Punishing Melissa


Melissa was easily the hottest gitl in our school, 5'10' and weighed about 120, she had jet black hair and a killer body, C cupped breasts and a tight ass, she was also very athletic but not muscular, I had wanted her ever since I hit puberty, I had masterbated often to wuld fantasies about her. It was our senior year of high school and now she was mine, we started dating at the beginning of the year.
It was 6 weeks into our relationship and I was ready for sex, we kissed and made out alot but that was it. Another month went by and nothing, not even a sticky finger, I was getting desperate, I had never waited this long for sex. She kept telling me she was waiting for the the perfect moment. Finally the perfect opportunity arose, in 2 weeks her parents were going away for the weekend and leaving her home alone. She was excited, I wanted to make that Saturday perfect. I told her my parents were leaving too but that they insisted I go with them because they knew we would both be home alone togerher, she seemed quite dissapointed. My plan was to show up in the morning and serve her breakfast in bed, then spend the entire day together doing whatever she wanted. In the evening we would go to dinner followed by a movie, then back to her place where I would spend the night. It was a foolproof plan, I was on a mission to get laid.
It was Friday, the day before my planned Saturday. There was a big party at a friends house that night, we were gonna go out with our friends and hook up at the party later. We hung out for a couple of hours after school then I went home to get ready. My friends showed up about 8 and we were out the door. Mission 1 was to get some alcohol so we headed downtown to a drivethru my cousin worked at.

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   There were 4 of us so we only got a case, we knew there would be alcohol at the party too. We cruised the local hang outs for a couple hours getting a buzz before heading to the party. We arived about 10:30, I went and found Melissa, my friends went and found beer. I found Melissa talking to a good friend of mine named Tony, he was a year ahead of us but his girlfriend was a junior. Tony had a reputation that was'nt good, he was unfaithful, he cheated on every gitl he ever dated including Jen, his current one. I gave Melissa a small kiss, "Where's Jen?" I asked Tony "She could'nt make it, her mom made her babysit her brother" he replied. We continued talking for a bit then Melissa & I went off to be together. Ocassionaly I would go hang with friends for a bit and every time I would find Melissa talking to Tony. I did'nt exactly like this but but did'nt really think anything else about it. As the party rolled on my friends got ripped and I stayed pretty sober. About 1 A. M. my friend Dave got sick and I was the only one sober enough to drive him home so I said goodbye to Melissa and left.
I woke the next morning about 8 and got ready, I was on my way by 8:30. I pulled into Melissa's driveway about 10 minutes later and saw Tony's car.

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   "What the hell" I mumbled. I got out of my car and went over to Tony's, the hood was still a little warm so I figured he had'nt been here very long. I looked inside and could see the keys still in the ignition and assumed he was'nt staying. I quietly entered the house and headed for Melissa's bedroom. I pushed the door open and there they were, both of them buck naked, Tony was standing next to her bed and she was on her knees sucking his cock. "What the fuck" I screamed. Melissa nearly choked on his dick which was halfway down her throat. Tony's eyes got huge as I darted towards him. I pushed Melissa out of the way and slammed Tony against the wall. "You mother fucker, I'm gonna fucking castrate you!" I yelled. Melissa screamed "No" and tried to pull me away from him, in one swift move I backhanded her across the face and shouted "Shut the fuck up bitch" Turning back towards Tony I reached down, grabbed his balls with my left hand and I squeezed as hard as I could trying to actually do damage to his nuts. He started to bend over screamed I took my right hand placing it aroud his neck and forced him upright pinning him against the wall again.
"So, you want to fuck my girlfried?' I screamed only inches from his face. He was silent, his face twisted in pain as I continued to crush his balls.
"Answer me Goddamnit!"
"No, I don't want to fuck her" he coughed
"Please stop" cried Melissa
"So you just wanted your dick sucked then?"
"No" he replied again
"What the fuck were you doing then?"
"I'm sorry" he squeaked as tears began to run down his face "Please let go" he pleaded.

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I eased my grip from his balls but did'nt let go, I began to drag him out of the room. I led him down the hall and to the front door where I proceded to throw him out without his clothes. "Leave and don't ever come near me or Melissa again" I stated. I locked the door behind him and hurried back to Melissa's room still enraged, she was still naked sitting on the floor and sobbing uncontrollably.
"You want to suck some cock, here suck this" I shouted as I undid my pants.
"No" she sobbed.
I ignored her and pulled my member from my jeans. I stood in front of her, my massive cock dangling infront of her face, she says "I'm not gonna do this" I grab the back of her head and pulled her towards me, "Oh, you're gonna do it, weather you like it or not, so start sucking" "No, I don't want to, don't make me" she begged. I grabbed my cock, told her to shut up and shoved it into her mouth, she began sobbing once again but I did'nt care, I wanted to hurt her a hundred times more than she hurt me. I held her head still and rocked my hips back and forth fucking her mouth like a pussy. I was big, 13 inches and thick, I could only get about halfway into her mouth. I pushed into her as far as I could until she started to gag, I pulled back and did it again. After a few minutes of forcing her down on me I pulled out and stood her up, she was crying so hard she could barely stand. "Please stop" she sobbed as I turned her around and pushed her towards the bed. I forced her back to her knees and bent her over onto the bed.

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   I did'nt want to see her face I just wanted to fuck her. I grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back with one hand, I took my other hand and pulled my pants down to the floor and kicked them off. I took my foot and placed it between her knees and proceeded to spread her legs apart, now I was ready. I got to my knees and took position behind her, I took two fingers and parted the lips of her pussy, I could see her hymen was still in tact, I slid one finger into her tiny hole, I fingered her for a minute until she was nice and wet. I pulled my finger out and placed it into my mouth tasting her, I then spit into my hand an slicked my rock hard penis. I placed the tip against her hymen, she cried out "Not like this, please" I started to push into her, I felt her pussy tighten and I pushed harder, suddenly I felt her hymen give way, she cried out "No, stop it hurts" I began to slide inside her, I pushed harder as I watched my massive cock sink deep inside her virgin cunt, she was so fucking tight I thought I was going to shoot my load into her right then. I started to pull back, she was crying like a little girl and this just turned me on even more, I could see blood on my dick from her busted hymen, I pulled all the way out then thrust myself back into her gaping hole. I let go of her hands and placed mine on her hips, I started fucking her faster and faster, several minutes passed and her crying stopped, I guess she finally realized there was nothing she could do. A few more minutes went by and I considered fucking her in the ass but decided not to. After about 15 minutes she had had enough and I was ready to pop, I pulled out and stroked myself to orgasm, I shot my thick white semen onto her ass and open pussy. I smeared it around with my cock then I slid myself all the way into her again, I squeezed my cock and milked what little fluid was left in my shaft into her pussy, I pumped her a few more times then pulled out. I grabbed my jeans and slid them back on. I watched Melissa crawl up onto the bed and curl into a ball, she slid a hand between her legs and cupped her freshly fucked pussy. I walked to the door and looked back, "Oh yea, don't call me anymore, were finished" I exclaimed, once again she started to cry, I turned and left