My introduction to cruising


Alright, this is my first attempt at actually writing an erotic story, much less a real life experience of mine, so go a little easier than you normally would.

I’m going to preface the story with a bit of background, so it’ll be a bit until the good stuff, but I feel this adds a bit of personality to it.   I’m a 20 year old, average body, short light brown hair, just to give you a basic description.   I’m bi, and have been browsing gay porn and chatting online with guys for a couple years now.   I’d never had the chance to actually do anything with a guy, mostly due to distance restraints, being, as I thought, out in the middle of nowhere.   This all changed one night, as I was, shall we say, enjoying the company of an older man We were talking about our sex lives, and he, as many others, expressed surprise that I still had not actually done anything with another man.   He told me about his difficulty finding men also looking for some fun, and suggested I try cruising.   Now, I pride myself on knowing sexual lingo, but I had never heard of it.   He described it, and with every line of text he entered, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter.   I quickly expressed an interest in it, and he suggested I find some cruising spots near me.      A quick google search and I was looking at a long list of spots all around my area, when one of them caught my eye.   I actually knew one of the places; it was no less than a 15 minute drive from where I lived.   And, better yet, it was on my way to the gym, just an alternate route. Needless to say, I started taking that way when I was going to and from working The first time I drove by, it was like every other time I had seen it, a small park, a couple BBQ grills, a pavilion with some picnic tables, and an outhouse.   I had never given it much thought, as I had never actually seen anyone at it.   Pulling into the parking lot, I got out of my car and walked into the latrine, just as the site said to.

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    Once inside, I knew it was the right place, on the walls were quick scribblings of times and dates to be there, email addresses and promises of any type of sex you cared for.   And, from what I could see, much more than I could read, due to applications of new I sat around for about a half hour, but the only things moving were the cars zipping by on the road outside, none of the pulling in to my lonely park.   As the light grew dim, I resigned myself and headed Over the next few days, I passed the park a few times every day, whenever I was driving I made a point to check it out.   Sadly, the gravel lot sat, empty, for more than a Finally, one day after I had almost given up hope, I was in the middle of a long line of cars, and to my surprise, a large black SUV type car slows, and pulls into the park.   Before I had a chance to register what had just happened, the caravan swept me forward, and out of view of the park, now hidden by trees.   My hands were gripping the steering wheel, my eyes fixed ahead, and my mind racing.   No one ever went to that park, so he had to be looking.   At that point I was struck with doubt.   Was this something I really wanted to go forward with?  Did I want to do this?  These, and a million other questions were racing through my head.   To these, one answer came forth: Yes.   I turned off into a side road, and turned around, hoping to make it before he left, much in the same way I had As it would turn out, as soon as the small driveway came into view, I saw the front end of the black SUV peeking out from the tree line.   Almost willing him not to move, I pulled in, glancing up at him from the corner of my eye as I did.   I knew I had had an effect on him, because even as I parked he was still sitting in the driveway, brake lights a bright red against the overcast day.   As I put my car into park, I suddenly realized that I didn’t even know how to communicate my desires in a discreet way.   All of a sudden I recalled something about scratching one’s groin was supposed to be a tell, so I did so as I stood up, getting out of my car and looking directly at his.

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    As I turned and walked towards the restroom, the grind of tires on gravel told me he was interested, and was parking his car to join Without looking back, I entered the room with the graffiti in it, and waited, unsure what to do next.   There was a small peep hole by the toilet, should I wait there, in full view?  I decided to see what my mystery man was going to do.   I snuck over to the door, and peered through a crack outside.   I saw a man in his late 30’s, early 40’s getting out of his car, and looking around, checking that no one else saw the young man enter the small building in front of him.   As soon as it was clear he was going to come into the same room I was currently in, I went back over to the toilet.   My heart was pounding so hard I thought I could hear it echoing off of the concrete walls, my breathing was shallow and hot.   “I can’t believe I’m going to do this!” my voice sounded off inside my The door squeaked open, and he stepped in, near my same height, a couple pounds overweight, short cut black hair and glasses.   I froze, not having any idea what to do at this point, both of our objectives so close, but so far.

“Hey!” I half said, half breathed, almost all rational though having left me.

“Oh, hey,” he replies, somewhat flushed.   His face tinges pink, “Uh, sorry, I thought there was another thing in here,” he stammers, and I can feel my stomach drop.

“I blew it,” I thought to myself, desperately trying to make him come on to me; “It’s ok, don’t worry about it. ”

“Sorry about that” he mutters, quickly stepping out of the small room, the door closing behind him.   The word ‘Fuck!’ echoes around in my head as I dash to the door, and put my eye to the crack, desperate to see him turn and come back.  Instead of heading to his car, he sits at the picnic tables, mopping his brow.

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    Perhaps I was being too subtle, I need to take charge if I want anything to come out of this afternoon.   Quickly, I take my gym shorts off, and throw my shirt to the side.   I look down at myself, nude chest, boxers doing nothing to conceal the erection that I had, and tennis shoes.   I went back to the door to see him stand up, with new resolve, and head back to the door.   Heart hammering again, I wait for the now familiar creak of the door to herald his arrival.   I face away from the door, and drop my boxers to my ankles, and a split second after I hear him enter, I slide them back up my legs, teasing him with a view of my naked ass.   Acting surprised, I turn around to face him, I watch his eyes widen as he stares at my cloth covered cock, standing straight out, now point at him.  

“Oh, hey there” I say, trying to sound innocent, acting as though I don’t notice my dick throbbing in front of him, a small spot on the front of my light grey boxers turning dark as a drop of precum soaks into them.   He grins, seeing what he wanted to see, relaxing.   Knowing what’s coming he replies; “I was wondering if you needed my help with something,” he chuckles “Well, I was starting to think I was going to be going solo today,” I grinned, dropping my boxers to the floor, my 6 and a half inch cut cock standing straight up, throbbing as violently as my He fumbles with his pants, nearly ripping them off in the progress.   I watch as he undresses, more skin steadily exposed as I flick my boxers into the pile of my other clothing.   In what seemed like a second, he matched my nakedness, his own cock standing straight out and proud, roughly the same size as mine.   My breath caught, my eyes fixed on his erect member.   This was the first time I had had a cock in front of me.   He seemed to sense my hesitation, and took my hand, closing it over his dick as he did the same to mine.

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    I felt how hot he was, equaling the feeling of his cool hand sliding over my “What are you ok with doing?” he asked softly, as both of our hands reached the bases of each other’s cocks, grasping tight.

“I-I’ve never done anything” I stammered, lost in the moment.

“Then you’ll enjoy this even more” he whispered, pushing me up onto the sink, and spreading my legs.   My hand left his cock as he knelt down, and I rolled my head back as I felt his tongue, warm and wet, on the base of my cock, working its way up.   Gripping the sink as he started sucking me cock, he pushes my legs open and reaches up, sliding a few fingers into my mouth.   I hungrily suck them, tasting his sweat on them, and he withdraws them.   Suddenly, my cock is in the cool air, and his head moves down.   I feel his hot breath on my hole, and shudder as he slides his tongue against it.   Never before had anyone done that to me, and I look down at him and watch him slide two of his fingers into me.   I had only done that with one before, and his two felt just right inside As he started sucking me again, I felt I was going to just explode right there.   I groan a warning, and suddenly he takes his mouth off, and his fingers out of me.   I gaze at him as he gets up, cock a mix of purple, pink and red.   He grins at me and pulls out a small bottle of lube and condom from his clothes.   I nod, and as I hear the package rip, I turn over, feet wide apart on the floor, hands gripping the sides of the sink.   I look up into the mirror, and see him dripping the liquid from the bottle, feeling it coat my hole.

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    He works it into the skin, sliding a finger or two inside, making sure I’m coated in the As he slips the condom on, I watch each inch being covered by the latex, I whisper that I had never had been fucked.   He said nothing, waiting until he had positioned himself, cock head pressing against my hole; he leans up and whispers in my ear that he’ll be gentle. As I felt him begin to press into me, I pushed against him, as I had read so many times before.   With an enormously satisfying thrust, his head cleared my ring, and I groaned as I felt the skin stretching taunt to accept its first cock.   Moaning as I felt inch after inch bury into me, it didn’t take long until his waist was pushing into my cheeks.   Wanting more, I push back hard into him, grinding us together, feeling him wedge more into me.   As I did so, he leaned up, whispering in my ear “Fuck boy, you weren’t lying, you’re as tight as I’ve ever had!  It won’t take much to make me cum with an ass like that!”  With a grin, I clenched my hole hard, both feeling and hearing him moan.   I watch as he puts his hands on my sides and starts to slide in and out, I clench as he pulls out, and push against him as he thrusts in.   We continue this, and I feel him speeding up, and suddenly he groans, pulling himself fully out.   Tearing off the condom, he flips me around and suddenly I’m face to face with his cock.   He runs his fist up and down it quickly, and I watch in amazement as it convulses, a huge spurt of cum flying out of the tip and plastering itself on my face.   As the second spurt meets my skin I open my mouth wide and he shoves it into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat.   I feel even more cum pulse down the length of his shaft, spurting the back of my throat and at times shooting straight down it.   I’m able to swallow it quickly, but as he pulls out, I leave some on my tongue, swirling it around, over my teeth and gums, letting it dribble down my lips.   I look up at him, his cock slowly softening but still bright red, looking winded.

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    I stand up and look at myself in the mirror, two massive lines of cum coating my face and coating my lips.   I face him again, and wipe it off, sticking my fingers in my mouth to clean them of the As I savored the taste of his hot, fresh seed, he lifted me up on the sink and spread my legs yet again.   Plunging three fingers now into my ass, he took my cock and swallowed it all, his lips caressing the base of it.   I lasted about thirty seconds, as I was so hot from the fucking and first blow job.   As I started to cum, I collapsed back against the mirror, cock shooting straight down his throat as he milked every last drop from me.   When I finally was finished cumming, he ran his thumb under my cock, moving up to get the very last drop, which he licked off with the tip of his tongue, a big smile on his face.   At this point I was still sitting on the sink, naked for him, and very close to passing out from ecstasy.   By time I had come around enough to actually think, he was gone.   I slowly got dressed, and made my way back to my car, nursing a slightly sore backside.   As I got in my car, I noticed a paper under the wiper.   Getting out, I picked it up.   As it turns out, my mystery man was named Larry, and he was kind enough to leave his email address for me, incase I ever felt the urge to come back, and repeat the events of that day.   I pocketed the scrap, and drove home, the completely spent, and the happiest I had ever been.

Hey, let me know how it was, feedback will only make me a better writer, and this being my debut work, it’s all the more important!  Good, bad, too much lead up, ect.   Don’t hold any punches!  Email everything to Kerwin010@yahoo.

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  com.   Thanks again guys!