Sue's Bad Luck


 Sue had lost 21 pounds in just a short period of time. That’s good for overweight people but, Sue was only 120 before she dropped to only 99 pounds. The reason, Sue had been called a fat whore by one of her son’s friend’s dad after spitting out his cum after a blowjob.   Sue was married to her husband Al and had to sons in high school. Sue had light brown hair with blonde highlights, small breasts, and a small but firm butt since she worked out everyday. When Sue weighted 105 pounds her family and friends got worried and told her that they were worried about her losing all that weight so fast. She tried saying that it was a new diet or that she worked out harder in the past couple of weeks, but no one believed her.
See it all started when Sue went to pick up her youngest son from a friend’s house. Todd, her son’s friend’s dad answered the door. ‘Come on in’ Todd said nicely. They walked through the family room toward the stairs when Sue noticed that there was a picture of a woman sucking on a dick on the computer screen. Todd turned around and saw that Sue saw the screen ‘shit’ he mumbled under his breath. Instead of Sue calling the man immature she said ‘You like looking at that’. ‘I don’t know where that came off’ Todd stumbled tying to block the computer screen. ‘Then you wouldn’t like a blowjob from me then’ Sue asked. Instantly, Sue saw Todd’s prick get hard in his pants.

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   ‘I’ll take that as a yes’ Sue said and walked over to the man. Sue dropped to her knees and unzipped the man’s pants and pulled down his boxers. The 6 inch cock sprang out and Sue quickly took it in her mouth. That’s when Todd took control. ‘Suck it hard you bitch’ Todd said and pushed Sue’s mouth deeper onto his cock. Sue took all 6 inches into her mouth and gagged at first. Sue tried pushing away to breath, but Todd slapped her hands away ‘take it all in’ Todd told her nastily.   Sue was given one gasp of air before she her head was slammed back into her throat. ‘You want my cum, bitch’ Todd asked, Sue shook her body no, ‘yes you do’ Todd said. Suddenly, cum shot into Sue’s mouth, Todd held her head still all of his semen filled her mouth. Todd let go, Sue sprang up from the floor and ran to the bathroom. Sue spit out the cum into the toilet, Sue hated the taste of cum in her mouth. Todd walked through the bathroom door ‘next time you better swallow the cum if you know better you fat, chubby, whore’ Todd said and walked upstairs to get Sue’s son. Sue cleaned up and tried to remain calm. ‘Hi, honey are you ready to go’ Sue asked her son cheerfully.

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   ‘Yes’ her son said and they left the house. After every meal then after Sue would leave the table and puke it back up quietly.
One night Sue and Al went out for dinner. It had been 3 months since they had sex and Sue thought that tonight would be the end of that streak. Sue got dressed in a light purple dress and didn’t wear any bra or panties. Al was turned on by this and Sue that on the way out of the door. Sue and Al were at the restaurant for an hour and a half before they went to a bar. Sue went to the bathroom to throw up her 100 dollar meal she just ate. When she came back 5 minutes later, Sue found Al completely wasted. A man helped Sue get Al to the car and they drove home. The problem didn’t stop there. Sue knew that her 18 year old son had a couple of friends over. Sue slowly dragged Al to the couch and dropped him down. Sue noticed that it was completely quiet. Sue walked down to the basement.

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   There she found her son Nick and his girlfriend Christy passed out with vodka bottle around them. Sue tried waking them up but they were out cold. Sue then loud talking. Sue walked up the stairs. The voices were coming from her room. Sue walked into the room. Inside were Nick’s three friends smelling and touching Sue’s underwear. The 18 year olds turned around, they were all wasted. ‘What the hell are you guys doing’ Sue screamed ‘give me those’. One of the boys grabbed her ‘I have an idea’ he said ‘lets fuck her’, the other 2 boys cheered as Sue was pushed on the bed. ‘No’ Sue screamed. The boys pilled Sue to the bed ‘help me, Al, somebody’ Sue screamed. A pair of purple panties was shoved into her mouth. The boys ripped off her new dress and pulled down his pants. Sue screamed as the other 2 held Sue down.

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   ‘She’s so tight’ the boy said as he pushed more and more cock into Sue’s pussy. The boy on her right touched her right tit, Sue jumped forcing her body onto the cock making the boy squirt his load into her pussy. The other two repeated the process. Sue passed out as the third boy came in her filled cunt.
The next morning Sue didn’t call the cops because she was to afraid that the town would find out about this. She walked downstairs and noticed that her son and all of his friends were gone. Sue found Al asleep on the couch. Sue weep for several hours and the only thing that made things better was to make herself puke, she did this 5 times that day.
Three weeks later Sue missed her period. She refused to go to the hospital to have an abortion at the hospital. Sue looked up a private doctor on the internet and set up an appointment online.
The next week she went to the house. It looked creepy and not like a doctors home. Sue rang the doorbell, immediately the door was answered by a scary looking man with long brown hair. ‘I think I have the wrong address’ Sue said.

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   ‘Are you having the abortion’ the man asked. ‘Yes I am’ Sue said ‘My name is Sue’. ‘John’ the man said ‘please come in’, Sue walked in. John led her to a room with just a table. ‘Lay down and take off pants’ John said almost commandingly. Sue laid down and undressed her bottom half. ‘Please close your eyes’ John told her. ‘My eyes’ Sue asked, ‘Yes’ John said. Sue shrugged and laid down with her eyes closed. John sprang up and handcuffed Sue’s legs and arms. ‘What are you doing Sue yelled. John placed a gag in her mouth and blindfolded her. ‘This will only hurt for a bit’ John said. Sue screamed as the head of John’s cock pushed up her ass. Sue screamed louder as John pushed deeper into her ass.

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   ‘Your so god damn tight’ John said as he continued to fuck Sue’s ass. John squeezed Sue’s tits as he came on Sue’s ass. John pulled his cock out of Sue’s ass and walked out of the room.
Minutes later Sue heard a dog bark and Sue jumped. ‘Alright I’m going to take off the gag and the blindfold, he you scream I’ll kill you, understand’ Sue nodded yes. The gag and blindfold were removed. ‘Now smile for the video camera’ John smiled. Sue looked at the camera, ‘Skip, mount’ the black lab that Sue hadn’t even seen jumped onto the table and inserted its cock deep into her pussy. Sue looked over and John and was about to scream but John placed a finger over his mouth to remind her to be quite. Sue started to cry and she stared at the camera as the dog fucked her harder then Sue ever had before. For what seemed like ages the lab finally came in her pussy and pulled out. ‘Tell anyone about this and I’ll kill you and your family’ John said. John pushed Sue’s pants into her hands and pushed her out the door. Sue drove off and puked on the side of the road several times before arriving at home.
A couple of months later Sue was skin and bones and you could easily tell she was pregnant.

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   Finally Sue told Al that she had been raped by Nick’s friends and a man and his dog. Sue then begged for her family to move. Al agreed, Sue got an abortion at their new home and everything was going well until Sue got an email. There was an attachment and it was the dog raping her pussy.