This is a real incident, which has happened few years back, only the names of people and places are changed. Dilip a medium built person  5ft 9 in very fair in complexion and a fit body, very attractive futures aged about 30 years, and his wife Monica a very very pretty lady of 27 years 5ft 5in a very delicate figure ,looks as if made of rose petals and fresh cream Thin but a very elegant structure with 34in bust, and the one who knows how to carry herself most elegantly and delicately, and graciously. Her skin is of golden colour and you feel if you touch her the skin may get soiled. She is the one type who hardly speaks, always with a smile on her face.  You can swear that there can’t be any male or female one who can avoid falling in love with her the minute they see her. And they can never forget her nor the few moments they spent around with her, That’s the power of attraction she carries. . They have a daughter Nelia aged 6years equally pretty doll gone over her parents. Dilip and Monica were friends in college and when they proposed to each other and approached there parents they consented without a word and celebrated the wedding with a lot of pomp and show. Dilips parents are of a very rich background, with lots of assets and a textile mill and a granite factory. Monica used to attend the office along with her husband until she conceived, after that she confined her self to the child care and home. Both Dilips parents died in a car accident, leaving behind lots of responsibility on Dilip.  They live in one of the poshest of colonies in a palasious house spread over an acre land with six bed rooms. . They have a south Indian cook Narayan aged about 50 who lives in the servant quarters and has been with the family for over 20 years, his wife takes care of the entire kitchen and all other odd jobs in the house. There is is an aaya Lakshmi who looks after Nelia and is with her all the time; she loves the kid as much as the parents do.

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  They have a watchman cum garner couple  Govind and Gita  staying in the servant quarters. Drive Madhu also stays in the servant quarters. All the servants and staff are all fed from the common kitchen Dilip leaves for office in the morning and comes back in the evening; he has his lunch in the office. They have three cars ,a Mercedes which Dilip uses, a Skoda for Monica and Nelia, and a Maruti van for the staff to go for purchases and do odd jobs,. Dilip does not like Monica driving though she can drive. He allows her to drive the car only to the school and back, which is hardly two roads away.  If Monica has to go out any were he leaves his driver and drives his car by himself to office. Monica as soon as Dilip leaves for office takes ayah and Nelia to school and drop them their and picks them after one o clock. The school is only for half day. She leaves ayah Lakshmi at the school so that she can be of help in case her daughter needs. . Monica has very few friends, she loves reading and you ll find her reading all the time. She spends most of the time reading and forgets the surrounding while reading . She hardly watches TV too. Monica had an appointment with the beauty parlor between 10 and 12 pm, and asked Dilip to leave behind the driver.

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   Monica is a early riser she gets ready early and arranges for Dilip and Nelia's clothes, breakfast and all there requirements. As Dilip left for office, Monica got ready in her yellow silk sari and along with Nelia and ayah got into the car. She has told driver Madhu the previous day itself to be ready and take her to the parlor after dropping the kid to school. As usual she carries a book or two to read in the car and the parlor After dropping Nelia at the school, and bidding her bye, she was on her way to the parlor. She opened her book and finding the book mark she got engrossed in reading. The car stopped and Madhu came around and held the door open for her to get down. She suddenly realized that they have reached the destination, closed her book and got down.  She looked around and felt she is in a basement parking, she looked around and couldn't find any entrance how the car came in. Before she could say or ask anything Madhu ran further and held open the door to the building [the only one she could see]. She walked ahead unknowingly and entered a large room looking very familiar. She did not understand were she is and turned around to enquire. Madhu with both his hands folded in the front and bent a little forward obediently ,said ' madam I wanted to show you the place sir(he addresses Dilip as Sir) has built for me in the farm, just to surprise you and take your advise I have brought you here. He also told her that all this furniture is what was in your bed room before you refurbished the same. He said Sir has given me all this and asked me to use.  So i have arranged all of them the same way they were in your bedroom.

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   And asked How do you like it madam'Monica did not like the idea of him bringing her here,and the thought of Dilip giving all her old furniture to the driver to use . But she controlled her self and looked around. The bed and its side table, her dressing table her aircon, her wardrobe are all there very neatly polished and paintedShe suddenly realized that the ac is on and must have been on for over hours as the room is chilled.  She has seen her mini refrigerator also in one corner. Every thing is well arranged; even the bed is covered with a flawless white crisp sheet.  She turned towards Madhu to ask something. Madhu was there with folded hands standing there asked 'madam why don't you please sit down for a min' he requested showing the single seater she recognized ,in which she must have spent hours reading books when it was in her room. She slowly moved towards it and sat in it. Madhu went to the refrigerator and took out a real Orange pack, and poured into a glass, and brought very obediently holding it at the bottom with both his hands to her and stretched it towards her, requesting. S he took the glass and had a sip of the cool juice, which was refreshing. Madhu was explaining how hard he worked to bring the furniture to shape and place them exactly as they were in her place, while she sat sipping the drink listening to him and nodding. She was looking at him, and in her mind she was thinking how this guy developed such good taste to arrange the furniture so well. She never couldn't imagine that Madhu could have such good taste. She looked at him once again, a very masculine body 5ft 10in, not very fair but wheatish complexion around 30 to 35 yrs neatly dressed in pure White uniform, presentable. Her husband is very particular that all his staff are dressed neat and clean.

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  She has finished sipping her drink, and said 'let’s go' and got up from her seat.  Madhu went to the other wall opened the curtain over the window to show the view. Nice mango trees all in rows can be seen . The end of the line cant be seen as the farm is stretched over 40 acres A beautiful view. She walked towards the window to look at the wonderful scenery. She almost tripped as a reeling sensation hit her. She composed herself and went to the window to look at the scenery. but hardly before she could reach the window her delicate body collapsed towards the floor. but Madhu was quick enough to gather her in his strong arms before the feather light body touched the floor. He delicately carried her to the large bed and laid her on it and adjuster her posture to a comfortable position. Looking at her from the side of the bed admiringly, thought what a beauty she is. she was looking like a cute sleeping angle. His hands were trembling, he moved slowly towards her and came close to her and planted a kiss on the sleeping angels lips. He opened her purse and took out her cell phone at put it in silent modeHe was feeling top of the world for the little kiss he stole. He has been working for them for over five years.

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   All these years he adored her beauty and must have shagged over a few hundred times imagining her. But never gave away any clue to his master, mistress or any servant at home. He switched on t both the video camera's he has installed to cover every movement. He slowly unwrapped her from her silk sari and folded it carefully and put that in the wardrobe. Looking at her just in her blouse and skirt, he couldn't resist any further, he took her head into his hands delicately and planted kisses all over her face and ended sucking the honey out of her lips. Her breast he never imagined that they could be that large. He started unbuttoning her blouse with trembling hands and undid both, the blouse and the bra to get her naked above. The cream white breasts open to the chilled air were looking like two soft butter balls.  He stared sucking on one and pressing the other. He suddenly got up and pealed of all his dress and in absolute naked he stood there with his 7 in long and very thick tool standing straight like a flag pole. He opened her petticoat and pulled it also off along with the thin panty she was wearing.  Now she is like a snow angel lying on the bed, looking at whom there can not be either a women or a man who will not go crazy. Same thing happened to Madhu. He looked at her naked body and was greeting himself for his great fortune. Surprisingly he found a big bush of hair around her mound.

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   Which he thought a modern lady like her would have shaven.  He pulled a news paper under her thin buttocks and spread her legs and felt the silky hair, it was real soft as silk, He pulled a razor out of the draw nearby and shaved the wonderful mount smooth and clean. He pulled the paper out and rolled all the silk into it and tucked all that in his wardrobe.  He also folded the petticoat, blouse bra and the pantry carefully and locked them up in the ward robe along with the sari and dropped the keys in his trouser pocket which was lying on the floor. He took out a digital camera and took a hundred shots of her and every part of her from every angle possible. He now slowly settled next to her on the bed and started sucking the honey of her thin lipshe suck her both the globes at leisure and by now his tool is as hot as a iron he brought it close to her  newly shaven glowing opening but the entrance was so small  the head also couldn't not enter. He pulled out a Vaseline bottle from the drawer applied generously all over his too and all around the walls of her love hole. Then he inserted a finger into her love hole and started playing with her clit. There seem to be a movement in the body and she spread her legs wider in her sleep and he could also feel the wetness growing in her opening. He spread both her legs and put each on his shoulders and spread her to the maximum without causing any pain.  He brought his tool close to her opening and started rubbing it on it and slowly placed it at the entrance and pushed a little, though not easily the head of the tool entered her. That itself made Madhu feel on top of the world. He then slowly started moving in, at a very slow pace, he did not want his delicate darling be hurt. Slowly his tool started entering like a piston in the tight cylinder. Her skin must have torn at a place or two in spite of the care he has been takeing.

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  He was entering her like a butter knife entering a soft butter. Her walls clung to his tool tighter then a skin fit. He almost entered her and with last push he was fully in her.  Now he stooped there enjoying the fullness for a while and started stroking at a very slow pace he can feel the response of her cut walls oozing little by little and allowing the tool to move freely.  he started increasing the pace steadily and reached a pace he could feel come through all the wall around his tool  the warmth he felt he knew that her body is fully responding to him and cooperating. He could not hold any longer and thrust his tool to deeper depths and flood her with loads of his hot fluid. He could feel the response too. He layed inside her for some more time not putting any weight on her body and holding his weight on his hands and sucking her lips again. He could see her struggling to open her eyes, and with lots of effort she could open her eyes a little. Nothing has registered in her mind. She could see the face of Madhu close to hers, but the mind did not register any.  Madhu got up hurriedly got dressed locked the outside door and pulled the car out and rushed to the school  He picked up Nelia and the aaya Lakshmi and dropped them home and rushed back to the farm house. The farm house consists of one bedroom attached to a car garage which has a remote door, which can be operated sitting in the car. The door can be opened and closed with it. Once closed the door looks like a plain wall.

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  Their inside Monica gained conscious and was trying to recollect were and what she has been doing.   She tried to get up but the body was not cooperating. She found herself tucked inside the blanketWhile feeling herself she realized she is naked under the sheet of cloth. She was terrified  Her womb was hurting and she tried to put her hand to it, and found it strange it wasn't hers, there was no hair and she could feel a smooth mound wet with sperm all over. She was confused and could not recollect anything in the tension, and her throat was absolutely dry. She was feeling thirsty and looked around, she could see refrigerator in the corner. With  lots of effort she collect herself up and rapped the  sheet around and put a few steps towards the freezer Her veginal skin at the opening has torn and is hurting; tears were rolling down her cheeks. She opened the refrigerator and found nothing but the orange juice packet. She opened it and had a sip which gave relief and she gulped a little, which gave her a little more energy.  She took the packet and sat on the bed sipping and trying to recollect what has happened. She could recollect Madhu bringing her into this place and offering her the juice. She had a big gulp of the drink and suddenly remembered that this drink could be the reason for the damage. IT was too late for her to realize her mistake. She felt sleep takeover and leaned back on the bed and dozed off. .

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  Madhu just unlocked the main door and walked in very timidly, but finding his madam in sleep, he felt relieved. he went close to the bed and adjusted her body comfortable on the bed. he went back and put the fruits and the coffee flask which he has brought along on his way back, on the dressing table, and came back to the bed to look at his pretty angel in deep sleep.  He bent down and kissed her deep on her lips. The kiss was SO strong that she would have woken up if it was a normal sleep.  Madhu hurriedly peeled of all his clothes and sat next to the bed on the floor. he held both her legs with both his hands and pulled her close to himself, took both her legs on one on each shoulder ,her thighs resting on his shoulders, and his face inches away from her mound. He held her waist with both his palms under and pressed his face into her love hole. He put his tongue to the clit, and started rolling it on it, slowly and steadily.  He could feel a slight movement of her body responding to his tickle.  He stretched his hands further and started massaging both her breasts,.  He now started licking the outer line of her cunt and inserted his tongue deep into it and started rolling it in it. He must have hit the g spot in the process; he could feel liquid oozing out the walls and started licking it . He could feel her body go through convolutions, and respond vigorously to his action, she started pressing her mound to his face, still in her sleep. Encouraged by this he increased the speed of his tongue inside the love hole.

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   with this the delicate body could not take more and started tossing up herself. Madhu now slowly moved up and put his rock hard hot tool close to her opening and started rubbing it along the Walls of her opening and the clit. Her body went through one more convulsion and in the process pressed her mound towards his tool, which this time went in much easier then before. Her face showed an expression of pain, but not for much longer. He moved into her fully and held it there for long enough for her to feel comfortable . then he started pumping her for which she responded by clasping both her legs around him. This continued for a few minutes more and Madhu could feel her come and couldn't hold himself any longer and filled her with his hot cum.  Both were exhausted by now and Madhu could see her coming to conscious, she slowly opened her eyes and saw Madhu close to her, and couldn't understand immediately, what the situation is. With all her effort she pushed him aside . Madhu got up opened the wardrobe took out her clothes and belongings and left them on the bed, and without even looking at her he started wearing his clothes and disappeared through the door. Monica gained conscious and realized what she was subjected to. Her eyes were full and she couldn't control the tears rolling down her cheeks. She turned to her side and found her clothes neatly folded. She hurriedly opened them wore her panty and bra, then her blouse and petticoat. She struggled to get up from the bed and started wearing her sari.


   Her mind stopped thinking; only thing on her mind was to get out of the place at the earliest. She looked her self in the mirror through her water filled eyes. She hurriedly combed her hair, took her hand bag and books and rushed to the door to run away from the place.  There she found no exit ,but her car was there with  Madhu standing at the opened back door of the car holding the handle ,his head bowed down. . She had no option and she got into the back seat and Madhu closed the door and rushed to the driving seat. He took out a remote and opened the exit door which was all the time appearing like a blank wall. He pulled the car out and, with the remote closed the door. She looked out of the window, and could recognize it to be her mango farm, which she hasn't visited recently.  Madhu without a word spead the car towards home and was there in less then 15 minutes. He pulled the car into the porch and ran around to open the rear door and held it open for her to get down. Monica got down and without looking at him walked into the hose. Nelia was playing with her pl ado and her aaya sitting around. Monica didn't stop to greet any of them and rushed to her bed room and collapsed on it. Aaya who never saw her madam walking away like this rushed behind her to enquire what was wrong.

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   Monica told her that she has splitting headache and asked her to get her a hot coffee. Aaya rang the kitchen ordered the coffee and gave Monica an aspirin to swallow along with chilled water. Monica was moved by her concern took the pill and swallowed and at one stroke had the entire glass of water, and thanked aaya with filled eyes and asked her to be left alone for a while as she needs rest. In the mean time the cook brought her coffee steaming hot, which she had like a cold coffee and gave back the empty. The staffs were surprised to see that and preferred to leave her alone and closed the door behind them while leaving. Monica didn't know what her course of action to be now, she is all confused, The first thing occurred to her was why Dilip didn't call all through the day at all, which is unlike him. She picked her phone out of her purse and found that in silent mode, she switched that on to normal. There were more then five missed calls from Dilip She was wondering how and what she should tell Dilip. Or complain to the police. Then what will be the repercussions,  She couldn't decide what to do, what Dilip’s reaction will be like. Will he understand the situation which she herself is not properly aware of or will he discard her. She knows how possessive he is of her. There was a message flashing on her mobile and she opened it. Its from Dilip 'Darling  I tried to reach you but your cell was not responding. I spoke to Madhu our driver who told me that you were in the beauty parlor.

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   I have to attend a urgent meeting at Mumbai and am rushing to the airport. I ll try to come back in the night by the last flight, failing tomorrow. Love you tons Dilip'. Monica got up from her bed and wanted to have a shower . she walked towards the wash room. as she entered the wash room she closed the door behind and left the hot water tap open in the tub. She started removing her clothes one by one and as she removed her bra she observed the nipples are red and her breast are bruised at places and were paining. She tried to remove her pantry and felt that to be unusually heavy. She pulled it down witch was soaked wet and is full of discharge and a few blood stains.  She did not want To look at it, she dumped it into the sink and left the water tap on it and washed it to the best she could and dumped into the chamber were they drop the soiled clothes . She was about to get into the tub, she saw a reflection of her in the mirror and turned to see. She very rarely see’s herself in the mirror nude. . She feels shy to do so,. This time when she looked into the mirror she found something strange that’s why she gazed into it.

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   She looked around to see if anyone around is watching. When she looked at her mound she was surprised to see its new look. Absolute bald. How is this possible, she was wondering, but her thought process couldn’t reach her any ware? She has in all her life never saw herself at that place in the mirror, except looking at her self directly. In fact she has never allowed Dilip, in spite of his repeated requests to have a peep at it due to her shyness. Now she is looking at it in new shape and new form, She put her hand to it, and found to have a strange feeling. she ran her palm over it and felt so smooth and nice. She parted her legs a little and could feel that some fluid is flowing out of it. she put her finger to the lips of her pussy which were burning with pain. she walked into the tub and opened the shower after adjusting the temperature. And moved under it. She felt great reliefs pass through her and was under the water for over five minutes. She soaped her body and washed her self part by part. Her eyes were full again with the thought that a third person has seen her and the thought what all he might have done to her. She closed her eyes still weeping under the shower.

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   She cut the taps and walked out of the tub and dried her self. She was feeling relived, she didn't want to think of the night mare incident she went through. She has no one close with whom she can confess the subject, even if she has does not know how safe that is. She walked out of the wash room raped in her towel and got dressed into a blue sari. She did not want to think of what happened. Suddenly she started feeling hungry …. .    
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