high times


    Me and my friends had just got some weed and this was our first time smoking. so we went behind this kids house and we started blazing. we didn't have much but his was our first time so it didn't take much to ge us a little loose. so after were done smokin the blunt we go inside because its gettin a litle cold outside. when we go inside we all sarted gettin naked and like jerkin off(now i wasnt gay and still am not just a little bi curious). it was all good cause we were all relaxed and just chillin. now these are my best friends and ive jerked off with them before but not like this. we start gettin board so we started jerkin eachother off. its just a big circle jerk when my friend all of a sudden i feel him start to lick my penis. so i decide ah what the hell i mise well try it too. so i start lickin this other kids dick and were all havin fun then we switch it up and i start suckin on the kid that started its dick and i will never forget he taste it had kind a fruity taste and i loved it and i sarted devouring his cock. i tried to deepthroat him but would just gag.  this was the most stimulaing thing ive ever felt. this was my first blowjob ive gotten and it felt amazing. i was about to cum but i just couldnt. this was the best feeling of my life it was just an everlasting orgasm.

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   but i didnt cum till a started jacking myself off. but that was the best night up to tha point.
    Another time me and my friend drank a whole bottle of hard liquor and we were completely wasted. so later on that night we tried butt sex and the first time he tried i had the biggest pain ive ever felt in my life and i regularly stick hairbrushes in my butt. and i didnt cum that night but i came out of that night with a few pairs of underwear and a couple bras from his hot ass twin sister wich always reminds me of hat night.