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Somewhere in the night I was wakened for what I could only now describe as a 'feeling'. It wasn't often that I would wake from my sleep before morning, but tonight, something was wrong. I lay there in the dark, breathing softly, listening for whatever it was that might have woken me. My ears strained as I fought to hear something, anything, in the still night air. Nothing. It was terribly quiet. Too quite even. It was as if the World had been put on hold, and I was the only one awake. All I heard was the sound of my breath and my heart beating wildly in my chest. I was frightened. Now, it wasn't unlike me to become afraid of absolutely nothing at all, but I had the unreasonable feeling that something was not right inside my small, urban apartment. I looked about silently, placing each dark shadow with the name of a familiar object. As my eyes swung past the partially closed bathroom door that was connected to my bedroom, I saw it. There was a tiny red glow coming from within the bathroom. Like the cherry of a cigarette. I stared wide eyed at it, blinky rapidly trying to will it to go away.

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  I watched as the red dot moved toward my sink and then it was gone and there was nothing there but the dark. I couldn't take my eyes from the blackness that was my bathroom, even though I wanted desperately to run. Someone was here with me. I lived alone, and for safety reason the only other person who had a key to my apartment was my mother. Surely she would not have come to my home in them iddle of the night to smoke in my bathroom. There was a stranger in my house. I closed my eyes slightly, so I would look like I was still asleep while still being able to see through the slits of my eyelashes, and simply waited. Maybe whoever had broken in was here to rob me and if I pretended to sleep they would take what they wanted and leave. It seemed like hours, though in reality no more than ten minutes, before he entered my bedroom. It was hard to make out his face, but I could discern his features in the moonlight coming from my window. He had a strong square jaw and full lips with a broad nose. He had to be at least 6 foot tall and was thin but built solid. He approached my bed and I slenched my eyes shut tightly and feined sleep. I could feel him over me, watching me. Then I felt his hand gently push my hair away from my forehead, and I almost screamed.

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   He moved his hand away but stayed there by my bed. "Open your eyes. I know you know i am here. Look at me. " a deep, masculine voice demanded. I quickly obeyed and my eyes flew open. My pupils grew large as they became accustomed to the dark once more, and I found myself looking into the face of a very handsome black man of about 30. His hair was braided into what I would call 'reggae style' and he had the deepest sexiest black eyes I had ever seen. I stared openly into his face before realizing that often when an intruder is seen by his victim he will often kill them to protect his identity. With that thought, I immediately lowered my eyes to the thin sheet that was covering my naked body. You could easily make out the curves of my legs, belly, and breasts through the thin cotton material and I became self consious knowing this stranger was looking at me. "Look at me!" he again demanded, grabbing my chin with his large hand and pulling my face upwards so I could look into his eyes. "Do you like what you see?" he asked. I nodded my head quickly, afraid I would make him angry and cause him to hurt me. He released my chin and my head fell back to my chest.

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   "I have been watching you, sweet girl. I followed you home one day from work, and tried to get your attention, but you kept walking. Don't like black men, huh?" he sneered, clearly becoming aggitated. "Y-y-yes I do. " I stammered, "I was probably in a h-hurry. ""Sure. I know your kind. Stuck- up white snobby bitches who think they are too good. Well, I've decided to teach you what it is to have some respect for others. " he laughed, obviously enjoying the power he had over me. "You shall call me Master. I will teach you to be good and to obey. You will be my slave, as my people have been for hundreds of years. You will do as I tell you or be severely punished. Do you understand?" he asked me, as though I could do anything other than agree to his terms.

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  "Stand up. "I stood slowly, trying to bring the sheet with me to keep me from being exposed to this man. "Leave the sheet!" he barked. "I-I don't have any clothes. " I replied weakly. Laughing he grabbed the corner of my sheet and with a yank sent it flying from my hand and from around my trembling body. I stood there, mortified as he looked me up and down with a sick grin on his face. He took a long wooden pole wrapped with what appeared to be black leather from behind his back and used it to push my thighs apart. He grabbed one heavy tit in his palm and squeezed it roughly. My nipples unwillingly became hardened, pink nubs in seconds from his touch. He flicked his thumb across one , and I shuddered as a wave of pleasure swept through me. "On your knees!" he ordered. I shook my head no and tried to back away from him. He grabbed a fistfull of my hair and shoved my towards the floor. I fell on my knees before him.

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   I watched horrified as he unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the his ankles. "I want you to reach in and pull out my cock now. Do it!" he told me harshley. I slipped my hand into his boxers and brought out his half erect penis, already glistening at the tip with precum. I gasped as I took in what had to be at least 6 inches of semi-limp cock. "How big would it get?" I wondered. "Suck it. And be nice or I'll beat the life out of you!" he threatened. Not willing to take a chance on a bluff I lowered my head to his cock and licked the pre-cum from the tip. It tasted salty but at the same time incredibly sweet. I used my tongue to spread saliva along the sides, top, and bottom of his quickly hardening shaft, taking time to return to the mushroomed head and popping it in and out of my mouth a few times. As I continued to lick along his shaft I reached below him and cupped his balls in my hand. After he ws thoroughly lubricated I leaned back to look at this glistening fully erect black cock. It was now standing tall and proud at 11 inches and was at least as wide as my wrist. I knew I would never get him all the way into my mouth without breaking my jaw.

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  I placed the tip of his cock into my mouth and slowly slipped 3 inches of his shaft into my throat. However, he had other plans. Grabbiing my hair once more he pushed his dick a far into my mouth as was humanly possible, causing me to gag and choke, before pulling almost entirely free of my hot mouth. He continued to pump in and out of my throat, each time gaining a quarter inch more than on his previous attempt. Before long, he was ramming 9 inches of his meaty pole down my throat, and my lungs were beginning to beg for air. When I thought I wouldn't be able to take any more and was going to faint from lack og oxygen he pulled free from my mouth and pulled me up by my hair. He kissed me on my mouth, forcing his tongue between my lips. He tasted like liquor and smoke. Pushing me away from him, I landed on my bed, my legs spread and my pink, shaved pussy exposed for his view. I clamped my legs shut but quickly opened then when he hit me across my thigh with his stick. I screamed as he hit me again, leaving an ugly red welt. Whimpering, I begged him not to hurt me. "I'll do anything, just don't hurt me!" I begged. "Oh. You'll do what I want all right.

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   And it's gonna hurt, baby girl!" he laughed, making his huge cock swing before him. "Mmmmmm. You look good enough to eat!" he said, dropping to his knees between my open thighs. I felt his hot breath on my naked cunt, and found myself getting aroused. He used his fingers to explore inside my cunt, sliding 2 and then 3 inside my wet slit. "You've been fucked before, haven't you, you naughty girl!" he reprimanded, pulling on my clit ring with his fingers. "Aaaahhh! That hurts! Stop!" I moaned. He removed his fingers fro my pussy and replaced them with his wet, warm tongue on my clit. He sucked my little man into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. I was trying my hardest not to respond to his touch, but it was a lost cause. As he slid his tongue lower and over my anus, I groaned loudly. He returned to my clit and caught my metal ring between his teeth and pulled, causing me to scream again. It hurt so badly, but at the same time was bringing me pleasure. As he yanked on my clit, he shoved a finger into my ass. I yelped and tried to raise myself off his probing digit, but this only caused him to pull harder on my ring.

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   My sphinxter muscle soon relaxed and I began to enjoy the feeling of his finger ramming in and out of my ass as his tongue worked on my clit. As I felt myself appraoching climax, he pulled away from me laughing. "So you liked that did you? You dirty whore!" he yelled at me, causing me to become red faced and ashamed. "Turn around and get on your hands and knees. It's time you get a lesson!"I got to my knees and pushed my ass out to please him. The sharp smack that landed directly on my left ass cheeck left me stunned. The next blow landed on the right cheek, and then I lost count as he hit me again and again with his hand and leather stick. When I wanted to die from the pain tha was coursing grom my ass through my body, he stopped. "Had enough?" he asked me, rubbing my stinging buttocks gently know with his rough hands. I nodded dumbly, tears streaming down my pretty face. I didn't understand how he could be so cruel to me one moment and then so gentle the next. I stayed like that, on my hands and knees, and allowed him to softly carress my burning ass. When I felt him position himself behind me I stiffened. I was afraid he would tear me apart with his giant cock, and begged him to go slow. He laughed as though he were crazy, and without warning plunged into my pussy.

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   My lips stretched obsenely around his thick shaft, and I could feel the head of his dick pushing into my cervix. "Owwww! God no! Please stop! I can't take it!" I screamed in pain. ""You'll take it. I still have 2 more inches to go. " he informed me cruelly, before stuffing himself full tilt into my snatch. I thought I would surely pass out from the pain, but as he roughly fucked in and out of my tight pussy, I began to get used to his size. After about 10 minutes of intense fucking, I was actually feeling the stirrings of an orgasm, and found myself pushing my ass back to meet his thrusts. As always, he stopped without allowing me to cum. He pulled his cock out of my dripping cunt and told me to lick him clean. I obeyed gladly and sucked my own pussy juice from his dick. He then told me to turn around again. I thought he was going to fuck me some more, but I was wrong. He took his stick and wacked me painfully across my exposed pussy lips. I cried out and was rewarded with another slap across my thighs. My mind was racing with fear.

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   For a long time he left me there on my knees, not touching me or speaking. I knew he was still there though. I could feel him. I wasn't even sure if i would have been glad if he would have left. "What is wrong with me? How can I enjoy this? This man is a rapist!" I thought to myself. It was then I felt his tongue playing again in the crack of my ass. He stuck it deep into my ass and then ran it all along my puckered hole. When he removed his face from my ass he replaced it with his finger. He slowly finger fucked my asshole with first one and then two digits. Soon, he removed those too, and I felt them replaced with the tip of his cock. "Noooooo!" I pleaded. " You can't!"Ignoring me, he lunged forward and sent his cock tearing into my ass. I felt my muscles give way and I slumped forward on the bed. My ass felt as though it was being torn in two by his huge cock. Pain was searing through every part of my body.


  He ass fucked me, bringing his cock almost out of me only to plunge it all the way back in, each time causing me to cry out or cuss. I begged him to stop but this only caused him to pound faster and harder into my ass. The last thing I remembered hearing before passing out from the pain was, "This is what my ancestors had to go through from white men like your I slowly came to, everything from the night before came rushing back to me. I tried to stand, but found myself too weak to move. I was now propped up in my bed, my body lovingly covered by a clean sheet and my head resting against fluffy pillows. It was morning, or maybe early afternoon. the sun was out and shining brighly, as evident from the glare coming into my room from the open shades. I wondered how they had gotten open. Then I noticed the wonderful smell of breakfast cooking and freshly brewed coffee. I was curious who had been here taking care of me, and was ashamed to think that it must have been my mother who had found me covered in blood and semen. I was shocked when the man from the night before appeared in my doorway with a tray containing breakfast, coffee and the morning paper. "Good Morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?" he asked me sweetly. It was then that I realized my ankles were bound tighly to the bed posts by leather straps. This may be a continued story depending upon readers response.

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   Let me know what you thought. Thanks.

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