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So we head for the parking lot she sayes by the way my names Candy I tell her mine and we head out to my boyfriends house. She tells me a little about herself as she drives it doesn`t take very long to get there it`s not that far away . As we get to the bottem of his drive way we can see that he is not home I say oh well we can just go in and wait on him he shouldn`t be gone long . I had talked to him earlyer and he said he was going to hang around the house most of the day so I knew he haden`t gone far. We go in he didn`t lock the door again I ask her if she wants anything to drink she sayes a beer would be ok if he had it I knew he did so I get her one and we go in and set down to wait on him . We talk some more about fishing while we wait she sayes what a manly place he has as she looks around the room. I say yes it has been that way since I have knowen him. She leans forward to look at a stack of magazines on his coffee table. She askes can I look I tell her yes most of them are probably about fishing. As she looks through them she pulls one out and holds it up she sayes this ones not about fishing. I look at the front and turn a little red the one she holds up sayes Bi Girls and how to get one. I can`t belive he left that one laying around we look at it all the time but I thought he kept it put up. She looks at me and smiles then askes are you guys into that it makes me turn red again. I tell her it is a fantasy of ours to have a threesome she smiles again. She sayes you know what I know a Bi girl you might be able to get lucky with . I say really because we have had a real hard time finding anyone to do it with .

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  I ask her for the girls number she said I don`t need to give you her number she is setting right in front of you. I can feel my mouth drop open and I think this can`t be happening. I have a hard time getting it out of my mouth but it finally comes out your Bi really? She sayes you don`t have to look so dumb founded we don`t bite. At that I turn red again no I don`t think you bite it is just we have had a hard time finding anyone I tell her. She leans closer to me and with a smile she askes have you ever kissed a girl before? I tell her yes a little but she stoped me . Thats not good she sayes how are you ever going to know what it feels like if you get stoped. I say I don`t know . She then asks if I mind if she has another beer I say no I will get it for her. As I head for the kitchen she askes if my boyfriend has any good music to listen to till he gets home I tell her she will have to look to see what she can find . As I walk into the living room with her beer I hear a good country song coming from the stereo. I hand her her beer and start to set down she stopes me by taking my hand she pulles me to her. All at once her mouth is on mine it sends a tingle down my spine can this be really happening. I can`t help but kiss her back her lips taste so sweet like cherry lipgloss I want more of her kisses. I start to feel light headed and I wonder why because I haven`t drank anything. Could it be from the excitement of being with a women or the thought that Brian could walk in anytime and see us.

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   I really was having a hard time thinking about anything but tasting those lips and wondering what her other lips tasted like. Would I like it if she let me get that far. Then she stoped what she was doing and steped back had I done something wrong I wonderd. It didn`t take me long to find out that I haden`t she asked if I could take off my shirt so that she could see and touch my breast I wasn`t going to wait to be asked a second time as I slipped my shirt up over my head and let it drop to the floor. There I stood in my bra in front of another women I could feel my face turn red again I had never done this before. But an excitment I have never felt went through me Candy asked me to turn around with my back to her I couldn`t figure out why till I felt her reach up and undo my bra. It fell to the floor leaving my bare breast exposed I didnt have time to turn around as Candy brought her warm hands around me to cup my breast in both hands. I looked down I could see and feel my nipples getting harder as Candy pinched and squeezed them I let out a squeal of delight. She turned me around to face her as she lefted her shirt up over her head and let it too fall to the floor. Under hers she wore no bra she didn`t need to her breasts were the kind of breast every man dreams of full and round and nice hard nipples. All I wanted to do was taste them then as if she knew what I was thinking she reached up to bring my head to her breast. I slowly moved my lips over her nipple feeling the hardness of it in my mouth as I sucked on it Candy let out a moan I could tell she was liking this as much as I was. I reached and took the other breast in my hand the warmth and softness of it felt so good I just wanted to hold it and play with her nipple while I sucked the other one. How far would she let me go kept going through my mind would she let me taste her pussy. Would I get to taste those sweet juices I so wanted to taste.

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  I wanted so much to see what eating pussy was like I wanted to see what drove Brian so crazy about the taste was it as good as he said it was? Would I get the chance. Just then Candy pulled away and asked where the bedroom was I took her hand and led her there she asked If I wanted to go farther I shook my head yes this really was going to happen. She asked me to strip down to nothing I did as I was told not wasting a minute. She told me to turn so she could see all of me I did as I was told all the way around to face her again. Then she unbottend her jeans and pulled they off she had no panties under them. All I could do was stare at the body before me the full ripe breast and the small patch off blond hair between her legs. I could just imagine what she would taste like. At that she took my hand and led me to the bed she lay down on her back with her legs spread I could see the pink lips of her pussy showing under her blond hair. She asked me would I like to taste her I shook my head yes as I lower myself down between her legs. At first her hair tickeld my lips as I brushed them over her soft mound taking in her smell as I parted her lips with my fingers Candy let out another moan as my finger brushed over her clit I wanted to make Candy moan more as I started to lick her clit she wiggled I smiled I think I was going to like this. I wanted to taste her juices I wanted to feel what she felt like on the inside All I could think about was eating this warm pussy in front of me I started licking her lips softly as I moved up to where I could stick my tongue into her and taste her moving my tongue around the outside of her cunt was making me dizzy I just had to have it farther into her to taste the taste I have been missing . I was thinking about inserting my fingers into her to see what she felt like she must have knowen what I was thinking because she whisper to me to finger fuck her as deep as I could and as fast as I could. I had just worked up to two fingers in her cunt they were driping with her cunt juice when I heard the bedroom door open I was so busy between Candy`s legs I didn`t hear Brian pull in the drive or even come into the house. When I looked around he was standing there with a smile on his face the first thing he said was Karen whos your friend. I told him this is Candy she wants to know if you will teach her to fish.

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   What he said after that made both Candy and I laugh he said looks like she is busy teaching you something right now Karen. Then he askes so how is it Karen as good as I said It would be? All I did was smile and shake my head yes that brought a even bigger smile to his face. I always want to melt when I see that smile it looks so good on him. It didn`t take me long to see the bulge in his pants By the looks of it what he was watching before him was really turning him on. I could tell what he had on his mind but would Candy go for it. All I could do was ask and see what she said I asked Brian If he could go get the two of us something to drink he knew when he was away I would ask Candy about him joining us. When I asked she smiled and said one more makes it twice the fun. Imagin Brians suprise when he walked back into the room to find two fully naked ladies waiting right inside the door on there knees. As if on cue we both said at the same time Brian we are yours to have as you wish tell us how to please you. The look that came across his face told it all he knew he would finally have his dream of a threesome come true. He wasted no time striping down to nothing standing there with the fullest and hardest erection I think I have ever seen on him. He is uncircumcised so his forskin most always covers part of it when he is hard but not this time. The whole shaft of his cock was exposed I could see a drop of precum on the red bulging head. It glistend there just waiting to be tasted by our luscious mouths. At that moment he could no longer hold back his desire for two as he moved to us he reached down to take our hands in his and pulls us to our feet.

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   He tells us he doesn`t need his ladies on there knees and that he is here to please us. And if we wanted we could go back to what we were doing before he came in he would be content to watch for awhile untill we needed his cock. So back to the bed the three of us went Brian setting on the edge while Candy and I went back to what we were doing. As Candy lay back on the bed and spread her legs for me to enjoy I looked out of the corner of me eye to see Brian with his hard cock in his hand slowly stroking it the intire length of it`s shaft more precum oozes out to rundown the underside of his rock hard cock. Brian reaches down to bring the cum back up to the head where he rubs it ever so slowly over the head and down the shaft. Brians gaize meets mine he has a smile of desire on his face I have never seen before I can tell he will love every minute of this. He motions for me to go back to what I was doing I gladly turn and return to what I was doing. I lower my head back to the pussy that only moments before I was tasting for the first time taking up where I was before I slowly insert two fingers into Candy`s tight pussy working them in and out she lets out a soft moan. I want to make her moan in other ways so as I move my fingers ever so softly in and out of her I lower my mouth onto her cunt flicking my tongue around her clit she wiggles again from my touch. I haven`t gone very far when I hear her ask Brian to let her suck his hard cock and me knowing him he never lets a blow job get away. He stands to move to the side of the bed I feel his hand rub up my leg he stopes to insert a finger into my now very wet cunt works it in and out a couple of times. I can then tell by the sound he makes that he has taken his finger into his mouth to lick my juices from them he lets out a loud mmmmmmm Saying Karen you taste so good I can`t wait till Candy gets to taste you. He Hasen`t forgotten about Candy wanting to suck him He moves to the head of the bed where her sweet lips await his hard cock. She smiles as he places the tip of his manhood against her lips her eyes sparkle with want and desire for his hard cock. I watch from where I am at to see her lips part and for his cock to slip into her wet and warm mouth she closes her lips around the head as he slowly lowers himself into her his hands on the head board hold him up above her just enough to keep his cock right where she wants it.

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   His cock slowly moves in and out of her wet mouth each time wetter then the last each time farther she takes him I can hear moans coming from both of them as I have stoped doing what I was doing to watch my boyfriends dreams come true. I look up to see his face his eyes are closed and a smile is on his face what must he be thinking I wonder. My eyes slowly draw away from his face back to her mouth on his cock more and more of it she takes deeper he moves into her mouth I think to myself does she love the taste of his cock as much as I do. He startes to move over her faster I look to see his legs tense up. I know he I trying to hold back his explosion not knowing how long he can do it this time. His and her moans grow louder he moves into her mouth faster I watch not wanting to miss him blowing his cum into her sweet mouth. The longer I watch the wetter I get I reach down to put my fingers to my own pussy my wetness drips onto my finger as I work them in and out of myself. With my eyes still glued to the sight going on before me I hear Brian let out a loud moan and start to shutter I know his cock is shooting his hot thick liquid into Candy`s mouth she egerly sucks at his cock not wanting to lose any of his ejaculation he pulls out just as the last spurt shoots from his hard cock onto her lips for me to see. Just as she starts to lick it off he tells her to stop He wants to see me lick the last drop of his sweet cum from her lips wants me to taste him on her. Not wanting to disappoint him for all his hard work I move from between Candys leg to eagerly kiss the cum from her lips. The taste is somewhat salty mixed with the cherry from her lipgloss it`s a good taste my tongue doesn`t stop at licking Brians cum from her lips she opens her mouth wider to let my tongue go deeper in to her warm mouth. Our tongues probe deeper feeling each others tasting each other me knowing that she has just swallowed Brians cum makes me suck on her tongue that much more hoping to taste him in her mouth still. A long mmmmmmm excapes from my lips just as I feel Brians fingers part my pussy lips his finger slips into my wet pussy moving in and out with steady strokes that send a shiver through me. It feels so good to have his fingers in me feeling my wetness but I want more I want to feel his hard cock in me pumping my pussy with all he can give. He moves a little back letting me move back down between Candys legs to eat my fill of that wonderfull pussy.

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   With my face in her cunt I don`t see him move from beside me but then I can feel his weight move behind me on the bed. His hands move over my bottem so softly feeling my ass again his finger is inside of me but this time I can feel more then just the one from before it feels like two or three moving at a steady pace sliping in and out so easy covered with me sweet juices I have no trouble taking them in but I still want more I move my head from Candys sweet pussy just long enough to tell him I want to feel his cock pumping into me. He smiles and tells me he will be glad to let me feel him inside me he is there to please us. I feel the head of his penis start to enter my aching cunt I try to push back to take him all in but he stopes me with his hands. He begins to move the head of his dick slowly around the outside of my cunt letting it slip in a little just to pull it back out I have a hard time not pushing back but I know he will just stop me again. Each time he pushes the head a little farther in to my delight he is working this for all it`s worth knowing how much I love his teasing. I try to wiggle my cunt onto him more but he will have nothing to do with that. Inch by inch he pushes the head of his penis into my cunt I can feel it streching my cunt to fit tight around his hard member. Then with one last push he is in I feel my cunt close around him to hold his stiff cock in my hot cunt. He moves back and forth slowly at first then faster with each stroke to the point he almost knockes me off of Candys cunt but I hold fast to her hips with my hands licking softly on her lips stoping to nibble a little she moans beneath my mouth with every movement of my tongue she wiggels. She is getting weter with each lick not knowing wheather it is from my licking or from her excitment. I want so badly to bring her to orgasm to taste her hot cum flowing over my tongue. I can hardly keep my mine on what I am doing trying to decide which one feels better being fucked or eating this sweet pussy. Brians strokes are getting faster and harder as he watches me making his dream come true watching me eat the pussy of this pretty blond laying before the both of us. I hope he won`t be able to hold off much longer because I want to feel him shooting his hot cum into me the force of each shot getting stronger.

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   The same thought must be crossing his mind too because I feel him tense up behind me trying to hold back. But a loud moan comes from his lips as he pushes deeper into me and I feel his cum spurt deep in my cunt one pulsating throb after another. Candy like right on cue lets out a moan of her own as she arches her back to meet my mouth wave after wave of orgasm moves through her body she starts to scream pulling my head tighter to her cunt. Juices flow over my tongue the taste gets better and better with each lick of her pussy I take. I can`t belive I have brought her to orgasm with just my tongue. I waste no time licking the last drops of Candys cum from her lips as Brian slowly strokes his cock back to full hardness. It is as hard as it was before and he was looking to use it again on one of use but which one would he have? He had already had me so it was Candys turn to feel his hardness inside her and I knew she would really enjoy it too as I had done moments before. By this time Candy had set up on the bed we all wonderd what to do next. Then Brian asked if he could do his favorite thing on Candy I knew what that was but I was not sure she would do it. She said she was into anything we said are you sure she said yes. Brian moved over to one side of the bed and whisperd in Candys ear a huge smile spread across her face and I knew she was in for quite a pleasure from Brians Hard cock. It didn`t take her long to get on her knees in the middle of the bed with her small round ass in the air. Brian then asked me Karen can you help me get my cock wet so i can drive it into Candys ass I eagerly took his hard cock into my mouth licking the full length of his shaft wetting it real good as I sucked . I could not wait to see him driving his cock into her ass all the way to his balls. I could tell by her little pucker this would be a tight fit for Brians cock but I also knew the tighter it is the more he likes it and the harder he fuckes it.

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   I had really wetted his cock good for him and I wanted to be the one that help his cock into her tight ass. I hoped she loved to be ass fucked as much as I did. At first he rubed the head of it around and around her hole knowing he did not want to hurt her he would take it slow and let her take him in as much as she wanted him . Slowly he pushed the head of his hard penis against her hole slowly it started to open taking him in she let out a little scream he stoped not wanting to hurt her. She would not have any of him stoping she pushed back as his head made it farther into her tight ass slowly at first she pushed slow little moans coming from her throat. I could not see how she could take all of him inside her I have a hard time taking him all. But the more she pushed the farther his cock made it`s way into her ass . With one swift push he was in her. Her ass begain to shake from the fullness of him in her . He felt so good in her his hard cock feeling her up . Brian moved slow at first pumping his cock into that tight ass it was going to be hard lasting long. Candy moved her ass back to meet each of his thrusts faster she moved her ass till she was screamed with delight out of her mouth came fuck me Brian fuck my tight little ass shoot your hot cum in me harder Brian harder fuck my ass. I watched as Brians body became still knowing he was shooting his cum into Candys ass with each throb of his cock made me smile with delight. After Brian slowly pulls his half hard cock from Candys tight ass she collapses onto the bed and rolls over and winkes at me she sayes whos up for a quick shower. We are all sweaty so we all head for the shower not even caring if the three of us will fit.


  I step in the shower first and start the water I know it is going to be to hot for Brian but a cold shower is not what we are after because it is still early and there are more things about each others bodies to discover. Brian steps in next moves close to me and takes my face in his hands kissing me deeply his tongue parts my lips searching for mine. His searching sends a shiver through my body his kisses are full of passion as always. Before Candy steps into the shower Brian pulls back and just stands there and looks at me with such passion in his eyes. I know from the look that he is giving me he is having the time of his life. Then with the same look he tells me Thank you Karen for my dream I never thought it would come true but I am really glad it is because we are having so much fun. I move even closer to him wraping my arms around him reaching to kiss him tenderly on the lips that I have kissed so many times before but now they seemed so differant a smile and your welcome is all that I can say wanting to say more but Candy stepping into the shower stops me from saying anything more. Candy reaches for the soap saying whats next guys we both smile at that she hands Brian the soap and askes him to help her take care of me Brian rubs the bar of soap between his hands till they are slick with soap he moves around me till I am between him and Candy he reaches around me to cup both my breast in his hands rubbing the soap around my nipples slowly I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass as he rubs the soap around and around my nipples stoping only to pinch my nipples between his fingers and to kiss the back of my neck. I have cold chills even though the water running over us is hot . Candy stands back against the shower wall watching what is going on in front of her with only a smile I close my eyes and lean back to rest my head on Brians chest his hands moving over my breast his hands start to move down my stomach the soap making them glide so smoothly till they reach the mound between my legs. He reaches to part my lips with his finger stoping to rub my clit his finger slips into my now very wet cunt with ease. I can feel his erection pushing against my ass as he fingers me I know if he continues this much longer I will explode I lean more on him to keep from falling as my knees grow weak from his touches. It is almost like I am in a dream not knowing where I am. Then I am joilted back when I feel Candys mouth brush against my breast I open my eyes just as she takes my nipple into her mouth she begins to suck eagerly on it moving from one to the other she tastes each one I close my eyes again to enjoy the feel of her warm mouth on my breast I do not open my eyes when the sucking stops hoping it will start again but it does not. What I feel next makes me jump it is my pussy lips being parted by Brians fingers and I feel Candys warm mouth brush against my clit taking my clit in her mouth she begins to suck it softly moving her tongue around and over top of it I shake my legs getting weaker Brians arms move tighter around me to stop me from falling as Candy licks my cunt over and over she licks each lick getting harder and faster then the last.


   I will not be able to stop myself from exploding on her face if her licks get any faster. Brian holds me still tighter as my body shakes with wave after wave of my orgasm as it explodes from my cunt onto Candys sweet mouth she licks and licks not wanting to stop tasting me. As my body calms Candys mouth is on mine I can still taste my juices on her lips softly she kisses my lips as of she can not get enough of them. Brian reaches behind us to turn off the water he pulls back the shower curtin and reaches for a towel even the towel does not hide his hard penis from our sight . Candy smiles as she takes Brians hand and leads him back to the bedroom . We are both thinking the same thing Brians cock is in need of attention. Candy tells Brian to remove the towel and lay down on the bed it dropes to the floor his manhood jumping to life from behind its covering. Candy moves over Brian her cunt only inches away from his mouth as I move between his legs to take his cock into my mouth I hear him moan as Candy pushes her cunt to his face He reaches his arms around her waist to hold her on his face his tongue begins to flick over her clit slow at first he will not rush this he wants her to beg him to let her cunt explode onto his face. She begins to grind her cunt into Brians face as he licks faster. I know she can not last long on his face with his tongue laping at her cunt she will explode soon. She begins to wiggel trying to squirm away from his arms he holds tighter to her waist as he burys his tongue deeper inside her cunt. A moan comes from his throat as I take the head of his cock in my mouth licking the underside of his manhood as I work it slowly down my throat each time taking it deeper untill it touches the back of my throat only to pull it out again . Candy squirms more as Brian rames his tongue into her luscious cunt Brian begins to move his hips up to meet each stroke of my mouth I tighten my mouth around his cock just as his load of hot cum spirts into my mouth with each downward stroke of my mouth another shot shoots into my mouth I swallow it not wanting to lose any of his wonderfull juice just as his cock stops throbing Candy lets out a scream and her sweet cum cascades from her cunt onto Brians waiting mouth. and he is not about to let any of her juices go to waste eather as he laps at her lips to get all that she can give him. The three of us lay there till bodies stop shaking and wonderfull juices stop flowing.

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   It is getting dark by now we look at the clock it is nine we have been enjoying each other for 5 hours doesn`t seem that long Just then Candy remembers she has to meet some friends for drinks so she sayes she has to go. Brian and I watch as she dresses just as she starts to leave Brians bedroom she turns and says I didn`t get to learn anything about fishing she then winks and smiles and sayes maybe next time who knowes maybe I can get you to be my boyfriends new fishing buddy Brian That brings a laught to all three of as as she bends to kiss both of us goodbye. After she leaves Brian askes me was it as good as I said it would Be Karen? I just smiled and said better Brian way better. Brians eyes start to close I know he is tired I snuggel closer to him as he wraps his arms around me he kisses my lips the last thing I remember him saying before I closed my eyes was thank you Karen our dream came true now I don`t just have to dream about it when I sleep. The only thing I said before I too drifted off to sleep was I would do anything for you Brian I was glad he was already asleep and that he was happy. .