Weight room sescapade


I was a senior in highschool and kinda athletic. I had taken weight training before but this year I had found out over the summer that I was bi. I wanted to try a guy. I had been in the class now for two weeks and had become the class assistant.
I found this freshmen he had just transferred from a private school not too far away. I had just turned 18, he was only 15. I had talked to him alot over the few weeks that we had class together. He had the tightest looking ass, I had seen. He was athletic and on the hockey, and football teams. He was cut.
Well the teacher was out sick the last friday before winter break. It was my job to rack all the weights and make sure the room was locked. I asked Leo (the freshmen) to stay and help rack the weights. Everyone else had gone and changed to go home since it was the end of the day. Anyway all the school ws empty because the janitors didn't come back in until the following day to clean up.
Well as we were racking the weights, I came up behind Leo and grabbed that firm ass.


   "Hey what the fuck" was his only response. I said hey we're both guys and I just wanted cop a feel. "I'm not that way" was his next. Mine was niether am I, I just wanted to see what it felt like.
"I was hoping you'd say that was his next response. " We made out i jumped on him and he on me. we layed on the ground making out. I could feel his dick poking my leg. by the feel of it it had to be big.
Well we made out for a while longer when finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I want to get that cock of his in my mouth. I pushed him down on one of the benches. I pulled dwn his mesh shorts and boxers. There it was a 9 inch cock on a FRESHMEN. I was in heaven.

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   I took that purple head in my mouth. from his moans I could tell he was enjoyin it. It sucked and licked, and teased the hell out of it. We went into a 69 position where he sucked on my 8 inch dick. I could tell he had done this before and he was great. I felt his balls rise up and his cock explode in my mouth.
Hey thanks for the warning" was all i could say as i swallowed all of the sweet and salty jizz. With out any warning from him he twisted my sak sending me into one of th best orgasims of my life.
We decided to go to the showers where we did alittle more but thats for the next section To be continued. . .

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The Sagrada Familia is a towering basilica that has been under construction for more than a century and a half at this point. It is one of the most well-known structures in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia is a magnificent example of both the Gothic and Art Nouveau styles, and it was designed by the well-known architect Antoni Gaudi. The inside of the basilica may be explored by guests, and it features ornate carvings and stained glass windows throughout.In addition to its cultural significance, Barcelona is renowned for its gastronomy, which draws inspiration from the culinary traditions of both Spain and Catalonia. Paella, a rice dish that may be made with either seafood or pork, and tapas, which are tiny plates of food that are ideal for sharing, are two of Barcelona's most well-liked culinary specialties. These meals and many others are available, along with a wide variety of others, at the city's numerous restaurants and cafés.