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     This happened summer of 2004 and I will try to be as accurate as I can.   Kim and I had been together for about a year and a half prior to this story.   We are a very sexual couple and we had done most things you can think of, public sex, anal, bdsm, 3some with female. . . , but we had never included another guy.   I had always been too jealous/obsessive to share her with anyone else.   For some reason that whole summer I had been constantly thinking about watching her get fucked by another guy, preferebly a friend of mine.   This had nothing to do with homosexuality, I am far from gay, but something about really got me excited.   Even though I had such a strong desire for this, and we had discussed it and she sounded interested, I decided I would never let it happen.      One night last summer Kim and I were driving around looking for something to do.   I had been calling all of my friends and nobody seemed to be doing anything.   Finally my good friend Greg told us that his parents were gone and we could stop by.   He told us to just walk in and come downstairs when we got there.   We were on the other side of town but we headed towards his house.   Along the way, we decided to play strip piddidle (for those of you who don’t know, every time you see a car with a burned out headlight you say piddidle and hit the roof, the one who doesn’t do it first has to take off a piece of clothing).

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    Since I was driving, I had an advantage.   By the time we reached Greg’s duplex I had my shirt off and Kim was naked except for her booty shorts.   I will include a picture once this get’s posted if I find out wether you can edit these stories or not.   For now I’ll just give a brief description.   Kim has a very sexy face, almost exotic.   She has medium length brown hair.   At the time of this story her tits were around a c-cup and were very perky.   Her ass is her greatest feature, it’s flawless.     I parked across the court and she pulled her pants up and buttoned them.   She reached into the backseat for her bra and shirt and I told her that she should leave them off.   She looked at me quizzically, and I suggested that maybe we should give Greg a little treat.   She looked hesitant for a moment but then smiled and got out of the car.   I knew Greg had a thing for Kim basically because he always tells me how hot she is.   I also knew Kim had a small thing for Greg because one time when she told me who she thought was cute, Greg was at the top of the list.     I locked my car and we began walking towards his porch.

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    I glanced at Kim and seeing her half naked in the middle of all these apartments and duplexes made my cock jump a little.   When we got into Greg’s driveway, I grabbed her and started kissing her.   Without me even asking she dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out.   She didn’t tease at all, she just started sucking it vigurously.   I leaned against the garage and let her for about a minute then I told her to wait.      As we walked down into Greg’s living room, I saw him sitting on the couch facing away from the stairs watching t. v.   He gave a little backwards wave and a “hey. ”  Kim was in front of me and as she started walking around the couch Greg looked up and said something like, “What the fuck?”  He looked back at me and I just laughed.   Kim pulled her shirt back on somewhat laughing herself.   Greg was amazed that she had just done that and that I had let her.   He kept saying, “that was tight as hell. ”  Seeing the joy that he got from seeing her tits for about 10 seconds made me want to share more.   I mentioned, “well what the hell Kim, maybe you should just leave your shirt off. ”  She didn’t hesitate at all, she pulled it back off and sat directly across from Greg.

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    He didn’t take his eyes off of her.   I started getting pretty excited at that point.   Thoughts started racing through my mind.   I asked Kim if she’d mind taking her pants off too.   Once again she took them right off.   Greg and I were sitting on the same couch and we were both just staring at Kim.   Kim just sat there like nothing was going on and even played with her tit a little.   I heard Greg’s breathes getting shorter and I could tell he just wanted to jump across the table and rape her.      I decided to tease him a little bit.   I said that I wasn’t sure about letting him stare and my almost naked girlfriend and I told her to put her clothes back on.   Kim looked at me and said she was comfortable and it wasn’t a big deal.   I told her that I wasn’t feeling it and that I really wanted her to get dressed.   She said “fine” and put her clothes back on.   Greg seemed kind of pissed about it but still happy about what he had seen.   He said that he was gonna go upstairs to get some water.

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    The second he was around the corner I ran over to Kim and told her that I was going to go upstairs to “make a few calls. ”  I told her that I wanted her to come on to Greg really strong, take off her shirt, kiss him, grab his cock whatever.   She said ok and seemed excited.      Greg came back down a minute later and I gave the line.   I left the room for about 5-10 minutes so this part of the story was told to me later by Kim.      Greg sat back down and Kim went over and sat next to him, pretty close.   Greg started telling her about how beautiful her body was and how perfect her ass was.   She went along with it and started acting really flirty.   Leaning into him and letting her halter top slide down off her tits a little.   She asked him if the little show had gotten him hard and he told her that he still was.   She asked if she could feel it and of course he said yes in disbelief.     By the time I came back in Kim was sitting on his lap facing away from him grinding her ass into his cock.   They were still clothed but Kim had her small perky tits pulled out of the top of her shirt and Greg was feeling them.   I watched for a few seconds and then purposely made a noise to let them know I was coming.   Greg threw Kim to the side and tried to look straight.

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     I walked up and said “what’s going on here guys?” Greg was red and almost screamed nothing.   I just laughed and said, “you know how I always talk about how good Kim is at giving head?”  He nodded and I said, “Kim show him. ”      I pulled her shirt off and she unzipped Greg’s pants.   His cock was somewhat small but that didn’t matter.   She teased a little varying between licking and full force sucking.   She does a cool trick by just twisting her hand in a certain way while jacking you off.   He was enjoying it and I was enjoying watching my friend receive all this pleasure from my girlfriend.   I reached around her stomach and unbuttoned her pants.   I pulled them and her panties down to her knees and slid my cock into her tight soaking wet pussy.   It was probably the wettest I’d ever seen her.   I was pumping her so hard that she was having trouble keeping Greg’s cock in her mouth, so I pulled out and told Greg to switch.   By now we had Kim completely naked.   We were filling her two holes and she was loving it.   Watching one of my best friends fuck the shit out of my girl made my dick harder and longer than I ever remember it being.   I pulled my cock out of Kim’s mouth and sat back.

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    Kim was screaming.   This tag-team must have had her so excited.   I slowly stroked my dick while I watched them go at it.   Greg pulled out stood her up and pushed her against the wall.   He was slamming her so hard into the wall that the pictures were moving and I thought it was hurting her but she seemed to be ecstatic.   He was being rough, we had had rough sex before but he was just brutal.   He was grabbing her tits and pulling on her nipples.      I told him to let me have a turn.   He pulled out and I layed her on her back on the futon.   I put her legs over my shoulders and started slamming her.   Seeing Greg’s pound her pussy made me get rougher than usual too.   I was fucking her so hard that she was grunting, and screaming for me to keep going.   Greg stuck his cock in front of her face, she grabbed it and put it in her mouth.   I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out for much longer and soon Greg blew his cum all over her face.   I pulled out 20 seconds later and unloaded on her tits. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

    She was covered in cum but she just layed there, too tired to move.   I pulled my pants up and Greg and I sat down.   We both continued to stare at my unbelievably sexy girlfriend until she got up and took a shower.              That was probably the greatest sexual experience any of us had ever had.   Greg and I are  still friends, and Kim and I are still together.   We haven’t done it again but I’m definitely up for it.   If you have a partner you trust and a friend you’re comfortable with I highly suggest you try this.   It blew my mind. .

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