Private School Horror


            Vanessa was fifteen, in grade ten, attended a co-ed private school and was more developed than most girls her age.   She had a voluptuous curvy figure, 36D breasts and a firm, well-rounded ass.   She was of average height, so her over-abundant figure was emphasized more so than it would have been had she been tall.   Now, she might have been relatively ignored had she just had a body to die for but she was gorgeous too.   She had long, wavy blonde hair, full cupid-bow lips that pouted naturally and, in a startling contrast, rich chocolate brown eyes that had a cat-like tilt to them.   This guaranteed that every inch of her was noticed by every male in school and every one of them, from the smallest grade-eight student to the oldest male staff member, fantasized about fucking her.
            Today was Friday, which meant cheerleading practice for Vanessa.   The team had practiced hard and after it was over most of the girls went straight home, a couple had quick showers and then went home but Vanessa had a nice long, hot shower.   Normally she would have gone straight home as well, since she only lived two blocks away but things hadn’t been great at home for a couple of weeks.   Her parents were always fighting and her older sister had started to spend all her time, day and night, at her boyfriend’s to escape it while their older brother had moved out because he couldn’t deal with it and his university workload too.   This left Vanessa with nothing, she was popular and could spend her time with her friends and such but she didn’t like to talk about such things with them when they all had such perfect homes and would be scandalized that her parents were talking about divorce!  As popular as she was she didn’t have a boyfriend. . . not because she hadn’t been asked more times than she could count but because she wasn’t allowed to date until she was 18 and, despite everything, she listened to her parents.  
               It was five o’clock by the time she shut off the shower.  Vanessa sighed and toweled herself off before getting out.

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    She redressed in her school uniform, the typical white long-sleeved blouse, plaid skirt that came to mid-thigh, knee socks and flat black dress shoes.   There was a jacket too but she stuffed it into her bag as it was a warm May day.   Slinging her backpack onto her shoulder she left the girl’s locker room and headed for the exit near the gymnasium that led out into the fields.   Just as she reached the exit the senior football team came in (about 15 guys) from the fields, grass-stained and sweaty, with their coach and the boy’s gym teacher bringing up the rear.   “Well, well, look what we have here, guys,” one of them called out.   Immediately all eyes went to Vanessa.   “Ooh, if it isn’t little miss goody-too shoes tease herself,” called another guy.   Vanessa smiled weakly and backed up a little, their sneering tones setting a dozen warning signals off inside her mind.
            The guys started to advance on her and she backed up faster, wanting to turn and run but afraid to turn her back on the group of lustful and hostile males.   Her back hit the concrete wall halting her but the guys stopped too as the coach and the gym teacher came forward.   Thank God, Vanessa thought, I’m saved!  She didn’t know the coach’s name but she knew the gym teacher’s even if she didn’t really know him.   “Mr. Jenner, I don’t know what these guys are playing at but please make them stop!”  Mr. Jenner looked at her and then looked at the football team thoughtfully.   He turned back to her, a wicked gleam lighting his blue eyes, “Well, Miss Seaton, there are quite a few of them; I don’t think I could possibly stop them if they really wanted to continue what they were thinking of doing.

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  ”  Vanessa’s eyes widened in horror and glanced at the coach, seeking another ally but he just stared back with a look of smug satisfaction on his face.   The team took Mr. Jenner’s words for what they were: consent so long as he could participate too.    
            The team grinned and began to advance on her again, Vanessa slid around the corner of the wall she was against and started running and screaming.   “Help!  Help me, somebody!”  But no one came and she knew that it must be about five thirty by now and the school was utterly empty except for her and the football team.   She heard the thunder of the team’s footfalls as they ran after her and she tried to run faster but as she reached the main hall she slipped in her uniform dress shoes on the freshly mopped floor and fell.   She started to get up, frantic with fear now, when the captain of the team picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder.   She began screaming and crying, beating his back with her fists and kicking with her legs, knowing deep down that it was futile.   “Please,” she sobbed, “don’t do this!”  He laughed, as did the rest of the team, and slapped her hard on the ass.  
            They carried her into an empty classroom nearby and cleared off the teacher’s desk and laid her on top of it, positioning her so that her head hung over the edge.   “Please!  Why are you doing this to me?”  “Because you’re the hottest girl in school and yet you refuse every guy who asks you out.   In short, you’re a tease!”  Vanessa cried harder, “I’m not allowed to date until I’m eighteen!  It’s not because I’m a tease,” she explained desperately.   The captain snorted, “That may be but girls like you don’t usually obey their parents!”  Vanessa gave up trying to reason with them and began thrashing around, trying to escape.   She might as well have saved her strength because as soon as she started hands seized her arms and held them tight above her head then they grabbed her legs and pulled them wide open.   Suddenly she felt her shirt ripped open, heard the popping of the buttons as they flew off in every direction.

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    She wanted desperately to cover herself but with her hands held tight above her she knew there was no point in even trying.  
She heard a drawer open and saw the captain holding up a pair of scissors and lifted her head to watch as he lowered them and slipped them over the piece of bra in between her breasts.   He cut it and pushed the bra cups off her breasts, she felt her nipples tighten as the cool air hit them.   Even though she knew they must know that her nipples only tightened because of the cold air on them she flushed as the captain sneered, “Oh, so you like this do you, tease?”  She shook her head frantically but he wasn’t looking, he had moved away and she felt a hand on each breast as two guys on the team squeezed and fondled her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples.   She gave a soft moan of pain and humiliation, which they took for enjoyment, and let her head fall back so that she couldn’t watch.   No sooner had she done this when she felt the cool metal of the scissors on her left thigh and abdomen as they cut one side of the waist of her panties then the other side.   She felt the captain pull down the cut piece of panties and then pulled them out from under her, leaving her pussy bare and exposed.
“Warm her up for me, Dave,” ordered the captain.   “Sure thing, Luke,” said Dave.   Vanessa could hear clothes being taken off and she figured that Luke must be undressing.   Then she felt fingers spread her slit and rub her clit.   Vanessa squirmed as much as possible, “Please, no,” she cried out.   Dave stopped and she thought, for one hopeful second, that they were at last going to come to their senses and stop but she felt two fingers plunge into her pussy and she cried out, she was extremely tight and very dry and so even two fingers caused her pain, especially since she was terrified.   As Dave finger fucked her pussy she listened as Luke the captain gave out more orders.   “Neil, take Aaron, Mike, Roy, Harry and Jake and bring six buckets of cold water back here.

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    Kyle, you go and get your camera from the video production classroom and Paul, I need you to get your camera from the photography classroom.   The rest of you, start undressing. ”  There was a rush of sound as the eight guys left to do their captain’s bidding and the rest undressed, football uniforms flying everywhere in their haste to get naked.  
“How is she, Dave,” asked the captain.   “Very tight, Luke, definitely a pussy virgin, so it goes without saying that she’d be an anal virgin too. ”  “Excellent. ”  Luke walked over to Vanessa and stopped at her head, looking down at her he asked, “Is this your first time for everything?  Have you even been kissed before?”  She could do nothing except shake her head.   “Better check her ass too, Dave, she might be lying,” Luke suggested.   As one, the guys holding her flipped her over.   On her stomach now, her breasts pressing into the desk, her eyes widened in horror as she felt Dave spread her ass cheeks and spit on her asshole.   She tensed as she felt his finger rubbing his spit around, moistening the entrance.   Dave inserted his finger quickly and Vanessa gave a sharp gasp of pain.   “Yep, she’s an anal virgin too, Luke,” he said as he started to finger fuck her ass.   “Great, we’ll have a lot of fun loosening her up then. ”  With that, Luke grabbed her hair on the top of her head and jerked her head up.

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Her jaw dropped open in shock as she looked at a cock for the first time in her life.   It looked quite big to her, she had no idea it was only a little above average size at 7” long, 2” thick.   Luke took her moment of surprise to shove his cock into her mouth.   He thrust it so far in that it went down her throat, gagging her.   He started to face fuck her and she quickly realized she’d have to breathe when he pulled outwards.   She closed her eyes, concentrating on her breathing and trying not to think about the cock in her mouth or the finger in her ass.   Luke pulled out of her mouth and let go of her hair abruptly, causing her head to fall down suddenly.   Neil, Aaron, Mike, Roy, Harry and Jake were back with the water – what it could be for she couldn’t imagine.   Kyle and Paul followed the other six into the room carrying cameras.   “Shuck your clothes, guys,” said Luke, “time for the show to start!”  More undressing followed and Paul started snapping pictures of her as Kyle started to video the scene.
Vanessa was roughly flipped over again and Luke climbed onto the desk between her legs.   Hands had started to pinch and twist her nipples again and someone else forced his tongue into her mouth, kissing her roughly.   She dimly heard the words, “You’re our cum receptacle now, cunt!”  When the guy kissing her broke off and Luke slammed into her pussy, breaking through her virginity, in one painful stroke.   “Noooooooooooooooooooo!  Stop it, stop it!  Please stop,” Vanessa begged through tears of pain as Luke started to pump in and out of her pussy but the guys just laughed.   After what seemed like an eternity Luke drove home and Vanessa felt him stiffen and felt something warm fill her.

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    Luke had cum inside her.   Luke got off and she heard someone else get on the table and opened her eyes to see who it was.   It was a fully naked Mr. Jenner and his cock looked even larger than Luke’s.   He looked her straight in the eyes and rammed into her pussy, blood from her lost virginity and Luke’s cum making his entrance slightly less painful but with her still being so tight and Mr. Jenner being larger than Luke it still hurt tremendously.
“Ahhhhhhhhh!  You bastards,” Vanessa cried out through her sobs.   “Wash her mouth out, boys!”  She recognized Luke’s voice now and thought he must mean the water but gave a gasp of pain as she was slapped across the face.   A cock entered her mouth and she looked up to see who it was, it was Kyle.   Luke must be videoing now, she thought dully as Kyle fucked her face.   She felt Mr. Jenner cum inside her and almost immediately afterwards Kyle came in her mouth.   “Swallow it all, bitch, or we’ll beat the shit out of you!”  It was sticky and had a salty taste to it but she swallowed obediently, trying not to gag as she did so.   Someone else had replaced Mr. Jenner between her legs and was fucking away, she looked, and it was the coach.

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    She closed her eyes, willing her mind to think of anything else, to take her far away but after two guys cumming in her pussy she was well lubed and most of the pain was now gone and she was starting to feel a tingling sensation.   She felt the coach cum inside her and she realized it was a rather pleasant feeling, having their hot cum shoot out inside her.   The coach got off of her and she heard him and Mr. Jenner say they had to get going as they were expected home and thanked the team for a good time and they left.  
“Turn her over; I want to take her ass!”  She looked to see who had spoken with utter fear and it was Paul.   His cock was very long but thinner than the others had been.   The guys turned her over and Paul spread her ass cheeks and spit on her asshole a couple of times before thrusting all the way into her anus in one stroke.   Vanessa screamed and cried, “Ahhhhhhh!  Nooooooooo!”  Paul started to fuck her roughly sending spikes of pain through her young body.   “Stop!  You’re killing me!”  This brought more laughter and suddenly her mouth was full of cock.   When Paul came in her ass and pulled out cum leaked out and stung; Paul’s entry had torn the rim of her anus a little.   Whoever’s cock was in her mouth came and she swallowed it all, not wanting to risk finding out what would happen if she didn’t.   Someone quickly replaced Paul, someone longer and thicker, ripping into her anus with amazing force.   The pain was excruciating, so much so that she passed out.  
Vanessa didn’t get much of a reprieve because Luke the captain went and picked up one of the buckets of water and threw it on her face.   She woke up, spluttering and coughing, the pain in her ass instantaneous in its return.

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    The guy currently in her ass shot his load deep into her rectum and got off her.   “Time to speed up the show, boys, or our parents will start wondering where we are,” Luke informed them.   “Time to start double fucking her,” he added.   Vanessa might have been an innocent but she wasn’t stupid and could easily guess what was meant.   She started screaming and sobbing but she was in too much pain to do much more so when a guy climbed underneath her she didn’t struggle very much.   When she felt the guy underneath her grasp her hips while another spread her ass cheeks she tried pleading with them again though she knew it would do no good.   The guy underneath her suddenly pulled hips down, plunging his cock into her ass, and she screamed and struggled to lift herself off of his punishing cock but he held her tightly.   Another guy mounted the desk and thrust his cock into her pussy and at this double invasion she felt as if she had been torn apart completely.
They started moving in sync with one another, fucking her hard and fast, pounding their cocks into both of her holes mercilessly.   Vanessa sobbed, tears streaming down her face.   The two guys fucking her came and were immediately replaced by two more and on it went.   After those two fucked her two more did so and then two more after that until the last two took her as well.   Vanessa had stopped feeling pain six men ago, for all their cum and her blood had provided the lubrication necessary and their cocks had stretched her holes enough so that she was no longer so painfully tight.   In fact, when they were finished, Vanessa was no longer feeling anything for she had detached her mind from her body enabling her to imagine this was happening to someone else and not her.   She lay on the desk, immobile, as all of the guys redressed and said taunting remarks to her deaf ears.


    One of the guys, she thought it might have been Luke again, tossed another bucket of water over her.  
She vaguely heard their warning threat, probably not to tell anyone but she didn’t really take in what was said, and then they left.   She lay on the desk like that, the whole weekend, unmoving and she didn’t sleep.   She just stayed in a state of separated-consciousness, aware of nothing and everything.   Monday morning came and the teacher of that classroom came in and screamed when she saw Vanessa lying naked on her desk in blood, cum and water.   The teacher’s screams brought several other teachers in the vicinity and they all were horrified and feared that Vanessa was dead.   The teacher who had discovered Vanessa was a biology teacher and ran over to Vanessa and checked her pulse while another teacher used the classroom telephone to call 911.   “She’s alive but unconscious!” The first teacher called out which the teacher on the phone relayed to the 911 operator.   “They’re sending an ambulance, Sarah. ”  The other teachers fetched the principle and he decided to close the school for that day so they proceeded to send the arriving students back home.   All wondered what was going on and what on earth an ambulance and a police car were doing in front of their school but none would find out until the next days news report.  
The paramedics brought Vanessa about and the police asked what had happened she uttered a disjointed sentence before passing out again.   “Raped. . .


  senior football team. . . the coach. . . Mr. Jenner. . . all of them. ”  The revelation of her sentence was met with utter horror and disgust.   The police copied down her statement and immediately began proceedings to round up all of the men Vanessa had mentioned for questioning and for Vanessa to identify.   The paramedics took Vanessa to the hospital and she came around again and asked for her parents who arrived shortly after.   It took a few months but all of the men were sent to jail and Vanessa tried to go on with her life but was too afraid to leave the house, to afraid to even try and so she lived the rest of her life as an agoraphobic.