material of her top was so thin that it molded completely to the shape of her breast and her pointed nipples could be seen through it as two dark circles. The skirt was so short as to allow her panties to be seen as she walked. On her feet she wore white shoes with very high heels.

Her escort did not touch her in the jeep, which was some relief to Angie. The relief quickly turned to anxiety as they approached the town square.

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   The streets were filled with people who stared at her or shook their fists, shouting in Spanish. To her horror some of the shop windows they passed had large posters displayed containing various image of her undressing on the Theatre Room stage. Some showed her breasts and to her utmost dismay some showed her completely nude with her hand touching her pubic area. The worst poster did not show her body at all but just a huge close-up of Angie’s face in a look of obviously orgasmic ecstasy. The text on the posters was apparent even to Angie’s limited Spanish. The words she recognized were “Angie”, “Americano”, “puta” and “10am”. As they passed the town hall she saw the town clock, it read 9. 55.

The jeep could only move slowly into the square as it was completely filled with people. Angie thought that there must be over a thousand. She remembered that Juan had told her that the town had a population of 3, 400 so it was quite possible that more than a thousand of them had turned out to see the American puta pay for her crimes. Angie cringed in the back seat of the jeep. For once she was glad to have soldiers on either side of her as they shielded her from some of the spitting, reaching hands, and angry insults. She was more frightened by the crowd than anything she had experienced. They would tear her to shreds and four guards would not be able to protect her once she was out of the jeep.

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The jeep’s path was blocked and it stopped surrounded by a sea of people, it could go no further. The soldiers looked very worried at having to go the remaining 300 yards on foot. One of them fired his rifle into the air with an ear splitting boom. The crowd parted to let them out of the jeep. Two soldiers dragged Angie out of the jeep and the crowd closed around them. The noise was deafening with shouts of “puta’ and other insults. Angie was in a blind panic as her guards pulled her through the great waving angry storm of people. She could feel hands touching at her pulling at her clothes, grabbing her breasts, pinching her bottom, clawing for her crutch. She felt her shirt rip as somebody grabbed at her neckline and pulled it down, so that her bra covered breast was exposed. Other hands were trying to pull the shirt up to get it off her. A hand was holding the bottom of her shirt so hard it was stopping her moving forward. Her escort pulled hard on her arms to free her and the shirt ripped at the shoulder seam, then it parted completely and she felt the t-shirt pulled off her as it was left behind in the hands of a souvenir hunter.

Now Angie only had the thin transparent bra covering her breasts but worse they were lifting up her skirt and pulling at her panties. The cotton skirt was ripping as well as it was pulled in several directions by four or five pairs of hands. She felt the waistband give and then her skirt tore loose from her to be ripped to shreds behind her.

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Now she was trapped in this vengeful crowd dressed only in her bra, panties and high heels. Soon these would be ripped from her and she would be naked. Another shot from her escort, and to her relief the crowd to drew back from her. In some ways this was worse as the space around her enabled the men in the crowd to get a clearer view of her state of undress and she could see them greedily looking her up and down as they became more excited and lusted after the American bitch. She could not cover or protect herself as her arms were being held by her escort as they tried to drag her toward the centre of the square.

The mob stayed back watching her until a small boy ran out from the edge of the crowd and ducking to avoid the soldiers grabbed at Angie’s panties. He chortled with glee as the thin garment tore and he ran to safety clutching her panties, which were immediately torn as men sought pieces of the whore’s intimate underclothing, to smell and boast about.

Now she only had her bra and her sex was exposed. Excited by the boy’s actions the crowed surged forward towards her and as they crashed into Angie somebody grabbed her bra. She stumbled and felt the bra straps and catch break and she knew that it too was gone. Now she was naked and she could feel hands pulling at her tits and groping for her vagina.

In an effort to rescue her one of her guards lunged for her but was pushed by the crowd and went down under a sea of people. Then suddenly she was completely surrounded by jeering, spitting people, pulling at her sex from all directions. Fingers had penetrated into her vagina and sharp fingernails were ripping into her. Then her feet left the ground and she felt herself being carried, lifted high by many hands, some hanging on to her by her breasts.

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Now they held her horizontally facing upwards, she could feel the wet mucous hitting her body as they spat at her. Her face and breasts seemed to be their main target. Then she felt hands pulling on her legs to part them. She began to panic as her legs were pulled wide open by many hands, so wide that she was afraid that they would come out of their sockets and that she would be torn apart.

Her vagina was now completely opened exposed and vulnerable to the crowd. Then she felt something huge and hard being thrust into her, already penetrating deep into her. She opened her mouth to scream and somebody deliberately spat deep into her mouth, making her choke before swallowing their foul tasting lumps of phlegm. The pain was excruciating and she could feel her body splitting her in two. Then there was a great roar and blackness.

The next thing that Angie knew was that she was being carried over a man’s shoulder up on to the platform in the centre of the square. He dumped her crumpled body in the centre of the platform and went to help his comrades knock down people trying to climb up to get at Angie.

Still groggy, Angie turned over on to her back and saw herself lying naked above her. For a moment she thought that she was dead and having an ‘out of body’ experience but then she understood that she was looking at a mirrored ceiling that had been installed over the original podium. She had no doubt that the mirrors concealed cameras which were photographing her at this very moment. She automatically covered her breasts with one arm and her crutch with her other hand, not that it really made any difference, it was a bit late to be modest, she thought.

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   She felt bruised and hurt from being pulled and pinched by so many hands. Her vagina hurt from whatever they had tried to insert into her and she was still petrified by the sound of the angry mob, shouting at her from all directions.

After lying there for a while, the noise seemed to subside. As they had the crowd under control, one of the soldiers came to deal with Angie and he pulled her to her feet. Now she could see that the original podium had been greatly heightened, which made it easier for her guard to defend, while allowing her to be clearly seen from the furthest corners of the square.

Also several pieces of equipment had been installed, including, her heart sank, a solid looking table and a bed. She was under no illusions as to what they would be used for. A huge crowd was all around her stretching to the edge of the square and into the side streets. Every face was turned to look at her. The women’s eyes were filled with hatred and vengeance, but she could see that the men’s eyes were filled with lust.

The soldier walked her to the edge of the platform facing the main part of the crowd, where there were two posts about three feet apart. Angie grimaced when she saw the wrist and leg chains attached to the post, but she did not struggle as she was chained up facing the crowd with her legs and arms wide apart.

Her exposure was complete. Looking up at her men and women in the crowd could see directly between her legs at her vagina, which was just lightly covered with a feint fuzz of black hair after having been shaved a week ago. The treatment she had received in the Theatre Room meant that her slit was no longer neat and clean.

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   The lips were ragged and loose, her permanently enlarged clitoris could be seen hanging down obscenely. Her breasts were equally displayed. They had regained their shape, but were still enlarged and her nipples were more prominent than they had ever been after having been pulled by so many fingers and mouths.

Scores of men in the crowd had cameras trained on her to record the American slut’s degradation. Angie had become used to having her sex photographed but would have been horrified if she had known that in addition to the 1,464 people in the Square, another 26,382 people (mainly men) around the world were viewing her through the web cameras concealed around the platform. Fortunately she was also unaware of over 20,000 hard cocks belonging to the men viewing her who were masturbating imagining what it would be like to sink their cocks into her.

Target practice

The crowd soon lost interest in shouting insults and spitting at Angie and looked for other ways to punish the slut. Sharp witted vendors had anticipated this and were moving through the crowd selling a variety of missiles to throw at the whore. Mostly these were rotten tomatoes and eggs.
Soon Angie felt a stinging pain on her left breast and looked down to see a squashed red tomato sliding down off her nipple. She moaned and started to cry. They were throwing things at her! Each time she was hit there was a mighty raw of approval. Mostly they aimed for her breasts or vagina but a few went for her face. The crowd loved it each time something hit Angie’s vulva and there was a great roar of approval for the accuracy of the shot. After about an hour of this she was covered with smelly rotten rubbish running down her face and body.


   She was smarting all over and just wanted to die so that she could get release from this torture, which was worse than being in the Theatre Room.

Angie was so frightened by the sheer hatred of the crowd; she knew that soon they would start to throw stones which would kill her. She had read that under Muslim law an adulterous woman or whore like herself could be stoned to death. She knew that these people were not Muslim but that didn’t seem to matter. Her fear made her bowel turn over. Then suddenly she wanted to shit. Since that night in the Theatre Room her she could no longer control her bowel properly. When she needed to shit, it just came out on its own and now she could feel hot excrement leaking out of her ass and running down her legs.

The pelting had started to decline as the vendors ran out of material and the crowd lost interest. Then they saw that shit was coming out of the whore, which caused great excitement and many photographs to be taken.

It was hot in the Square and the decaying sticky stuff all over her started to dry out. This combined with the shit on her ass and legs proved to be an irresistible attraction for flies and soon they were buzzing all around Angie. She could not stop them crawling into her openings, especially her vagina, mouth, nose and anus. She could close her mouth but both her vulva and anus gaped open after being stretched in the Theatre Room allowing flies to crawl into her. Tied spread-eagled to the poles there was nothing she could do to stop them.

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Then her guard allowed two women onto the platform carrying a heavy black can between them. Angie was relieved that at last somebody had taken pity on her and would clean her up. She recognized one of the women and suddenly felt cold as she looked into the hard eyes of the woman whose nipple she had cut off. The women lifted the can up with difficulty to throw water over Angie’s head and she was drenched in a vile smelling mixture of excrement and urine. Angie was in a state of shock at this unexpected degradation. The town did not have sewerage and each house had a can in an outhouse used as a toilet. People would have been defecating into this can that morning so that fresh faeces were running down her body.

Angie was so ashamed of herself. The women would not have done this to her, another woman, if she were not a filthy slut that deserved such treatment for wanting so many men to fuck her. Deep down she knew that she enjoyed undressing to give men pleasure and make their cocks hard. When they had first tied her up she had thought that she hated them but now covered in shit she realized that she was sexually stimulated and excited by being helpless and displayed to so many men. Even now she kept thinking of all those hard cocks. The women had done the right thing in covering up her body with the only material suitable for a slag like her; she was happy that they had chosen to conceal her blatant sexual exhibition with excrement.

The crowd loved to see the whore covered in shit. Angie closed her mouth and eyes as she felt slimy turds running down her hair, face, shoulders and breasts.

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   They cheered the women on as they went to fetch another can. Pieces of used toilet paper stuck to Angie’s face and breasts.

Another woman climbed onto the platform as they got ready to tip the third can over her and Angie felt her long hair being pulled hard; forcing her head back as far as it would go. As the excrement was poured over her, Angie’s upturned nostrils filled with the loathsome liquid so she could no longer breathe. She had to open her mouth to breathe, allowing piss and sticky shit to slither into it. She tried to cough but as she could not clear it she had to swallow mouthfuls of the odious mixture. The crowed loved watching the filthy bitch suffer and shouted for more cans to be used on her. After another 7 cans the stench became so awful that it was too much even for the crowd to bear.

The cans of liquid had frightened the flies away for a while but now they came back in droves and soon Angie was covered in a mass of black crawling flies, some laying eggs on her and some laying live maggots that started to crawl about looking for holes and crevices in which to hide and grow fatter. Angie could feel the itchiness of something crawling on her but did not realize what it was until she saw maggots out of the corner of one eye. A piece of toilet paper was partly stuck over that eye and the maggots were moving under it for protection.

Suddenly she knew what the feeling in her vagina and anus was. She groaned in dread remembering sheep she had seen on a farm with maggots living in their anus and eating the live flesh away. Soon they would be burrowing deep into her and she might not be able to get them out. Part of her felt that this was the right thing to happen to her, as having her sexual organs eaten by maggots would prevent her using them for male amusement.

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   Stretched out, she was totally helpless to stop this intrusion and the horror grew within her as her bound and naked body was exposed to the crawling invasion for what seemed like hours.

While Angie was preoccupied with the maggots the crowd began to lose interest and melt away. It was mid afternoon and time for a siesta. After a while one of the soldiers either took pity on her or could not stand the smell and hosed Angie and the platform down with a fire hose. After that she felt cleaner but was still not sure if there were maggots surviving in her holes.

Limited freedom

There were still several hundred people watching the show, mainly men who were consuming beer sold by vendors and bars adjacent to the square. At 3pm her guard did as they had been instructed and took Angie down from the display poles. Instead they secured her with a padded leg iron around her left ankle attached by a long chain to a ring in the centre of the platform. This allowed Angie to move anywhere on the platform but not to get off it.

As soon as she was free, Angie sat down on the floor in the centre of the platform opened her legs and bent forward to look at her vagina. She parted the lips to see some small white maggots still wriggling in the folds of pink flesh. One by one she picked them out and threw them away, her face a mask of self loathing and disgust. The crowd could not see the maggots and was amazed at the way in which the whore was opening up her cunt for their viewing. The slut was worse than they had anticipated; she was obviously hungry for cocks and flaunting herself teasing the men into filling her hole.

Angie could not inspect her anus and instead had to cope with the maggots by sticking her fingers into the orifice and scraping out what she could.

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   This caused great hilarity in the crowd; the slut also wanted cock up her ass, she could not have made her desires more obvious to them.
Having cleaned herself as best as she could, Angie buried her head in her arms and sank into a state of abject wretchedness. She could not understand how people could treat her this way. These people were vindictive savages.


The next thing she knew were two women lifting her into a standing position. They had clothes with them and helped Angie dress in a baggy bra and panties covered by a dirty old dress that looked as though it had come out of the rags basket. The leg chain prevented them putting the panties on so the women simply tore the crutch out of the panties and put them on her loose.

Despite the grimy clothes it felt good to be covered up again and shielded from hundreds of prying eyes. Then somebody started playing “The Stripper” on a portable player, and Angie understood that she had been dressed not as an act of kindness but so that she could strip for the crowd. She knew that they had all seen the video of her stripping for the soldiers in the Theatre Room and wanted her to repeat her performance for them. No doubt the women had been prompted by some of the men in the crowd.

Angie hated them for making her do an odious striptease again, but deep inside her there was a flicker of excitement at the thought of the hundreds of male eyes that would be watching her and how their cocks might stir for her. She started to take her clothes off for the crowd and danced around the platform in time to the music. The crowd loved it, especially the drunken men who whistled at her and danced around themselves. One of them jumped up onto the platform and managed to pull on Angie’s breasts before he was thrown off again.

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   He was a hero in the crowd.

She had to repeat the performance 3 more times before the women stopped dressing her. Now, as the afternoon wore on she was surrounded by about 300 faces, all male, the women having gone home to see to their children. Amongst the men there were adolescent youths and even boys who looked to be as young as 13, but no girls. The girls of the town were being protected from seeing a decadent whore, but for the boys Angie was part of their sex education.


For most of the boys was the first time in their lives that they had been able to gaze uninterrupted on a woman’s breasts and cunt. Even if she wasn’t a real woman, but a foreign ‘slut’ who would allow any man to use her, it was still much better than guiltily looking at women in the few girlie magazines smuggled into the town. The boys excitedly discussed Angie; most had sneaked looks at her video and had seen her touching herself. Earlier, when she had been tied up on the platform they had been able to stare at the hole between her legs without worrying about their fathers who were equally mesmerized. Most of the boys had difficulty in hiding their erections as they fantasized about having their first experience with a real woman pushing their hardness into that dark hole. Even if she was a whore, it would still count. There would be great kudos from being first and every boy was trying to work out how to achieve that honour. Of course their fathers and elder brothers would have her first, but eventually it would be their turn.

The youths in the crowd were having similar thoughts. Many had girlfriends and had some experience of a woman’s body, but never one such as this.

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   Their girlfriends were either skinny and flat-chested or fat and ugly. This woman was not only mature and beautiful, but also had perfect breasts, large but not too large and those nipples, how they would love to suck on those. With their girlfriends they only got glimpses of their breasts as the girl would giggle and quickly cover them up or worse still slap the youth’s face for daring to look. With this whore they could look as much as they liked, they loved to see her walk and watch the way her heavy tits swayed. How they would love to play with those tits. Of course they would soon, but not until after dark and after the men had screwed her.

Like the boys it was Angie’s cunt that excited the youths most. Even those few whose girlfriends had allowed them to touch the area between their legs had never been allowed to look at that most private part. The woman on the platform allowed them all to look at her in the most intimate detail, they had seen her slit and its dark inviting hole, but they knew that there were two holes there and even when she opened up her cunt for them from a distance they could not could not see into Angie’s hole clearly enough to work out which hole they should use. This worried many of them as they knew that eventually they would have to perform on Angie and it would be very embarrassing if they got it wrong. They wished that the whore would piss up there on the platform so they could see where the piss came out.

Unlike the boys they were not vying to be first to use Angie but hoped to share her with their friends, they would like to join in a multi fuck of the slut, using one of her holes while their friends used the others. They had heard that the whore had much experience in multi-fucking which should make it easier for them. None of the girls in town would even suck their cocks and fucking their ass was completely out of the question, so it would be very exciting to use the whore’s mouth or ass especially as she was very experienced and would help them to get in her.

The men were equally restless and in their drunkenness much more aggressive.

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   They too had enjoyed looking at Angie’s body for most of the day and had discussed her endlessly in the bars around the square. They had all seen the slut play with herself in the video and had heard the incredible stories from soldiers from the garrison. When she had displayed her cunt to everybody in the square they knew that the stories were true. This woman was unbelievable and they couldn’t wait to fuck the bitch senseless. If she could turn it on for 400 men in the garrison they would see how she managed 1,500 men in town. There was much speculation and wagering in the bars as to how she would cope with 1,500 men. Her performance was already legendary but no woman could manage that many cocks.

The men had watched the women degrading the whore all day long, patiently waiting their turn. They knew that none of them dare have sex with her in daylight, but after dark it would be different. There was still two hours to go before dark and the more inventive amongst them were thinking of ways in which the slut could entertain them before her fucking time became due.

Angie was unaware of the speculation and anticipation around her; she was too preoccupied with another problem. One of the wishes of the youths was about to be granted, she was dying for a pee.

After all she had been through she still could not face having to urinate in front of all these men. The problem was that she never had a private moment, up there on the platform men were watching every move she made. She just had to do it and not think about her audience.

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   She moved to the centre of the platform and squatted down, soon a strong stream of urine was issuing from her. In no time the youths were trying to see what part of her cunt it was coming from, but she had her legs together so they could see little.


She smelt stale beer and then large calloused hands grabbed her breasts. One of the drunks had come up behind her and was pulling her to her feet her pee still spurting out of her. He turned her around and bent over to kiss her oblivious to the jet spraying on his legs. Angie fought with him but he was big and strong. He forced his mouth upon hers in a brutish kiss and attempted to stick his tongue into her mouth. She tried to knee him but couldn’t get her leg into the right position, her hand broke free and she scratched at his face ripping ineffectually against his stubbly beard.

Then other hands grabbed her arms and twisted them sharply back. Angie opened her mouth in pain and the drunk seized his opportunity to thrust his tongue in to lick around her palate. It was horrible but she couldn’t stop his rancid tongue touching hers and exploring her. At the same time she felt his hard penis thrusting against her pelvic area trying to find the entrance to her vagina. There was a stabbing pain as she felt it penetrate her and then she was filled with his organ, thrusting in and out of her. Angie was being fucked again and this time in a public square. She could hear male voices urging the drunk on, glad that someone had the courage to start the fucking even in daylight.

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Then he came deep within her and she felt his hot cum spurt in her in waves, one, two, three, four times. He pulled roughly out of her and waved his cock proudly to the crowd; it was dripping with cum and glistening with Angie’s juices. As he let go of her she saw that the size of the crowd had increased with perhaps 500 men watching her perform.

Fighting the man had been ineffective and if anything it had urged him on, while the men that had immobilized her had hurt her arms. She decided not to resist any more, she knew that she was a whore and would behave like one.

Her guard had let four drunken men onto the platform as they had been instructed to let people have free access to her but keep the numbers to a manageable level at any point in time.

The other three had their penises out now, wanting to take their turn. Angie went up to the nearest and kissed him hard on the mouth, while her hand reached for his hard cock and guided it towards her cunt. Soon his tongue was in her mouth and his cock pounding her vagina, she could feel its hardness slopping the previous man’s cum inside her and squirting out from the lips of her vulva. His hands were groping her breasts as he climaxed in her. He left it there for a long time before pulling out, by which time the next man, was impatiently rubbing his cock against the cheeks of her ass.

In no time he was in her bending her back over the table so he could thrust into her more deeply. Instead of assaulting her mouth he sucked on her nipples until they were pointed hard. He came quickly and when he pulled out of her she was ready for the last man. Not content with a fuck, the drunk forced Angie down on to her hands and knees and entered her ass doggy style, It hurt her as she was not at all lubricated anally, but she had been so stretched that it went into her easily and soon he too was climaxing within her.

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Poor boy

When withdrew from her, she stayed with her eyes closed on all fours waiting for the next one. Her timing was bad, as someone on the edge of the crowd had noticed a dog trying to mount a bitch in one of the side streets. The coincidence of Angie waiting patiently on all fours and the dog’s activities were too much for him and he yelled something in Spanish. At the insistence of the crowd the next group of four men waiting for their turn at Angie drew back to make way for the dog with its un-sheaved penis. This was much more entertaining for the mob; they had never seen a woman fuck a dog although they had heard of such things. If any female could do it the American whore would.

The first Angie knew about the dog was when she heard excited yells from the crowd and felt sharp claws digging into her back. She opened her eyes and turned her head around to see the men trying to get the dog to mount her. She screwed up her face, sobbed and whined to herself “Not a dog!” Once again tears running down her face. They were going to have her fucked by a dog with everybody watching. She could lie on the ground so that the animal would not have access to her but she knew that they would only force her back into the position of a compliant bitch.

Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that one day she might be fucked by a dog and certainly not in front of 500 horny men. Now it was happening to her, she wondered what it would be like. It was just a cock like the many many cocks that had used her in the past two weeks, but somehow it was revolting to be made to do it with an animal. Then she remembered the knot.


   She had watched dogs copulate and even after the animal had cum, it remained locked into the bitch for 20 minutes. She had been told that the dog’s penis swelled up inside the bitch forcing them to stay together. The thought frightened her; she was not built like a bitch what would it be like to have the dog’s penis swell inside her? Then she knew that, as she was just a dirty slut, she would get used to having sex with animals so she might as well find out what it was like. Staying on all fours, Angie opened her legs to give the animal better access to her.

The men were enthusiastic to see the dog penetrate the whore, but were having little success in persuading the creature to enter her. It just seemed to want to get off the platform and back to the pretty bitch it was about to fuck. When the men let it down off the female human’s back, the dog gingerly sniffed at the female’s cunt. It smelt right but she was not in heat and therefore would not let him enter. It licked the human cunt and it tasted good. Then it turned to get off the platform.

Somebody in the crowd shouted that the bitch is not in heat. They all laughed as it was quite apparent to everybody that Angie was in heat. The bitch the dog had been trying to fuck was brought to the platform from the back of the crowd. They had seen the dog sniffing at the whore and thought that they should make her smell right for dogs. One of the men lifted the bitch up and rubbed its cunt against Angie’s open cunt.

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   Three were lots of cracks from the crowd about two bitches in heat and so on, but it seemed to work as the once the bitch had been taken out of smelling distance, the dog transferred its attention to Angie’s cunt, starting to sniff it with heightened interest. With some further assistance they managed to push the dog’s cock into Angie’s cunt and soon it was enthusiastically fucking her.

Angie felt the animal penetrate her and gave a big shudder. She was actually having sex with a dog! Its cock was like a man’s cock in many ways but felt different, thinner and hotter. Then she felt it swell up inside her as streams of burning hot cum were ejaculated towards her uterus. It seemed huge and was hurting the delicate inside of her vaginal passage. Suddenly she panicked and desperately wanted to get the animal out of her. She tried to stand up but sank its teeth into her arm partly to try to dissuade the bitch from getting up and making it dangle from her by it’s cock, which the poor creature knew could have disastrous consequences, and partly to have something to hang on to so it would not off her.

The effect of biting her was catastrophic. The dogs claws were scratching into her, its cock was agonizing in her cunt and now it was biting her as well so Angie went into a blind panic. She managed to stand up with her legs open, pulling at the animal’s left front leg trying to get it off while she staggered around the platform, hindered by the chain to her ankle. The audience thought that it was totally hilarious to see the whore prancing around the platform with a dog hanging by its cock from her cunt. Her guards were not amused as they were very concerned that Angie would suffer permanent damage. They grabbed both of them, holding the dog so that its cock was no longer being stretched, and wrestled them to the ground. They held them there and turned the fire hose on them in an effort to cool the animal’s ardor so that Angie would be released.

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Twenty minutes later, Angie had recovered with minor damage, a pain in her vagina, scratches and some blue bruises on her arm from the dog’s teeth. The dog had slunk off to lick and nurse its stretched member vowing that if its cock ever recovered it would never use it on a human bitch again.

The main event

It was dark now and the poor lighting on the platform meant that all the males in the crowd could risk fucking Angie without any loss of dignity. Soon the queue stretched for over two kilometers as Angie got down to some serious fucking. The men at the back of the queue knew they had no chance of making Angie that night, but each made an agreement with the men in front and behind that they would take the same position in the queue tomorrow. That way eventually they would all get to use the bitch.

At nine pm Angie was due to stop servicing the male population of the town but when the Commandant came to see how things were going he decided to extend the time until midnight. The whore seemed to be coping quite well with the numbers. Although she was covered in sperm she was not showing any signs of distress. He had instructed the guard to give her breaks for food and water, to keep her comfortable. She seemed to be totally resigned to her function as a receptacle for cum and was enthusiastically embracing each new customer. More importantly, it was prime viewing time for members of Angie’s web club and he was charging them by the minute.

From then on the Commandant changed Angie’s hours with the town to between 2pm and 12pm, a move that was greatly appreciated by the men, who had been surprised that their womenfolk seemed to have no objection to them using the whore, partly because of their hatred of Angie and partly because they did not consider her to be a human female but merely a masturbation aid for their pathetic male partners.

By the end of the night, Angie had copulated with 63 men and a dog, which by her standards was a minor accomplishment.

The whore’s routine

After a few weeks, Angie’s services to the town formed a pattern.

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   She would always start out dressed but be undressed within the first hour or two. Sometimes men would fuck her or perform other sexual acts on her during daylight, but after a while it was only visitors to the town who were forced to use daylight hours as Angie was fully booked at night. During darkness she was kept busy servicing cocks in all her holes without respite, except for food and water. There were over 1500 men in the town and they worked out a system whereby they all got a turn at her eventually; although for any individual it was several weeks between fucks. Angie’s body seemed to have adjusted to the extraordinary level of sexual activity and she had no difficulty in coping with their demands provided that they were sensible. Anybody who stepped out of line was quickly dealt with by her guard.

The guard detail changed daily as men used their limited pay to bribe the sergeant. They always came to Angie’s cell well in advance of the time she was scheduled to be in town. They would go in one at a time to have sex with Angie. She always tried to make it good for them and enthusiastically complied with their desires as she needed them to protect her from drunken and unruly townsmen. Angie looked forward to the simple pleasures of eating and sleeping, while she accepted the endless parade of cocks as a service she provided. In a strange way she was proud of the sexual enjoyment and satisfaction she was able to provide to so many men and pitied their wives for not being able meet the demands of their spouses.

The worst part of Angie’s life was entertaining the soldiers on Tuesday and Saturday nights. Angie’s twice weekly performance in the Theatre Room usually started with a striptease and her playing with herself. The men had enjoyed her first night in the Theatre Room so much that they seemed to want endless repeats.

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   The size of her audience varied from as low as 300 on some Tuesdays to as high as 600 on some Saturdays. Here reputation had spread throughout the region and men came from great distances to see and fuck her. Increasingly the men were not even soldiers and many of the officers and NCOs in the garrison were getting rich selling illicit tickets to Angie’s show.

Her orifices would usually be filled by a hundred or so cocks during the evening and she found that she could cope quite well. Prior to the performance Angie always warmed up with her guard. As they were the first to use her cunt and her anus, she coated their cocks liberally with gel to ensure easy entry. After that, the lubrication from their cum made it easy for the men who followed.

After a while, Angie’s cunt rarely caused her any problems. It had been well stretched and unless a large cock was thrust into her too vigorously before she was sufficiently warmed up, she experienced little pain from her vaginal passage. Similarly her anus was easy to access. As it was used many times every day, Angie got into the habit of evacuating her bowels every morning before she was taken to the square. If necessary she took Epsom salts as a laxative to ensure that he colon was clean. The one thing she could not get used to was sucking a cock covered in her shit.

She had to suck many cocks each day, sometimes over a hundred and this was the most difficult part of her services. It wasn’t so bad if they let her use her hands as she became skilled at stroking cocks and holding it in her hands so that the man ejaculated without penetrating far into her mouth.

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   They liked to spray cum in her face, hair and breasts, but that did not hurt and was easily cleaned up. Frequently though, they would tie her up in some way so that she was helpless to protect her mouth and this was a recurrent nightmare for her.

Before she had started her new occupation, she had no idea just how much cum a man could produce. With her husband it had dribbled out of her vagina after sex, but she didn’t know how much had stayed inside her. Each time a man came in her mouth she knew only too well how much cum he produced and some men seemed to produce pints of creamy lumpy liquid. She became adept at coughing it out, but however skilled she was, much of it ended up being swallowed or worse still in her lungs.

She got used to the taste and texture, it was like eating a rather flavorless, salty and slightly rancid warm ice-cream. It varied from man to man; in some it was very runny and liquid like milk while in others it was thick like clotted cream. She enjoyed the cum of some of the younger men as it was almost sweet, but older men’s ejaculate could be sour.

Her problems with sucking cock were mainly breathing and the risk of choking, although her guard was always on the lookout for this and took quick action to clear her airways. Vomiting, due to swallowing excessive amounts of cum, was also a problem, as was bruising and damage to the tissues of her mouth, which happened when men held her head and fucked her mouth vigorously. Her guard always warned them about this, but in the heat of passion some men could not control themselves. On more than one occasion the culprit ended up with the butt of a rifle slammed into his face, which usually caused him to cum immediately before collapsing on the floor.

Angie could have bitten into cocks that were hurting her, and now that she was protected by her guard there would have been no reprisals for doing so. In fact she thought her guard would find it hilarious if she bit into a cock.

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   However, Angie did not bite and never objected to anything that she was told to do. She knew that she was a completely worthless whore, that her only function was to give men pleasure and that she always had to obey their orders without question.

Special services

While servicing the men was not too difficult, performing special tasks was often horrible for her. The Commandant and his lieutenant were endlessly devised ways of exploiting Angie’s commercial value which involved subjecting her to many different sexual perversions.

The biggest and most commercially successful of these was not, as it turned out, the most traumatic for Angie. The Commandant decided to attempt to break the record for the number of men a woman could fuck vaginally in one session. This stood at over 300 and the Commandant aimed to reach 400. The woman had to be awake, compliant and fully aware of what was being done to her throughout the performance and every man that fucked her had to reach a climax for his contribution to be counted. In previous attempts the men had worn condoms, but the Commandant specifically did not want this for Angie, mainly because he thought that it would be much more entertaining for her audience to see gallons of cum but also because the whore was not accustomed to condoms.

It was going to be a long session so he gave Angie two days holiday before the attempt. It had to be organized with military precision, but that was what the Commandant had been trained for. He would allow each man only 2 minutes in which to cum. Even then Angie would have to fuck continuously for 800 minutes or over 13 hours. This meant that her lovers had to be erect and close to cumming before they entered her, so they had to stand naked in a queue. Any man who climaxed early or lost his erection would be sent to the back of the queue.

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   Any man who failed to cum within the 2 minute period would have a large rubber dildo shoved up his ass. The Commandant had found that this invariably caused the man to cum at once, for physiological or psychological reasons that he could only guess at.

The record breaking attempt started at 11am in the morning, and Angie was laid naked on her back on a mattress on a table looking up at a monitor so she could watch her performance. Her buttocks were supported by a cushion on the edge of the table so that her cunt was at cock height and easily accessible. He legs were held wide apart in two stirrups attached to wooden stands, so that each man could easily walk between them. There were the usual array of lights and cameras to record the session.

It took nearly 17 hours to break the record and reach 400. The garrison doctor kept Angie awake with stimulants while she watched and felt man after man and cock after cock enter her and shoot his load. There was a lot of cum running out of her and all over the floor but Angie’s well trained cunt performed so well that she was extremely happy to have achieved a world record with so little trouble.

The Commandant was even happier. He produced what he considered to be his finest DVD. This broke more records and became the highest selling porn movie of all time, more popular even than the fabled ‘Deep Throat’. The great advantage of DVD was that each time a cock entered Angie; a small window would show the vital statistics of the cock and its owner. So interesting information such as the size and shape of the cock, the age and name of its owner would be available, as well as ancillary details such as how many women he had fucked previously and how many times he had fucked Angie so far.

While breaking the record was not as bad as Angie had feared, it was the lieutenant who directed her worst experience, mainly due to his unusually perverted tastes.

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   He had Angie dressed in a white dress with white underwear and sat her on the stage at a table with a white starched tablecloth. The table was laid with a large dinner plate, knife and fork, together with the usual condiments and an empty jug and drinking glass. Angie had no idea what was expected of her until one of the soldiers waiting in the wings of the stage came out, climbed up on the table, undid his pants, pulled them down, and presented Angie with his bare ass hovering over the plate. With some straining and a repulsive odour he ejected a large brown lump of excrement on to the plate. Then Angie knew what she had to do and that it was necessary for her to do it to prove what a loathsome slut she was.

She picked up the knife and fork, cut a piece of the turd off and placed it in her mouth. It was still hot and very sticky but despite the repulsive taste and smell, she managed to swallow it. It was very hard going for her. After placing each forkful of shit in her mouth, it tasted so repugnant that she had difficulty in swallowing it. Consequently, she kept the shit in her mouth for a long time swishing it around with her tongue. Angie had always been fastidiously clean in her eating and it was distressing to her that she kept getting brown excrement on her lips or dribbling out of the corners of her mouth. Her audience was at the same time fascinated and disgusted with the thing they saw on stage eating fresh shit.

Angie had to have a drink to help her get the shit down and the man whose shit she was eating obliged her by pissing in the empty jug. She did not want to drink his urine, but it was the only way in which she could clear the sticky shit from the sides of the mouth. Strangely she felt stirrings of sexual excitement at having to drink the man’s piss.

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   She was discovering new things about herself. She liked to drink piss?? She found that drinking warm piss was not too unpleasant and much better than having shit coating your mouth.

She ate platefuls of shit from 3 men, but the fourth was too much for her. Already her stomach was heaving with the load of manure it contained, but the fourth man had small white round worms in his crap. As soon as she saw them her stomach turned over and she brought up everything she had eaten.

At the insistence of the lieutenant, and knowing that it was the best thing for her, she tried several times to eat the repugnant shit with worms but each time she could not keep it down.
Seeing that this ultimate degradation was not completely successful the lieutenant had to satisfy his obsession with faeces by having Angie tied up and slowly stripped from her white clothing while men defecated directly on to her face, breasts and vagina, until she was covered completely in shit. He then had her washed clean by men urinating on her naked body.

The shit session was a horrible experience for Angie and she had nightmares about it for weeks afterwards. Then the lieutenant arranged a similar session for Angie, but this time had her bathed in cum. This was not nearly as unpleasant for her. She had to sit naked in a bath on stage while men masturbated and ejaculated all over her. Soon she was covered in strings of white sticky cum, but Angie was used to this and it did not concern her greatly. Eventually the bath was nearly full of cum and the lieutenant kindly pushed her head down until she disappeared into the mixture. She came up coughing and spluttering panicking as she had thought that she would drown in cum.

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   Her only compensation was later when she was proud of being one of the few women in the world to have been totally immersed in sperm.

For six month’s Angie had been entertaining the soldiers, the townsmen and millions of viewers of her DVDs, VCDs, videotapes and web pages. The Commandant and his henchmen were extremely rich, but were hooked on exploiting Angie even more. They were very fond of her; she had become a completely subjugated and compliant sex slave who could be used for any purpose they wished. There were always a few of Angie’s fans who thought that making a Snuff movie would be the ultimate achievement for her and while he was attracted by the idea of having Angie fucked to death, the Commandant could not bring himself to kill the goose that when laid produced such lovely golden eggs.

The journalist

One warm afternoon, Angie was lying on the bed on the platform in the centre of the square. She was still fully clothed in a dress which unbuttoned down the front, bra and panties. She was stretched out with her wrists and ankles tied with leather thongs to the corners of the bed. It was siesta time and very quiet, none of the townspeople were around and her guard was dozing. Out the corner of her eye she saw a stranger approach her. This was not unusual as visitors to the town always came to view her and usually had sex with her.

The man was small and tanned and wore a cowboy hat with one side pinned up. He took lots of photos of her from various angles and then a whole series while he unbuttoned her dress. She could see that he had a hard on with his cock budging against his pants. He slowly pulled her bra straps down photographing all the time.


   He had two very expensive looking camera’s, one digital and the other very bulky, he even had two aluminum coated umbrellas which he arranged to reflect light on to Angie’s body. When he pulled the cups of her bra down to reveal her nipples she could see from the sweat on his forehead that he was very excited. He took many photos of her breasts including close-ups of her nipples with the big camera. He kept changing film with this camera and had already got through 10 rolls when he started to pull her panties down.

He spent about 15 minutes photographing her panties coming off. He had to cut them at the sides with his pocket knife as her feet were wide apart. She couldn’t see what he was doing but she felt him open the lips of her vagina wide and spend much time pulling at her flesh and putting his fingers in her while taking more photos.

Then she saw that his excitement had become too much for him, he had unzipped his pants and had his hard cock out. He was fumbling in his pocket and produced a condom which he proceeded to put on. This was very different. Angie had fucked many thousands of men in the last 6 months but not one had used a condom. The man climbed on top of her and still wearing his hat, inserted his cock into her cunt. He started fucking her vigorously and after about 10 minutes he let out a long moan as he came.

As he lay there on top of her exhausted, Angie was thinking that it was nice to have something to do on an otherwise empty afternoon, but then there was nothing special about this man, when he said “You are American aren’t you?” It took her a few moments to realize that he had spoken in English. Her eyes widened and she replied “You speak English?” Her voice filled with excitement.

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   “Well no, Australian actually” he drawled.

As he lay on top of her they talked. Her guard were too far away to hear them and after a while the man whose name was Bill, got a second wind and fucked her again. He explained that he was a photo journalist and he had been investigating the porn trade in Australia. He had visited her web site and bought copies of her DVD’s, who hadn’t. Nobody seemed to know who she was or where the movies were taken, but he had gone to great lengths to find out. Eventually he had managed to enlarge part of the background of some video of Angie in the square and decipher the name on a shop. It had taken him 3 weeks to find a town in a remote location high up in the Andes which might have been the one in the DVD. He had struck lucky when he arrived that morning to find Angie tied up in the public square.

Angie told him her whole story. He was very excited, he had the scoop of a lifetime and the female was a good screw he could use as much as he liked. When Angie told him about the Trophy Room, he asked if he could get into it to take some photos. She said that he could probably bribe the sergeant but it would have to be a big bribe for him to take such a risk.

After about an hour, her guards were stirring and men were beginning to filter into the square ready for Angie’s nightly session. Bill said he had to go but would come back to see her at the same time tomorrow.

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   Throughout her night’s performance she could see him hovering in the background taking hundreds of photos with a huge telescopic lens.

As promised, the next day he came back and told her he was going to the Trophy Room that night. She was not tied up and he timidly asked her if he could fuck her in her ass. She readily agreed as she preferred ass fucking when men had bad breath and asked him to put some gel on as she had dried out from her guard’s cum. He finished in her mouth, but he was very gentle with her so she was quite comfortable with him.

The next day, after fucking her, Bill told her very enthusiastically that he had got wonderful photos of the Trophy Room and better still he had copies of many of the photos stored in the Room. He said that he would be leaving the next day and that he would go to New York where he would sell his story and the photos to every major magazine in the world. There would be huge publicity for Angie which would help to get her released from her hellish sexual slavery. He did not add that there would be a huge amount of money for him as the story would be the hottest of all time.

Angie was very upset and concerned when she heard of his plans. At least everything that had happened to her had occurred in a small and remote town. She didn’t want friends and people at her office to see her nude or learn what had happened to her. Bill could hardly believe that she could be so naïve. He patiently explained to her that not only would her friends and guys in the office have already seen her nude but also fucking thousands of men. Angie was horrified when she discovered how exposed she had been.

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   She asked him what magazines would publish her and he said he would go for front covers in Time and Newsweek, the girly magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse would do whole spread’s on her including centerfolds (he had large format photos of her which could be blown up to life size or even larger), the newspapers would show her, and of course TV, the possibilities were endless. He got her to sign a contract he had drawn up on his laptop making him her manager and giving him exclusive rights to photos and videos of her. He promised Angie that he would get her out of the mess she was in and that she could make a lot of money touring the world as everybody would want to see her.

Then Bill asked Angie if he could take some photos of her fucking. She was surprised as he already had a vast number of photos of her fucking and asked him why. He said he wanted to use his large format camera so that the photos could be blown up to billboard size if required.

Bill produced a young boy of about 13 to fuck her as he wanted the contrast in age and experience as well as to do a piece about her being forced to fuck children. This was very easy for Angie as she had fucked many young boys who were always keen, with small cocks that came quickly. Then he got a disgusting old beggar to fuck her, who smelt and was dirty with rotten teeth. Although he was not as nice as the small boy, Angie had fucked the man several times previously and managed to put up with the smell, making a mental note to get Ella to put some insecticide in her hair wash tomorrow morning.

Bill left the town and things got back to normal.

The price of fame

Three months later Bill came back with exciting news, she had made the front cover of Time and Newsweek, a rare honour. All the girly magazines and newspapers had gone to town on her. He had contracts galore to do photo spreads of her when she got back to civilization. Getting her back was proving to be a problem.

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   Angie was too valuable for him to let the rest of the news rabble locate her, so he had deliberately implied that she was somewhere in Asia and at this moment many news teams were scouring thousands of islands in the Philippines, looking for her. At the same time, the only way he could see of getting her released was to put political pressure on the government of this god forsaken country.

In great secrecy he had used contacts in the Australian Government to let the US Government know where Angie was being held. It was a very delicate situation as the US Government was about to complete an agreement with the country in which Angie was being held, to stop the production and export of drugs which were currently flooding the American market. The CIA had facilitated this agreement through generous gifts to the president of this country and it would be in neither party’s interest to have a great deal of publicity over Angie at this point in the negotiations.

Top brass

President Alphonse Diego was standing with Generalissimos Ortonda looking out of one of the palace windows. They were admiring Ortonda’s new red Ferrari. The President invited Ortonda to join him for a trip in his new boat, the term he used to describe his new 140 meter luxury cruiser anchored ostentatiously in the harbor.

Abruptly changing the subject the president murmured “We have to do something about your man Navarre in San Pedro, this porn racket he has is causing me great trouble with the Americans. Something about an American girl he is using as a sex slave? I do not want American media involved. It must be done quietly. You understand?”

“Yes Mister President, I have it in hand. Commandant Navarre has been very generous to us both over the years, but now he has agreed to retire. He has already arranged to move to his villa in the Bahamas. The girl was involved with the rebel leader Juan, who has also been very helpful with the marijuana crop this year.

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   I shall see if he can assist with her. ”

The President nodded and went back to smoking his Cuban cigar and trying to work out whether he had sufficient sound proofing the stateroom of his new boat.


It was just over a year since Angie had been made prisoner and started her life as a sex slave, when the Commandant came to Angie’s cell and explained to her that he was retiring from the military. As a parting gift he would set her free. She was to be taken over the mountains to another town where a bus would take her back to civilization. An Australian journalist who had helped to arrange her freedom would travel with her to ensure her safety.

Their escort was minimal, just the driver of the jeep and another soldier on a motorbike traveling behind them. They both seemed very nervous as they slowly made their way through the thickly wooded winding track. Bill sat beside her, the buttons of her blouse were undone and he was playing with her left breast which he had pulled out of the cup of her bra. Occasionally he would bend over to suck her nipple. Angie didn’t mind at all, she was used to the attention to her tits and felt neglected without it.

Bill had yet another hard on and was deliriously happy. Tonight he would fuck her several times at the hotel and take more photos of her. He had never had a woman who was so completely compliant and with such lovely tits. He had already made a small fortune out of her and he would make even more as he fucked and photographed her in the best hotels in all the major cities in the world.

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   He would make her wear very revealing clothes to maintain her publicity and he thought that he could hire her out to many wealthy people who would pay well to have sex with the famous American whore Angie.

Suddenly the jeep screeched to a halt. A tree was blocking the track. For some unknown reason the driver jumped out of the vehicle, ran back to the motorbike traveling behind and scrambled on to the pillion seat. The bike turned around and disappeared at high speed bouncing back down the track with both of their escorts clinging on as though the devil was chasing them.
Then Bill saw the reason for their desertion. Six men dressed in camouflaged fatigues had surrounded the jeep with automatic weapons aimed at them. They were all handsome, with long curly black beards, and looked very serious. The leader walked toward the jeep and broke into a broad smile, his perfect white teeth contrasting with his tanned skin and dark features. Angie wailed “Juan” and reached out towards him a picture of happiness.

Hours later a dejected Bill was standing alone at a crossroads in the middle of nowhere. He had been told that a bus should come through later that day or possibly the next day. Angie had been overwhelmed to see her lover, Juan the famous rebel leader, and had gone off with him to some hideout in the mountains leaving Bill to mourn his losses.

Angie held Juan’s hand for the rest of that day as she gazed at him with eyes full of love and adoration. He looked so commanding and handsome and seemed happy to be reunited with her.

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   They had passed through a minor boarder post, at which the guards greeted Juan as an old friend, and into another country that she had never even heard off. Apparently it was very small and isolated in the middle of the Andes. In the evening they arrived at a medium sized town with 8,000 inhabitants and booked in for the night at a very gaudy tavern.

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Exhausted, Angie had gone to her room at 6pm and bathed before changing into a very pretty nightdress that somebody had thoughtfully left for her. Juan had said that he too was tired and would come to bed early, but already she had waited two hours and she was feeling very neglected. For the past year she had continuous male attention throughout her waking hours and now without it she was lonely. Even so, Angie was so excited that at last she would make love to Juan.

At the same time she was very worried that after she had fucked so many men he would not like her. She knew that she was a common whore and not worthy of him and thought that her vagina was probably too loose to satisfy him. She hoped that he would be rough with her as that was what she was used to.

It was 8pm as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs, she adjusted the bodice of her nightgown so that a little more cleavage was exposed, put on her prettiest smile and waited for Juan to open the door.

He always came to this brothel when he was in town. The whores were ugly and exhausted but cheap. He had not washed now for nearly a week as he had been busy getting his pigs ready for market, walking them through 50 miles of muddy tracks and then selling them. He had made good money though and tonight he would spend some of it on a good fuck.

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He was especially lucky as the madam had told him she had a new girl tonight, an American girl who would be big enough to take him. This was good news as there were few girls at the brothel he could fuck due to the size of his cock, which was unusually large. Twice now girls he had fucked had been forced to take a week off work to recover. He had paid the madam extra money for the honour of being first with the new girl, she had agreed saying it would be a good test for the new whore, if she could take him she could take anything.

As he stumped up the stairs he thought how lucky he was to be first, there were another 20 peasant farmers like him downstairs waiting for their turn with the new girl. If she was as good as the madam said she would be very busy.

He paused at the heavy oak door and opened it.

As the door opened, Angie’s trepidation peaked. The man who clumped heavily in was not Juan but some dirty looking smelly pock marked peasant with a week’s stubble on his jowls. She felt shocked and betrayed; this was like a continuation of the nightmare of the past year.

He looked at Angie with a sheepish grin, undid his pants and dropped them off. He discarded his grimy underwear and walked towards Angie who was lying on the bed in a pretty lace nightgown. His cock was rigid with excitement at the lovely female body he could see through the thin garment.
Angie looked at the oaf’s hard penis. It was huge, she gasped catching her breath.

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   It would be lovely to have that in her. A slut and whore like her would be honored to bring such a cock to a climax. Then it dawned on her that this place was not a tavern but a brothel. She had thought that the ladies in the bar downstairs wore a lot of makeup and cheap perfume. So once again she was condemned to be a whore. She hoped that there would be more men like this one waiting for her downstairs so that she would not be lonely anymore and would be doing a worthwhile job that was within her limited talents. Looking at this man the clientele of the brothel must be very basic which was all a slut like her deserved.

Smiling she lifted the hem of her nightdress up over her cunt and tits and pulled it off her head. She opened her legs wide and murmured “Come to mummy baby. ”

The end

This is my first story and I would greatly value any comments you may have which could help me do a better job next time.

A version of this story in pdf format illustrated with nude photos of the real Angie is available free from the author. Email [email protected] com