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We passed one open door. Just inside a young woman, a redhead, watched as we went by. I just caught a glimpse of her red lips, a pink tongue. . . Then we were at his hut. He stopped, turned and it was like being pointed at by a huge fore-finger. I was pointing right back. “My name is Jacques. I am from Jamaica. Would you like to suck my fat cock?” He ushered me in to his hut, closed the door, and said, “Then, suck it. ”His strong hands on my shoulders forced me on my knees. I looked at the huge thing in front of me, and barely had time to open my mouth before his hands were behind my head, and his width was stretching my mouth. He filled my mouth, and he was salty from swimming in the sea. I lost my senses, and went mad, gobbling down on him like I had never done before. I was desperate to get as much of him in my mouth as was possible.

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   He started fucking it up into my mouth, filling it wider and wider. . . I felt him at the back of my throat, and I fought to control the gagging reflex. I worked on breathing through my nose and relaxing. Though it cut off my breath to do it, I forced him down my throat until my nose was nestled in his wiry curls. He kept fucking me and I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, but I would prefer to pass out than release my hold on that whale. He drew his shaft out of my mouth further with each stroke, and pounded it deeper into my throat. Then I felt him stiffen, and, bulging out my cheeks, spasm heavily, and I felt his hot jism jet into my mouth. He pumped again and again and it was too much for my mouth, it was running down my chin, and wet against my chest. I swallowed quickly, convulsively, and his hot salty juice ran down my throat like butter. With a sucking sound, he withdrew. I let him, reluctantly. “You suck me good, woman, so I take my time with you. ” I thrilled; I was so hard and hungry.

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   He took off my shorts, led me to the bed, laid me down, and lay on top of me. I could feel his cock; it was between us, mashing into my stomach. He began to kiss me deeply. Roughly his tongue parted my teeth and was searching my mouth, probing into me. I relaxed into his explorations. His cock, oiled by come and trapped between our stomachs, began moving slowly. He left my mouth and went to my neck. He tongued me and sucked me, then he was at my nipples. Roughly he sucked them and bit them gently, and I gasped. He moved down my belly to the head of my cock, sucked it into his mouth with a whoosh, and I felt his tongue moving over the head as the lips nibbled on the shaft, and it was exquisite. Then his head began moving up and down on my length, fucking me. I felt a quickening; I was close. He forced my legs wide, and I felt one of his fingers, lubricated by the wetness between us, moving gently around my anus. I felt it caressing me, then it moved to my hole and entered me. .

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  . In a few strokes his finger was embedded in me to his third knuckle. I felt it moving around inside me, stroking my inner walls. It felt so good, and his mouth around my cock, and I was shooting into his mouth. He swallowed every drop, and grinned at me around my shaft. Roughly, he pulled his finger out of me, and again I gasped. He manuevered his body over 180 degrees, so his mouth was at my crotch and his penis was a dark mass pressing on my face. I felt him spread my legs wider with his elbows until my core was completely vulnerable--and he attacked it with his tongue. It was strong and soft, and it worked on me, fucking into me like a finger. I spread myself around that tongue, opened like a flower, and he was deep inside me. But in time, I was to learn the real meaning of the word “deep. ” Next, he flipped back around, and again he used his finger on me, only this time there were two. He fucked me a while, then I felt a third finger worm its way inside me. He was. .


  . stretching me out, and it hurt but it was a good pain. I worked on expanding, breathing deeply, and using my stomach muscles to relax. Then four fingers. . . and I was clinging to his wrist, trying to force the knuckles of his big hand past the barrier of my anus. I worked him and worked on him, stretching more and more. Then the pain was too much. I collapsed, and he withdrew his hand from me. “Time to be a woman,” he whispered. I felt slickness being applied to my anus, and then he leaned over me. I felt the bulging head of his massive cock searching for me. I arched to meet him, and and he hit home. He pushed several inches into me, and the rim of my anus stretched wide like a mouth, welcoming him inside me.

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   Then the big bulge of his shoulders was filling me with that exqusite pain. He fucked it up me, and I was so full, his shoulders were burning me with that exquisite agony, and then with a final thrust, he was inside. That huge knot of flesh, inside me! I felt him, engorged and implanted, and he was stretching me still. “Oh, big! Oh, Big! Oh God, you’re so big I can’t stand it I can’t take it all, it’s too big. . . ” And grinning, he eased into me until I felf his bristly pubes grid tightly into my ass. I thought I would pass out from the ecstacy. It felt like he was moving my organs around, and he was fucking me now, harder, pulling more of his shaft out of me before thrusting it home even deeper. I was his love slave; anything he wanted to do to me was okay. I began grunting like an animal with each thrust and reaching up to meet each savage implant. I was taking all of him, right to his bristly pubes. I was talking feverishly now. “Fuck me with that big thing, fuck me with it, fuck me with it, fuck me with it. Oh, God, I am so full! Oh, God, I am so full.

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   Fill me! Fuck it up me, deep, deep, deep, deep, deeper. ” “Oh, Ja, I am going to come!” he said, breathing deeply. “Oh, yes, come inside me fill me with your cream! Yes, yes, yes, yes!” I felt him convulse, and throb, and I could actually feel his hot come jet into me! He spasmed over and over, and filled me with so much come that I felt it gushing out of me. I have never been more throughly fucked. His thrusts slowed, and stopped. “You are a beautiful woman,” he said. “Rest a while, then I will fuck you again. ”“Why don’t you fuck a real woman? You can’t be selfish with that big thing. ” The voice came from the doorway. We looked over to see the redhead from the other bungalow. “I’m like a cat in heat,” she said. “Think you two can scratch my itch?”“Oh, my yes,” Jacque said, and held out his hand. “We be delighted to make your acquaintance. I am Jacque, and. .

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  . ”“I’m Michael,” I said. I was stunned. I thought this kind of stuff only happened in those seamy publications. She was beautiful, I noticed, small round breasts barely covered by her bikini top, and the soft bulge of her ripe mons protruded from her tiny bottoms. She stepped inside the room, closed the door, and swung around, hands on hips. She stared at Jacque’s cock, now half-erect again. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. I don’t know if I could take all that or not. My name’s April. By the way, I like it rough. ”Jacque and I were only too happy to comply, but where to begin with a moment like this? Jacque came to the rescue. “Let us smoke a spleef. It will loosen things up. ” He rummaged in a pile of clothes, and came up with a fat bomber joint.

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   “This will take care of us. ”We smoked. After three hits, I had had enough. It was heavy weed. April was stoned. Jacque continued to smoke. I was stoned and hard, looking at April. She noticed. “Oh, my. Are we excited?” I nodded. I caught Jacque’s eye, and he motioned towards the bed. I didn’t know what he wanted, but then he was moving, scooping April up in his arms, and literally throwing her on the bed. Then he was on top of her, kissing her as he had kissed me, deeply. He motioned for me to join them, and I jumped in. I began working on her breasts with my hands.

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   They were firm and soft. I roughly yanked up her bikini, and they popped out, released. Her nipples were long and hard, just yearning to be sucked. I complied with fervor. I felt Jacque move down next to me, and he gobbled one breast, and I gobbled the other. April was loving it, moaning and moving underneath us. Jacque reached down and literally ripped April’s bottoms off. He spread her legs, and began exploring her honey pot. She gasped as one of his big fingers dipped inside her. I moved down her belly to her hips, kissing down over her flat stomach, to her furry, neatly trimmed bush. I slipped over the edge, and began to explore her with my tongue. Jacque’s hand retreated to other endeavours. I replaced Jacque’s finger with my tongue. I felt her breathing quicken as I feather-brushed her clit, then slid down to her pouting hole. I slid past it to her tight bung.

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   I proceeded slowly, giving her time to voice any objections. I probed her gently. Imagine my suprise and pleasure when her moans were renewed with vigour. I stabbed into her anus, and wondered what she’d make of Jacque’s tongue. “Oh yes,” she was calling out, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. . . ” Abruptly she was coming. I slipped a lubed finger up her ass and tongued her button just as she began coming, and she went wild. Moving and grunting, she had one of the most violent orgasms I’d ever witnessed. We continued kissing her, but when her breathing had slowed, she sat up and said, “My turn. ”She leaned over to me, and lower, and took my cock, huge and purple now, into her mouth. She didn’t have any problem getting me all the way down her throat, and she began sucking me with small but powerful movements of her tongue. Jacque went down on her from underneath, lapping at her cunt right over his face. She sucked me harder, but I pushed her away.


   I didn’t want to come yet. I wanted to see Jacque work her from behind. She knelt with her face to the floor and her butt high in the air. I saw Jacque’s face buried into her, and I could imagine that strong, determined tongue probing and probing. April was moaning loudly now, and ready to come again. I reached under her and began working on her nipples again, squeezing them between my fingers and stretching them out. Again she came hard, shuddering and crying out. She was hot!Againg her breathing slowed. “Now you gotta fuck me, “ she said. “Michael first. ” I positioned myself behind her and gazed on the feast spread out before me. Her pussy was wide open, ready for me, and I put the head of my cock against her plump slit and pushed. I slid easily inside her; her pussy was soaking wet, and tight. I grabbed her around the hips and began fucking her harder. She was saying, “Oh, oh, oh, oh.

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  . . ” and I felt a quickening. I slowed down. Before I came I wanted to give her a special treat. I gently pulled out, hard and big as I’ve ever been. She moaned in disappointment, then moaned when she felt me press the head of my cock against her rosy anus. She pressed back, and with a pop, I was inside her halfway. “Oh, God,” was all she said. I began moving inside and out, probing deeper, and pulling more out. Soon I was embedded in her to the hilt, and fucking her hard. She arched her spine to take even more of me, and I was plumbing her depths. Now I could come. With a shout, I spasmed deep inside her and began pulsing, shooting my jism to her anal core. It was delightful.

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  “Now its my turn, woman. I fuck you good. ” Jacque took up the rear position, and I moved closer. This I wanted to see. I watched as his purple head butted against her. Her pussy looked far too small and vulnerable for that massive dong, but she was saying, “Fuck me with that thing. Fuck me with that thing. ” Then his head was inside her, and the huge bulge of his shoulders was moving into her in pulses. Her moans were louder now. “Oh, God, you’re huge. I can’t take you all, you’re too big, ooh, yes, more more, more. . . ” Jacque worked her in short, piston-like thrusts, always deeper, and then with one mighty lunge, he was buried inside her. “OH, GOD!” she screamed, and lunged to meet his thrusts.

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   I could see that all of him was inside her, and her pink lips stretched out with each withdrawl, and then welcomed each arrival. Boom, boom, boom. . . He was sinking his shaft completely inside her and she was coming again and again. . . Jacques pulled out of her with a wet pop, and she moaned in disappointment. He then lay on the bed on his back. April got the picture and straddled him, positioning her swollen pussy over his huge, twitching shaft. Then she simply fell on him, sinking down until their pubes were mingled in a wet pool of their combined juices. She groaned, and threw her head back, in heaven. I was hard again, and decided to give her a special treat. I positioned myself behind her, and tried to her bucking spinchter. As she rose up and came down of Jacques, she also impaled herself on me, and then we were both inside her.


   She squealed, and yelled, "Christ! I'm so full! I'm so full! I can't take it! I'm coming again!" I could feel Jacques' fat cock through the thin membrane separating her vagina form her rectum, and it only added to the friction. She rammed herself against both of us, taking the best we had to offer, and screaming in a high-pitched whine, she shuddered as orgasm overcame her. I felt her muscles contract, squeezing us both, and then Jacque shouted that he was coming too. I could feel him jerking as he flooded April's pussy with another load of his hot seed, and that did it for me. I grabbed April's hips, pulled her close, and emptied my balls inside her. We all collapsed into a gooey tangle of sweaty limbs and slick genitals, and fell asleep. .

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