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i have this dream of have to fuck my boss to keep my job. . . he calls me into his office. . . . And tells me to make sure the door is locked. . . . after expalining the problem to me he tells me that the only way i am going to be able to keep my job is if i do exactly what he says hugtheplag: So of course i do. . . . I am told to pull off my pants and underwear and bend over his desk directly infront of him.

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  . . . then he tells me to spread my legs and keep them that way. . . . hugtheplag: i hear him more a little and then i feels something rubbing my mound. . . its not his hand or his prick. . . it is something else. .

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  . . then i feel whatever it is roughly push into my pussy. . . and he starts to ufck me with it. . . . He is telling me i better get wet soon and enjoy this or he will have no choice but to fire me. . . So i let myself go. . .

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   He say that he can feel me getting wet so it was now time for him to have some fun. . . I feel his fingers dip into my pussy and gather up soem of my juices. . . then he says dont move. . . . He spread my ass cheeks apart and starts rubbing my asshole. . . Slowly working one finger in then two. .

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  . Then i feel him spit on my hole. . . . Then with out warning his fingers are gone. . . . and he shoves his entire cock deep in my ass. . . I want to scream but i wont because others might hear. . .

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   So i take him pounding my ass. . . He says you arent allowed to cum. . . . i better not feel you cum. . . He gets a rythm going and it is actulaly begining to feel good. . . then he cums. .

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  . . all in my ass. . . I am full of his hot sticky cum. . . . Then i feel him pull out. . . . He tells me to sit on his desk and turn around so he can see my pussy. .

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  . . He wants me to make myself cum for him. . . So i get comfy and start diddling my clit and sopping pussy. . . . then he starts finger fucking me hugtheplag: slowly adding a finger at a time. . . then he says i will get this whole hand in your pussy. . .

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  . and i feel him push his hand in . . . . he starts fucking my with his hand. . . going deeper and deeper. . . . then i explode. . .

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   but he keeps going and i cant stop cumming.