Turning the Tables (The Rape of a Virgin Manboy)


     As I walked quietly through the moonlight, I reflected on the night's events. Dinner went fairly well, although rather torturous for me. It was really all I could do to keep myself from leaping across the table, ripping his clothes off and taking our guest right then and there. I had not be so excited in quite some time. The anticipation made my legs quiver, and I felt a familiar throb from between them.
     I let myself into the guesthouse, and made my way to the bedroom, where I'm sure, he was sleeping by this time of night. I carefully set my small case on the bedside table, and removed the handcuffs from my pockets. I placed them at the head of the bed within easy reach for later. I then removed my trenchcoat, fingers trembling with desire and excitement of what was to come. I quickly straddled my victim, and clasped my hand over his mouth. He cried out, startled from a deep sleep. "I would advise you to listen very carefully, and do as I say. If you swear not to make a sound, I'll remove my hand. However, if you make any noise, you'll most definitely regret it. " With that I snapped the handcuff to the headboard, and grabbed his wrist painfully and slammed it into the cuff. "Can you behave for me?" his eyes were wide open now, as the realization was sinking in that I would be having my way with him tonight.

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   He nodded anxiously, knowing that anything else would result in a rather embarrassing predicament for him. I released his mouth, and proceded with the other cuff. "Please don't do this, i-it's my first time, and I really wanted it to be special", he begged. "Quiet! I don't recall giving you my permission to speak. . . and it will be special alright, I'm sure neither of us will forget this night. . . " I replied cruelly. I slapped his face quickly, stinging just enough to let him know I meant business. By this time I was dripping wet, and decided to let him know it. I shoved the blankets aside and straddled his chest, rubbing my drenched snatch across it. His eyes widened, and I could tell he was getting excited despite himself. I thought this the perfect time to humiliate him, so I climbed off his chest, and made my way downward toward his stiffening cock.

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   I placed my hands on his thighs, digging my nails in ever so slightly, and leaned toward his cock. I had thought his eyes couldn't get any wider, and laughed at him as he gasped. Bending my head ever closer, I felt him catch his breath, wondering what I would do next. . .
     Tantalizing the head of his dick ever so slightly with my moist hot breath, I flicked the tip with my tongue. Then I moved away quickly. "Did you think this was about you? What a selfish bitch you are?!", I scoffed. With that, I walked over to my case, and opened it. I began removing my toys: a paddle, cat-o-nine-tails, anal beads, a thin 5" vibrator, and my pride and joy, an 8" long black strap-on as thick as a golfball. I laughed as he gasped, and saw that despite the obvious terror, he was actually quite turned on. I set the "toys" on the bed next to him, and left the room. I had decided that anticipation was my best ally, and would ensure that he would become more and more anxious. I settled down to watch a few moments of television, and left him wondering what would happen next. After about 30 minutes, I figured it was long enough, not to mention I was randy as hell, and wanted a fuck.

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   I strolled back into the room, conscious of his eyes on my breasts. "Stop looking at my tits you piece of shit, you're my plaything!", I screamed at him. His eyes snapped to my face, but I could tell he wanted me badly. Reaching over, I grabbed him by both ankles and wrenched them apart. I then took a pair of rubber gloves and put them on. I spit on my fingers and rubbed my index against his opening. His eyes flew open as it yielded to my pressure. I began fingering his ass roughly, taunting him. "You like this don't you, you wish I would fuck your ass now? You'd come hard for me wouldn't you bitch?" I grabbed his shaft with my free hand, gripping it tightly,and his balls contracted, telling me he did indeed, love every minute of this. "Sick, preverted freak! Look at you, ready to bust your nut any moment! I shouldn't even let you fuck me! You don't deserve to fuck someone like me, pissant!" I screamed at him. He began to tremble, whether out of fear of excitement I couldn't say, maybe a bit of both. I was beyond horny, and decided not to withhold from myself a moment longer. Yanking my finger from his ass, I puulled the gloves off quickly and slipped into the strap-on. Climbing on top of him again, I maneuvered myself onto his now throbbing organ. I was so wet he slipped in with barely any effort.

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   I rode his cock hard, feeling mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm ripping through my body. The strap-on bobbed up and down slapping him on the navel. The very idea of it made me come, and I felt it gush out of me soaking him, my thighs and the bedshets. Feeling him begin to tense up, I leapt off him, viciously slapping his cock away from me. "How dare you try to come, when I'm not finished with you!", I hissed. "I-i'm sorry Lady. . . " "Don't you talk back to me!" I fumed. " That's it! Now, you've made me angry. Now, I'll really punish you!" I climbed up on him, dangled my dripping cunt above his face, and ordered him to eat every bit. He did as he was told, seemingly somewhat happy to oblige me. I rode his face, and at times he seemed rather panicked at not being able to breathe properly, but I didn't care. His wrists strained at the cuffs, and I moved away from his hungry mouth. "You want to touch me don't you? You want to finger me as you eat my sweet pussy, to rub my delicious little nub.

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  . . ? Well, you can't! I tell you what to do, and how to do it!" He cowered in shame, wanting only to please me. I quickly released his cuffs, telling him to get on his knees. . . now! I grabbed the anal beads. Moistening my fingers with my juices, I lubed the toy, and then slipped several beads into his ass before he knew what was happening. He moaned, and pushed against them, taking a few more into his puckered opening. I slapped his ass hard, making him cry out. "Quiet!", I ordered, spanking his ass again. I yanked the toy out, and while he was distracted, I plunged the length of the strap-on into his ass. "Aaaaaaaaaah!", he cried out in more than a little pain. "Shut up, before someone hears you, isolent fucktoy!" I grabbed ahold of his hips, and pounded into his ass, relishing the feeling of being in control. This must be what it's like when my husband fucked me from behind.

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   Surprisingly, I liked it! With one last stroke, I felt his balls tensing up against my thighs, and decided it was my turn to get fucked again. I shoved him, face first into the bed, and ordered him to get up. He obliged wilingly, although a bit slower than I liked, so I smacked his ass hard. I could see he was rather uncomfortable, and the thought made me smile. I laid down on the bed put my legs beside my head against the pillows, and told him to fuck me for all he had left, because if he didn't satisfy me, I'd fuck his ass all the harder, even if it meant ripping it open in the process. He entered me, and began pumping away as hard and as fast as he could. I felt my pussy walls clenching against his cock, and bucked hard. I reached out and pinched his nipples, and he winced, but had the sense to keep pumping furiously. I came again and again, screaming and moaning recklessly, unconcerned that someone might hear me. His shaft swelled, as my walls tightened, and I knew he was going to come inside me. I reached around and grabbed his buttocks digging my nails into each cheek, urging him deeper inside me. He came with a loud moan, and I wondered if he'd ever stop coming. It felt the walls of my pussy undulating, milking every last drop, sucking him dry. It was filling me, sloshing out, mixing with my own squirting juices and running down both our thighs, and the crack of my ass.   
     As we showered and cleaned up, I wondered if I had hurt you him very badly.

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   "Did you forget our safe word darlin'? You never cried out once. " He looked at me and smiled, "If it makes you happy, I can take it. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, though. " I smiled, and kissed him on the nose. "Well, maybe I'll just have to be more creative," I said, with a mischevious glint in my eye.

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