Part Five: Amy's Horror


            Amy awoke the next morning to the slamming of a door.   She sat bolt upright in bed and saw John, Tom and Rob.   Rob went to get the camera by the table rolling and Tom told her to lie on her stomach on the table.   Amy walked over and got on the table and lay on her stomach, Tom rubbed a little lube on the tip of the 7” anal dildo he was holding.   It was black and rubber and not very thick but it had a cord coming out of the end of it with a hand pump.   Tom inserted it into her anus but didn’t inflate it.   Tom told her to get off the table and she slid to the floor and John came and got onto the table and laid on his back, he was naked and his 9” cock was fully hard, “Get on me, Amy -- facing away from me. ”  Amy fingered her clit a little to get her juices flowing so it wouldn’t hurt very much – she was still tender – and then impaled her pussy on John’s cock, knowing he would be displeased if she took her time about it.   “Lay back, Amy and rest your weight on your hands. ”  Amy obeyed and Rob came over and climbed on the table, as well, and over to them.   He got between John and Amy’s legs and directed his cock towards her pussy.

            “No!  Please no!  It’ll hurt so much!  You’ll split me in half!”  Amy made to get up but John already held her arms, keeping her in place.   Rob ignored her completely and started to push his cock into her already cock-filled pussy.   Despite the “training” yesterday her body had had a whole night to recuperate and so once again she was stretched beyond limits and she winced and whimpered helplessly as Rob pushed his 8” cock into her pussy.   Once he was in all the way, Tom grabbed the hand pump to her butt dildo and pumped it up to its full 3” width.   Amy groaned, in a certain amount of pain, and suddenly felt unbearably full.

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    Tom moved to the head of the table, behind John’s and her head and his hands took the place of John’s and she was told to move forward a little bit, she did so, causing a current of pleasure to shiver through her and, disgusted with herself, she frowned.   She saw Rob glance at either John or Tom, her guess was John because Rob nodded quickly 3 times then all of a sudden John and Rob were fucking her over-stretched, abused pussy simultaneously.  
            Amy moaned, half pain/half pleasure, and Tom let go of her arms and reached around her to pinch and pull her tender nipples.   The brutal fucking and rough nipple torture had her cumming in seconds in a pleasure-pain daze.   “Ooooohhhh yeeeesssss!”  Amy cried out breathlessly.   Rob grinned evilly and still thrusting he put all his weight on one arm and reached between them with the other hand and starting fingering and pinching her very tender clit, Amy cried out loudly and came again and again.   Then, all of a sudden John and Rob’s cocks stiffened and plunged home one last time and then spewed their seed deep in her womb.   Rob pulled out and jumped off the table and Tom, who had been stroking his cock the whole time, got up on the table and thrust his cock in, John’s was still inside her but slowly softening, and thrust in and out a few times, causing her wave of orgasms to continue and then shot his load deep inside her as well.   Tom got off and then John told Amy to get off the table so she did and he followed.  

They had been lengthwise on the table but Rob brought her around the side and told her to lean over it, face down with her ass off the edge and her arms above her head.   Tom, on the other side, fastened her wrists and then he and John lowered that middle of the table (just the piece her body lay on, the rest of the table stayed flat) about a half a foot so that her ass stuck in the air and her feet off the floor and her head was lower than her butt…creating a kind of upside down “V”.   Rob then strapped her waist down so she couldn’t wiggle her ass and spread her legs a bit and then manacled her ankles.   Amy noticed all of a sudden that this table was higher than the men’s waists and that they couldn’t possibly fuck her in this position, she felt fear pool in her stomach and waited.   She saw Tom go out the outside door and John came around and wiped her pussy and ass with a funny smelling damp cloth and she could see Rob off to the side adjusting the camera again.   John moved over to where Rob was and then the outside door opened and Tom came in holding a rope and following him was a….

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  horse?!  No!  Amy thought, that will never work, they’ll kill me!  They weren’t really going to let me live after all!  They’re going to make a weird, horse-fucking-human snuff film!  Tears streamed down Amy’s face and she sobbed frantically as she struggled futilely against her chains.   She turned her head to face John and Rob, “please no,” she whispered desperately.   “Sorry, Amy girl, but it was the buyer’s request.   We just make the films the way they want it,” John said unrepentantly with a look of lust in his eyes.  

Tom walked the horse, a stallion she now realized, in front of her and then behind her so she could see it’s large cock.   It was monstrous; 16” and 4” thick!  Amy knew her end had come.  Tom led the stallion directly behind her, crooning softly…she thought she heard him call the horse “Demon”, and she felt the stallion’s nose against her butt.   Tom backed away a little and all of a sudden the horse whinnied and reared, placing its front hooves on either side of her on the flat parts of the table.   Tom then guided Demon’s monster cock to her pussy opening and helped him get a little of the tip in and then back away again.   Having gained enough entry to do the rest himself, Demon smashed into her, all 16”.   “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”  Amy hadn’t wanted to scream, she didn’t want to help their film but it hurt so goddamn much that she couldn’t stop it.   She figured Demon had shoved his cock through her cervix, she was in agony.   He didn’t wait a second though; Demon immediately pulled 15. 5” out and slammed home again.   He fucked her vigorously and she cried out every time Demon bashed his cock home.

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    Then she felt her clit being licked by a rough tongue, she realized that Wolf was inside and had found her pussy.   She felt rocketed by the sensation and as he kept licking and Demon kept fucking she came in a great gush.  

Her pussy milked Demon’s cock and her pussy juice flowed out, keeping Wolf licking her clit.   Suddenly the stallion whinnied again and thrust deep and his burning hot horse cum seared her insides, he filled her so full that none of it trickled out and it made her abdomen bulge with his cum.   He got off and Tom led him around to her face, “clean it off, mare!”  She saw her cum, Demon’s cum and her blood all mixed together on his cock and she started to clean it off, trying not to gag at the blood.   Wolf continued to lick her clit and lapped at her severely abused pussy too now and whined occasionally because he couldn’t mount her.   While she cleaned Demon’s cock she came 3 more times and then she noticed that Demon’s cock was all hard again and that he was prancing excitedly a little.   She hoped the men wouldn’t notice.   They did, and brought him around again and Tom smeared a large handful of lube on her anus, but smeared it down through her pussy as well so Amy wouldn’t guess the next act.

Demon reared up again and placed his hooves on the table and Tom guided his cock to her anus.   Amy started screaming and crying like a madwoman and tried to buck and roll but she didn’t manage to move anything except her head, Tom guided the first inch into her anus despite Amy’s screams of pain and terror now deafening them and then let Demon do the rest.   Demon slammed into her, her anus was bleeding from this assault as her opening had torn rather badly and he filled her ass with his whole 16”.   The pain was so intense that she almost blacked out and would have if not for Wolf’s ministrations to her clit and pussy; he licked frantically and through her haze of pain felt a fissure of pleasure, just enough to keep her conscious and give her something to focus on.   The brutal stallion rape of her ass continued for what seemed like an age but Amy concentrated completely on that minute bit of pleasure her body was registering, even though she couldn’t help the occasional cry of pain, and she soon had a very weak orgasm.   It was enough, the light milking of her vaginal muscles caused her anus to contract very painfully around Demon’s cruel cock and he slammed home one last time and emptied his load deep into her anus.

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    He pulled out and Tom led him around to her face to once again clean off, Amy gagged severely as there was shit (although this was minimal), cum and a large amount of blood this time and she thought a beating might be less painful than what she’d just endured.   She then felt the crack of a whip on her ass and she cried out in agony and opened her mouth and started to clean the stallion off.  

Once she was finished Tom led the stallion outside again and John released her and told her to kneel on her hands and knees.   She obeyed, wondering what was next when Wolf mounted her and thrust his 10” dick into her pussy and started pounding away frantically.   To Amy this felt like heaven compared to Demon’s brutal fucking and she reached between her legs and started fingering her clit frantically, she wanted to come quickly so that Wolf would, her pussy felt like it was on fire despite Wolf’s lesser size.   Amy came quickly and Wolf suddenly spurted his hot cum into her and she felt his knot swell quickly, locking him inside her pussy.   It was painful, being tied to this dog with his tennis ball sized knot and it was 15 minutes before it shrank and came out with a ‘plop’.   Tom had come back in and he let Wolf out.   “We had to give Wolf his prize for helping you out today, Amy, didn’t we?”  John asked.   Amy just nodded.   Rob stopped the camera and came over, “you can get up now. ”  She got up and they told her to have a shower and they’d see afterwards if she needed stitches.   She showered hurriedly and made herself throw up a couple of times, wanted to rid her body of the shit she’d been forced to swallow and then came out.   “Lay down on the bed, Amy,” John said, she did so and they looked her pussy over, it hadn’t torn but it had been close.   “Roll over.

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  ”  They examined her anus; it had torn in a few places but not badly enough to need stitches.  

“You’ll heal in a few days, Amy,” Rob said, “for now, eat this and then sleep, we’ll take you home in the morning. ”  Amy wanted to ask if they really meant it but didn’t dare, plus, she was just glad to have survived the horrid rape.   She ate and then suddenly felt very sleepy and so she curled up on the bed and as soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep.   When Amy woke up the next morning, the sun was glaring down on her but she was freezing.   She sat up and looked around groggily; she was in a filthy alley between two tall buildings in an area she didn’t recognize.   She suddenly noticed there were 6 guys standing behind her and that she was very naked; they grinned lecherously.   She suddenly stood and made to run, they let her, laughing and she soon came up against a dead end…only it was dark back here and nobody at the front of the alley would see her.   The 6 men converged on her and two held her while one fucked her in the pussy, another in the ass, pussy again, ass again, pussy, and ass and then they rotated and the ones that had fucked her pussy fucked her ass and vice versa.   They then all made her give them a blowjob and a few of them jacked off onto her face.   As soon as they’d finished having their fun they left and she got up unsteadily and made her way out of the alley.   She walked a couple of blocks, she saw no one, it must be very early, and then suddenly turned a corner and recognized this city as her city.   She walked to the nearest police station and reported her rape, she had evidence for this one at least, if not for her rapes during captivity, even though she did tell the whole story, not even omitting the animals, and she wanted these guys caught!  They took her to the hospital where the doctor’s did a rape kit and said that all the damage caused couldn’t have happened in just this morning’s rape so the police were inclined to believe her other part of the story, if a little incredulously and disgustedly.  

A search ensued but they never found the guys although they did find the videos and confiscated them as part of the crime scene but it didn’t help their search.   They also couldn’t keep the videos off the shelves as every store in the state seemed to have a copy and when they got confiscated they were mysteriously replaced.

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    It had been almost 9 months since her rape and Amy was very pregnant.   She didn’t look on this badly, she couldn’t bring herself to even look at or touch a member of the opposite sex and dogs and horses terrified her and as she’d always wanted to have children she’d settle for this one despite the horrific way she’d gotten it.   She even knew she was carrying fraternal boy triplets.   The only thing she didn’t know, and wouldn’t until their hair color started to come in, was that the “father” was actually the “fathers” because Tom, John and Rob were each the father of one of the boy triplets. . .