Teachers Fatal Mistake


Miss Saunders was a bitch, a real grade A hardcore bitch. Ok she had a fit body, great legs and tits to die for but she was a bitch. She knew it too and made the most of the fact that the boys wanted to fuck her but hated her at the same time. She wore either black tight skirts or trousers that showed off her arse and always a top that made the most of those ample tits. But she was a bitch.
John was 17 and hated her class, she was his English teacher and he hated her, his cock throbbed when she walked by but her hated her. He sat in his bedroom with his mates Mike who was 20 and Leon 22 and they discussed how they would make her pay. Different scenarios like giving blackmail, or threats but always back to their favourite raping the white bitch. They had ideas of kidnapping her, or breaking into her house, but they were forming a plan they thought would work. John used to lie at night thinking of the plan and how she would feel while he fucked her, how he would humiliate her and how she would become her plaything. He would become her teacher her master and she WOULD obey him and his mates. How his throbbing cock wanted to teach that bitch a lesson and after her who knows another teacher or just some slut from 3rd grade who knew, his power would be endless.
Monday came and it was English first period all weekend John and his mates had plotted this would be the week. In she walked all uptight and snobby, she looked at the class and started the lesson. John was to attempt to get detention – this shouldn’t be hard as she handed this out to him on a regular basis. She walked round the room during the lesson leaning over the students checking their work when she came to John he heard her sigh ‘Oh John’ she said ‘this really isn’t good enough, every one else is working why is it that you cant be bothered?………well, answer me boy?’
John grinned ‘shut up, im bored this lesson is shit so im not doing anything’.

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   There was a sharp intake of breath from the class and Miss Saunders went red
‘That’s it detention tomorrow night after school I’ll teach you some manners young man!’
John got the result he wanted and after school called his mates. ‘We’re on tomorrow night be outside classroom B5 and I will open the window then we will fuck the bitch and make her sorry!’
The next day came and John was in a state of excitement all day, he had to go off to the toilet and bring himself off once as he had a hard on that would not go away! The school bell rang and he took himself off to his detention, when he entered the room she was sitting on the desk waiting, wearing a black skirt, black stockings (he hoped) and a pale blue blouse that was heaving with her tits. He looked her up and down and his cock twitched, great he thought. ‘So you turned up’ she glared at him.
‘Thought id better’ he replied ‘you never know you might learn something too tonight Miss Saunders’ he grinned.
She looked puzzled, ‘sit down open your book and be quiet, I’m just going to the canteen for a coffee I will be 5 minutes and I expect you to be here when I return
John looked smug ‘oh im going nowhere Miss’.
While she was gone John opened the window and sure enough Mike and Leon were waiting ‘Jesus man we thought you’d never open up’ Lean moaned and they all sniggered.
 ‘Sorry but had to wait till she had gone, now get in and hide behind the door like we discussed’ John ordered his mates
‘Oh yeh man can’t wait to fuck that bitch hard’ Mick leered.
‘We will all get a go so pipe down she’s coming back’ John snapped. The two lads stood behind the door and Miss Saunders walked in she shut the door but didn’t notice them standing there as she walked over to John.
‘So John why are you just sitting there didn’t I tell you to open your book?’ she complained rolling her eyes at him.
‘Well now Miss I think its time you were quiet and listened to me for a change!’ John demanded.
 ‘I beg your pardon, I don’t think you quite understand the situation your in John’ she was looking angry and was about to go into a long explanation of things when John slapped her face, she gasped and put her hand to her stinging cheek, then things started to move quickly. John grabbed her by the hair and started shouting at her she was so shocked she couldn’t take in what he was saying but she herd the words ‘bitch’ ‘fuck’ ‘slut’ and was suddenly very scared. She looked at John and pleaded with him, she suddenly realised that although he was 17 he was a full 5’’ taller than her and a lot heavier and stronger.

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   ‘Please John you can go detentions over forget about it, im sorry’ she was crying and shaking.
Then he spoke softly ‘Miss Saunders, I think we need to talk so sit’ she did and as she did she saw his two friends her eyes widened. ‘These two mates of mine and I have decided as your such a grade A bitch that we are all gonna teach you a lesson’ Mike and Leon smiled and moved closer. John continued, you are gonna let each one of us do whatever we want, if you don’t Leon here is going to cut you’ with that Leon brought out a blade and held it to her throat, ‘is that agreeable?’ She couldn’t speak, john slapped her again ‘I said bitch is that agreeable and you should have said yes sir………hang on no yes master would be better!’
She looked at him and mumbled he slapped her harder ‘yes master’ she spat. The knife disappeared and Leon’s hand moved into her blouse.
‘That’s better now get onto your knees in front of Mike and take his cock out! You ever had a black cock before slave? ANSWER ME? Said John. ,
‘No’ she stammered
‘Mmmmmmm well your gonna sample three tonight and in future every time you answer me you use master or else’
She took out Mikes cock, it was thin and fairly long, it smelt of piss and she felt sick but she had no choice. Mike rubbed it over her lips and she parted her lips he pushed it in grunting as he did, she tasted stale piss and cum and gagged all the boys laughed at her. Mike held her head and pumped in and out of her mouth forcing himself into her throat she gagged many times but he didn’t care, he must have fucked her mouth roughly for over 5 minutes before he erupted in her mouth, she was pleased that was over but felt hands on her hair and his cock was replaced with Leon’s. Leon had a much bigger cock at least 8’’ and wide really wide, she still had Mikes cum in her mouth and had to swallow as Leon had forced himself in and was pumping with vigour ‘shit this is a hot white bitch’ he exclaimed. He held her hair tight and fucked he mouth like a cunt not caring that her face was bruising as he slammed into her. He had stamina too 10 minutes later her lips were raw and he pulled out and hot over her face, then he slapped her hard.
 John stepped forward ‘take my cock out slave!……………well what do you say’
She looked at him with hate in her eyes ‘yes master’ she spat. She undone his trousers and slipped them down his hips as she did his cock popped out and she gasped without thinking
‘Yes slave he’s a beauty isn’t he and this is gonna fuck you till your sore, now please clean him up as he’s been waiting for your mouth for some time’.
‘Master I cant take you all in my mouth your too big’ she looked horrified John was at least 10’’ and 4’’ wide.

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‘Oh my dear slut of a slave you can and you will, now SUCK ME TILL I CUM’ and with that he grabbed her cheeks and pushed them in until she opened her mouth, then he roughly shoved into her, she felt her mouth stretch as she accommodated his girth.
‘owwwwwww’ she sobbed
‘Shut the fuck up and suck it you white whore’ and he sawed in and out of her mouth holding her head and pushing all the time ‘mmmmmmm yes suck me bitch that’s it feels good, god yes take it all in yeh yeh’ and with that he came. He held her head till he was sure she had swallowed it all and then withdrew.
She thought thank god I survived, they have had what they want, but her ordeal was by no means over. They roughly stood her up and Mike cut off her clothes till she was standing before them in just her stockings (John was glad he hoped she was wearing them). The boys walked round her touching, pinching and slapping her arse, tits and cunt. ‘Well Miss Saunders time for round 2, go lay on the table over there legs wide………. . that’s it good’ they all stood before her looking at her pink clit. One by one they knelt and licked her, her body was betraying her and enjoying the sensations but she was not going to let these bastards know that. Then Mike stood between her long legs, she knew she could take him with no problem ‘please wear a condom’ she begged
‘Nah bitch we want you to have our seed’ mike snarled. He roughly spread her legs a little more and slid his cock in, she looked down and saw his thin black cock fucking her, he was moaning and she knew he wouldn’t last long, he came after a few strokes
‘Shit mike what was that’ cried Leon ‘she never even got started’
Mike looked embarrassed ‘you wait, her cunt is like satin I couldn’t hold back man’ Leon and John laughed.
 ‘Ok slut let me show you what it feels like to be fucked by a bruther’ and Leon slid all the way in with one push
‘Mmmmmmm’ she sighed
‘See the bitch likes it, don’t you slut, tell me?!’
She was beginning to enjoy being fucked ‘yes master I love it’
‘Love what bitch’ he demanded
‘Love being raped by your black cocks………………. ahhhhhhhhhhh’.
They laughed at her and Leon carried on fucking her hard, she felt his balls slapping against her arse.

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   He was so deep she could feel her muscles tensing round his cock, he was pulling and rolling her nipples and she was moaning, just as her orgasm began he came leaving her hanging. Cum was running down her legs and she heard herself beg for me ‘please master I need to come give me your cock, fuck me hard make me yours, please’.
John stood between her legs ‘yes slave you want this’ and he held his dick against her clit rubbing gently
‘Oh yes master, fuck my white whores cunt’ he laughed as she spoke and she felt small and humiliated and she knew this is what he wanted but she couldn’t help it she knew he would own her after this, her an educated 27 year old woman owned by a 17 year old piece of shit but she didn’t care she wanted that cock in her. He held her hips and slammed into her cunt and she screamed this was the biggest cocks she had ever experienced ‘oh no it hurts please no please no’ so he pulled out she sobbed and he slapped her cunt hard
‘Now bitch beg for it, come on beg’ he sneered
It hurt too much but she knew she must beg ‘please master fuck me im sorry I have never had such a big dick in me, I will try harder!’ with that he resumed fucking her, her tits were jumping as he slammed in and out and her cunt felt like it was splitting into two but she was cumming ‘yessssssss’ she screamed as it ripped through her and his pace quickened as he met her orgasm and filled her as well, he pulled out and her cunt seeped with 3 loads of cum, again she thought it was all over but again she was so wrong.
‘Right boys last hole’ and they flipped her over onto her stomach. This time she fought as she had never been arse fucked before but they hit her and slammed her down and one of them sat on her back.
God no she thought I can’t do this, she was trembling, she knew her arse was going to be invaded and she could do nothing. Cum ran down her legs and she had Leon’s dried cum on her face, her body reeked of sex. She felt small humiliated and useless yet she was excited no one head ever made her orgasm as she had today and that had felt so good. She knew John would want more after today this was just the start and she also knew that after the three of them had taken her arse she would want John to call for her whenever he wanted, she was his slave!
They stood behind her watching the cum slip down her thighs, Leon scooped some up and rubbed it over her face ‘slut’ he shouted at her. She knew she was but licked the cum that was over her lips anyway.
Her feet were kicked apart and Mike again took first place. Leon sniggered ‘yeh let pencil dick break her in it wont be so bad after that’
‘Hey bro less of that, just cause im not a mutant’ they all laughed. Mike dipped his cock into her cunt so his cock was coated and wet enough to rape her arse. Then he positioned it at the base of her anus ‘hey guys she a virgin here’ he said gleefully ‘aren’t you bitch’
She looked at John and said quietly ‘yes master I am please don’t hurt me anymore’.

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   John walked over to her and said
‘Slave your fatal mistake was making me hate you, now we are gonna rip your arse apart one by one and your gonna love it………eventually! Go on Mike do it’ he demanded.
Mike was quite gentle at first not plunging in but taking his time, slow inch by inch he filled her anus and he groan with every movement, she hurt but because he had gone slow it wasn’t as bad as she had expected but things were to change. Suddenly Mike came again he couldn’t last the boys ribbed him and called him names but he was so excited by her virgin arse and how it clamped over his tender dick that he wasn’t gonna argue the feeling had been great as he had released his load into her bowels.
Next again was Leon she knew he wouldn’t be gentle and she was right first before he entered her he took a ruler and gave her arse many slap leaving big welts, then he got the boys to spread her arse cheeks and shoved the ruler up her cunt then her arse, god she screamed. Then he removed it placed one hand on her hip the other in her hair and piled into her arse, she passed out then and didn’t know how long for but when she woke he was tearing into her pulling her head back by her hair and she thought her neck would break. ‘Yeh bitch, what a tight arse mmmmm you should see this god yeh mmmmmm’ he grunted pushing harder and harder, she thought he was going to cum a few times but after 5 minutes he was still fucking her hard, she screamed for him to stop. ‘Baby wont be long now come on help me make me cum bitch’ she knew he meant to push against him but it hurt so much but if it meant he would be finished. So she pushed back to meet his thrusts and he moaned with pure lust. Then after one huge shove he came she felt his cock pulsing in her arse and felt the stream of hot white cum fill her, then she remembered John.
He looked at her and she knew there was no mercy to be had, ‘hold her boys this lady is gonna buck when this fills her’. So Mike sat on her back pushing her into the desk and squashing her tits and Leon held on of her legs
‘Go bro, split her in two’ said Leon.
He stood behind her rubbing his cock from her clit to her arse and back again teasing himself, every so often he would dip the bell end of his knob in her cunt and she would moan. Then he moved away, eventually he bored of this and slapped her arse then went for the kill, he wasn’t rough though as she expected he slid into her slowly. It still hurt like hell and she cried out ‘shut up slave I’ve only got the tip in’ this made her panic she thought that he was fully in ‘wanna feel it all then slave?’
She knew what her answer had to be ‘yes master please fuck my arse with your huge cock I deserve to be hurt’ she was sobbing openly now.
‘I know you deserve it bitch, so take this’ and with that he slammed every inch into her ravaged arse, she was in so much pain she bucked and screamed and tried to move but it was no use he was raping her and she could do nothing.

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   The rape went on and on he would not cum the boys were cheering as he ripped into her, Mike who was sitting on her was holding her arse cheeks open and spitting on her back and Leon was pulling her leg so hard she thought it would break but nothing compared to the pain in her arse, John loved this and knew he would come soon. Her arse was bleeding and torn and her cheeks had welts from the ruler, she didn’t look so haughty now. ‘Slave master is gonna fill you now, are you happy? Do you want it?’ he snarled
‘Yes master’ she sobbed ‘im happy to be you slut fill me up’. With a great grunt he came it seemed like forever before he pulled out he kept fucking and fucking and grunting.
He pulled out fast and great globs of cum, shit and blood fell to the floor. ‘Look at the mess you have made slut, get on your knees and lick it up’. This was the final humiliation but as she felt her head being lifted by her hair she knew she would lick up this filthy mess. On her knees her nose pressed into the shit cum filled mixture she licked and retched ‘if your sick you will have to clean that up too slave’ said John.
She cleaned up all the mess and her face was a sticky sight. John told her to lie on her back at their feet ‘now fuck your self’ he said ‘use your hands and finger your cunt bitch’ Oh how much more could she take, they all stood over her cocks in hand and watched as she played, it felt so good though her gentle touch and she was soon whimpering as her orgasm built, she blocked them out and wanked god it felt good.
‘Mmmmmm yes yes’ she cried as she came and that’s when she felt a hot wetness on her. She looked up to expect to see them wanking over her but instead to her horror they were all urinating, covering her with their hot piss and laughing, she lay there and cried as they dressed.
As they left John bent over her and said I have your mobile number and your address when I call you WILL come whenever and wherever, your mine now. Then he kicked her between the legs and walked off.
The two others looked at her and said ‘white slut’ and spat on her.

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   She was still lying there 30 minutes after they had gone home congratulating them selves on a rape well done and she knew that she wanted more.