Raped by a Stranger


It all started on a warm sunny day in July, everything seemed at peace, not for long.

I was only 12, not yet fully devolped. I was sitting on the couch, when the doorbell rings, I looked out the window and saw a weird van, nothing was written on it. I called my friend, lets call her emma, I told her what I saw, but all to soon the line was disconnected. As I looked around the corner to see why the phone went dead, I saw that a tall man had unplugged the cord, he then asked me why I haddent let him in the house. I screamed and ran down the hall to the bathroom. Unfortuantly the lock was broken so he just opended it. I was now standing in the corner skaking! It was so scary! The man came up to me and grabbed me by the shirt, then he dragged me to the couch.

The next thing I remember was a white cloth beeing shoved onto my face, I felt tired.
Whe i awoken it was dark, not for long. I felt dizzy, had a headace and had no clue what time it was or where I was. The same man turned on a light to reviel a dark dingy room, I tried to move only to relieze I was tied to a chair. The man then came up to me and asked my name, I reluctantly told him.
He then called a couple of names, I don`t remember what they were, 4 men came through the door. All tall. One of the men untied me, I tried to run but was caught by the other men.

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   The main man the said that I was a bad girl, and I need to stop fucking around, and behave like the good little bitch I was.
He then told me if I tried to run again he would punish me.
He let go of me for a split second, I tried to run again, I made it almost to the door, when one of the men grabbed my hair, then slapped me so hard I fell uncouncis, I think, because when I awoke I was laying in a bright room with lots of light. I was covered by a sheet. I wanted to go back to sleep but was rudly awaken by one of the men pulling the covef of me and yelling wakie wakie sleeping beauty!
Then anouther one of the men pulled of my clothes, I screamed hoping some one would hear me. The main man told me to be quiet and put his hand over my mouth, I started to cry, he then brushed away my tears and said to be a big girl.
One of the men held my arms together while the other man started licking my virgin pussy, I felt no pleasure! One of the other men started sucking on my tits, I heard one of the men say to prepare for the fun.
About a second later I felt a cock touch my pussy I started to squirm like crazy, but the mans grip got tighter and hurt my wrists. Anouther man slapped me again this time not as hard it only nocked me out for a few seconds. The man the told me to behave, and he started to slowly incirt his cock into me, I screamed , then with a quick push it brok through, I could feel blood come out of me, I was no longer a virgin.
The same man kept humping me faster and faster till he comed in me, then he asked me if I liked it, I screamed no, stop, please don`t. It was all muffled by one mans hand over my mouth. Then the man stopped, I was able to rest for a couple of seconds.
Then anouther man flipped me over and pulled my ass towards him, I could feel his cock rub against me, he told me to say I loved it and I wanted him to do my ass. I resintaly obeyed.

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He then slid his cock in with no lube! I screamed so loud, the mans hand couldn`t muffle it. One of the other men slapped me so hard I fell unconsious again. When I awoke it was all over, for the time  beeing. Two men soon came to me and told me I could go home, as long as I didn`t tell.
After that the men came back to my house every couple of weeks and used me, just recently I got up the nerve to tell my parents they didn`t believe me, so w/e.