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My husband and I have been talking about how fun it would be to do a threesome with one of his friends. When we have sex I would always talk about how I wanted to suck some guys dick in front of him and have someone fuck me while i was sucking his dick. So that day finally came and it was great. Now our other fantasy will happen soon with a girl, so I can watch him fuck another girl and have her moan in front of me.
But about that night, like i said it was great. It was with his friends Jimmy, Dan and Fred. I was drinking and so was everyone else. My husband wasnt as drunk as all of us because he wanted to enjoy watching me get fucked. . . We went into the bathroom one by one at first so that i could get them hard and we could have one on one time before the big orgie . The reason we all went into the bathroom was because they lost a bet. So they had to all drop there pants. But instead of showing how small they where they wanted show how big they where but needed some inspiration I guess you could say.  They where suppose to come into the bathroom and I would be playing with my self. They would masturbate in front of me then go back outside and the next guy would come in.

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   Nothing was suppose to happen. Just masturbation…Well Dan and fred i only masturbated in front of them, no big deal. they were party poopers anyways.  Jimmy on the other hand was not.  I was only supposed to show him how good I could masterbate, but I showed him how well I could suck his dick and how well I could ride him like he was my horse. It was great knowing that my husband, himself was masterbating outside the door because he heard his balls slappin against my ass. I got turned on knowing that my husband was turned on by another guy fucking me. I sucked Freds dick. While I was sucking Freds cock. Ryan (my husband) came over and started fucking me from the behind. I guess Fred was turned on by this as well because he came in my mouth. The taste of another mans cum was great. Specially since my husband was slamming his cock into my pussy. When Fred was done. Jimmy came over and I started to suck his cock again.

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   Fred & Dan where tired from drinking so they went to bed. At that point it was just my husband and Jimmy. Thats all i wanted from the start.
 Jimmy had a problem stayin hard in front of other guys. Ryan found it rather amusing, because he was the only one who was hard all night. The rest of them where shy.   Ryan told Jimmy and I to go back into the bathroom since being alone was the only time he could get hard… I sucked his dick some more and let him slide his cock inside my dripping wet pussy. It was only for a few mins.   Then we came out of the bathroom and I saw my husband laying there on the bed turned me on so bad. He looked so sexy, like he always does. But there was something about him got me to instantly cum. I felt the warm cum drip down my leg and I just smiled at him. I couldnt wait until my husband saw me suck Jimmy's dick. I wanted to blow his mind like I do every night with my husband. and sure enough i did and then some! I know how to suck dick and i am always learning new ways.

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  . .
 I knew where my husbands spot was so i did it on Jimmy and sure enough it got him too.  I deep throated him like he has never gotten deep throated before. i went all the way down and he let out a little moan. He smiled at me and he thought it was good.  Him looking at me and I looking at him while my husband was fucking me was great. My husband cummed a couple of times and his nice warm cum inside of me felt nice.  Then I turned my ass around so that Jimmy could fuck me doggy style. Oh, the smile on my husbands face turned me on even more. Two guys in my control it was nice. After Jimmy cummed on me then we just layed there on the bed. That night was the best night ever. Now my husband and i want to do it with a girl and its going to be soon.
I cant wait until i can eat out a girls pussy and have her eat out mine while MY husband is fucking her.

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   I want him to make her moan and than fuck me and cum inside of me. . . God it turns me on just thinking about it. When that night comes i will be sure to post it up as soon as it happens. Off to go masturbate and then maybe go fuck my husband. . . God yeah thats what i am going to do it sounds so good. . . My husbands dick tastes so good and it feels so good. . . .

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