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     I guess my story really starts when I was 14 years old.   I had several friends in the small rural town that I lived in and we would hang out on almost a daily basis after school shooting basketball and whatnot.  
     One day, a kid showed up at the court while we were playing, and although none of us knew who he was, we invited him over to play anyway.   Turns out, he just moved into town and really did not know anybody.   His name was Bob, and he was 13 years old.
     Bob and I quickly became good friends.   Each day when school was over, I would go to his place and we would play video games, shoot hoops, or do whatever else came to mind.   He would always change his clothes in front of me, and when he did, I noticed that I was becoming horny while he was in his underwear.   I just loved the way his cock looked bulging out of his underpants.   Each night I would go home and jack off thinking about what it would be like to have that cock in my hands, and in my mouth.
     Another thing we used to love to do was wrestle.   We were always play fighting and carrying on like that, and again, this got my aroused every time we did it.   I would always get a hard on when we messed around like that.   I have to think he knew I was hard, but if he did, he never let on to it.
     When I would spend the night at his place, we slept in the same bed, and we would fool around, pretending to "make out" by running our hands on each others backs and chests and stuff, moaning and shit, you know, really hamming it up.   Each night we would do that, I would fall asleep with a serious hard on, and I bet he did to.

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     We continued goofing around like this for about a year or so, each day thinking that tomorrow was going to be the day I would finally get up the nerve to make a real move on him.   Finally, one night I had been allowed to spend the night at his place.   There was nothing different about this night from any other.   We played video games and stuff until well after midnight and finally decided to go to sleep.  
     We were laying in bed, not really in the mood to sleep.   We were just idly chatting about girls, sports and other things when I looked at him and asked him if he wanted to make out, the same way that we usually did when we had sleepovers.   He said yeah, so we started rubbing on each other like normal, but this time I had it set in my mind that I was going to make a move, I really wanted it tonight, no more just fooling around and going to sleep hard and horny.
     While we were messing around, I slowly slid my hand lower on his back, tantalizingly close to his ass.   I could tell he was getting more and more worked up cause his hands were going all over me to like crazy.   A moment later, I leaned in to him to try to give him a kiss, but missed and caught his cheek.
     "you missed", he said.
     So, I grabbed his head and pulled him into me, and started to kiss him on the lips.   Our lips parted and my tongue found its way into his mouth, and started wrestling with his tongue.   It felt so good, so right to do that.   We started really grinding against each other, his hard cock rubbing against me while straining to get out of his shorts.

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    It felt so good to feel his cock up against me.   I knew how badly I wanted this, and now I knew that he wanted it just as badly, which made it feel so much better.
     He told me to roll over and started grinding his hard cock against my ass.   He whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me in the ass.   I told him ok, so he pulled my pants down and started rubbing his hands against my bare ass.   I loved it.   My cock was so hard and needed to cum so badly, but all I could think about at that moment was how eager I was to feel his cock slide into me.   I heard him spit and knew that he was making his cock wet, getting it ready to fill my hot eager ass up.   When I felt that I could not wait any longer, he put the head of his cock up against my asshole and started to slide it in.   Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he slid his big dick into my.   Once he got it in he started thrusting it in and out, a nice gentle pace at first, but soon he slammed me faster.   I could tell he was getting close to cumming, his breathing was rapid and short, his moans were louder, (at least as loud as they could be with his mom sleeping in the next room), and than he said it, he told me he was cumming.   He gave me one final thrust, and than I felt squirt after squirt of hot sticky cum flooding my tight little ass.   I sqeezed my ass around his cock milking him of every last drop of his cum.  
     When he was done, he pulled his softening dick out of my ass and went to clean up.

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    I layed there and rubbed my asshole, and felt his cum leaking out of it.   I felt so good, so satisfied that I did not even care that I did not cum.  
     I still think about that time to this day, and get off over it.   We continued to mess around for about another year and than drifted apart as he got into some cliques at school that I did not like very much. . . . . . but it was fun while it lasted.   There are alot of other stories I could tell as we were quite active for a while, but those are for another time if there is interest.

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