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We had all had quite a bit to drink and were all starting to feel real good.   My friend called me into the kitchen so we could talk.   He told me that he was real drunk and that my wife was starting to look really good to him.   I don't blame him at all because she is a very sexy woman.   At the time she was 19 years old (I am 5 years older).   She is about 5' 3", weighs 135 lbs, has long black hair past the middle of her back, and dark brown eyes.   She has a set of nice C-cup tits that sit nice and perky on her chest.   Trust me anywhere we go she gets a lot of looks.  
After my friend told me this, I had to admit that it peaked my interest.   I have always been attracted to his wife as well.   Even though she is not the type of girl that I am normally attracted to, I cant help but think of her sometimes.   She is about 3 inches taller than my wife and just a little slimmer.   While my wife is more voloputous looking, she has more of an athetic build.   She has a nice (though much smaller than my wife's) set of tits. She has blond hair and blue eyes.   Pretty much she is the opposite of my wife.

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    The one thing that really attracted me to her is her ass.   Everytime she walks in front of you, there is no choice but to stare at her perfect ass.  
While in the kitchen, me (Eric) and my friend (Andrew) decided we were going to try to seduce our wives into maybe doing a little bit of swapping.   We went back into the living room where the girls were already laying on the carpet.   I immediately went up to my wife (Trista) and starting to kiss her.   Andrew at the same time started to make out with his wife (Jessica).   While making out and because the girls were pretty drunk we were able to remove them of their shirts.   This was the first time anything like this had happened at all, so I wasn't really  sure where it was going to lead, but I knew it was going to be fun.   With Trista's shirt off I was able to grab a nice handful of her huge, soft tits.   I was sure that Andrew was doing the same to Jessica.   Suddenly Andrew reached over and started to fondle my wives tits. I was scared at first not knowing how she was going to react.   When I noticed that she seemed to be enjoying it (even making some soft moans) I decided to join the action.   I reached over and touched Jessicas tits.   As I massaged her small tit in my left and I grabbed my wives much bigger tit in my right.

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    The contrast was amazing.   In one hand Jessica's firm, small, tight, breasts with hard little nipples. In the other was my wifes softer, bigger, juicier tit with big flat nipples.   If we didn't go any further I would have been happy, but we sure didn't stop there.
After playing with both girls tits for a while while making out with them, me and trista moved to a big comfy chair that was in the living room.   When we got there trista got my dick out of my pants and started to jack me.    Andrew and Jessica were still on the floor, and from where I saw, I could notice that she was completely nude.   With my dick in her hand, my wife slowly bent over and started to suck on my rock hard shaft. Taking a cue from us, Jessica started to suck on Andrews dick on the floor.   Like I said before we have never done anything like this, so I could not seem to take my eyes off of the scene going on in front of me.   In my lap with a mouthful of my dick was my beautiful wife sucking for all she was worth.   About 5 feet away on the floor, my best friend was getting sucked by his wife.   Suddenly they started to shift positions and move closer and closer to us.   He finally got her to a doggy style position facing us.   As he was fucking her, my wife was still going to work on my dick.

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    I heard Andrew say to his wife to "suck his dick", and I knew then I was in for a great surprise.   While Trista sucked my dick, Jessica started to slowly lick my balls. I was in heaven.   What a site we must have been. Me getting my dick sucked by my wife with Jessica's face just inches from hers licking and sucking my balls while taking Andrews dick from behind.   It was only going to get better.
Jessica told my wife that she wanted to tast my dick so, my wife reluctantly let it out of her mouth.   Her lips were immediately replaced by Jessica's as she started to suck my dick.   Trista removed herself from the chair and went to lay on the floor. I think she partly laid there because she was so drunk, but another part of her was hoping Andrew would join her.   He did not disappoint her as he instantly went over to join her.   With my wife laying flat on her back naked, he kneeled over her and pushed his dick into her mouth.   I have to admit, though I was getting my dick sucked by Jessica, I couldn't help but feel a little jealous seeing another man's cock in my wife's mouth.   To tell you the truth though, the jealousy only added to the charm.   As Jessica was sucking my dick, I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her.

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    She hesitated at first, but when I told her to look and Andrew who was just seconds away from entering Tristas wet pussy, she agreed.   As I laid back, she straddled my body, then slowly went down on my hard dick.   It was a completely different feeling from being inside my wifes pussy, but I quickly got comfortable with her pussy.   As she was riding up and down on my dick, I saw my best friend and my wife fucking doggy style on the floor in front of us.   I don't know how long Jessicawas riding me when Andrew came over to us.   He must have brought Trista to climax already because she was laying on the couch with a satisfied smile on her face.   I thought Andrew was going to say it was his turn with his wife, but I was wrong.
Instead, he slid his dick into her asshole, and we all starting moving in unison.   Jessica was screaming out half in pain, but also in passion as she had two dicks inside of her. I looked over at my wife and noticed that she was staring straight at us while playing with her pussy.   This turned me on so much, that although Jessica's pussy felt great on my dick, I had to get some of my favorite pussy. I went over to my wife and started to fuck her, as she continued to watch Andrew fuck Jessica in her ass.  
I don't exactly recall how the night ended, but I know that by the end of the night we had all been completely pleasured by both our own spouses and by each others.  
This was the first time we ever had sex with Andrew and Jessica, but it wasn't the last.  
This is my first story, so if you like it drop me a line and I will write more about our true stories with Andrew and Jessica.

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