The Monster #1 – An Introduction and seduction – His Story part 1


Me, Frank – WM, 6’, 210 lbs with a 6” dick – &   my wife Bonnie – WF, 5’, 140 lbs with soft 38 D’S
Roger & Shellie – he’s a WM, 6’ 4”, slim & tanned with a really big cock – she’s a WF, 5’ 8”, about 140 lbs with hard 42 DD’S
It was about 6:30 in the evening and we were sitting at the table having just finished eating. The phone rang and my wife answered it.
“Hey, the kids are gone for the weekend. We just finished dinner and I want to know if you two want join us in the hot tub?” It was our neighbor Shellie.
My wife answered “Sure, I’ll get Frank and some Champagne and we’ll be right over. ”
When we walked into their back yard they were already in the tub. While my wife knows that I don’t really enjoy sitting in hot tubs, but she knows that I love to look at Shellie’s huge tits. They’re so big and full.
I’ve wanted to get a good look at them from the day they moved in next door, but have never gotten the chance. It’s been 5 years and they’re still driving me crazy. Whenever I see her I always have to make a concerted effort to look her in the eyes. The fact that these two are about one5 years younger probably has something to do with it. She’s about 5’ 8”, one40 lbs with these full and hard looking 42DD’S. Every time I see her, no matter what she’s wearing, I go nuts. She’s not only huge but well proportioned. And, if she’s wearing her suit top, wow!
While Shellie was being very talkative, Roger was being unusually quite.

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   After a short while the champagne was gone and Shellie sent Roger inside to get another bottle. I was mesmerized by Shellie’s figure and didn’t notice anything amiss until my wife said “Oh my! What’s up with that?”
Of course Shellie and I had to turn to Roger to see what she was referring to. Then I couldn’t help but notice that he was sporting a hard on under his trunks that he couldn’t hide without using a towel. And I must say it was quite impressive. He smiled and said “I’ve been taking Viagra whenever the kids are going to be gone over night and I didn’t know that Shellie invited you two over. ”
My wife’s pretty perceptive so she said “So would you like us to leave?”
Shellie said “No way! I invited you guys over so that I could hold him off for awhile. ”
To my surprise my wife was just staring at his trunks and she finally said “So how long will that last?”
Shellie told her “Honey, it will last a lot longer than you or I will. ”
My wife looked at her and while pointing at Roger’s hard on she said “Why would you want to wait to have that?”
To which she replied “Roger honey, why don’t you go ahead and unleash the beast so she can see why I’m not in any hurry. ”
Roger looked at me and said “Should I?”
I didn’t know where this was going but I figured it couldn’t be bad. I said “Hell yeah! Now we’re both really curious!”
Well Roger pulled down his trunks and showed us a cock. This wasn’t a penis, and it certainly wasn’t a dick. This thing was about one0” long and thick like a tube of salami. Shellie said “Look at that thing! When he gets through with me all I want to do is roll over and sleep. If he started in on me now I’d be up working that thing for hours!”
“Really,” said my wife. “It lasts for hours ‘eh?”
“Oh yeah! I start out by jacking him off.

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   I lick it some to lubricate it and once I get started I really get excited. So I reach down and touch myself so I can get a little more lube. And all the while I’m hoping that once he cums it will go down. But it doesn’t. So then I suck on it for awhile, but that doesn’t last long. My mouth can’t take it. So then he sticks it inside me. And he goes and goes and goes some more. ”
“I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sound so bad!” was my wife’s reply. “Look what I have to work with. Show her yours. ”
OK. So I’ve been sitting here listening to Shellie talk about doing her husband. I’ve got a raging hard on because I’m imagining her doing these things to me. My wife catches me by surprise with this command.

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   I look at her and said “Do what?”
My wife says “Show her yours. You can’t match him, but show her anyway. ”
So I stand up and take off my trunks.
Shellie says “How cute!”
I’m thinking “Oh that’s just fucking great. ” But I guess that next to Roger my 6” dick does look “cute”.
“You shave?” she asked.
“Yeah, ever since I had my vasectomy. Bonnie seemed to like it that way. She’s been giving me more head since I’ve kept it neat. ”
“I can see why. I could probably work with that for hours. ” was Shellie’s reply.
Bonnie says “Shaved is really quite nice. It’s so soft and I don’t have to pick hair out of my mouth!”
To my surprise Shellie says “Can I feel it?”
Bonnie replied “If I can feel Rogers . ”
Shellie said “Sure, go right ahead.

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The girls aren’t concerned about our opinions. Roger and I look at each other and just grin. We sat down on the edge of the tub in front of the women. My wife is looking at this huge cock and is oblivious to anything else. She puts her hands around it and starts to stroke it. At the same time Shellie takes my dick in one hand and my balls in the other. “Wow, you’re right. They’re so soft without hair!”
“Would it be alright if I try to put this in my mouth?” my wife was saying to no one in particular.
Roger saw his chance and said “Sure. ” This got Shellie’s attention and she looked over at her husband and then at my wife.
Bonnie leaned forward and stretched her mouth over the head of Roger’s cock. Shellie started to stroke my dick and looked up at me, with this wicked little smile. While I watched I thought “This is gonna’ be the night I get to see her tits! And, that probably won’t be all I see . . .

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  ” She took me by the hand and brought me around to the other side of the tub. “You can watch them better from over here. ”
Funny thing, but for a moment I had forgotten about those two. Bonnie had stopped trying to suck on Roger’s cock. I could see that she was working her jaw back and forth, probably trying to get it back into place. But she was stroking his rod like it was an idol she was polishing.
Then Shellie leaned forward and, while winking, she took my entire little dick into her mouth.   She started to suck and moved up and down. After a few seconds she raised her head and pulled me a little closer. Then she lowered her head and started to lick my balls. Oh my god! This is way too good to be true! She gets me to scoot a little further forward and takes me into her mouth again. I leaned back with my arms behind be and threw my head back. I was thinking “I should take some Viagra!” Then I feel her pull off of me, spread my legs wide and she uses her tongue to probe my ass hole.
Roger was smiling down at my wife and said “Oh yeah, that’s great! I hope you’re ready for this. ” And then he started to cum.

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   And it was an unbelievable gusher. She kept stroking and cum kept coming. She leaned forward and started to lick the head of his prick, tasting some of the treat that she had worked out of him.
I look down and Shellie’s looking up at me, smiling, with my dick in her mouth once again. Now she’s probing my ass with a finger. I raised my butt just a bit and then she quickly shoves her finger in. When she started to stroke in and out and moved it around I couldn’t hold out any longer! I start cumming in her mouth. She keeps sucking for all she’s worth, and it feels so good, but I’m thinking “I can’t believe it’s over!” Even as she continues to play with my dick, I start to loose my hard on. Shellie looks up and says “How was that?”
“Awesome!” was my reply.
But I look over at Roger and Bonnie and she’s still caressing his huge hard on. She’s smiling, he’s smiling and Shellie says to Bonnie, “See what I mean? You’re not done yet!”
With that said my wife stepped out of the tub and slipped off her bathing suit and showed Roger her body. At 5’, one40 lbs with soft 38DD’S she looks good. She took Roger by the hand and led him over to a lawn chair. “Lie down. ” was all she said.

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   She stood to the side of the chair and stepped over him so that she could drop herself down onto his still very erect shaft. I watched as she put her fingers to her opening and pulled it wide as she started to contact the head of his cock.
“I’m sure she must be very wet!” said Shellie while she still had her hand on my limp dick. “How long do you think it will take her to get him inside?”
“Who cares?” was my response. I looked at Shellie and said “Maybe you should go get me some Viagra. ”
“You won’t need it. ” was her reply. With that said she stands up and takes off her top. When it falls away I just can’t look anywhere else but at those beautiful breasts. I catch myself and look her in the eyes. She says “Is there something you don’t like about my tits? Whenever I run into you, you never look at them. ”
Now I had nothing to lose so I say “Oh, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these!” as I place each hand under them. “I’ve fantasized about fondling and kissing them for as long as you’ve lived next to us. And that’s not all I’ve thought about . .

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   . “
“Well then, isn’t it about time that you quit fantasizing and start doing?” She was cupping her breasts and smiling. “Here they are. ”
Where do I begin? I had her change places and it was my turn to work on her. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to try to get the most out of this opportunity. I leaned close and started to kiss her. She turned her head just a bit and said “Bonnie isn’t going to be able to take that thing all night. You better pay attention to my areas that matter most before the bubble bursts!”
I smiled and started to use my tongue to run down her neck and find one of the breasts that I had so often dreamed of. As I started to suck on a nipple she lowered her head and asked, “Do you still need some Viagra?” I realized that once again I was rock hard. I brought my head away and smiled at her. I returned my attention to her breast. They were so firm! Her nipples were getting hard as I licked and sucked one and used my fingers to tweak the other. I ran a finger along the inside of her thigh and started to fondle her through her bottoms. She whispered in my ear, “Take them off.

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She leaned back onto her elbows and raised her butt to help me. I set them aside and she spread her legs. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was clean shaven and had a clit that looked like a little cock surrounded by the big lips. Without hesitation I went forward and began to suck on her.   I sucked her cit and used my tongue to flick it. I moved down and sucked on her lips. I used two fingers and entered her. I used 3, then 4 fingers. She was huge! “You can use your whole hand if you want. ” With little effort I was able to fist her. This allowed me to easily search out her g-spot and I returned to sucking her clit. She was so wet! I felt her buck. She put her hands on my head and drew me tight. “It’s been so long!”   She said.

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   “Oh suck me, suck me, and don’t stop!”
After what seemed like just seconds she started to cum like crazy! Then she tried to push me away but I was having none of that! I pulled my hand out, reached up with both hands to tweak her nipples. Her hands covered mine and I was free to keep on licking her clit. Oh man, I was in heaven!   I stopped just long enough to raise my head and tell her “I could eat you all night long!” She replied, “Oh please do!” I kept on through what must have been one0 orgasms in just a few short minutes. She said “Time out! Please wait just a second!”
I stopped and she leaned forward, grabbed me by the head and started kissing me with more passion than I’ve seen in a long time. She said “That was so great! It’s been so long since anyone has gone down on me and made me cum so much. Look at them. Bonnie loves that huge cock, but she’ll soon realize that it’s all about him! It won’t be long before she’ll find that making love is more than a big cock. It’s more than letting him pound away looking for the next orgasm. He’ll just lay there and let her work on him. ”
I looked her in the eyes and told her that “I could go down on you for hours! I just love making a woman cum! And it’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone other than Bonnie. ”
She kissed me again. As she kissed me she reached down and felt my hard on. “It seems that you’re ready to go again. Are you?”
“What ever you want. ” was my reply.


With that said she took me by the hand and pulled me up and away from the tub. We walked into the house and she led me into the bathroom of the master bedroom. She put her hands on the vanity and leaned forward. “Fuck me!” I put my dick at her hole and entered her. I grabbed her hips and started to stroke in and out. Slowly at first and then I picked up speed. But she was so big, not tight like my wife.   I thought about what she’d done to me and licked my finger. I probed her brown hole and when she didn’t react, I stuck my finger in. Now unlike her cunt, this was tight!   I worked it in a little and then a little more. She reached into a drawer and brought out a tube. She took off the top and said “Use this. ” I pulled out my finger squeezed a little on the tip of it. I spread it at hole and entered her again.   It slid right in and I stroked deeper and deeper.

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   As my knuckle entered her and then it was all the way in. She said “Oh yeah, that feels good! Press down, can you feel your dick?” I could, this felt better. She looked at me in the mirror and asked, “Do you fuck Bonnie in the ass?” “No, I’ve never had anyone that way. ” “Would you like to take my virginity?” I said “If that’s what you want . . . ” She pulled away and grabbed the tube. She squeezed it into the palm of her hand and then she began to cover my dick with lube. “Roger’s dick has made my pussy so big that I don’t think you’re enjoying it. But he’s never been in my ass. I think it’s the least I can do for you. ” Then she turned her back to me and again leaned over the vanity. “I’ve thought about doing this for some time but I’m afraid Roger would rip me wide open. Fuck my ass!”
Well, it took me all of two seconds before I stepped forward and began to press my dick head against her. As it started to enter she gasped and said “Easy! It’s my first time!” Holy shit! I enter her, going as slowly as I can.

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   It’s so good! She is so tight! It’s been an awfully long time but it’s what I remember a virgin feeling like. It’s so incredibly tight and I’m so hard. I can see her face in the mirror and she’s grimacing. And she’s trying to relax but it feels like she’s bearing down. So I just wait, holding still. Once again I reach around and start to lightly rub her nipples. I can see her face start to relax. “Pull it out. ” She says. Oh no, is it over? I do as she says and she tells me “Put some more lube on and try it again. ” Kewl, I can do that! I stroked myself a few times while I add more KY and ask her “Are you ready?” “Yes . . . ” I moved forward and placed it against her opening once more. I slowly advance and she’s not making faces.

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   Her eyes are closed and she’s smiling. It slides in with a little less resistance. I start to slowly stroke in and out, going just a little deeper each time. Oh man, I haven’t been this hard for this long in quite a while. I ask “How does it feel?” “It hurts, but I like it. Roger keeps trying to talk me into letting him fuck me like this but I can’t imagine how I could take his cock like this. Your cute little dick is more appealing. How does it feel for you?” “It’s wonderful!” I’m thinking OK, so “cute” isn’t such a bad thing after all. “You’re so tight. And this is so exciting. I’ve been curious about anal sex but Bonnie told me long ago that it would never happen. I’m so glad you invited us over. ” As I pushed more she said “Ooh, it hurts!” “Should I stop?” “No, keep going. How far are you in?” ” I’m almost half way. Just a bit more and I’ll be all in.

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  ” I was going deeper each time and within eight strokes it was all the way in. “There, that’s all!” “Fuck my ass!” I began to slowly move in and out and she was to push into me. “It feels so different. I’m so full. Do you think you can cum in me?” “Oh I don’t think that will be a problem!” “I really didn’t plan this,” she said, “but I like the way it turned out. I wonder how those two are getting along. ” “I’m sure they’re just fine. ” Within a minute I was getting ready to cum. “Oh yeah, this feels so good! I cumming!” I pushed all the way in and was using little strokes to milk my dick.
“We’re doing just fine. ” It was Bonnie, standing in front of Roger with her hand wrapped around his still hard cock. “I needed a break and we were wondering what you two were up to. ” “She likes it from behind. ” was Roger’s comment. “But you’re probably lost inside of her.

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   She’s kind of big after all of our years together. ” “He doesn’t seem to mind. ” was Sherrie’s reply. She looked at me in the mirror and asked “It feels ok, doesn’t it?” “Oh yeah!” was all I dared to say.
Sherrie suggested that we all take a break and return to the tub. I pulled out as Bonnie and Roger turned to leave. Sherrie reached for a wash cloth and wet it. Then she began to clean me off. She whispered “This will be our little secret, alright?” and she gave me a peck on the cheek. “I don’t have a problem with that. ”
When we returned to the tub my wife was putting on her suit. She said “I think we’ve had enough fun for one night. Let’s head home and let these two be alone. ”
Upon entering our house my wife got naked and came to me. “I hope you’re still horny.

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   I need you to make me cum! He fucked me good but I’m not satisfied. ” She sat on the stairs and spread her legs. She started to finger herself and said “Come over hear and make me cum!”
           End of part one



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