The new schoolmarm gets opened


     Miss Sarah Johnson walked down the dusty street to the town's one room school house. It was hot on this September day of 1890, and she needed to open up the schoolhouse, and get it ready for the students. She was the town's new schoolmarm, and she was very good at what she did. Being as dedicated as she was, she never had the time or the inclination to get married, and at the age of 35, she was fast becoming the virgin spinster. When she got the urge, she'd masturbate under her covers at night, with all the lights out, feeling guilty and sinful as all hell, but relishing the burst of orgasmic pleasure she'd enjoy at the end.

     The Parker boys, Jeb, 18 years old, Jason and Ken, 17 year old twins and Jim, the youngest at 16 years old, were watching the new school teacher with great interest. She had a sexy figure, and they were more than interested in getting a look at her without her clothes in the way. Jeb, the leader, 18 years old and strong as an ox from working the fields at his parents farm, led the way. The followed along, trying to look casual, just strolling, until Miss Johnson entered the school house. They slipped in, and locked the door, and watched Miss Johnson from the store room.

     Jeb whispered to his brothers, "Ok, just follow me, I'll tell you what to do, and by the end, you'll all have a great learning experience. "

     They left the store room, and quickly surrounded Miss Johnson. She turned around, surprised to see four boys behind her. The looks they were giving her made her feel unsettled.

     She did her best to keep her voice level, as she said, "Hello boys, school isn't until tomorrow you know".

     Jeb grinned at her, and said, "We know all about that Miss Johnson, we're just here to give you a special welcome to the new school.

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     They grabbed her, she tried her best to fight them off, but they were all strong, young and healthy, and four against one was not going to get it done. They pushed her down to the floor, and the boys quickly stripped off her dress, underneath, she wore a tight corset, and Jeb grinned as he worked on stripping her, eager to unlace the strait laced schoolmarm right out of her corset.

That was easily accomplished, and Miss Johnson was horrified to realize that she was now totally naked. The new schoolmarm had an amzing body, lush, full breasts, very sexy, curvy hips, her pubic triangle covered with a thick tuft of hair, tapering down to sexy long legs. Four cocks responded to the sight, plumping up, getting very hard and ready. They quickly stripped as they easily held down her struggling body, and she was suddenly surrounded with four very horny and aroused young men, and four very hard, horny cocks. She felt her body being lifted up, and draped face down over her desk, her ass up, her legs protruding over the edge, three of the brothers holding her down, as Jeb got between her legs, and positioned himself. Jeb got the job of busting open the tight passage, as he was the only one of the brothers who was no longer a virgin, having deflowered the McCoy sisters in the barn during the summer.

     She cried out, "No, please, I'm still a virgin, don't!"

     Jeb said, "Still a virgin? Miss Johnson, you've waited far too long. Don't you worry a bit, I know what I'm doing, I busted open the McCoy sisters just this past summer. "

     She felt his cock start to shove up her virgin passage, he hit her hymen, and drew back, pushing forward again, and again being denied. He pulled back, and gave a mighty thrust. Miss Johnson felt him slam in, and her virginity gave way as he tore into her with a savage thrust, his cock ripped open her hymen, surging forward, Miss Johnson letting out a loud cry of pain as he forced his cock in, her dry inner pussy parting and wrenching painfully as she was violated. Her 35 years of virginity ended as Jeb buried his 8 inches in, right to the balls, relishing the feel of the schoolmarm impaled on his prick. He thrust in and out, lasting a couple of minutes before the tight cling of the no longer virgin schoolmarm milked his throbbing cock for every drop, and he grunted as he shot his hot cum deep up her tight pussy.

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     He pulled out, and signalled the twins to take her. Jason eagerly shoved his cock in, drawing a grunt of pain from Miss Johnson, refilling the tight hole that Jeb had just opened, while Ken presented his cock to Sarah's face.

     Jeb said to Sarah, "Now, Miss Johnson, you're going to open your pretty little mouth, and you are going to swallow what my brother gives you to swallow. "

     She could feel Jason raping her, the hard thrusts against all her sore spots having to be born all over again, at least it didn't last long, with him being a virgin, as he quickly exploded his hot load deep inside her. She did as she was told, and once Ken's cock was encased in her hot, wet mouth, he lasted a few seconds before his excitement brought on a huge glut of spunk, filling Sarah's mouth, as she gulped wildly to swallow it all.  

     Jim was next, and he eagerly shoved his cock in, fucking the schoolmarm with hard thrusts. Being filled with 2 large loads made his thrusts a bit easier to endure, and being 16 and a virgin, he also lost his load very fast, his cum joining his brothers loads already pumped up inside of her.

     Finally, it's over, she thought, but it wasn't. Being so young, they quickly recovered. Miss Johnson was dismayed to see that the boys recovered quickly, again very hard and ready, and they kept her draped over her desk, it was a perfect positioning for her to be fucked and suck them at the same time. This time, Jeb presented his stiff cock to her mouth.

     "Swallow my cock, suck me, make me fill your pretty little mouth with my load" Jeb encouraged, stoking her head of hair.

     She swallowed his cock, since she really had no choice, and grunted as she felt Ken drive his cock up inside her vagina. Ken eagerly drilled her pussy, driving his throbbing cock in, raping the new schoolmarm as she sucked on Jeb's cock. The brothers took Miss Johnson's mouth and pussy, filling her from both ends as she sucked Jeb's cock while Ken eagerly fucked her pussy, the other brothers standing by, cocks hard and ready, awaiting their turn.

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   Ken grunted as he felt the tight hug milk his shaft, his cock erupting, pumping his thick load deep inside her, as Jeb grunted, his cock spraying inside the tight lips around his cock, giving Miss Johnson a thick mouthful of spunk.

     They withdrew, and Jason gave her his cock to suck on, while Jim eagerly refilled her pussy. Being that they had already blown off a load, they lasted longer, much to Sarah's discomfort, and they pumped her mouth and pussy until they exploded, refilling up both ends.

     Miss Johnson knew that she couldn't stop them, so she just endured the hard thrusts, the pulsing of their hard pricks as they squirted thick loads up her tight pussy, and the hot mouthfuls of thick teen male seed that filled her mouth. They weren't finished with her until every cock had filled her mouth and her pussy had been fucked again by every cock. When they were done, they turned her over, their cocks once again hard, and they stoked their stiff cocks until they shot off one last load, squirting it over the schoolmarm's naked body.

     Jeb grinned and said "Welcome to the new school Miss Johnson, we hope that you enjoyed your welcome as much as we did, and we hope you'd like to do this again sometime, real soon. See you in class tomorrow. "

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