the me


I think about being taken out of no wear. . . . sometimes I wish to be tied up on a bed. . . . blind folded. . . strangers room. . . . wake up to darkness can only hear little creaks here and there as someone is walking around .

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  . . .

mins seem like hours and yet there is nothing. . . . till they are at my ear telling me there is nowhere to go . . . .

Then the room is empty. . . .

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   I fall asleep reluctantly . . . just to wake up to find someone is in me moving on me. . . taking me I try to scream but my mouth is full no sound gets out I hear him grunting pushing harder. . . bruising my pelvis with each thrust then I hear someone instruct him to get off. . . . I feel relief as he climbs off I’m left alone in the room again crying

then someone is back. .

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  . . I feel a wash cloth on me warm. . . .

they run it across my face gently, down my neck, my breast, stomach, across my clit grinding it there a little before moving down my legs then I feel something cover my face and there is darkness again. . . .

I wake up this time to find myself being moved. . . and yet I feel like I cannot move I hear people talking and laughing. Someone says something about how this is the best place.

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   Then I feel it. . . . someone is sliding in me but I am on top of them. . . I try to force myself to move and they all scream with laughter saying please move. . . . I find that my movements are restricted by ropes I can only move but so far the blindfold is removed and I find that my wrist and ankles are tied but not to any furniture there are men holding the ends of the ropes. . .

I try to pull on them but they pull them tighter stretching me the guy below me thrust upwards and instructs the guys to hold me there as if they understand they all get quiet the one below me informs me that he is the one who owns me he is the one who will decide what happens next

I go limp nowhere to go he nods his head and I feel someone enter from behind pushing me down on the one below the blind fold is put on again and there is just darkness as all my other senses are heightened I feel another’s cock rubbing against my lips trying to get me to open

I refuse

wanting to scream but knowing if I open my mouth what will happen the man below me squeezes my nipples hard turning them purple so hard tells me to open I refuse

I then hear him say pull.

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  . . all the ropes get tight as the guy behind me slams in me hard and the guy below pumps even harder I scream and only get cock in my mouth

and down my throat



the guy below me laughs he tells me that I will do what he says or I will never be set free I’m crying but find hope in the word free I feel each of the guys begin to pulse and I know what is to come. . . I tense up which just seems to please each f them more as each of them begin to fill me

I feel it run down my throat making me want to gag but can not the other two have already cum in me and they are all laughing my whole body shudders

I am tied to the bed again as they all leave the room


wondering what happen to being free