Then There Were Three


Megan arrived home that Friday evening exhausted from the work week wanting nothing more than a hot bubble bath, a glass of merlot and a good book to relax with.
She was surprised to find a package waiting outside her door and more than a little intrigued when she noticed that the label contained only her name.
Now her curiosity was peaked and she felt the fatigue slipping away as her excitement built.
She recognized Randy’s handwriting and knew that whatever the box contained she was in for a treat.
She took the box inside and opened it immediately, inside she found a flat rectangular box which she also opened. After pushing the red tissue paper aside she found an envelope, a mask and a black crotch less body stocking.
She put aside the mask and body stocking to open the envelope. Inside was an invitation, it simply said wear only what is in the box come to my place tonight at 8 I have a surprise for you.
She quickly showered then she put on the body stocking, pausing to admire herself in the mirror for a moment a small smile playing on her lips thinking how much Randy would like the way his gift looked.
She put on her red coat dress and shoes, then slipped the mask into her purse and was on her way.
She arrived at Randy’s a few minutes after 8, on the door was a note that instructed her to let herself in and lock the door behind her. She entered the house and locked the door, now she took off her dress and put on the mask.
The way to the bedroom was lighted by small scented candles like a trail of rose petals to help her find her way to whatever erotic adventure awaited her.
He was lying on the bed wearing a short black silk robe and a mask that matched the one she was wearing. He got up when she entered the room and walked over to her smiling as he looked her up and down before taking her into his arms.
“Hey, nice outfit” Randy said then he kissed her lips and pulled her body to his.

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   “Yes it is, isn’t it? A friend of mine got it for me” Megan replied.
“Must be a really good friend” Randy replied.
“Yes he is. He said he had a surprise for me. Are you my surprise?” she said teasingly an impish grin on her face.
“Do you want me to tell you about your surprise or just show you?” Randy asked his eyes dancing with excitement behind the mask.
“Hmmmmm…. why don’t you tell me and then you can show me?” Megan suggested.
“A while ago you told me that you wanted to have a threesome with 2 guys, well I’m going to make that fantasy a reality” Randy said.
“Go lie down on the bed while I get your surprise” Randy said with a grin as he left the room.
Megan took a few sips of wine from the glass Randy had on the bedside table before lying down on the bed.
Randy returned a moment later with her “surprise” he was also wearing a mask.   They entered the room, removed their robes and lay down on either side of her on the bed. “Megan this is Matt a friend of mine” Randy explained
Randy leaned in to kiss her waiting lips and began softly stroking and squeezing her nipples, while Matt softly kissed the back of her neck and shoulders while his hands explored her back and hips.
Matt turned her toward him and started kissing her, Randy reached around from behind one hand stroking and squeezing her nipples his other hand making its way down her body over her rib cage to her hips, her ass and then spreading her legs to rub her clit.

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Matt taking a cue from Randy to pick up the pace started licking and sucking on her nipple through the fishnet and fingering her wet pussy.
Megan was in heaven, she was so turned on all she could do was moan.
“Oh yes mmmmmmm that is so good…don’t stop” she cried in ecstasy
“Oh yeah make me cum” she said her hips bucking as her body exploded in orgasm.
Randy knew from experience that the 1 st orgasm was just an appetizer for Megan he turned her over on her stomach holding her hips in his hands to bring her up on her knees he positioned the head of his cock at the opening of her hot wet hole.
She was already squirming trying to get his hard cock inside of her, he stayed just out of reach “Is this what you want baby? Tell me you want my cock inside you” Randy said teasingly knowing that he was driving her crazy.
“Oh yes… I want your cock inside me! Please fuck me” Megan begged
Randy entered her, teasing her with just the head of his cock for a few strokes then ramming his entire cock into her loving the feeling of her muscles contracting around him when his balls hit her clit.
Matt lay there watching Randy and Megan fuck, stroking his hard cock.
Megan started licking Matt’s inner thighs then his balls as he stroked his cock, then she licked the head of his cock and up and down the entire length of him while Randy fucked her and watched her lick Matt’s cock.
Matt was pulling her hair and saying “oh yeah suck my cock” and watching Megan suck his cock while Randy fucked her.
With every thrust of Randy’s hips his cock went deeper into her mouth and throat, it didn’t take long before he was cumming between the hot wet mouth sucking and licking his cock and balls and the visual stimulation.
“Oh yes, mmmm Megan I’m cumming” cried Matt as his cum filled her mouth.
Randy rolled over taking Megan with him now she was riding him with her back still to him, he was getting close and wanted to be sure that she came to so he reached around to play with her nipples then Matt wanting to stay in on the action knelt between their legs and began licking her clit .
“Oh yeah! Mmm that’s so good don’t stop don’t stop” Megan cried not even sure which one she was talking to and no longer caring.
Megan came her pussy squeezing Randy’s cock so tightly that it was almost painful and making him cum too. She rode him until she squeezed every last drop of cum from him.

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Matt had to leave so he kissed Megan and said his goodbyes to her and Randy.
Megan turned to Randy with a sleepy smile and said “Thank you for making my fantasy come true” before drifting off to.