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    To be honest, I have never written a sex-story before, its bad enough at my age that I even read them! If my dad found out, I’m more than sure he’d disown me. I could definitely forget the car he promised, for when I turn seventeen.
    Maybe on account of the fact I’d remained a virgin – probably the only one in my school’s tenth grade – that I’ve been having all these really hot flushes. It’s just been a matter of principle – I always wanted to believe I’d be a virginal bride - and well, so far at least, I’ve managed to stay on my feet, as it were.
    Until last night that is!
    You might have thought a girls’ sleep-over was safe enough? I sure did!
    I’ve known Cathy Carter since kindergarten. A really quiet and rather pretty little girl who looks way less than her sixteen years. Only three days older than me, we are both around five-foot three inches tall, though I’m blonde. Just thought I’d mention that, not that it makes any difference to anyone I realise.
    There were just the four of us there yesterday, the other two being Elise Sherman and Julie Cameron. Elise needing a manager, given the number of boys wanting to date her and Julie in dire need of a bodyguard, taking into account her track record for "luring away" other girls’ boyfriends.
    Anyway, the evening had been pretty normal. We had sent out for pizza early while Julie and Elise had each gotten a wine cask which given that none of us were what you might call power drinkers, was definitely asking for trouble I guess. We had been watching a couple of movies, one of which was Richard Gere’s Unfaithful. I don’t know if you are familiar with that film but it’s about Gere’s wife who gives-in to temptation and allows herself to be seduced by this artist-acquaintance she meets one day during a rainstorm.
    Some of the sex scenes in this movie are really graphic and there were times the four of us were kinda just looking at each other in embarrassment. Maybe it was something else? I know that during the sequence where Oliver Martinez takes Diane Lane from behind, in the public hallway of his apartment block, if I had been alone I would certainly have had a hand in my own panties watching it.

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   Most girls would I’m thinking! (Most boys too. )
    The trouble started around eleven-thirty. Cathy was unsteady, even on her knees, and as she tried to fill Julie’s glass from the three-quarters empty cask, she slipped and dropping the thing, fell over onto some scatter-cushions. Everyone began giggling like crazy and I guess we must have been making a heap of noise because Cathy’s dad Todd, stuck his head around the door and said "C’mon quieten it down a bit girls. "
    Todd I should add, is a really nice guy and having married very early, was still only in his mid thirties. Maths teacher at a neighboring High School, heaps of Cathy’s friends had often commented that he was a bit of a spunk-rat. They weren’t wrong!
    Looking at it from Todd’s viewpoint, I suppose seeing four sixteen-year old girls dressed only in skimpy nightdresses, acting all flirty and lounging around the floor in various girlish poses was a bit of a come-on but who would have thought anything would actually happen?
   "Ohh, sorry daddy," Cathy giggled, picking up the wine-cask. Her dad saw it.
   "Have you girls been drinking alcohol?" he asked…like there was anything now he could do about it.
   "It’s my fault Mr Carter," mumbled Elise, looking up at him from where she lay prostrate across a few piled-up cushions. "Cathy didn’t know I was bringing any. " She looked up at him really cheeky!
   "You want to spank me?" she smiled up at him, before deliberately getting on her hands and knees and proffering her hot little ass in his direction.
   "Elise!!!" said Julie, "Don’t be such a tease. "
   Just for a moment, I saw Todd’s expression as he looked down at Elise. You could see the outline of her cotton panties through the thin material as she knelt there.


   He wasn’t sure just how to handle this.
   "That might not be the most sensible of offers young lady," he replied after a few seconds. "You never know what might happen. "
   "You’re all talk Mr Carter," she said, teasing him unmercifully by wiggling her bottom provocatively no more than a couple of feet from where he stood just inside the doorway.
    Faced with this ultimatum, he just leaned forward and gave her a light smack. The rest of us were watching pretty much amazed.
   "Like that really hurts!" Elise taunted him, if anything increasing acutely the angle of her hot little ass.
   "So you want to play huh?" Todd said to her, following which, he delivered what must have been a pretty stinging blow to Elise’s rear end.
    This time she let out an "ouch" but incredibly, made no attempt to either move, or cover herself. Todd delivered a third smack and Julie’s eyes I could see, were the size of saucers.
   "C’mon dad," Cathy cried out…. "That’s enough – you shouldn’t be doing that. "
  "Yeah?" he responded. "And just who was it then offered herself for punishment?" Seeing as Elise still hadn’t moved, he gave her another one to be going on with.
    I have to be honest, it was just soooo hot seeing my friend getting spanked like that…I couldn’t help but imagine my own dad paddling my butt in front of the other three girls.

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   More than anything I wanted to masturbate at that second but restrained the urge obviously. Looking across at Julie I’m sure she was having similar thoughts.
    Despite his daughter’s protestations, Todd’s open hand was descending now on to Elise’s rear cheeks pretty hard. Crying out with each spank she was still making not the slightest attempt to escape her fate. I could see Todd was becoming quite aroused by the circumstances and Cathy herself seemed resigned to her role as voyeur-come-lately.
   "That’s enough Mr Carter," cried out Elise, finally covering her bottom with her hands.
   "Just a couple more I think," said Cathy’s dad and before anyone could react, he just slipped both hands up beneath Elise’s nightdress, took a hold of her panties and tugged them down almost to her knees, completely exposing her rear end which by now was almost glowing. From where I was kneeling even, I could see my friend’s pussy and I just gasped. I wasn’t the only one.
    Elise cried out "Noooo Mr Carter…. not my panties…. please," while Cathy simply put a hand to her mouth and cried "Dad!!!!" Julie however, seemed to be enjoying the whole thing. I could be wrong, but it looked to me like she had a hand between her legs doing something that was rather naughty. You have to remember that we were all highly affected by alcohol at this stage. More than likely now I think of it, Todd was taking advantage of that very fact.

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   "Damn it Elise," Todd was saying, having spanked her hard a couple more times, "You are such a sexy little girl. " He stayed his hand and pulling her around somewhat, actually leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips. Expecting she would either tell him to "F" off, or at the very least, slap him across the face, none of us could believe it when she returned his kiss. …not even bothering to pull her panties back up and believe me, nothing was left to the imagination.
   "Oh my God dad," said Cathy, "Are you crazy…. she’s only sixteen. What if mom comes in?"
    Todd broke off from kissing Elise, allowing her to remember her panties which she started pulling up, though none too quickly I have to say.
   "Your mom’s gone over to her sister Cath, she won’t be back until the morning sometime. " We have the whole night to ourselves. I could swear both Julie and Elise smiled at each other. Certainly a look of some sort passed between them. Todd glanced at Julie as she sat there hunched up on the rug, emptying the dregs of her glass.
   "Any wine left girls?" Todd enquired. Elise half crawled across the floor to where Cathy had dropped the cask. There was enough for one re-fill which she handed to Todd.

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   "Here y’a Mr Carter," she slurred, acting fully coquettishly and giving him an eyeful down the front of her nightdress as she leaned towards him.
    The temptation must have been too much for him, because Cathy’s dad just put his hand down Elise’s top and fondled her there a couple of times. She let out a gasp of surprise as Julie teased him further, parting her legs visibly and letting him see exactly what her right hand was doing.
   Even Cathy was rendered speechless, not sure whether to watch her friend getting molested by her father or Julia as she took the initiative with her own plans for self-fulfilment. Incredibly, Cathy’s hand sought out her own little hot-house and uncaring now in the presence of her father, she spread her own legs and began rubbing the outside of her panties.
   Blushing as I know I was, I just couldn’t help it, and slipping my hand inside my own knickers I began fingering myself. I wanted Todd to see me doing it although I don’t think any of us were thinking what danger we were creating for ourselves. I think we were past caring.
    Right then however, all Todd was thinking about I guess was Elise’s breasts. Bra-less as she was (we all were) he had both her quite small boobs free of her top and was now pulling her nipples while he kissed her. All three of us could hear her moaning a little. Elise was getting soo hot, she too began rubbing herself with her free hand.
    Todd, we could all see had one unsightly bulge in his trousers and it was Julie who made the suggestion. "Why not take your pants off Mr Carter? I’m sure you’d feel better!"
    He had Elise laying back now on the cushions and seeing her like that, legs apart, panties completely exposed in front of his face, as she slipped her hand inside, two fingers at least in her pussy, just made the rest of us lose all our inhibitions.
   "Strip her Todd," said Julie, having some trouble breathing as she masturbated like crazy.

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   She was beginning to rub her own breasts now with her spare hand. From what I could see of Cathy, she was hunched up against the far lounge…. . legs wide apart, giving her father an unobstructed view of both her panties and her hands inside them.
    Todd appeared more taken-up with Elise’s immediate fate though and took less than twenty seconds to pull her panties completely down and her nightdress off. She gasped as she was forced to lie back against the cushions fully naked now. We could all see her neatly trimmed little pussy. . and her fingers as they slipped deep inside herself. She must have been soo hot!.
    "Fuck her Mr Carter," Julie muttered, obviously aroused by her friend’s submissive position. "She wants it!"
    I don’t think she was too far wrong there either. Pulling out his erection and although hardly an expert on such things at that moment…he looked pretty big to me, he forced Elise’s legs as wide as he could and just pushed straight into her. I knew she wasn’t a virgin but it still looked sooo hot – a girl her age being fucked by a man old enough to be her dad.
    Cathy, Julie and I were all making un-enforced sounds of pleasure as we got ourselves close to orgasm.

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   Elise though was completely losing it, crying out for Todd to "go deeper. " He did as she asked though and just as his daughter came the far side of the room (believe me, you couldn’t miss it!) he got to the finishing line and began shooting up far inside Elise’s vaginal repository.
    Julie also brought herself off and desperate as I was…. I didn’t want to sit there being the only one masturbating – that would have been embarrassing for me. So I kinda slipped my fingers out and tugged my nightdress back down. Between my legs felt like it was on fire…I don’t think I had been more than ten seconds short of finishing.
    Elise was just lying there moaning and clutching at her pussy. Her breasts and the ends of her hair were damp from the exertion. Her nipples still so erect, I could hardly believe it. Some of Todd’s cum was running out of her now and down the inside of her thighs. God, it was so sexy!
    "My turn. " I heard Julie saying and I sat there dumbfounded as she pulled her nightdress over her head, crawling in just her panties, to where Todd was sitting back on his haunches getting his breath back. He just looked at her, his eyes taking in her entire body - from her swaying breasts to her firm and well-rounded little bottom, outlined as it was through the tight cotton material. As she reached the spot where Todd was half-kneeling, she turned around and deliberately wiggled her rear-end in his face.
    He didn’t need any other provocation, simply peeling her panties off and getting up behind her.

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   She arched her butt higher, spreading her legs a little. Even from where I was sitting I could see how wet her pussy was. My own was in no drier a condition. I watched fascinated as he took her in that position. Cathy directly opposite them, would have had an uninterrupted view of her friend’s naked breasts as her father fucked her, kneeling there on all fours.
    Like Elise, Julie was no virgin, but this did not reduce the arousal factor from my viewpoint. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her naked bottom and the sight of Todd’s cock sinking so far into her with each thrust. How much did I want to know what that really felt like?
    Julie is not a shy girl let’s say, and the noises she was making left no doubt in anyone’s mind that what was happening to her was extremely pleasurable. She wasn’t exactly unclear in what she wanted Todd to do to her either! What absolutely stunned me though was hearing Cathy – his own daughter – telling him to fuck her harder. This was a sleepover not likely to be forgotten in a hurry!
    I think he and Julie came at pretty much the same time. Todd was grunting as he creamed her inside while Julie was just kneeling there, shaking and crying out as the orgasm hit her. Like Elise, she just clutched at her pussy between her legs then collapsed on the floor before the two girls began hugging each other for comfort. That made me even hotter I am ashamed to say!
   "Well Debbie?" I heard Cathy calling out to me. "It’s your turn. "
   "Yeah right Cath," I called across to her.

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   "Like I’m going to just do it…like that?"
   "Oh sorry, I forgot," she giggled. "Good little Catholic girl staying a virgin till she gets married! You’re just a scaredy cat Debbie. "
   "I am not," I retorted, "If you want it so much Cath…do it with your dad yourself. "
    That caused some fallout. I noticed the look which flashed across Todd’s face momentarily. "If only," I could see him thinking. Cathy actually blushed and was totally shocked at the suggestion.
   "That’s a disgusting thing to say Debbie," she mumbled.
   "Why?" I said. "Melissa Clarke in our grade is always telling us what her father does to her some nights. "
   "What? and you believe her Deb?" Cathy replied. "Mel’s a total liar, she’d say anything to get someone’s attention. "
   "Actually Cath," Elise interrupted. "Bronwyn reckons she was there one night and saw her dad doing stuff to her. "
    Cathy was unimpressed.

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   "Whatever. . . I’m not doing it with my dad – that’s incest and it’s wrong!" Todd I noticed was looking across at her and unless I’m mistaken, he was looking majorly disappointed. He came over then and sat alongside me.
   "Come on Debbie," he said, "Are you really a virgin?" I nodded.
    He then put an arm around me and kissed me. I was so shocked. . I didn’t know what to do. Being kissed by an older man was both a little humiliating as well as somewhat arousing. I knew I shouldn’t let him do that but part of me so wanted it. I began to tremble and at the point he cupped my breast through the nightdress with his right hand, I pushed his hand away. He wasn’t to be put off easily though and kissing me harder, I was finding it more and more difficult to resist him. Again he cupped my breasts and gently squeezing me there I felt several hot flushes coursing through me.


   I could feel my nipples becoming erect and glancing down, was shocked to notice that you could clearly see that fact through the thin material. So too could I feel the effect this was having between my legs, I kept them pressed tightly together, not the direction they were necessarily intent on remaining. .
    At the point he began kissing my neck a little beneath my ears, I was getting really aroused and restless. When he slipped a hand down my top once more and actually began fondling my breasts – rather than pull his hand out, I just allowed him to kiss me more passionately and I heard myself moan softly. I just couldn’t stop it. Feeling his hands on my breasts and his hot breath against my neck, I allowed myself to be eased downwards on the cushions until I was almost on my back. I could hear the other three girls whispering words of encouragement to Todd but I couldn’t tell you what they were actually saying.
    Half of me wanted this…the other half desperate to stop it in its tracks.
  "Just relax Debbie," Todd was saying to me.
    How much more relaxed can a girl get than letting a man more than twice her age kiss her while he navigates his way around her breasts following all four points of the compass?
    I was aware of Julie and Elise having settled themselves either side of me. Elise actually took a hold of my hand – for girlish support I imagine. I knew in my heart though all three of them wanted to see me get fucked more than anything.
    To my sudden horror I felt my nightdress being pushed up and my panties being tugged down. Figuring to berate Todd for his taking such undignified liberties.

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  . . I was stunned to see Julie no less, looking up at me as she tugged my skimpy little pair of briefs lower.
   "Let yourself go Debbie," she was whispering. I couldn’t believe my entire vaginal area was now on full view – not just to my friends but to a thirty-five year old man whose own teenage daughter was sitting not three metres away.
   "Undress her completely," I heard Cathy contribute, proppedup against the lounge and once again behaving in the most unlady-like fashion so far as her restless little fingers were concerned.
    I must have been way past the point of no return, putting up little resistance aside from a half-hearted "Nooooooo" as Todd pulled my nightdress up over my head. I mean. . how seriously can you take a girl’s pleas when she’s freely raising her own arms to facilitate the garment’s removal
    It was done, I was naked. Naked in front of my girlfriends but more importantly, naked in front of my best friend’s spunky father, and at a time his own erection was poised but a matter of inches from my virginal little slit. Ok well yeah, I admit not wholly virginal perhaps…. multiple fingers and a few other unmentionable articles having found their way in to the ante-chamber in months previous.
   I discovered how sexy it was being nude and just what power my youthful body actually wielded. I could see it in Todd’s eyes.


   As I lay there almost provocatively in the resigned acceptance of my fate, I began to wriggle slightly, the movement of my breasts attracting his eyes (and hands) I closed my eyes for a moment concentrating on the contact of his fingers with my erect nipples. As he began kneading them between thumb and forefinger, I heard someone gasp. It was a moment or two before I realised it was me.
   I knew my three friends were pleasuring themselves and as I felt Todd raising my legs directly under each knee, before spreading them to their limit, I wanted his eyes on my pussy, his hands on my breasts. What I could never have expected was that first lick. Jolted back to reality as his tongue forced its way between my very wet lower lips, I couldn’t believe the thrill of such intimate contact. I gasped loudly while at the same time making sure my legs didn’t decrease the angle of opportunity by so much as one degree.
   "Ohhhhh Todd," I seem to remember muttering, but by then his tongue had set up a vibratory motion on my clitoral hood. I was lost for all time. Aside from the occasional "Uhhh," "Ohhh," "God!" and "yeah…right there," I don’t think I was contributing much to the conversation. I recall momentary flashes when I was wishing it could have been my own dad there between my legs, but I just put that down to "irrational pleasured derangement" resulting from the attendant sexual pleasures being handed me.
   The introduction of his erection into my snug little cave sobered me up. I was about to be fucked. . no other way of describing it.

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   Tomorrow I would no longer be a virgin. Incredibly I felt a few tears coming to the surface. My body was in control now however, not my powers of deductive reasoning. The feeling of those first few moments of penetration were for me, at the opposing ends of the experiential spectrum.
   On the one hand, unutterable pleasure at the physical friction being set-up between my legs and on the other, great trepidation at what ultimately must follow, as my innocence prepared to leave me. In the passing of but milli-seconds I remember a kaleidoscope of pictures. Mom dressing me for my first day at kindergarten. Sitting on dad’s knee as a little girl at Christmas looking at the tree and all the presents piled up there. My first swimming lesson. Staying over with Cathy when she and I were no more than seven or eight. The day mom took me shopping for my first bra when I was twelve. That yucky first period. Roger Murdock – the dork next door, who gave me my first kiss when I was thirteen.
   I would probably have cried my eyes out had Todd not reached my hymen at that exact moment.
   Whoa! sexual pleasure right out the window…Hello pain! Was I ever thinking clearly now!
   "It’s Ok sweetheart," Todd was whispering to me….

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  . "You’ll hardly feel a thing,"
    For all those male readers out there who figure taking a girl’s cherry is just "routine therapy,"…. . some momentary discomfort on the way to instant bliss, let’s just back up here for a minute!
    Imagine if you will, someone taking a large metal pipe…marginally wider than your mouth and inserting it there with but little delicacy. Then forcibly pushing it down until it reaches your tonsils. While you gag on the agony, they whisper to you "You’re really gonna love this sweetheart" and then shove it right down, your throat, performing an enforced tonsillectomy on the way.
    Hymens do not come with a perforated edge. Pushing through them is not only gross…its extremely painful. The blood isn’t a special effect from Industrial Light and Magic, its there because you just tore a large flap of skin clean off the girl’s inner vaginal wall. If men had to go through this…there would be fifty times as many virgins in the world at any one time.
    One thing though is true I have to admit. Such is the sensation of a man’s erect penis suddenly deep inside, fucking you to the edge of sanity and beyond……you do tend to lose sight of the pain that was pervading your entire body just seconds earlier. Even though I know I bled quite a bit…. with Todd just thrusting as deep inside me as he could, his hands and lips playing with my breasts as he fucked me and knowing that my friends were watching me actually lose my virginity, I slid into a world of fully-aroused femininity I just couldn’t believe. I would have let any other man there fuck me until I passed out.

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   Actually I came very close to it.
    Incredible too the urge to kiss and be kissed. I wanted only to please my partner and to put my body at his complete disposal. I think only a girl can understand that feeling.
    I was aware of Elise crying out as she made herself come, followed by Julie’s two-handed performance between her own legs. Todd I guess had way less sperm to give me at that point, but such was the feeling as he came inside me I could not prevent my own hands from fulfilling my own orgasmic needs.
    I felt how damp and sticky I was all over and I stared down between my legs as some of Todd’s surplus cum leaked out of my pussy. I caught a little on my fingers and raising it to my mouth tasted it. Whilst rather less tasty than a piece of lemon meringue pie, it wasn’t too bad. I could probably get to like it.
    To say I was ready to do it all again would be an understatement.
   Half sitting up, I could see Todd now moving across to his daughter who was lying semi-slumped against the lounge. Quite obviously she had reached her own terminal velocity! I couldn’t hear what he said to her but we all heard Cathy’s evidently shocked response.
    "No way dad!!!"
     There was a resolution to the problem at hand but its going to hafta wait till.

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