Gladiator-Before the last Battle


Maximus watched as Quintus reluctantly left the room, leaving him alone, chain up with Commodus. He took a deep breath, not knowing what to expect from the sosiopathic man who believed he was emperor. He only knew it would be painful.
 "So brother Maximus," Commodus said approaching him slowly, "How does it feel to go from General Maximus Decimus Meridius, most loved man in Rome; to a low life piece of rubbish?"
Maximus said nothing and continued to stare into space.
“Do you hear Maximus?” Commodus screamed stomping straight up to Maximus, “I am the loved one now! You are nothing!”
By this time he was so close that their noses were almost touching but Maximus just stared as if he were not even there.
“Damn you Maximus!” He screamed suddenly bursting into tears. He sunk to the floor at Maximus’ feet and began to cry and convulse. The without warning he sat up on his and grabbed onto the front of the shredded tunic Maximus wore.
“Please look at me brother!” he begged, tears streaming down his face, “I never meant for all of this to happen, I just wanted my father to love me as he loved you. ”
Maximus looked for the first time at the beautiful young Commodus. “You have taken away everyone in my life who has meaning to me. ” He said slowly. “ My wife and child!” he screamed, “And a sure as the sun, I will have my revenge. ” Tears ran down his face.
Commodus hung his head as his sobs took over. “All I wanted was for someone to love me!” he said through his sobs, “But instead, my father loved you; my sister adores you.

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   No one stops to even think about how I feel! All they want is YOU!”
Maximus stared down at the young man who had once called him brother, shocked.
Commodus slowly rose, “But none of them will have you,” he said quietly, “Because everything that is great in Rome is mine. ”  He looked up.
Maximus looked into his eyes and saw not pure sadness, but longing. This was the man who had killed his wife and son and he stood here confessing that it was all out of pure jealousy?
Before he could fully adjust his thoughts Commodus leaned forward and their lips met. Too shocked to react, Maximus just stood frozen. Commodus stopped to look into Maximus’ eyes once again before proceeding. He began to kiss Maximus neck and shoulders and slowly made his way down. He reached Maximus’ chest and took one of his nipples into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it.
Maximus found himself moaning in pleasure. He couldn’t keep his thought straight, the young madman was…was…was…
And his mind went blank as Commodus reached underneath his tunic and took his now hard erection in his hand.
“Ohhhhhh” he moaned.
Commodus got down on his knees and raised up Maximus’ tunic revealing his huge pole, it was truly beautiful as a bead of semen sparkled at the tip. Commodus leaned in and lapped it up with his tongue making Maximus moan louder. He could feel Commodus’ hot breath on his flesh and suddenly his knees got weak as he felt Commodus take his pulsing cock into his warm mouth.

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Commodus had had much experience with men. As a child, feeling rejected by his father he had resulted to taking love from his servant boys and even some guards when he felt he needed another warm body next to his.
He sucked vigorously o Maximus cock and was very pleased to hear his moans from above. Standing up he began to remove his armor and tunic. When he was done he lifted up Maximus tunic as far as the chains would allow and went back to work on his dick.
He could feel Maximus’ flesh beginning to pulse in his mouth and knew he was on the verge of cumming. He quickly got up, and marveled at Maximus with his eyes shut tightly and head back in ecstasy. He walked around to his back, and bent down, taking Maximus’ buttocks in his hands and massaging them slowly as he kissed his neck. He once again descended with his kisses until he arrived at his ass.
He kissed both cheeks before spreading them to reveal a small pink puckering hole. He kept kissing until his lips met the hole’s. He paused before sliding his tongue into it. Maximus yelled in surprise but began to press back onto Commodus flicking tongue. He couldn’t believe Commodus was licking he called out again.
Commodus looked down to see the blood pulsing through his stiff prick, seeing that Maximus’ hole was lubricated; Commodus stood up and placed the head at his entrance.

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   Maximus surprised him by spreading his legs further to give him easier access. He took his pole and spread his dripping semen around the hole before slowly pushing, but Maximus was just too tight for him to enter yet.
“Breathe,” he whispered, “Just let go. ” And slowly Maximus began to loosen up and he began to slowly pushed again, this time he slipped in easily. Maximus hissed in pain as he felt his canal being ripped open.
“Shhh, shhh, shhh,” cooed Commodus softly, as he continued to slide in. Maximus was so tight and hot on his raging hard prick! Maximus squeezed his eyes shut till he finally felt Commodus’ groin press against his back.
Slowly Commodus withdrew until only the tip remained inside Maximus’ thighs, then he rammed himself back. Maximus screamed in pain and his chained hands curled into fist above his head. “Again!” he screamed. And once again Commodus withdrew himself and slammed back in hard. He could feel Maximus shuddering as he clenched his muscles around his dick. He took hold of Maximus’ hips and continued to slam his way to the core of his soul.
Maximus’ eyes popped open as he felt Commodus’ cock hit a spot in him that he never knew existed and he cried out in pure pleasure and felt thrust his hips back meeting Commodus thrust for thrust, soon they had a rhythm. Commodus reached around Maximus and grabbed hold of his pole, jerking him in rhythm of each thrust.


   Both men were bellowing in elation.
Commodus began to feel the pressure building up in his chest and he found it harder to breathe. He wrapped his around Maximus and began thrusting faster and faster for all he was worth. Maximus could tell Commodus was getting closer and began to flex his muscles around his cock massaging it even more. Meanwhile, he thrust hard into Commodus’ hand. Commodus realized it was finally time and withdrew himself all the way out before swinging his hips in an ark and straight into Maximus’ entrance. He gave one more deep thrust and felt his cock begin to unload his cum deep into Maximus’ ass. “Ohhh, Maximus! MAXIMUS!!” he cried as he continued to pump his cum into Maximus while kissing the back of his neck.
Then without hesitating, he withdrew himself which made a soft slurping sound and walked around to Maximus’ front and used his own cum and spit to lubricate his own hole and Maximus’ rod. Bending over in front of him, Commodus reached behind himself and placed Maximus huge prick at his hole’s entrance and pushed back and as Maximus pushed forward and in one swift movement he was buried to the hilt.
“Ahhh!” screamed Commodus as Maximus began to plow his ass. Maxims found it frustrating not being able to old onto Commodus’ hips as he pummeled away but with his hands chained in the air he continued shoving his cock into Commodus’ sweet ass as Commodus too met him thrust for thrust.
“That’s it Maximus!” cried Commodus, but before he could say more Maximus took one more deep thrust, almost hulling Commodus off the ground and he held himself there in the very depth Commodus and his cock exploded, sending waves of cum into him. Commodus held himself there as Maximus cock continued to pump sperm into and when he felt it take its last spurt in his ass his slowly removed himself from Maximus cock. Maximus watch as his owe cum dripped out Commodus’ ass and down his legs; he could feel his ass doing the same.

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“Will you stand by me as the new emperor of Rome?” asked Commodus as he began to put his clothes back.
Maximus, now with a clear mind could see that this was where it had all been going from the start. “Never. ” He said through his teeth. Commodus turned around his expression changed into anger.
“Think of it! We could be great together, you and I. ” When Maximus replied with a cold stare, Commodus shook with fury and walked up to him.
“So be it brother. ” He said and embracing him. Maximus was confused but then felt searing pain in his back.
Commodus sheathed his dagger and without a word walked out. “Get him ready for battle!” Maximus heard him say before the door shut.
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