First Time: Nick


 "I'll see you after class Mr. Lamart. " My teacher wagged his finger at me seeing that I was late for the fourth time this week. I took my seat and opened my book. The clock seemed to be going quicker and quicker. I just wanted it to slow down. I mean I always get detentions, but I didn't feel like going today. I copied the notes from the board and rolled up my left sleeve on my sweatshirt to look at the time. '1:35' it read. The bell was going to sound in just a few seconds. . . . BEEEEEEEP!
I took my books in my hand and started to sneak out of the classroom.
"No no no Mr. Lamart.

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   Get in here now!" My teacher locked the door behind me and I looked confused.
"You see Nick, this is the fourth time this week I've asked to talk to you about being late to class. I want to let you know that you're failing my class because of it. " I looked down in guilt, and placed my books on a desk.
"I'm sorry Mr. Klein but my class is just so far away. " He looked at me like I had three heads, "Your classroom is just down the hall Nick. Is there something wrong with me class?" He folded his muscular arms, and looked seriously in my eyes. My mouth went dry when I saw a bulge in his pants. "Well. . I just like talking to my friends. " I tried not to stare at the bulge and stared out the window instead.
"Alright. .

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  fine Nick. But tomorrow you better be on time. " He went over to his desk, and started to grade some papers. I collected my books, and walked out of the room.
I walked over to my locker, but realized I had forgotten my spanish textbook in Mr. Klein's classroom. I headed back down the hall, and opened the door to find Mr. Klein wanking himself. My mouth went completly dry, and a small bulge appeared in my shorts. He hadn't noticed I was there. His eyes were closed and his moans were getting louder and faster. I unzipped and my cock sprang out. I started to wank myself just looking at him. Suddenly the pleasure was getting to me, and I let out a loud moan. Mr.

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   Klein got up from his desk, and looked at me. I let go of my cock, and just stared at him.
"Hey Nick, do you need some help with that?" He winked at me, "It can be our little secret. " My cock was getting erect again as I nodded. He walked slowly over to me, and dropped to his knees. I let out a soft moan as his tongue met my 6 inch cock. He kissed my shaft, and played with my foreskin until I thought I was going to blow. I pushed his head into my pubes, and he knew just what I wanted. His lips went over my cock head, and his head bobbed up and down.
"Ooh fuck yes!!" I moaned as I played with my fully erect nipples. Suddenly the soles of my feet began to tingle. I knew my orgasm was approaching. "OOH I'm cumming!!" I let out a loud moan and let out a load of my boy juice into Mr. Klein's mouth. He licked it all up, and then kissed me to let me taste myself.

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   It didn't taste that bad. "I wanna suck your cock Mr. Klein. " I sucked his left nipple as he let out a sigh. That was the answer for me. I licked my way down his chest to his stomach, and licked his belly-button. Mr. Klein seemed to like this as pre-cum came from his cock. I stroked his cock slowly, but he wanted more. I let his 5 inch cock into my mouth. He moaned and ran his fingers through my hair.
I swirled my tongue around his cock head and began sucking on it faster and faster. Mr. Klein was know face fucking me by now, and talking dirty to me. .

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  only adding on to the pleasure.
"Oh shit you beautiful little whore. I'm cumming!" I swallowed all of his juices, and licked my lips.
Suddenly the doorknob began to turn. It was a good thing the door was locked though.
"Mr. Klein? Are you in there?" It was the principal. I zipped up my jeans and hid under Mr. Klein's desk. He winked, and opened the door slowly after zippering up himself.
"What were you doing in here Mr. Klein? I thought I heard moans and screams?" The principal tapped his foot gently waiting for an answer from him. "Well?"
"Well you see Mr. Jenkins. .

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  I was just graded some papers, and I got a staple in my finger. I'm fine though. Goodbye. " The principal nodded, and walked out of the classroom.
I re-emerged from under the desk, and Mr. Klein told me we would have to continue this at his apartment. I smiled at the thought, and he winked again at me.
***Part 2 will be coming out soon. ***