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I get up from my cock-n-balls pair, and they whine ever so slightly.
"I'll be back, my cock-whores. We got a couple others joning us. " They both smile a little at that, and Tanea moves up to straddle Christi, who proceeds to eat Tanea out almost as hungrily as she sucks cock.
I walk to the door, not botherinvg to cover up myself; I know that Jasmine and Kelly will like seeing my cock after so long. As I open the door, sure enough, both smile at the sight of my cock, and look at eachother. While I was dating Kelly, who is openly Bi, the two always talked about us doing a threesome, but I shrugged it off, thinking it inapropriate. That has changed.
"Come in, ladies. " I smile, awaiting their reaction to the two on the floor. Jasmine is the only one to be slightly shocked, because she knows both Christi and Tanea, but Kelly is very excited. So excited in fact that she turns around and grabs my cock, and begins to stroke it.
"Can I suck it, baby?"
"In a bit, first, we'll do what you always asked me to do when we were together. " She smiles, knowing what I mean, and starts taking off her clothes. I walk up to Jasmine, and take of her shirt, with no resistance, of course. Jasmine is about 5'6", and a lean body, since she started cheerleading.

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   Her tits have gotten smaller, but a lot firmer. She has a great ass, and I five-star it as she bends over to take off her panties. This only gets her excited, as I turn to Kelly. She's in high anticipation, since she always wanted me to cum on her tits. I look her up and down, she's slimmed down since I saw her. . . still a big girl, but not as big as our last enounter. Shes got a B cup, and she loves the cock.
"Cock whores, come here. " Christi and Tanea, move over, remaining on their knees. I motion Kelly to lay down. "Suck her tits, ladies. " Christi and Tanea move over to Kelly rather quickly and go to town on her tits. "Jas--suck--my--cock.

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   And do it right this time. " Last time she sucked me off, she left me hangin, and while she wont gobble my cum today, she will get me off. She moves and kneels in-between Kelly's legs and proceeds to deep-throat me. She continues to deep-throat, doing nothing else. Good--I like my cock deep-throated. As I feel myself starting to cum, I move her face, rather forcibly away from my cock, and let loose on Kelly's tits and face, and a little on Jasmine's face. "Clean it off, slut. " Without hesitation, she moves to licke and suck my cock clean, and back to full erection. With that, my doorbell rings. "And our final guest for the evening. Clean her up. "
I move to the door, open it, and let her in. My first, and ideal fuck, up until my current girlfriend. Kelly B. Standing 5'3", about 130, and very--very--athletic proportions (she's a cross country runner, and studying boxing).

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   She's very shocked to see me naked, but smiles somewhat, and walks in. I close the door almost simultaneously with her reaction to the massive orgy.
"What the fuck?!"
"Calm down, baby. We're all just having some fun. " She looks around, and recognizes Jasmine, who was my "best friend" at the time we went out, and Tanea, whom she met while I was with Tanea. "C'mon. . . join in. " She hesitates, and slightly moves back when I move towards her, but accepts my touch. "It'll be fun. " I move to kiss her, and she leans to accept my kiss. We start making out, and I take her clothes off. I get her worked up, as I work on the positioning for everyone.

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   get on your knees. Christi, straddle Kels, over there. Jasmine, eat Tanea, and Tanea, eat Kelly here. " I take some of Kelly's pussy-juice, and lube-up her asshole. The one time we did it anal, she loved it, and I loved her screaming when I was in her ass. I move into position, and take a second to hear everyone's moaning. I slowly place my cock in Kelly's ass, but as soon as it's in, I ram it deep and hard. She moans loudly, and digs deeper into Kelly L. 's pussy, who in turn starts licking Christi faster. As they all start cuming, I see Kelly move away from Kelly L. 's pussy, and her deep and hard, and fill her asshole with my cum as she screams out loud in extacy. I remove my cock, and Tanea quickly moves to suck and lick it clean. I move away, and I get dressed. They all look at me wantingly.
"Go home, and understand that today you were my whores.

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   And if I ever call you again, you'll do the same, and ask for more. "

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