Willow and the Widow Chapter 3


Willow sat on my chest in all of her naked glory. I could smell her juices flowing and feel the heat from her womanhood. Willow we should wait until we get marred for this. Ah NO! as far as I am concerned I am your wife so I am demanding you take care of you husbandly duties now. Betty must have heard Willow because some wear in another room Betty was laughing and yelled make him eat it first baby. Oh that bitch! Willow had my arms pined under her and I was not going to fight to free my self, hell I liked what was happening staring at a sweet pussy like Willows. Ya Husband of mine eat my pussy. I look at her and licked my lips then said what ever my wife wants. I lifted my butt high into the air this caused Willow to slide up my chest and land on my open mouth and tongue. I heard her yell “Oh my fucking god” then she grabbed the headboard. I could now lift my arms easily so I grabbed her ass cheeks and started my muff fest. She was so tasty, I could tell she was close to an orgasm so I focused on her clit. That was what it took she was once again a fuck animal.
Now wife lay down on you back, she moved so fast. My face was wet from her juices and in front of me laid Willow legs spread, knees up and hands reaching for me. I was knelling before her and slowly crowed on top of her suspending my weight on my elbows.


   Willows arms where around me and we where kissing long and passionately. I felt some thing that said turn around. In the door was Betty dress in a robe leaning arms crossed with the largest smile I have ever seen. What is this a spectator sport? It is not every day a mom watch her daughter louse her cherry! Betty walked over to Willow and said, my god Willow you are so beautiful. Then kissed her on the lips and left the room I think. Willow asked is it going to hurt much? Yes baby it will but in time it will feel real good. She held me so tight it was fear of the unknown for her. I started rubbing the head of my cock against the lips of her vagina. I slowly opened her up with my fingers, then moved the head inside. Once I was in about an inch she gasped and whispered Joe it feels so good. I moved slowly but steady now two inches then three then I was stopped. Her maiden head and my cock head kissed soo softly. Again I whispered it’s time my love are you ready? She kissed me and said TAKE IT NOW! I pressed forward into the moment her hold was increasing her nails dug into my back I could feel blood tricking down. Then I said I LOVE YOU!! And shoved all seven inches in forcing the maiden head surrender her eggs to me. Willow moaned then gasped, I did not move I waited for Willow to recover.

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   I looked at her face, her eyes and mouth were closed tight sweat was running from her forehead. Once the redness left her face I said I LOVE YOU Willow she opened her eyes to see me and said I LOVE YOU TOO Joe then we kissed. I started moving in and out slowly at first then once Willow understood what to do I moved faster but not harder. We were both moaning from pleasure, simple phrases was the only thing said aloud “ Willow you feel so good” Joe this is incredible” “make me cum Joe”
I picked up the tempo her legs where rapped around me pulling my ass into her thrusting me deep into her. Then “yes, Yes YEs GOD Joe YESSSSSSSS” she was shacking her pussy was cumming all over my dick. I lifted her tinny frame off the bed and impaled her. I shot load after load into her, oh Joe I feel it in me it feels so wonderful my love. We collapsed on the bed. in the last twenty four hours I had shot at lease a gallon of semen, Betty got filled up twice and now Willow full too.
I was completely and utterly spent. My balls needed time to recharge. As I lay on the bed feeing so satisfied I heard Betty come into the room. I keep my eyes closed and lessened to mother and daughter embrace. How do you feel honey oh mom it was wonderful. Look I have so much it is pouring out she chuckled.

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   Mom on the other hand said my goodness you are full baby, why don’t you clean Joe off with you mouth and let mommy clean you. Betty went down on Willow , Willow moaned, I opened my eyes to see Betty sucking the juices from Willows pussy. Betty was going to town, sucking fingering the clit. Willow did not know what to do so I helped I guided her head to my cock for one of Willow ’s fantastic blowjobs. Between Betty and me Willow was a rag doll, she was enduring orgasm after orgasm from her mom. I slid one hand under Betty robe she untied the robe and dropped it to the floor and never removed her month from pleasing Willow . I could not reach any points of interest from the position I was in and I was not going to move and stop the blowjob I just stroked Betty softly with my eyes closed.
After Betty had empted my deposit in Willow she joined us in the bed. I had Betty on one side and Willow on the other now I know heaven on earth.
Mom, yes honey did you leave enough in there for me to have a baby too. Well honey I do not know maybe another fill up is needed, while they laughed I kept my eyes shut hoping they thought I was a sleep.       .
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