Turning The Tables


My name is Sara and I live out in the country with my partner Jennifer miles from our nearest neighbor. We chose the seclusion of the country to avoid the gossip in the conservative town where we both grew up. Last night I was feeling amorous and decided to surprise Jennifer by wearing a very seductive teddy that I secretly purchased on our last trip to the city. Jen is the dom in our relationship and loves when I “the little woman” initiates romance when she arrives home from work. Jen drives a dump truck and has a contract with the state. Last night she was running late as she was hauling stone at a quarry located in another county. Jen dresses down when on the job, wearing flannel shirts, bib overalls, and work boots. She keeps her long, jet black hair in a bun under a John Deere hat. But try as she might, should can not dissuade her co-workers from hitting on her. That’s because, despite all of the just noted precautions, she has a beautiful, unblemished face that men instantly fall in love with. Had they ever seen Jen in the all-together like I have, she would have had to beat them off with a baseball bat. Literally!! She has a toned, sculpted body well proportioned on a tall, well tanned, 5’10” frame. Her arms were muscular due to her job, which also contributed considerably to her six-pack abs. Her legs were long and slender with rippling calves and thighs, and her breast were firm, perky, and ample. She was an outdoorsman from the word go and her pursuit of hunting and hiking contributed mightily to her physical stature. Just the thought of her has soaked my panties through so perhaps I should get back to the story.

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   I planned a romantic candle lit dinner. I prepared all of Jen’s favorites. Stuffed Cornish hens, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fresh corn on the cob that I purchased earlier in the day at a farm stand up the road. I had made baking powder biscuits, scrumptious if done right, and was just getting ready to pop them in the oven after receiving Jen’s call that she was about a half hour away. I pulled the game hens from the oven where I had been keeping them warm and turned up the heat for the biscuits. I popped the biscuits into the oven then removed the foil tent from the hens and balled it up to throw in the garbage. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t run the garbage out to the road for pick-up early the next morning. I grabbed the plastic bag from the container and tied it off. I threw the bag into one of the two plastic cans at the side of our front porch. It was dusk and the night was warm so I threw caution to the wind and grabbed the first can to wheel it down to the edge of the gravel road dressed only in the teddy. As I reached the road and placed the can off to the side of the path, I noticed two hunters, shotguns slung over their shoulders, walking down the gravel toward me. Feeling exposed and totally embarrassed, I offered a sheepish wave in their direction and quickly made my way back up the path to the house. Once inside I waited a couple of minutes for the biscuits to finish baking and then pulled them from the oven, hopefully giving the hunters ample time to get down the road. I then donned a robe and headed back outside to take the other garbage can down to the road. I placed the can next to the other and noticed with relief that the hunters were out of sight.

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   Probably a half mile away I told myself as I ambled back up to the house enjoying the warm evening breeze. When I reentered the house I checked the clock and saw that I still had fifteen minute or so to complete my preparations. I put the hens back in the still warm oven and put the biscuits in a bread basket and covered them with a red and white checked, cloth napkin. I checked the corn in the steamer and then turned my attention to the potatoes which were still in the hot water and needed to be drained and mashed. When I removed the lid, the steam from the pot washed over my face causing me to break out in beads of sweat. I found a colander and emptied the potatoes into it. Working near the stove made me extremely warm so I removed my robe and decided to freshen up a bit while the potatoes drained. I headed for the bedroom, robe in hand, to get a cool damp cloth to wipe the light perspiration from my body. I pushed the bedroom door open and my wrist was suddenly grabbed in a vice like grip as I was whipped violently against the wall. My head hit the wall hard and for a second I only saw blackness and stars. My eyes refocused on a face inches from mine. It was one of the hunters I saw on the road. “You’re even prettier close up. ” He said, his hand cupping my chin as his thumb dug into one cheek and his other fingers dug into the other giving me involuntary fish lips. I could smell the liquor on his breath and knew I was in trouble.

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  “We saw your exhibition on the road out there and took it as an invitation. ” I heard another voice say. I looked over the first hunters shoulder and saw his hunting buddy across the room already wriggling out of his coveralls. “We accept!” his buddy laughed as he kicked off his boots and started unbuckling his belt. The first hunter released his grip on my cheeks and grabbed the front of my teddy, violently ripping it from my body as he exclaimed, “Let’s see what we got here. ” The strings from the teddy bit into my shoulder before giving away and I grimaced from the pain, a tear running down my cheek. “OoooHoo!!” Hunter number one howled. “Ain’t she a sight to behold. Spin around honey. ” He ordered. I did as I was told, trembling with fear, as they drank in my naked body. As I hung my head in shame and embarrassment I noticed that my small, perky breasts were covered with goose bumps as were my arms and my flat taut stomach. Hunter number one approached me and cupped my clean shaven pubic area in has hand, planting his long middle finger in the crack of my ass. “Do you like it in the ass baby?” He asked in my ear. I remained silent.

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   This enraged him and he slapped me sharply across the face bringing a taste of my own blood to my lips. “I asked you a question bitch. ” He screamed into my face. “Do you like it in the ass?” Still unable to find my voice, I shook my head no, tears streaming down my face now. “Have you ever had it up the ass?” he demanded. Again I shook my head no. “Then how do you know you don’t like it?” He asked tauntingly. “I guess you’re going to find out real soon. ” he added. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and shoved me roughly across the room sending me sprawling on to the bed. “Hold on to her Bo, whilst I get naked” he said, pulling at his clothes. Bo, who was already naked, was on top of me in a flash. He straddled my body at the waist pinning my arms to the mattress. His erection swinging menacingly, inches above my face, his taut balls dangling even closer. I put up the obligatory struggle but I weigh no more than 100 pounds soaking wet and was no match for his brute strength.

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   He held both my wrists in one hand and roughly fondled my tits with the other. My nipples involuntarily sprang to erection. Noticing the rock hard condition of my nipples, he grinned and exclaimed excitedly, “she’s likin’ it John, she’s wantin’ it. ”His buddy John came over to the bed, his 7” erection preceding him. He smiled down at me and let a large amount of spittle drip from his lips landing on the shaft of his engorged penis. He stroked his shaft spreading the spittle over it’s length. It suddenly dawned on me that Jen was due home any minute. I thought of blurting out this little tidbit of information but decided to bite my tongue. They would just lay in wait for her and then we’d both be in the same position. I would just grin and bear it and maybe they’d just take what they wanted and leave. “Skooch up Bo!” I heard John say from somewhere near the foot of the bed. Bo’s body blocked him from view. Bo grabbed one of my arms in each of his hands and forced them to my sides. He scooted his body forward so he was straddling my neck tucking his legs in close to my body so I couldn’t move my arms. He roughly shoved some pillows under my head forcing it forward.

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   His short fat penis was pressed to my lips. It smelled dirty and sour from perspiration after being trapped in his overalls all day. “Open wide darlin,’ he said grinning, “and no biting if you know what’s good for you. ” I opened my mouth and he shoved his pudgy erection in. It filled my mouth but was too short to make me gag. I gagged anyways. He thrust his hips in my face and grabbed my head to force it forward to meet his thrusts. I applied pressure to the shaft with my lips and tongue hoping to get it over with quickly. As Bo was busy face fucking me I felt John get on the bed behind him. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my ass in the air. He shoved my legs forward so they were resting on Bo’s back. I felt his finger force it’s way into my dry pussy. He thrust his finger back and forth until he got my pussy juice flowing. He withdrew his finger and rubbed it on my anus, massaging the juices on my asshole to lubricate it. He repeated this procedure several times running his finger up inside my ass the second time around.

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   I felt some pain at first but eventually my tight little butt hole relaxed and accepted the invasion. When he was satisfied that my asshole was sufficiently lubricated he got on his knees behind me and pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. I heard him spit again and sensed him rubbing it all over his cock. He thrust his hips forward, the head of his cock penetrated my tight sphincter. His cock was not as fat as Bo’s, but it was much larger than his forefinger. The initial pain was exquisite and at least he had the decency to stop and let my throbbing butt hole become accustomed to his size. It took all the willpower I could muster not to bite down on Bo’s chubby manhood. After a few seconds he pushed the rest of his penis deep inside my rectum. He slowly worked the length of his penis in and out of my ass, speeding up as my asshole loosened up. My asshole felt like it was on fire and tears ran from the corners of my eyes and down the side of my face. Bo was near orgasm and was fucking my face in reckless abandon, forcing my head forward and causing painful spasm through my neck and shoulders, making me forget about the brutal beating my asshole was taking. I sucked harder hoping to bring an end to his savagery. I felt the head of his dick begin to throb in my mouth and felt the first warm, gooey, shot of his jism on the back of my tongue, then another, and still another. His orgasm ebbed to a weak flow and I swallowed it to keep from choking. Bo’s head rolled back and he let go of mine, a deep groan emanating from his throat as he continued to thrust his softening penis in and out of my mouth.

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   John suddenly started slamming his hips unmercifully against my ass and I could feel his penis throbbing deep inside me. I felt his cum spurt from his dick and flow inside me. His orgasm seemed to go on forever. He let out what sounded like an Indian war cry and then he shouted, “Now tell me baby, how do you like getting it in the ass?”I couldn’t answer if I wanted to as Bo had collapsed, leaning forward on the brass headboard behind us, his limp penis still in my mouth. I could sense John smiling as he asked the question and anger seethed within me. I felt him pull his cock out of my asshole and then felt warm fluid dripping from my anus and running down my ass. Blood? Cum? I didn’t care, I just wanted it to be over. My body was racked with pain and I just wanted them gone before Jen came home and had to suffer the same fate. Bo leaned back and finally withdrew his penis from my mouth. “Well buddy,” he called back over his shoulder to John, “How ’bout we rest up a few minutes then have another go at it. This time I get to pound that pretty ass. ” Just then an unmistakable sound came from the doorway. It was the sound of a round being chambered. We looked over in unison to see Jen leveling a 9mm in the direction of Bo. “Get the fuck off my woman.

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  ” Jen said angrily through gritted teeth. Bo slowly dismounted from my chest. His hands up in front of him. John stupidly made a move toward Jen and she shifted her aim and fired, cleanly taking off the top of his right ear, blood spraying on the bed spread. John’s hand went to the side of his head. Jen said cockily, “ would you like to try again to see if that was an accident or would you like to keep your other ear. ” John said nothing. “Both of you get on the floor face down. ” Jen barked at them. “Sara honey, get the cuffs. ”I went to our bureau drawer and got two sets of handcuffs that me and Jen use for a different purpose. “Put your hands behind your back” Jen ordered. Both men complied. I went over to Bo and cuffed him first. Tightly! I then went over to John and cuffed him tighter.

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   For good measure I gave him a kick in the ribs before going to Jen and collapsing in her arms, crying. “ I’ll call the cops” I said to Jen after I composed myself. “Oh no Sara. ” Jen said while running her fingers through my long blond hair. “Let them rest. They wanted to go again, remember?And an evil smile spread across Jens face. .

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