sleep over


    I had a sleep over and my firend clif was on my computer looking at porn cause he always dose that at my house my brother was watching tv and me. . iwas watching them.   Next thing that happen was clif got a little to happy and took his pants off im like whoa then was kinda turned on for some reason.   clif  ask if we didint mind he was naked i just said no its ok and he said ok. I walke over and and said to him how bout we put that dick to use witch that came outy of no where from me. i guess i was to horney. My brother chris herd me say this and walked over.   Clif told me sure and told me to get naked so i did chris was watching with exctiment. Then clif told me to suck his dick i have never done that before but i tryed it.   As i was sucking i felt clifs fingers on my ass rubbing it and playing with my hole.   Then he told me to stop and that he wanted to fuck me chris wanted in to so he took his pink thong off slowly and put his dick in my mouth.   Clif was putting baby oilk all over his dick and my ass and he put the head of his cock on my hole it was warm and felt good he pushed a little and asked if i was alrite i said yes and told him to go in.   He did as i said and with one more push his cock went in my ass.   He grabed my ass and slapped it and started to fuck me slow.   Mean while im jacking off and sucking chris cock.

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   I started pushing back with clifs thurst so he could go deeper it felt soo good. Clif took his cock out and chris bet over in front of me and i put baby oil all over my cock and his ass and slid my cock right in and grab his ass and pushed in then clif put his back in and e were all fucking as clif pushed i to me it would make me go deeper in to chris.   I cummed in chriuss asss and cliff cummed on my ass and in and a lil in my mouth the whole nite wew weere fuckig and sucking. .