Not A Saint


I watched as she walked over to the front desk obviously asking for directions. I was completely hypnotized by her elegance and grace. I'd never seen such a pretty girl before. Just looking at her was making my cock begin to rise. She was talking to the receptionist for a while and then proceeded to head towards the elevators. I watched as she walked slowly, letting me admire every curve she had. She passed by me and gave me a kind and warm smile.

"Hello," she said softly and walked on by.

I was speechless and felt paralyzed. This girl took my breath away and I knew I had to have her one way or another. I kept my eye on her until the elevator door closed. No other woman in that building had ever spoken to me before. They were all stuck up rich bitches that only spoke to wealthy men. But there was something different about this girl. She had something those other women didn't have and it wasn't just because of her age, but something that was hidden deep down.

For the next few days, all I could think about was that lovely girl dressed in brown that I had seen.

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   I'd jacked off to her curvaceous body several times. I just kept thinking what she looked like naked. What she would say as I took her, making her cum. Fuck! This girl was in for a treat. I just had to find her again.

One afternoon, I was cleaning up one of the main boss' office, when I heard that soft sweet voice I'd heard a few days ago. I turned around to see that beautiful girl that had been dressed in brown. Today she was dressed in a navy blue skirt, still short, showing off those long golden legs. She stood outside the door talking to Mr. Krandal, the main boss. Mr. Krandal was at least my age 45 or 46. He kept in shape as I did, but his hair was slightly gray and mine was jet-black. I could see the way his eyes wondered down at this young girl. It was easily shown how bad he'd want to have her in bed.

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"Well thank you Mr. Krandal," I heard the girl say.

"Well Jessica, you know you were recommended to us by the dean of your college so we are delighted to have you work with us," Mr. Krandal responded gently, putting one hand on her shoulder.

Ah, Jessica. Her name was Jessica. My heart was racing with wild thoughts of fucking this girl without her consent. And at the same time, I made a fist, wanting to beat the shit out of this rich bastard for even getting to touch the beauty. Their conversation continued but I was just lost looking at Jessica. Mr. Krandal was flirting viciously with this girl but she wasn't flirting back. Oh what a good girl she was! Other girls would have been taking their tops off now anything to get in bed with the rich asshole.

Chapter 2 Some Relief For Michael

They left a few minutes later and I finished cleaning up the office. I usually got out of work late, sometimes not until 11pm at night. Once I got home, I'd either watch some T.

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  V or go straight to bed. Tonight was different. I wasn't tired like I usually was, I was horny as hell. I decided to go to a bar down the street to get some drinks and maybe pick up a slut to come home with me.

I got to the bar around midnight and my eyes gazed the dim lighted room several times until they came upon a hot looking young blonde girl. She sat at one of the booths by herself wearing a short leather skirt and a tight white top. She sat with her legs crossed and a cigarette in her mouth. I wasn't sure if she was a prostitute or not.

I casually grabbed my beer and walked over to where the blonde sat. Her eyes quickly looked up at me and she smiled wickedly. She looked trashy as hell but I didn't care. I wanted some pussy and I was going to get it whether she liked it or not.

"Hey stranger, what's your name?" She said flirting.

"Michael, my name is Michael," I said in a low voice.

"Well Michael, are you looking for some pleasure this evening?" She scooted her self closer to me.

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It was disgusting. This girl was a complete whore. No fun in that. I still couldn't get Jessica out of my mind though. This little bitch was going to be my Jessica tonight.

I felt her stroking my hair as her cigarette breath was making me want to puke. I drank my beer slowly as she kept talking nonsense to me. I wanted to just tell her to shut the fuck up and to suck on my dick.

"Let's get out of here," I told the blonde as she was about to kiss my lips.

"Ooh I like a man that's aggressive!" She squealed as she followed me out the bar.

Aggressive? This bitch didn't know how aggressive I really was. I was tired of dirty sluts like her but it seemed that's all I could get now days. Growing up I never once got a chance to be with a sweet innocent girl.

We got to my house a few minutes later. I lived alone in a small two-bedroom home that was usually a mess.

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   My house was completely dark and all you could hear were police sirens. I turned on the lights as the blonde walked in the house behind me anxiously. Her long boots made loud thumping sounds as she walked in.

I threw my keys on the coffee table and she made herself at home on the couch. She slouched down with her legs open showing me she had no underwear on. Her skanky cunt was making me sick. I sat on the couch in front of her. Although this girl was such a whore, she still managed to make my cock hard. I could hear her laugh.

"Oh, do you want me to come to you? Or are you coming to me?" She said playfully.

"Crawl to me bitch," I ordered.

Her eyes widened, but she followed my orders. She slid herself off the couch and got on her knees. She crawled towards me keeping those emerald eyes on me the whole time. It took her a few seconds and finally she was there on her knees waiting for my next order.

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"Now I want you to milk my cock like the good little whore I know you are?" I hissed grabbing her hair hard.

"Oww! Hold on a minute!" She wailed.

"What the fuck? Aren't you a hooker bitch?" I yelled at her.

Her eyes looked up at me in fear. She trembled, as she got closer to unzipping my pants. I loved the terror in this whore's eyes as I smiled with pleasure ready for her to suck my cock. Her skinny hands reached to pull my cock out as I felt her long fingernails brush against my skin.

"Yes Jessica, suck it,"I blurted out.

She looked up at me confused. "Jessica? But my name is-. "

"Your name is Jessica you got it?" I said interrupting her.

She nodded slowly and continued to get my cock out of my pants. I was rock hard and so ready for this bitch to suck me off. She was slowly starting to wrap those ruby red lips around my swollen head as she wrapped her fingers around my cock. I shoved her head down making her deep throat me.

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   I heard her almost gag as my cock hit the back of her mouth.

"Yes! Suck it baby! Oh Jessica, suck it!" I gasped as I closed my eyes with images of Jessica's pure mouth sucking on me.

I grasped the whore's hair in my hands pulling on it, tugging on it. I made her head bob up and down to the rhythm that satisfied me. I swear at that moment I could almost feel Jessica's brown silky hair on my hands. I heard slurping sounds as the whore continued to suck my cock. As hard as I tried, I could not feel a cumming sensation yet. This bitch was just an awful cocksucker!

I yanked her mouth off my cock and looked her in the eye. I could see her eyes wide in shock of what I was going to do next. I stood up with my cock hanging out of my pants and dragged the whore by her hair to my bedroom. I could hear her scream at me to stop.

"Ahhhhh! Shit what the fuck is your problem?" She screamed out as she was being dragged.

I could hear her, but I wasn't going to stop. This bitch was going to get fucked hard.

"Stop! Pleeease!" She continued.

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I just kept hauling her and finally we got to my bedroom. I easily picked her 110-pound body up and threw her on the bed. I could see streams of tears now running down her slutty face. Her dark makeup was now smeared and she was gasping for air. She fell with her legs wide open and I just laughed at her.

"Your pussy is so busted. I don't know if I'm really going to enjoy myself. "

She looked up at me with fear and hatred. "Fuck you! You psycho!"

I burst out laughing again. "Shut the fuck up you cunt! Now turn around and show me your asshole. I know you have to be tighter there. "

"No!" She yelled and tried to kick me with her boot.

I felt myself losing patience with this bitch. I started to take off my black leather belt that I always wore. The whore was sobbing and suddenly stopped when she saw me take my belt off.

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"W-what are you doing?" She asked nervously.

"I'm going to beat you with my belt for not obeying me. "

The bitch's eyes opened wide full of terror that was awaiting her. I furiously pulled up her leather skirt and aimed my belt at her upper thighs. Smaaaaaaaack! I slapped the belt on her white skin, which automatically turned crimson.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" The bitched yelled out. "Shit! Ok please stop!"

The pleasure of her being in pain made me block out her screams of torture. Again I hit her and heard her scream in agony. Her screams got louder with each hit. I continued to beat her with my belt as she tried to squirm around the bed trying to get away.

"Stoppppp! Owwwwww!" She continued to shriek.

I managed to strike her over fifteen times. Her skin was now beginning to look swollen and looked like she was about to bleed from being hit so much. Her thighs were completely red and I'd left belt marks on her arms since she'd tried to protect herself. I realized at that moment that I'd made myself clear and stopped the beating.


   I heard her weeping very quietly.

"Maybe next time you'll do what your master says. I don't like telling sluts like you to do something twice. You follow orders immediately! Is that clear?" I shouted feeling my pulse racing.

"Y-yes," she said bawling.

"Ok now let's try this again. Turn around so I can fuck your ass. I hope your tight back there or else I'm going to really make you cry. ?

The blonde gradually turned around as I watched her now weak body move. There she was on all fours like a whore should be. Her ass was at a low level. I grabbed my belt and smacked her ass hard.

"Fucccck! Ahhhhhhhhhh!" She cried out.

"Put your ass up in the air you dirty cunt! How the fuck am I supposed to put my dick in there if you don't?" My anger was rising.

"Ok! Ok!" She moaned.



She eased herself closer to the edge of the bed moving her ass up in the air. I was having too much fun so I smacked her again. I laughed loudly as I heard her yell again. "Arrrgh!"

"Higher bitch! Raise that ass really high in the air!"

She sobbed loudly now as she managed elevate her ass up high. I looked as her ass and spread her cheeks wide open. She looked hygienic at least. Her pink puckered hole was just a bit loose. I could tell she'd got it up the ass several times. Fuck! This bitch was all used up!

I got closer to her ready to stick my throbbing cock in her asshole. I grabbed her hair hard with my hand and pulled her head back.

"I hope you enjoy this bitch. " I said whispering in her ear and then I spit in her face.

She turned away from me as my spit dripped down her slutty face. I wasn't about to take it easy with this slut. Her asshole looked used and abused so I was ready to tear it up some more.

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   I grasped her by her tiny waist and rammed my cock inside her as she hollered feeling my big cock entering her used shit hole.

"What are you screaming for bitch? Aren't you used to this? Don't you just love to get fucked up the ass?" I said sarcastically.

I had all my cock jammed inside her ass. She felt somewhat good but somewhat a disappointment. I wanted her to be tight just like Jessica is. Oh fuck Jessica! I wanted Jessica so fuckin' bad! I

"Mmmmm Jessica, baby! Make me cum!" I blurted out as I fucked the blonde whore.

The room was surrounded by nothing but silence except for my balls slapping against this whore's ass. She stayed hushed as I fucked her. She knew that if she talked shit to me she'd get beaten worse. Oh if only I had this much control over the beautiful Jessica. I began increasing my speed, slamming my cock harder inside this skank's asshole.

My cock was now easily entering and exiting the sluts wrinkled hole. It was useless. I wasn't going to cum. This whore was a total waste of my time! Beginning to feel frustrated, I pulled my cock out and spanked her ass with my bare hand leaving my hand imprint on her skin.

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"Fuck! What did I do?" She cried in anguish.

"Your not doing anything for me bitch. I think I'm going to have to please myself in order to cum. "

Without thinking, I grabbed a pair of handcuffs that I always had handy and got on the bed. I saw the slut look up at me in with panic. I smiled down at her and yanked her close to the bedpost to handcuff her. I kept her ass up as I dragged her by her skinny arms. I clasped the handcuffs on her and finally had her attached to the bedpost. She tried to turn her head as much as possible to see what I was going to do next. I let my hand creep slowly down her back as it touched her ass. It was obvious this bitch was used to big things up her holes. I got one finger and without difficulty, slid it in her asshole. She didn't say nor do anything at the moment.

I smiled to myself slipping yet another finger in her. A third finger quickly followed, and then a fourth.

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   I had almost half of my hand in the slut's ass and there still was room! I heard her pant as I made my hand slip inside her asshole. She buried her face in the pillows moaning in misery as I was seriously tearing up her asshole. It was incredible! My whole hand was up this bitch's asshole and I could feel the heat inside her ass drowning my hand in.

I started to move my big hand in and out ripping her asshole wide as she began to wail loudly. My cock was harder than a rock by now. I just kept thinking that this is how tight Jessica would feel around my cock. With my free hand, I started to jerk off. The more the bitch moaned and screamed, the more I felt like I was going to shoot my load off. Her crinkled asshole was now wide tearing up more and more as I fucked her with my hand.

"HmmmmmmMmmph," was all I could hear in her muffled cries as her face was down.

"After I'm done with you, you're really going to have a loose asshole!? I said laughing wickedly.

"S-s-stoppp! Pleeeeaasse!" She begged crying hysterically now.

"Shut up you ugly cunt! Take it! Take it like the whore you are!"

She kept squirming around but was not able to go anywhere, as she was completely helpless. I loved the way she whimpered in a frail tone.

My balls were swelling up now ready to spurt my huge load of cum out all over this whore's ass.

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   I kept fucking her trying to shove more of my hand up her ass and I felt myself get weak. I was cumming all over myself. This orgasm was so fuckin' intense I tossed my head back as my balls tightened releasing my searing sticky cum. My body shuddered as I finished squirting my salty liquid.

I was winded and let my hand slide out the whore's busted asshole. The faint plop sound came out as I let my hand free. I could see small spots of light bleeding and I just sat back and enjoyed the view of her torn asshole. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath and I crawled over to uncuff the slut.

She looked at me with her eyes drowsy looking and she sighed relief. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying so much. That'll teach her that men like tight fuck holes, not loose ones like her.

"You're free to go now. I'm not paying you for anything because I had to get myself off. Now you tell anyone about all this and I'm going to hunt you down like the bitch you are. And all this will be like a sweet dream compared to the nightmare you'll live if you tell anyone.

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She was scared and only nodded. I knew she'd keep quiet, as she was weak. I watched the blonde whore gather herself together. I grabbed a rolled up joint that I had by my nightstand and lit it up. She looked at me as If I needed to take her home. I didn't do anything and she got up and slowly and painfully managed to make her way out. She was in total shock of what she'd just gone through. I could care less about that whore, I just lay on my bed and got high thinking more about Jessica and those sexy curves. I felt my cock get hard again, so I masturbated until I fell fast asleep.

The next day I was extremely late for work. I'd always been a hard worker, and never slacked off. Luckily I was able to get away with a lame excuse for my boss. I had told him I'd been sick all night and didn't get good sleep. He believed me of course because of my excellent work record.

Last night had felt like a complete delusion.

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   I'd gotten so high that I didn't even know if it was in fact real or not. I looked down at my pants and realized I'd forgotten my belt at home. Then I knew last night had not been a dream at all. It had all been so true, so nasty. I had enjoyed every second of it.

Chapter 3 Setting Jessica Up

It was past noontime and I was about to go up to the eighteenth floor when I heard someone exclaim, "Whoa! Wait please!"

I looked up putting my hand to stop the elevator from closing. I saw the stunning Jessica standing before me. I was speechless as she passed me up getting in the elevator. I got to capture her sweet smell of innocence as she walked by me. She cleared her throat as if to bring me back to reality. I quickly snapped out of my reverie.

The elevator door closed and there I was alone with Jessica. My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing. I glanced over to her and our eyes met. Oh God, she'd been looking at me the whole time.

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"Hi," she said softy as I looked at her.

"Hello there," I responded slowly.

"Sixteenth floor please,"her voice was soothing.

Her smile was absolutely fascinating. My eyes wondered down to catch a glimpse of her long sexy tanned legs. Today she wore a short white skirt and a dark blue button up blouse. Although her blouse was loose on her, I could still manage to get an idea of how big her breasts were. Her lips weren't red, but just a hint of light pink. Seemed like she just put lip-gloss on.

My trembling hands pressed the sixteenth floor button. I watched as her eyes moved away from me as if she were nervous too.

"So your new here is that right?" I found myself boldly asking.

She slowly turned to look at me. "Yes. I'm originally from Texas.

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   Moved here because of this job opportunity. "

I knew there was something different about this girl. She obviously wasn't from California. Her light Spanish accent made me even harder. I felt myself wanting to rape this gorgeous girl right then and there in the elevator!

"So how do you like California?" I continued to make conversation.

"Well the weather is awesome. At least it's not hot like Texas! But the people are different. It seems people in Texas are more laid back. Here it's like everyone is in a hurry. Just a little bit hectic. "

I licked my lips as I watched her talk. She was so classy and so gullible. She held on to her leather briefcase tightly as we were arriving to the sixteenth floor. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was so easy to talk to and I knew it was going to be easier to let her get to know me.

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   Let her think I'm a charming and kind gentleman. And when she least expects it, she'll really get to know me.

"Well yeah life is a lot faster here. But you'll learn to adjust," I said confidently.

The elevator chime went off as we got to Jessica's floor. She sighed softly and began to walk out. Her ass swayed nicely as she walked. She turned around before the door closed and smiled.

"Nice to have met you. Maybe I'll see you around some more?"

I swallowed hard. "Y-yeah. Maybe. ?"

The elevator door closed and I felt my body freeze. It was getting better each moment. I just had to have a few more encounters with this naïve beauty and then it was off to luring her to my wicked game.



I knew that Jessica worked on the sixteenth floor and it was now my mission to let her get to know me better. Let her think I'm her hero rescuing her from the heartless and evil people in this new big city she was in.

The next few mornings I would arrive early to work making sure I got everything done on all the other floors and left all the work to be done on the sixteenth floor. I noticed Jessica would arrive around 9am almost every morning. She'hod come in prancing like a delicate princess smiling and greeting everyone. Everyday she wore such sexy outfits, which made my cock twitch in delight.

Her office was towards the back in a quiet spot away from the office gossip bitches that had their offices towards the front. I'd watch her go in her office with her cup of coffee as she sat in her desk turning on the computer. She'd stare outside the big window down to the fast city and just gaze for a long time until she was brought back to reality.

This poor small town girl really missed her home. Now she was here in a big city with impious men that lurked for young ingenuous girls. I could watch her for hours as I pretended to be cleaning the empty office that was in front of hers.

One fateful day I was passing by her office and I heard her very faintly. "Pssst!" she called out to me.

My heart stopped in astonishment that she was actually talking to me.


   I turned around slowly as our eyes met. Her dark brown eyes looked at me in need. Her remarkable smile made my entire body stiff.

"Yes ma'am?" I replied in a shaky voice.

"I'm sorry I don't know your name. I was wondering if you could come get these boxes out of my office. I tried calling for someone to get them out but I never got any response. "

This was just my lucky day. "Sure I"ll get them out for you. My name is Michael by the way," I said introducing myself as I walked in her office.

"Thank you so much Michael. I really appreciate it. " Her tone was so warm.

I walked in her office, which was neat, not sloppy like the others. I looked around and saw the room decorated with pictures of her and her family.

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   It was total virtue. I looked closely and didn't see one picture of Jessica with a man. That intrigued me even more.

I walked closely behind her following her lead. I watched as her small body frame moved so gracefully. Her long hair bounced as her hips swayed from side to side making my balls swell up with heat.

"Ok it's just these few boxes. That's all I need. " She said turning to face me as my eyes were glaring at her.

I quickly snapped out of my daze and picked up the boxes. "No problem, Jessica, is it?" I said pretending I didn't know her name.

Her pretty little face turned crimson. "Yes. That's correct. Once again I really appreciate it.

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"No problem,"I said confidently as I walked out.

For the rest of the day, all I could do was see visions of Jessica. Her sweet pouty lips wrapped around my cock as she swallowed my cum. Her long golden legs wide open ready for me to corrupt her purity. I had a feeling that deep down she'd love for me to cum in her tight cunt hole as I held her down making her love every moment of it.

From that day forward, I'd stop by Jessica's office to say a quick hello and she'd always accept my presence. I'd make her laugh and make her feel at ease. We actually started having lunch from once a week to three times a week. I loved talking to her, looking at her. I listened attentively to every word that she said and made sure none of the yuppie bastards would try to hit on her.

I'd learned that she grew up poor and her father had to struggle with two or three jobs to make sure she went to college to better herself. I also learned that she didn't have much luck with men. She'd gone through very short relationships that always ended up in heartbreak. Every detail she gave me made me want her more than ever.

Everything was going just as planned, until one evening.

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   It was past seven at night, I was about to go up to Jessica's office to ask her out for dinner, when I heard a male voice in her office. I looked intently and saw Jessica talking with Reilly Banks, another one of the main guys at the company. Reilly was a young guy though, about in his late twenties and he was a real womanizer. I'd heard he'd slept with almost every woman in the damn company.

To my disappointment, Jessica was flirting intensely with this guy. I felt my hand turn into a fist as I wanted to just go in there and beat the shit out of Reilly and kidnap Jessica. Instead I kept my cool and watched how Reilly cleverly put his arm around Jessica's tiny waist. She giggled like a little schoolgirl loving the fact that this rich bastard was contemplating on getting her in bed.

"Let me just get my purse and then we can go," I hear Jessica say to Reilly.

A few seconds later, I heard footsteps and saw Reilly standing there with his green eyes narrowed. He didn't say anything just looked at me as if he was trying to humiliate me. I just turned and walked away and suddenly I heard Jessica's voice.

"Michael? Is everything OK?"

I took a deep breath to keep from screaming at her. "Y-yeah. I was just coming up here to see if there were any more offices to clean.

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   I didn't remember if I'd done this floor or not. "

Reilly kept giving me the asshole look while Jessica got closer to him. How could she do this to me? I kept thinking to myself. I thought I was better than this rich asshole. Reilly proudly put his arm around Jessica and they started walking away.

"Goodnight Michael," she said softly as they turned the corner.

I observed as they walked out together. My blood was pumping with fury. I had to stop all this nonsense before things got worse. I had to make Jessica understand that she was mine. All mine.

The next day I got to work at the crack of dawn and finished my cleaning as quickly as possible to concentrate only on the sixteenth floor. I waited by Jessica's office to be able to greet her. It was almost ten in the morning when she finally arrived. Her eyes looked drowsy and her hair was not tidy like other times.

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"Hey Michael. Good morning," she said joyfully.

"Jessica, how are you? I was wondering if we could have lunch today like we always do. "

"Um- well, actually I'm having lunch with Reilly," she stammered.

It was hard to keep calm. "Oh? Well maybe some other time?"

She shrugged unsurely. "Um yes another time. "

I walked away with rage of being rejected. Jessica's pure image was slowly fading as I kept seeing her with Reilly around the building as she laughed at his stupid jokes and loved the way he had his paws all over her. I was starting to resent Jessica more each day. She started ignoring me over time and was hardly ever in her office anymore.

She was probably in Reilly's office blowing him like a little slut. This wasn't going to end like this though. Jessica was going to learn that once you start something you couldn't leave it unfinished. She was starting to fall for me, I just knew it, and now this fucker comes in her life and entices her with his charm and lavish living.

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   Jessica was going to have to learn the hard way that there was only one man in her life. That man was me.

Each day I was getting more livid by the moment. Jessica was obviously falling for this Reilly guy and I couldn't help but want to get rid of him in a way. I called up some old friends of mine who were amateur hit men. I paid them a good amount of money to beat the shit out of Reilly.

It was awesome. I told my friends to go by work past eight o'clock when I knew Reilly would be leaving. Jessica had left early that day so it was just so perfect. I waited outside my car waiting to watch Reilly get the shit beaten out of him. I watched how Reilly came out wearing his expensive clothes about to light up a cigarette when my two buddies jumped out of nowhere surrounding him. I couldn't hear what they were telling him, but I saw the fearful look on his ugly face.

All of a sudden I watched my buddies begin to pounce on Reilly, as he was totally defenseless. They were beating him with bats and kicking him as he fell on the ground. I watched with pleasure as they were slowly getting rid of Reilly at least for a long time so he'd stay away from work and leave Jessica all to myself.

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   The beating only took about ten minutes and my friends ran like hell as I just watched Reilly struggle to crawl and get up. I was laughing so hard I never remembered having such a good time. I turned on my car and drove away watching Reilly in the mirror as he just fell back down and lay there completely beaten.

The next day the word was all over work. Poor Reilly Banks was in the hospital with two broken legs and one broken arm. It was said that his face was so messed up that one could not even recognize who the hell he was. I couldn't wait to see Jessica's reaction. I stopped by her office pretending to be vacuuming that section she was in. I saw her pretty face covered with tears as she was crying for that useless son of a bitch. She saw me looking at her and ran towards the door.

I turned off the vacuum and pretended to look concerned.

"Oh Michael. Did you hear about Reilly? Why would anyone want to do that to him?" she asked sobbing coming closer to me.

"Well Jessica this is a cruel world. I'm sorry about your friend," I said holding my arms out to her.

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She fell in my arms as she sobbed on my shoulder. Now that's the way I wanted Jessica, wrapped tightly around me. I felt her body so fragile and so sexy as she leaned on me. She cried for a few minutes and I began to stroke her long hair. Suddenly she pulled away as she was starting to get the wrong impression.

"T-thank you Michael. I better get back to work. You know you're the only one I think is sane around here. " Her lips began to show a slight smile.

I felt myself blush. "I'm here for you Jessica. You know I am. "

I watched her go back to her office, as her eyes were now puffy from crying over that stupid asshole. Feeling satisfied that Reilly was now out of the picture; I could now make my move. Let Jessica know how bad I wanted her.

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It was Thursday afternoon, and I was ready to go up to Jessica's office to ask her out on a "real" date. Feeling nervous, I rode up the elevator just thinking of how to ask her. I knew she wouldn't decline. I had a feeling she was my destiny, my fate. My heart raced as I reached the sixteenth floor walking slowly with my legs almost feeling like Jell-O. I saw Jessica at her desk doing some paperwork.

"Hello?" I said quietly knocking on her open door.

She looked up and beamed. "Hey Michael. What's up?"

I felt my hand trembling. " U-uh well, are you up for going out with me tonight? You know like a date?"

Her smile dropped to a frown. "No. I'm sorry I can"t go out with you. I thought we were friends?"

It was like a slap in the face. "OH well you can go out as friends," I stuttered.



She shook her head. "?Michael I said no. I mean you're really sweet, but I think if we go out, then everyone is going to think we are dating. "

I felt my anger rising. " Well you and Reilly went out so that was OK then?"

Her eyes narrowed. "Look what I do in my private life is my business. "

I clenched my jaw. "Yeah whatever. If I had money and this kind of job, you'd go out with me. Your such a hypocrite. ?"

I saw her get up as if she was ready to throw me out of the room. "Look I'm sorry if it seems like I only go out with rich guys, but that's not true. I really liked Reilly and I'm sorry but I don't like you in that way. "

"Well once Reilly Banks fucks you and leaves you then please don't come to me crying to me" I blurted out.

Her eyes widened in shock, as she was not expecting me to say that.


   "I think you better leave. "

I didn't respond and stormed out of her office feeling neglected. How could my sweet Jessica treat me that way? Well I had tried to make her mine the easy way, now it was time for the hard way. I had to make a plan. It had to be a brilliant plan. I knew I could do it. I just had to think hard.

Chapter 4 The Capture of Jessica

Friday morning I woke up with a strange feeling. I knew something was going to go good for me. I took a shower letting myself jerk off for a while as I thought about Jessica, my usual masturbation inspiration. I got to work thinking I'd be feeling bad because of my conversation with Jessica the day before, but instead I felt better than I had in a long time. I knew Jessica usually worked late on Friday's to try to get as much work done so she wouldn't have to come in for the weekend.

I watched as the building cleared out, Friday night driving out workers sooner then normal, eager to move onto the weekend. I watched intently for Jessica, planning on making my move today. I have already prepared the room in the basement, far removed from any activity, even from the other building maintenance workers.

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   It was an abandoned section of the sub-basement, once used to store old furniture, but a leak from the surrounding ground water had precluded it from being used for that purpose any longer. I had managed to secure a small, electrical pump that managed to keep out the water and was quiet enough not to attract attention.

Over the last week, I had secretly managed to bring in the necessary equipment and supplies I needed. I used left-over building supplies to build the restraint devices that was required, my cock hard as I built them, imaging Jessica, naked and bound to them, legs spread wide in anticipation of me. I knew that at the beginning she might object to me, but I felt she would learn to love me and submit to my sexual desires.

Almost everyone was gone, the building echoing from its emptiness. I went back upstairs, hoping to find her. On the floor where all the bosses were, I could hear voices, a loud voice and a soft-tender voice, pleading. I snuck up quietly, realizing that the voices were coming from Mr. Krandal's office. I went into the office next door to his and quietly opened the connecting door less then an inch, able to get a fairly good view of the occupants. There was the target of my desire, Jessica. She was wearing a dark brown, short business skirt, a light brown, button down silk top, though they seemed a little disheveled. Her eyes were wide open, in surprise or fear, Mr. Krandal next to her.

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   I quietly listened to their exchange.

"Please, Mr. Krandal!" I heard Jessica say. "This is wrong. "

"Now, Jessica, you will go farther in this company if you learn how to play the game. You are an extremely beautiful woman and you have to use that to your advantage. " Mr. Krandal moved next to Jessica onto the leather couch. He moved closer to her, his face only inches from hers.

Jessica tried to sink farther into the couch as he moved closer, his breath smelling of alcohol, probably too many drinks at lunch. He had been forward in the past, occasionally letting his hands move too familiar over her body, but she let it slide, feeling it was only an older man flirtatious desire for a young girl. She loved the job and the pay far exceeded her wildest expectations. She thought she could handle it, but now fear crept into her. The building seemed deserted and she was trapped in his office. "No, Mr.

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   Krandal, this is wrong," she cried out, moving her head to the side to escape his lips. She felt them move to her neck instead, his sloppy kisses moving over her flesh, revulsion overcoming her senses. She grabbed his hand as it dropped onto her naked knee, slowly moving up her leg, pushing her skirt out of the way as it moved. It moved to the inside of her thigh and she tightened her knees together, trapping it between her trembling thighs.

"Such firm thighs, Jessica," he said, his hand grasping her thighs, feeling her gripping him tightly.

I saw his grip tighten; forcing his hands higher up her clenched thighs, his strength overpowering the tiny girl. My anger began to build. This was my girl, my virgin girl that he was trying to take advantage of. I loved her and his sweating body was trying to maul my tender girl.

His hand had reached up and grabbed her breast, his fingers grabbing the young flesh tightly in his clenches. It was the last straw for Jessica, she could not put up with it any longer. Suddenly Jessica's hand swung, hitting Mr. Krandal across the face.

Mr. Krandal sat up in shock, his face already turning red from the slap.

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   It seemed to knock him back to reality. He stood up, angry. He growled down at Jessica, "you?re fired young lady. I don't want to ever see you again. You will get one-month severance pay and we will give you a good reference. But if you ever make any mention of this incidence, I will destroy your life and make sure you never get another job again. Is that understood?"

Jessica only wanted to leave, escape and forget what had transpired. She was too scared to react, jumping up from the couch, tears running down her face as she left the room.

I had to hurry, not wanting to miss my chance with Jessica. This was working out even better. I needed to grab her now. She would not be expected back Monday and if anyone began to inquire, Mr. Krandal would be their prime suspect. I raced to the service elevators, hoping that they would be faster. I jumped out of the elevator as it arrived on the ground floor, standing in front of the elevator she was riding down in, watching as the floors rang down as it approached.

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   I looked around, the security guard around the corner, his eyes probably glued to the stupid baseball game. I had to be quick about it. I pulled the chloroformed rag from the sealed plastic bag as the elevator rang its arrival. The door opened, Jessica standing there, tears running down her face, a look of surprise as I stood there. I leaped into the elevator, the rag shoved into her face, covering her mouth and nose as my other arm circled her body, holding her arms tightly to her sides.

Her body tightened, finally realizing that something was wrong, but the chloroform already was working its magic. Her body began to slump in my arms. I pushed the button, the elevator doors closing and moving towards the sub-basement. Her body was limp now. I removed the rag and pushed it back into the bag, moving my head to the side to escape the fumes. The door opened, the welcome fresh air a relief, already feeling a little light-headed. She seemed so light as I picked her up into my arms, like a lover might do, and carried her off to our room. My darling, soon we will have an eternity together, to make love to each other, I thought as we moved down the dark corridor.

I entered the room, a distant door in a sea of dark corridors. The lights from inside brightly lit up the dingy corridor, slamming the door noisily as I carried my love to her new home, alone at last, away from the prying eyes of others.

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   I had furnished the room for what I thought I might need, hoping that Jessica would succumb to my love for her and respond in kind, but not taking any chances and building various pieces that I could use to bind her tightly. I knew that this would be required at first. I had planned on taking her virginity of her mouth, pussy and asshole while she was bound. I knew she would at first protest these actions but as soon as she found out how excellent of a lover I was, she would soon welcome and participate in fulfilling my desires.

I placed her in the upholstered wooden chair I had secured. The seat was thickly cushioned, but the arms and back were heavy oak wood and I had secured it tightly to the floor, not wanting my love to tip over and hurt herself. The arms and back had numerous boards, which would allow me to move her bondage around, forcing her body into various positions, each one allowing more intimate access to her sex. My cock was already hard in anticipation. I had a desire to use her mouth, but I knew that this would be the most dangerous as she would have a chance to bite me. I would do this later when I could either force her if necessary to comply with my wishes or she did so because of her love for me.

I grabbed the heavy, hemp rope and began tying her arms first. I had chosen this type of rope because the victim felt so helpless bound in such formidable rope. While I knew it would be painful, I knew that I would have to possess my love fully first before she would succumb to my desires and a little pain would be a small price she would have to pay to finally achieve her finest love. I tied her arms to the armrests at both the wrist and elbow, wanting to keep her arms pinned tightly, her breasts now open and available to the caresses of my hands and lips. Her legs were next, my cock twitching in anticipation as my hands ran sensuously over naked legs as I began to secure them.

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   I started with her ankles, tying them tightly to the lower portion of the legs. Later, I would move them up the chair legs, forcing her up and open, allowing me complete access to her naked pussy and asshole. Her knees were tied to the same legs but higher up. This gave her legs a spread of over two feet, her skirt pulled tightly now almost bursting at the seams.

I saw her eyes fluttering, her breathing shallow, as she slowly began to regain consciousness. Her eyes opened wide, her arms and legs struggled against the ropes as she finally realized her dilemma. "What the fuck is goin' on," she yelled. Her eyes looked down at the ropes then up at me. "I know you, untie me this instant, what are you some kinda pervert?"

My anger overcame me and my hand shot out and smacked her across the face, her head turning to the side from the force of the blow. Where had she learned such terrible language, I thought. My sweet virgin girl had a dark side to her. This might be more difficult then I thought. My temper slowly simmered down, my composure regained. "If you behave yourself, Jessica, you will not be hurt. But if you try my patients, I can be very evil and you will suffer the consequences.

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The shocked look in her face from the slap was unbelievable. I had caught her attention. The defiant look she had only seconds before had suddenly disappeared and was replaced by the look of fear. Her arms and legs still struggled against the rope. "Please, don't hurt me. If you let me go, I wouldn't tell anyone," her voice pleading with me.

"You are going to be my guest for a while, dear Jessica. If you cooperate, it will go easy on you. If you do not, I can make your stay very difficult and painful. "

I saw her lips moving, but no words coming out, struggling with the right words, afraid to offend, but unsure of what was happening. "What do you want with me, I was always nice to you? Please let me go. "

"I am in love with you Jessica. You are the most beautiful woman on this earth and I must have you for my own," I blurted out, wanting to hear it sounded aloud. I looked for a change of expression on her, but she just stared at me, a blank look on her face. "You will learn to love me as I love you.

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   You will learn to enjoy are lovemaking. "

Shock on her face, her voice yelled out, "you're fuckin' crazy. I wouldn't fuck you for anything never mind loving you. You belong in the nut house. " I could see the expression on her face that she realized quickly that this was not the response I was looking for. My face turned red, gripping my fists, trying to get a hold of my temper. I let my breathing settle down, taking in deep breaths.

I moved behind her, placing a gag over her mouth quickly before she could even murmur a protest. "If your mouth is going to continually throw out that type of rubbish, I will have to silence you for a while until I have a use for it. " My hands ran down her face, her skin so soft, her body trembling in fear now, her protests now silenced. "My little girl, so sweet. " She began to squirm in the chair now as my hands moved lower, down her neck until it reached the opening of her silk blouse, my fingers gently rubbing around the opening. I reached down slowly unbuttoning the buttons, one at a time, slowly revealing her cleavage, her bra pushing her breasts up high. She squirmed, trying to dislodge my hands, but the ropes effectively held her tight. I watched as her breasts jiggled as she moved, my hands moving down for the final button.



I rubbed my cock against her shoulder as I pulled her blouse back to the side and from her skirt. "Can you feel me, Jessica? My cock is going to make love to you soon. Wouldn't that feel good, a big cock in your virgin pussy?" I took a pair of scissors and carefully cut the blouses sleeves and the shoulders, allowing the remnants to fall to the floor. My love was now squirming in the chair, her bra the only thing between my fingers and the sweet nipples I would find beneath it. She was moaning into the gag, her body still twisting, fighting me. Soon she would tire and become more docile. My hands reached down to her bra-enclosed breasts, her squirming becoming more profound as I slowly grabbed the half-naked flesh, my fingers pushing into the soft flesh. I pushed up from the bottom, forcing the flesh out of the top, almost able to make out the nipples. I tightened my grip, feeling the flesh move about inside the restraint. "Such nice tits, Jessica. Soon I will be sucking on your nipples, making them hard. "

My hand reached inside each of the bra cups, encircling the naked flesh for the first time, my cock rubbing back and forth against her shoulder, masturbating my cock on her. I grabbed each nipple between my fingers, tightening on the hard nub. She wants me, her nipples are hard from my touch, I thought. I pinched hard, feeling her body clench in pain.


   "You like that, you like me playing with your nipples, Jessica?" My cock ready to explode in my pants as it rubbed against her. I needed some release and I needed it soon. I could fuck her later, when I get hard again. But her tits were so lovely. I could fuck them. I could nestle my cock between them until I came on my love.

"You don't need this, I will keep you warm baby,"The scissors making her bra into shredded cloth in no time flat. A few snips here and there and it fell to the floor. My hands shot out to her naked tits, massaging and rubbing the young flesh, feasting in the beauty of them. They were beautiful. So firm, standing up with barely a sag in spite of their size. Her nipples, a light pink framed by her dark brown areolas, the rest of her naked breasts multi colored, tanned where they were exposed to the sun, an alabaster white where a small bikini topped just barely covered her nipples. Her movements became more intense as I roughly manhandled her breasts, turning red from my fingers, my passion taking over, unable to control the lust I felt for her.

I stepped back and slowly began to undress. "Watch me or else!" I slipped off my shirt, the pants following.

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   I watched her eyes as she stared at my cock, bulging out of my shorts. My hand reached down and grabbed it, fisting it through the material. "Yes, this is all for you my love. " I pulled down my shorts, standing naked before her, my cock now fully erect, precum already glistening on the head, my balls hanging, swollen in lust. "Lean back a little, darling. I?m going to fuck your tits. "

I felt her body shiver as my hot cock pushed between her breasts, my hands pushing on the sides, slowly engulfing my large organ between them. I pushed my thumbs down on her nipples as I did, rubbing back and forth over them, feeling them swell in anticipation. I pushed up on my hips, my cock sliding effortlessly through her bulging breast meat, her sweat and my pre-cum providing the necessary lubrication. "Look down at my cock, baby, I want you to see me fucking your tits. " I released one of her breasts long enough to force her head down, her chin and mouth only inches from the head of my cock. I could feel her hot breath, even thought her mouth was gagged, my cock jerking in their confines of her breasts. "Don't move, I am going to shoot very quickly, your lovely body makes me so hot. You will be punished if you disobey me. "

She looked so lovely, naked from the waist up, my cock tightly within her naked breasts, my fingers playing with her hard nipples, her head bowed in submission, her mouth only inches from my cock.

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   I began to push my cock back and forth between her tits, fucking with my hips, making her take hard deep strokes. Her breasts began to turn red from my grip, but I did not care. I could feel the cum beginning to churn up from my balls. I fucked faster, my cock pushing painfully beneath her chin as I began to cum. "Yes, baby, take my cum like a good girl, yes, her it comes, don't move now, make me happy. "

The first load of cum shot out in ropes of hot liquid, shooting onto the gag, quickly soaking it, the excess running down her chin. The first load allowed me to fuck her harder, now sliding along my cum covered cock as I shot a second load, almost as big as the first. "You're so good, Jessica. We are going to be so good together. Soon I will make you cum with me. " My cock continued to pump between her breasts, shooting a third and finally a fourth load of cum on my love. I had been saving my cum for the last couple of days, abstaining from my usual jerking off each day, wanting to please Jessica with my semen. I looked at her face, her movements frozen as I covered her mouth and chin with my essence.

I slowed my movements as my cock began to soften, my hands releasing their tight grip on her breasts, hearing her sigh of relief. My cock flopped down as my hand left her breasts, springing back to their fullness, now covered in a glistening glow of sweat and cum.

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   I could see her trying to breathe through her nose trying to keep the overpowering smell and taste of my cum from entering her mouth.

"I am pleased with you Jessica, my love. You please me well with your body. Let us continue. If you behave, I will make you cum with my tongue and eat out your pussy," my hands reaching down for the scissors, the skirt ready to go next. "Go ahead, fight all you want, Jessica, but you are mine. " My fingers pushed tightly into her naked thighs, her skirt riding high up her naked legs, here thighs tightening from my touch. Her naked breasts heaved on her chest, my cum drying on them. I pushed out on her legs, opening them more as my fingers reached between her legs, her panties the only thing keeping me from her naked cunt. I snipped the skirt with the scissors along the edge, the tearing of the fabric ringing out in the room. A cut at the waist and the skirt fell harmlessly to the floor, Jessica now bound tightly to the chair, her legs spread, tied open. I inhaled her scent, my cock rising in response to the smell of fresh pussy. She might be protesting my taking of her body, but I would bet that her pussy was already wet in anticipation. Could my sweet Jessica be a slut, loving being taken against her will?

My head bent down between her thighs, my tongue licking up her naked thighs. I could feel her legs clenching and unclenching against the ropes holding her spread open for me, unable to prevent me from having my way with her.

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   I inhaled her sweet scent, a mix of perfume, sweat and primal sex. Her taste was salty as I lay a wet streak along her thighs, moving up higher until reaching her panty covered crotch. I could almost see a faint trace of wetness on them, not sure if it was because she was aroused her scared and had allowed some of her piss to escape. I did not care. Either way I would enjoy her taste. My tongue touched her panties and her body shuddered, an electricity running through her body as she was forced to allow my oral ministrations of her sex. I straightened out my tongue into a mini cock and pushed it into the folds of her sex, pushing her panties into her pussy. I could taste the musty taste as I penetrated her pussy as far as the panties would allow, moving it up and down her pussy opening, feeling it clenching down on it, hoping to prevent any farther insertion.

My hands reached out, pushing underneath her body, grabbing that ass that had made my cock so hard as it swayed down the hall, pulling it up higher. She pushed against me but my superior strength and the bondage allowed me to have my way with her, forcing her pussy farther into my tongue.

"MMMMGGGHH," her head still shaking in protest, a faint sheen of sweat glowing on her near naked body as she fought me. Jessica always loved sex, but she did not engage in oral or anal sex. She had never sucked a cock before, always afraid that her partner would shoot into her mouth. She did not allow anyone to lick her pussy, afraid she would be sending the wrong message to her partner that she would be willing to reciprocate. And anal sex was completely out, an unnatural act performed by gay partners.

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My cock loved her half-hearted attempt to fight me. I loved my woman submissive, but a bit of reluctance on their part always excited me more. "Fight me, Jessica, soon you will be cumming on my tongue. " My hands tightened on her ass cheeks, feeling the taut muscles. "I must taste your juices," my hands grabbing the flimsy garment and hearing the tearing sound fill the room as her panties disappeared into a pile of useless cloth to scatter onto the floor with the rest of her clothes. I leaned back, wanting to take in the beauty of my love before me, naked, trembling in fear, open for whatever I desired. I had planned for so long for this moment and I wanted to savor the moment. I might have just cum between her tits only minutes before but it felt like I was ready to burst like I had not cum for months.

My hands roamed freely over her body, feeling her heaving breasts, hearing her gasp beneath the gag as I pinched her nipples too hard, moving down her stomach, over the flat plane of her abdomen, down her thighs, but always teasing her pussy. I grazed it gently with my fingers, feeling her body shudder as I did, teasing the juices from her body. "You want this, don't you Jessica. You protest, but your body is betraying you. " I looked up at her pleading eyes, tears running from them, murmurs of protest coming from her gagged mouth, her head moving back and forth in protest. I could wait no longer, my head moving between her thighs again, this time my tongue outstretched, wanting to taste the nectar of my love.

It felt like a jolt of electricity hit both of our bodies as my tongue poked between her pussy lips, my fingers pulling the petals apart, revealing her open sex.

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   I tasted the salty flavor of her juices, my tongue lapping at them like I was trying to quench my thirst. Her hips began to move, the rope preventing any urgent movement, but allowing a gently rolling. It almost felt like she was urging her thighs farther apart, opening her mound to my oral ministrations of her sex. My tongue ran up and down her spread slit, lapping up the juices flowing freely from her. I tightened my tongue and pushed it inside her vagina, feeling it open, welcoming it. As I pushed deeper inside her, my tongue rasping along her pussy walls, she tightened on it, trapping it tightly inside. I couldn't pull it out even if I had wanted to. I let her trap my tongue, her surrender to me making my cock almost burst. I reached down and stroked it, almost ready to shoot again as I did.

My fingers moved up higher, to where her clit was still hiding. I pulled my tongue from her vagina, it popping out with an audible sound that could be heard by both of us. I could see her face turn red in shame, her wantonness humiliating her. I peeled back her clit hood with my fingers, her clit now exposed to the cool air of the room. It was dark red and hard already. I breathed on it, my hot air wafting over the exposed nub, her body jumping in response.

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   "Wait until you feel my wet tongue on it Jessica. " I could no longer wait, my tongue shooting out and rubbing over the exposed clit, swiping at it. My hands pulled her ass up, forcing her onto my tongue as I licked at it like a cat with a bowl of milk. My tongue moved back and forth over it, feeling it swell up to over twice its size, lust-taking possession of her body. I pushed my lips down over it and began to suck it into my mouth, the hot confines of my mouth pulling it in deeper. My tongue ran over it again, this time trapped in my mouth. I knew she could not hold out much longer, her juices running down her thighs to puddle on the chair beneath her.

I let go of her clit with my lips and pulled back from her body, watching her frustrated attempts to follow me. She was so close to cumming, but I had stopped. "You like that don't you, Jessica? I will allow you to cum, but I have one more thing to do. I want to taste your asshole. " The urgent shaking of her body protested my intentions, but she was in no position to argue the point. My hands reached down to where she her legs were tied to the chair. I untied one leg at a time and re-tied them, this time higher up the chair leg. This raised her ass up from the chair slightly, her delicate asshole now exposed.

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   My tongue slowly ran over her naked ass cheeks, each time circling closer and closer to the tiny dot that was her asshole. I could smell the pungent scent of her asshole and see it attempting to clench closed.

"If you think my tongue is bad, wait until you feel my cock pushing deep inside your back passage. Your pussy might now be virginal, but I am almost willing to bet that nobody has ever gotten you to give up your asshole to his cock. I will be your first to feel the pleasure of your hot and tight asshole sucking the cum from my balls. " My fingers pulled on the edges of her asshole, pulling her open, fighting her clenching body. My tongue touched the opening hole, rubbing sensuously over it, slobbering on it. I felt her body bucking up and down, painfully fighting the ropes holding her sweet body open for my evil tongue. But her asshole was mine, my tongue now running over it, unencumbered by her struggles to stop me. I pushed it inside her, my fingers pulling open the edges wider, her sphincter unable to stop the penetration, only able to grip it tightly as I plunged inside her. My cock jerked in anticipation to the time it would feel the grip of her sphincter on it as it fucked her. I pulled on the lips of her asshole, stretching them, hearing her moaning in pain as she was forcefully opened wider then she had ever been.

Tears fell from her eyes freely now, the pain of the stretching of her asshole and the shame of having to submit to such a perverse act overcoming all of her emotions. I imagine how she must feel now, allowing me to run my tongue up her asshole, unable to prevent the rape of her tiny asshole by my tongue.

I continued to run my tongue in and out of her tiny asshole, feeling her sphincter clenching and unclenching on it.

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  "Do you want to cum, Jessica?" My mouth moved back up to her pussy, running up the entire slit of her pussy before reaching her clit again. She might not have liked what my tongue did to her asshole, but her clit was still hard and erect, ready for whatever my tongue would do to it again. I did not disappoint her, my lips sucking the hard bud into my mouth again, stretching it out, the suction forcing it deep inside, my tongue ready and willing to bath it again. Her body jerked in response, accepting the tongue-lashing.

If she was going to cum, she was going to cum my way. My fingers moved down to her wet and exposed asshole, pushing against the clenched asshole. I felt her body attempt to stop its intrusion, but my continued tongue bathing of her clit prevented all except a half-hearted attempt. I felt her asshole relax, my finger taking the opportunity and gradually slide effortlessly along the saliva coated passage. First up to the first knuckle, allowing her the chance to accept the finger penetrating her back passage for the first time, feeling her sphincter clenching and unclenching. As she relaxed I pushed again, this time my finger not stopping until it was firmly buried up her asshole, my knuckles banging against her anus. Again the frenzied tightening on my fingers and then the final surrender. I moved my finger around inside her, rubbing harshly against her linings, making her accept my power over her body.

"Now you may cum, Jessica, but you will cum with my finger up your ass. " My tongue again began to slap at her clit as I sucked it into my mouth. Her body jerked in response, my finger in her ass doing the same, reminding her of my power over her body.


   I felt her body surrender to my mastery of her body as she allowed me freedom to do as I please, forcing her to ride my finger and tongue into an orgasm.

I had wished I hadn't gagged her when the orgasm hit her, I would have loved to hear her scream in pleasure, but there would be time for that later. Even with the gag, her scream was loud enough. Her body shook and tore at her bondage, her skin turning red as she tried to clench her thighs together and trap my finger and tongue between them. I watched as her body shuddered in orgasm, her pussy juice gushing out, running down between her legs and running over the finger I had in her asshole. I took advantage of the opportunity and using her juices, forced a second finger sharply and painfully up her asshole until both were fully embedded into her clenching asshole. This sent a second, more powerful orgasm through her body, her asshole squeezing all of the blood from my fingers as they clenched on the duel digits inside her. My tongue continued to rub over the now sensitive clit, preventing her from stopping the multiple orgasms running through her body.

I could feel her body continue to shake in orgasms, there must have been at least five. Each time her body would begin to slump down, I would force a new one from her, sucking harder on her clit and even going so far as to bite the swollen clit painfully the last time, twisting my fingers inside her asshole, spreading her open wider, rubbing her sphincter, each time thrilling her again with a new perverse pleasure. Finally her body slumped in the chair, unable to go any farther. Her breathing was rapid and shallow, her chest heaving in lust, her body drenched in sweat. Her sex was soaked in her juices and my saliva, her asshole still opened despite the withdrawal of my fingers. Her asshole fought my fingers from leaving, now wanting to be filled.

Chapter 5 Making Her Love Me

I looked up at my love, "I have so much to teach you, Jessica.


   You will learn to love me. We will now move to the bed. Do not resist me. My cock needs your pussy. "

I untied her and pushed her over to the bed. She resisted, trying to fight me, but a portion of her strength had been sapped by the multiple orgasms she encountered. I began to get angry and slapped her face hard, her head thrown sharply to the side by the blow. Her cheek turned red instantly and a small amount of blood dripped from a small cut on her lip. Before she even had a chance to recover, I drove my fist into her stomach, a whoosh escaping from her lips as all of the air was pushed out of her lungs. She started to double over in pain but I yanked her head up by her hair, her face only inches from mine. "You are mine, don't fight me or I will have to punish you. I saw the wa.

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