A little drunk at a party


Over the summer after I graduated from high school, party's at my house were a regular thing. I would invite a few people over, we'd light a fire in the pit out back, enjoy some beers, and play some card games at a table we'd bring out there. One night though, I finally had the opportunity to do something with someone that I had wanted and tried to sneakily do for a long time.
About me first I suppose. I'm a short guy, slightly overweight, and live in a small californian town. I just recently graduated high school and am looking towards college in the fall but am slightly nervous about it. The current party is a celebration of us all going off to college.
 It started out like a normal party, the guys showed up with a few packs of beer, we got the fire going, sat in the lawn chairs, and just enjoyed the night. As things went on we got more and more drunk, and eventually, me and my friend Jacob decided to go inside. Jacob is a tall guy, nice body, and openly gay. I had in the past tried to subtly come on to him whilst we were spending the night together at his house or vice versa, but to no avail. Tonight was different though.
Three of the other members of the party were asleep in a car outside, and a fourth was watching over them and taking a cig, waiting for us to watch porn or something up in my room. After a few minutes of being alone in my room, jacob asks if I mind if he looks on the computer. I don't mind and tell him to use it as much as he wants. I pull up a chair and sit slightly behind him.

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   First he does the usual thing people do on my computer, he checks his myspace, sends a message or two, but then things go differently. I notice he starts to go to porn sites, and of course being gay, all the sites he goes to are gay. He starts to fondle himself slightly under his pants as he looks and I am kind of doing the same behind him, but this sparks some conversation between us as I try to innocently ask about his tastes.
 "So, do you prefer the twinks and cute guys? Or do you go more for hot guys? Cuz Greg is totally convinced you want to try to fuck him or something to that nature. Haha"
At this point he just glances at me out of the corner of his eye and replies, "He could only wish, luke was the same way when we first started to hang out, but  they're both hot, and I prefer cute guys. . . kind like you are. Cute people are much sexier. "
It's at this point we both turn our attention back to the porn and are openly masturbating in front of each other. Now this is no real oddity for me, I've given a guy a blowjob before, and taken it up the ass (Slightly, just penetration and no actual sex or thrusting of any nature since we had no lube) so I was easily aroused by all of this. I notice tyler giving me sidelong glances as I do this, he knows I'm bisexual myself and I can see an idea growing in his mind. So I decide to help it along.
"You know, I just realize how long it's been since I've had any sort of physical sex or fun at all with another person" I hint whilst openly staring at his cock, standing at the same size as mine, 5". He glances back at me and nods and then pulls his hand away from his cock, leaving it open.

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   I stop working mine and move my hand towards his slightly as I say, "Mind if I give you a hand" he simply nods, and turns towards me. I grab his cock in my hand and work it up and down slowly at first, and after a moment begin to really get into it, but I only do this for about 30 seconds before I get on my knees and rotate the chair he's in so his cock is aimed right at my face. I spread his legs and move my head down, eveloping the head of his cock in a second, working it further down my throat until his pubic hair is tickling my nose. I slowly work it out, sliding my tongue all around his cockhead as I do, and then release with a pop. I move straight back in and just start working it quickly with a fast-paced blowjob, bobbing my head up and down with long and fast motions, he is just watching me, one hand on the back of my head to keep the pace
After a few minutes of this though, I push my head all the way off and slowly jerk him off. I stare up at him and ask, "Further?" he simply nods quickly and I go and grab the bottle of lube from the bottom drawer. I hand it over to him after having squirted a handful onto my hand and he applies it directly to his cock. I rub it all over my asscrack, sliding two fingers slowly into my anus to get some of it worked inside. I then turn to him and he turns me around and pulls me over to sit down on him, his cock aimed straight up towards my ass as I move downwards. As I sit down, I feel it slide down my crack and poke my ballsack. He reaches up, moves me up slightly, and aims it at my asshole, pushing me then down onto it. I wince and intake sharply out of a mix of ecstasy and pain as he's pretty wide even if not that well endowed. A trait we both share. He begins to move me up and down but it doesn't work that well as I have a fairly decent sized ass and at the angle, my cheeks just seem to be too much cushion, so I get an idea and move to the floor, bending over the side of my bed I wiggle my ass for him and he moves down to be kneeling behind me. His left hand grabs my shoulder and his right hand struggles to find my asshole with his cock.

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   He moves it past it twice, again poking into my ballsack before I lead him to the opening and then brace myself for it's entry. At this point jacob is horny as hell and stops caring about subtly entering, he thrusts it in with all his force, and then grabs onto my shoulder with his other hand as well. He begins to pump into me, and I am loving it so much my hands give out and I fall facefirst into my bed as he just ravages me, I hear his breath as he works into me harder and faster as each second passes, really giving me his all. After a few minutes of this, I hear his whisper, "Where do you want it"
Without even thinking I reply, "I would love to swallow"
He continues on for a bit so I assume he didn't hear me and grow a bit sad, but he apparently just had a while left because he contents to work me with the full length of his cock and then I feel him pull out and turn my around forcefully, he moves his cock towards my mouth and I open hastily, right in time to recieve a mouthful of his gooey spunk. I swallow it instantaneously, and suck the rest out with the enthusiasm of a greedy whore. He convulses slightly and holds my head down over his cock as the orgasm continues, but once it finishes he lets go and takes a step back, dressing and getting ready to go. I point down at myself and go, "Any chance you could. . . ya know?" he shakes his head at the door and replies,
"Sorry, I don't normally give back" and then heads outside for a cigarette. I'm laying there, in an afterglow of what just happened and I begin to masturbate just thinking about it, it takes no time and right afterwar I hear him reach the bottom of the stairs, I'm ejaculating myself. I quickly clean it up, dress, and go outside to join him and my other friends. No one ever figured out what happened that night.

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