My New Roommate


 "Oh yeah! Thanks! This was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced in my life! I love you!"  "I love you too"We both kissed passionately, our tongues touching, and then we fell on the bed tired from all of this love, and fell asleep.
"Dear Mr. Jack Roberts:We are glad to tell you that your application for transfer to our university has been approved by our admission and registration comity, as long as you bring your current file in your current university. Dean of the Faculty of ScienceMrs. Samantha Browns"
  This was the letter I got for my application to move from my university to a new one, since my parents moved out of state and well, they want me to be at least in the same state where they're. I packed my bags, said goodbye to all my friends and especially my roommate, Jordan. I'm just done with my sophomore year and will start junior on this new university. I felt like high school all over again, having to meet new people, in a new environment much larger than my old one. "I'll adjust just fine, I already passed two years", I said to myself, encouraging.
  "Wow! How huge!" I exclaimed loudly when I arrived there, and heard two girls laughing at me, I felt like an idiot, and it was my first minute here! I approached the registrar, got done with what's left from my paper work and went to the dorm. It was a lot larger than my old one, and much more beautiful. I looked for my room number "504"; a guy named Patrick Johnson was there alone after his old roommate graduated, that I knew from the guy in charge of the dorm. He led me there and went to where he was. I stood there staring at the door.

  I don't know what got into me, but I felt I'll have a completely different life with my new roommate. I started knocking the door, waiting for an answer.

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   Then, a guy showed up. He was almost the opposite of me, blonde, blue eyes, 6 ft tall, and had muscles, I did have muscles but other than that, I was a brunette, and had a tanned skin.  - "Hi, my name's Patrick Johnson, you can call me Pat"-" Hi, I'm Jack Roberts"  We stood there for a few seconds, then, we shook hands. He led me inside, showed me the room, and helped me with my stuff. He seemed a nice person. We sat down on the beds, and started talking; we talked and talked, not realizing that we spent four hours doing this. We talked about everything: my old university, my family and his, our past girlfriends. I like him already. "Dude, I think we'll be great roommates, I like you already!" He said. "You just read my mind!"
   And just the next day, the lectures began pouring one after another, and I started preparing myself for my exams. Yeah, I know I'm like a geek! And I and Pat were getting along greatly, we even became best friends, he's just so cool. The first semester passed, and there, I already adjust here. I like it here a lot, although it was, relatively, a boring semester. Finally I'm done with the finals. I think I'll pass in flying colors, unlike Patrick; he was an idiot in this stuff! "Time to go home, goodbye Jack"  I said goodbye in return, we hugged and went away.

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   I liked the time I spent with my family, but I had to go back to college. The second semester was a lot easier than the one before it, thank God.   So I had plenty of time for fun. A week passed, and I was out in a party, drunk a little, danced, it was a nice one, but Patrick didn't come with me. I came back to the dorm in about 2 am, expecting Patrick to be asleep as usual. Instead, I heard the TV and Patrick's voice. I slowly opened the door, and was surprised. I caught Patrick jacking off, while watching some porn movie. It was the first time I see a guy in such a situation. He tried to cover up himself and seemed very embarrassed, but I told him:"It's OK buddy, I'm a little horny myself, and I could use a good porn movie and a jack off". He shook his head, almost agreeing with me. I couldn't help to notice, although I'm straight, that he had a big dick, I could say about 7. 5 inches, larger than mine in about 1 inch. We were both uncut and seemingly, we were smooth.   I sat next to him and started playing with my balls first, then going up the shaft and down again, it's just so relaxing.

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   I was watching the women in the video, turned on by them, but to my surprise I found my eye converting to Patrick. I looked at his dick and he noticed.    "I could use some help here, it's OK, friends do that" He said.   I moved my hand slowly reaching his dick, I was nervous, this is the first time I touch another guy's dick. He did the same and we started jacking off each other. The movie was over, but still, we didn't cum, and it wasn't as good as we thought it would be. I continued jacking off Patrick, and then I found my hand moving to play with his balls. He moaned a little showing that he liked it. I started tickling the area under his scrotum, and he moaned even louder.   "Oooh, ahhh! Dude, that's so great, I'm horny like hell. I need to be sucked off"  These last two words caught my attention. It'll feel weird to have a dick in my mouth, since I'm a straight guy.

  Without any warning, I found Patrick pushing my head towards his dick, then found my face an inch away from it. My tongue was released from my mouth, to find it licking his big mushroom head, all around the tip. He moaned loving this sensation, and, surprisingly, found myself liking the new taste in my mouth, a man's taste.

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    I wanted to taste all of his 7. 5, so I let all the way in, moving up and down his hot rod, while playing with his big balls. He face-fucked me, and each time I suck, he moans more.  "Dude, I want a 69" He said.   We went to my bed, my head facing his dick, and his facing mine, and started sucking. He pushed my dick in his mouth, tasting it for the first time, and I can tell that he loved it. It was so amazing. After a few minutes of sucking, and licking balls, I said the strangest thing: "Patrick, I want you to fuck me", he stopped sucking and looked at me strangely, then he got up, got some kind of Vaseline, and started applying it on my asshole. He then inserted one finger letting it all the way in my ass,I moaned, and then he inserted the next one, preparing my man hole for the new visitor.   He placed his dick tip on my exposed hole, and then inserted it so fast and deep, I moaned so loudly, thinking that everyone heard us. He pushed his dick deeper and faster, fucking my asshole like I'm his bitch. With every push, I moaned "Oh yeah Pat! Fuck me harder and deeper, I want it all in". With that, he fucked me even harder, like there was no tomorrow, in and out, fast and deep, his balls slamming my ass cheeks, his dick massaging my prostate, and I'm moaning and gasping "Uhh, Uhhh, I want your man juice inside me, I wanna feel it inside me!" He pushed and pushed his dick, and while doing so, he kissed my neck, and kissed me on the mouth.   "Uhhhhh, man…It's………. "
  Without even continuing his sentence, spurt after spurt of hot cum hit my asshole, and hell it was the hottest thing I've ever had.

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   The cum started dripping from my ass, falling on the floor.   "Here, let me help you with that" he said, and licked my asshole, cleaning what's left of his own cum.   "I'm not greedy; I wanna share this with you".   He approached my face, and French kissed me, letting me taste his hot cum.   "Now it's my turn to lose my virginity, you had your chance!" He said.  "I want to ride your dick".   I laid down, my cock very hard and ready, I helped him to apply some Vaseline on his asshole, and he sat on it, inserting it slowly. Then, he started bouncing up and down, making my dick fuck him deeper and harder.  "Oh yeah! I love this feeling! I love your dick! It's mine now!" "So is your man hole!"   He moaned, and so did I. It was just fantastic, better than any girl I fucked before, having the ability to fuck and be fucked.   "I want you to taste my cum, after all, I tasted yours!"   He pushed himself away from my hard-rock dick, went down on his knees, and inserted my dick in his hot mouth. He sucked me, and I moaned for the good feeling, I pushed his head, helping him to suck. He then shifted to my balls tasting them and sucking on them, and licked the area under my scrotum. I moaned loudly, it was sensitive down there.   He came back to my dick sucking on it, and licking, up and down the whole shaft, in and out until:  "I'm gonna explode buddy"  He pushed my dick all the way in, waiting for my juice, till a fountain of cum hit his throat, and the rest, dripped on his chin and neck.

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   I kissed him passionately, licked his face and neck, cleaning them. "Oh yeah! Thanks Jack! This was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced in my life! I love you!"  "I love you too"We both kissed passionately, our tongues touching, our hot bodies caressing. We fell on the bed tired from all of this love, and fell asleep. I knew my life would change with my new THE END