Computer Setup - Part 3


I sat down at the desk and Nick and Cindi stood behind me as we all watched the computer come up. I couldn’t help remembering what happened last time and I felt my cock twitch in my pants. To cover it up, I scooted closer to the desk. Nick turned so his butt was resting against the desk beside me. He was wearing the same shorts he had worn when he was here before. His position put his big cock about a foot away from me. I looked at his crotch and back up at his face. Nick looked innocently back so I figured this was just what it appeared to be – a follow up to a computer sale. Cindi moved so she was right behind me and put her face down close to mine. She rested her hand on the desk beside my hand and pointed at the screen with the other. She was talking about the desktop icon but I couldn’t concentrate on her words. She smelled like a girl, a warm, sexy girl. My jeans were getting tighter. She started moving the mouse with her right hand and rested her left on my shoulder as she talked. I had my arm stretched across the desk so I was afraid to move it. She was bent over toward the screen and if I had, my arm would have touched the generous tits swaying under her shirt.

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   I held still and then she casually squeezed my shoulder as she began running through the programs on the computer. She seemed to be really interested in how much I knew about it. I glanced down along the curve of her back at her cute little butt. She was kind of wiggling it and I could feel my cock getting harder. Then one of her mounds brushed the back of my arm. It seemed accidental. I couldn’t see her face but she acted like she didn’t even know it happened. And then it happened again. This time it definitely pressed against me. I glanced up at Nick to see if he had noticed. He was looking at the computer and didn’t seem to know what was going on. I didn’t know what to do. Was she coming on to me? Was this something she had planned because she knew about us? Was it an accident? Just then she turned back to look at me. That pressed her tit even harder against my arm. When she turned back just the tip of it touched me.

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   I figured this would be a good time to get my arm out of the way. I tried to pull it back. She didn’t lift up so the nipple scraped against my arm and the back of my hand. I tried to look casual as I put my hand in my lap but my entire arm tingled from the contact with her. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I began to wonder what those big titties of hers must look like naked. “Hey, I have a great idea,” Nick said. “How about the three of us go out tonight and have some fun?”“That’s a great idea,” Cindi agreed. “How about it, Matt?”“I haven’t been out in a while,” I told them. “All the more reason you should come out with us. It will be fun!” Cindi exclaimed. I didn’t have anything to do so I figured why not? “Okay, but I have to have a shower first. ”“Okay, we’ll wait for you. ” Nick and Cindi grinned at each other as I headed upstairs to bathe. I thought about that as I stripped. I figured I’d better cool off or they were going to know they were turning me on.

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   Little did I know but that was exactly what they wanted. I thought about what had happened downstairs as I shampooed and rinsed my hair. Moments later I was surprised when they pulled the shower curtain back. It was a pleasant surprise, especially when I realized that both Cindi and Nick were stark naked. I watched Cindi smile before her eyes dropped to my crotch. Thinking about what the two might have in mind had me half hard already. Feeling the heat of her eyes on me caused my cock to harden even more and rise toward the ceiling. I watched her tongue come out and lick across her lips as she gazed at my engorged rod. She obviously approved of it even though I knew Nick was bigger. Nick watched her as well and his cock was pointing up, too. Cindi moved toward the end of the tub away from the water and stepped into it. “Let us help,” she whispered as she reached out to take the bar of soap. All eyes were on her hands as she worked the soap up into a nice lather. She continued to rub her hands together and then she passed the bar to Nick who stepped into the shower on the other side of me. I could only gaze back and forth between the two as Nick begins to work up his own lather.

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   I turned back to Cindi when her fingers touched my shoulders. She was smoothing the bubbles down my arms and back up the inside as she pushed them out away from my body. Nick reached up and handed the soap to her so she could rub it into my armpits. She smoothed her hands down over my chest just as Nick stepped closer. His hands reached around and he began running the bubbles over my cock. One hand dropped down to caress the heavy balls hanging between my legs then the bar of soap was against my ass. She was still rubbing her hands in the frothy suds on my chest and stomach so I knew the hands playing over my butt were Nick’s. Cindi stepped closer and directed the showerhead so the water flowed down over me as Nick began rubbing his fingers in between my cheeks. She kept running her hands up and down my chest and her eyes were hot as she held my gaze. She grabbed my hands in hers and lifted them up to press against her breasts. Turning me toward her, she moved her body flush against me. I wanted to taste her from the moment she got out of the car. Mmmmmm Her mouth opened and she pressed my hands against her. Her tongue slid and rubbed against mine. My cock knew this was a girl in my arms.

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   It stiffened even more so the head could rub against her belly. I started squeezing and molding my hands to her tits. Nick watched the two of us kissing and fondling each other as he rinsed the soap from his hands and my backside. I saw his cock was even harder and had lengthened to its full eight inches. He reached down and stroked himself as he watched us kiss. We both knew she was enjoying it from the way she kept making little sounds as I pulled and tugged at her nipples. Nick just watched as I lifted one up to kiss it. The nipple was as red as a ripe berry when I finally released it. I lifted the other to suck on it too. Cindi’s hands were holding my head against her. Nick must have liked the way we looked because I saw his cock getting slick from the pre-cum gathering on his cock head. I kissed my way back up to her face and nipped at her bottom lip. I couldn’t get enough of her. Cindi gasped and my tongue slid back inside her mouth. Our tongues rubbed and played as we explored each other.

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   She slid her hands up my body and took my hands in hers. Reaching up above her head, she planted them against the wall. “Keep them there,” she moved her head back to say. “Just enjoy,” she said. Then her lips were back kissing me. She tasted of the wine we drank and something else I couldn’t place. She smelled heavenly and I wondered what scent she wore. Her tongue slid back into her own mouth so I stuck mine in hers. She closed her lips on it and sucked on my tongue! I completely lost track of what Nick was doing. I felt like I could have cum just from rubbing my cock against her. God, it had been so long since I felt this good. When I finally looked around Nick was sitting on the edge of the tub. But Cindi grabbed my face and turned me back towards her. She acted like she couldn’t get enough kisses. Her lips began moving along my jaw and her hands were on either side of my head holding it still.

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   She got to my ear and nipped at my earlobe. Then I felt her breath on my neck as she took the lobe into her mouth. She sucked on it and it felt so damn good my cock jerked against her. “Unnnnn,” I couldn’t help groaning. That was when I found out what Nick intended to do. I was savoring the feel of her lips sucking my earlobe when I realized the warmth on my ass was caused by Nick’s tongue licking me. I groaned again. God it felt good. I pressed my hands harder against the wall for balance and spread my legs a little further apart. Nick had watched for as long as he could without getting in on the fun. He pressed his tongue against the wetness on my ass. His tongue continued to dance around my tight little hole and I groaned when he pressed it inside the pucker. Nick shut the water off with one hand but didn’t stop trying to drive his tongue into my ass. Cindi’s lips were moving down my chest, kissing her way toward her goal. Her lips and tongue stopped their downward progress when they encountered my left nipple, hard and pointed and eager for her mouth.

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   It had been so long since I’d had a woman in my arms that all I wanted was to pull her closer and shove my cock in her tight little cunt. At the same time, the feel of Nick’s tongue exploring my nether regions was driving me wild. I was harder than I could remember being in a long time. I was having a hard time deciding between rubbing against Cindi or pushing back against Nick’s mouth. Suddenly Nick grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him. The tongue that had been tormenting me pressed firmly at the entrance and began to imitate the age-old rhythm that had driven women wild for centuries. My cock was jerking again and I longed for someone to touch it. I didn’t think I could continue to stand with my hands pressed against the wall while these two had their way with me. Nick kept up the pressure by licking and stabbing at my ass until I couldn’t do anything but stand and moan. Cindi’s lips were on the move again. She was placing a trail of hot, open-mouthed kisses across my chest to my right nipple. Her tongue swirled around it and then she was sucking on it the way I had sucked on hers. Nick’s tongue was still making love to my ass and all I could do was stand there and enjoy it. I started to press back against Nick’s face and push my chest more firmly against her. My cock stuck straight out, hard and virile, begging for attention.

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   Cindi whispered that she longed to feel me close to her, kissing her, rubbing against her, fucking her the way she had dreamed I would. Her hand slowly moved down. I held my breath while I waited for her to touch my swollen cock. It had been oozing pre-cum since she started kissing me. “Oh God,” I groaned. I knew I was getting close to cumming. I tipped my head back and thrust against her hand. Cindi and Nick both realized what was about to happen. She grasped the base of my cock and tightened her hand around it. Her other hand cupped the heaviness of my balls and she pulled them down away from my cock. Nick slipped his tongue out of me and let go of my hips. Slowly the feeling of imminent explosion subsided as she continued to hold me still. I was breathing heavily as we all waited for the pressure to cum to subside. Then she smiled. I couldn’t believe how much she seemed to want me.

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   I just looked back at her. Nick was standing behind me. Cindi reached up and pulled my head down to her. Her lips opened and we started kissing hot and heavy again. I wanted to hold her close and touch her but when I tried to lower my arms she made a negative sound in her throat. I left my hands where they were. We kept kissing and her hands were touching my chest. Then Nick grabbed onto my hips again. This time it wasn’t a wet tongue that pressed against me. Nick must have seen my lube in one of the drawers when they came in the bathroom. He had helped himself while Cindi and I were busy. We both watched him apply it liberally to the length of his rock hard tool. He had gotten so excited watching us that he kept stroking himself. He stepped back into the tub and moved behind me. I knew what he had planned when he rubbed his tip along the crack of my ass.


   I couldn’t believe he was going to do this with Cindi right there. I looked at her and she was staring with wide, hot eyes at both of us. She was so turned on I’m surprised she didn’t start drooling. She was making little whimpering sounds as she watched us. Then I felt the velvety knob of Nick’s erection rub against my asshole. I knew how thick Nick was. Other than last time with Nick, the only penetration I’d ever had was from a finger. The feel of it rubbing against me was so wonderful. I still wasn’t sure if Nick’s mammoth organ would go in, especially since I was standing up this time. I kept thinking about how much I wanted Cindi but I remembered how it felt when Nick fucked my ass last time. My cock was already throbbing as Nick’s cock pressed against me. He pulled my cheeks apart, making it easier for the slick head to penetrate me. I was lost, waiting for Nick to slide it home. “I gotta fuck you again,” Nick groaned. Cindi got my attention when her mouth sucked on my bottom lip much as I had done hers.

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   Our tongues were suddenly driving in and out of each other’s mouths. We were all breathing hard as our tongues imitated the penetration we longed to feel below. Slowly Nick pressed himself harder against me. “God damn you’re tight,” he moaned. I pressed my hands hard against the wall and spread my legs more as I tried to make it easier for him. “I want you inside me today,” Cindi suddenly whispered. “I want your cock stroking in and out of me. ” Her words filled my head with pictures of me slamming my swollen cock in and out while she begged me for more. The room was beginning to take on the odor of sex. I kept waiting and finally Nick’s big head popped inside me. It was as good as I remembered. “Oh God, you’re so big,” I groaned. Cindi seemed to know what was happening. She knew his cock head had to be inside. She said she wanted to feel my cock against her lips and tongue as I came.

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   I felt like I could explode right then. All I could do was wait for Nick to move. I never thought of myself as anything but straight. I didn’t have a problem with gays or bisexuals. I just hadn’t ever thought about the possibility that I might be one. The pleasure from having Nick’s huge cock pressed against my prostate was almost more than I could bear. I wanted so much to beg Nick to fuck me. At the same time I wanted to bury my own cock in Cindi. She kissed my chin as her lips began another descent, nibbling and tasting as they moved down. The pleasure went on and on as she slowly slid down the wall to rest her butt on the lip of the tub. Her hand reached out and finally grasped my bulging erection. She began to pump it slowly as her tongue licked the pre-cum off the tip. I was so swollen I wanted nothing more than to push it in all the way to the hilt but Nick’s hands were still on my hips. His cock was slowly pumping in and out of my ass. I threw my head back and groaned at the ceiling.

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   Nick said he couldn’t believe how heavenly his cock felt. “You are so fucking tight,” he kept saying. His balls were tightening as my muscles squeezed him. “I’m close,” he muttered. “I’m fixing to dump a load in your ass. ” His hands were gripping my hips tighter as he began pumping faster and faster. The pleasure was building rapidly and we both knew it. We both looked down to see what Cindi was doing. Watching her caused my cock to throb. She had my swollen tip in her mouth and we watched her cheeks sink in as she began sucking on it. One of her hands was rubbing her pussy. She had two fingers against her clit running them up and down. I groaned and we began a seesaw motion with me in the middle. I thrust against Cindi’s face as Nick slid back and then I pushed back against Nick as my cock slid out of her mouth. I wanted to reach down and hold her against me.

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   The cum was beginning to climb up out of my balls. I knew I was going to fill her mouth with it if she didn’t pull back. “Oh God, I’m cumming,” Nick suddenly yelled as he slammed himself up against me one last time. His cock began to jerk and empty itself inside me as I started to move faster and faster inside Cindi’s mouth. Nick was so close behind me that he didn’t even need to keep thrusting. I was frantically humping her face and that caused my ass to pull and push against Nick. “I’m going to cum,” I warned her. Every move Nick made massaged my prostate and I knew there was no way anyone could stop me from cumming this time. I pressed my forearms hard against the wall and just fucked Cindi’s face with short, fast strokes. I kept expecting her to stop but she refused to pull back. Instead she began jacking my cock with one hand near the base as she pulled even more of me into her mouth. Nick’s cock was still jerking inside me and I tried to warn her again. “I’m going to cum in your mouth, baby. ” Her tongue was doing an incredible dance on the underside of my rod as she continued to suck it. I couldn’t hold back any more.

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   I let loose with the first hot spurt of semen into her waiting mouth. She continued to hold my cock while she frantically rubbed her slit. The room was filled with the sound of her whimpering as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm. I could still feel Nick’s hot spray showering the inside of my ass as I pumped my own cum down her throat. Finally her mouth released its grip on me and her head fell back against the wall. Her eyes were closed and she held my cock against her neck as I finished dumping my load all over her chest. We heard the sharp intake of her breath as her grip suddenly grew even tighter. We knew she was cumming and it was a beautiful sight. Her chest heaved and my deposit dripped down over her gorgeous tits. A drop trembled on one nipple and finally dripped down onto her thigh. She was moaning loudly as she came against her hand. Nick’s cock slipped out of me as he stepped back out of the tub. We watched her hand rubbing slowly against her clit. It was obvious she had enjoyed a good orgasm as well. Suddenly her eyes blinked open.

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   She blushed when she saw us both watching her. She released me and smiled at us. We smiled back at her. “Looks like I’m the one who needs a shower now, huh?” she grinned. .

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