A Fathers Downfall Chapter 2


I hardly slept that night, wracked with guilt over what I had done to my baby girl. Would she know that I had violated her and would her eyes no longer shine with love and trust? While half of my brain was damning my soul to hell and swearing black and blue that I would never touch her again, the other half was remembering how hot and wet and tight her pussy had been, and how sweet her juices had tasted on my finger. I knew the taste of her would haunt my dreams forever.
Much to my relief and shame, Abby seemed completely normal the next day. She bounced downstairs, eager for breakfast, and talking her usual mile a minute. It seemed it was only I who had changed from the previous nights events, as I couldn’t seem to drag my eyes away from her young body, especially as I now knew intimately that she wore nothing underneath her nightgown. As I cooked her favorite pancakes for breakfast, my cock throbbed at the thought of being buried deep inside her tightness.
So life continued as normal with school for Abby and work for me, and I’d chalked up my one instance of debauchery with my daughter as a singular act of madness, never to be repeated. Yet there were times when the memory haunted me, such as on those nights when she would climb onto my lap into her usual position, and I would be forced to find an excuse to move away as my cock would instantly harden against her tight young ass. Or the time when I was doing the laundry and came across her panties and couldn’t resist lifting them to my nose and inhaling the smell of her young pussy. I knew I was sick and perverted, but that didn’t stop me from drooling at her scent.
A few weeks later, Abby complained of a sore throat and after a visit to our local GP, a diagnosis of tonsilitis was made and surgery was scheduled. I fretted as only a father can as I waited for her return from the operating room, but upon waking she demanded her icecream and I could tell she would be fine. After a brief stay in hospital she was released to go home, with an order of bedrest until she recovered. Upon arrival I set Abby up in my bed with the remote as she did not have a TV in her own bedroom, gave her a bell to summons me to cater to her every whim, and made sure the freezer was stocked with all her favorite icecreams. As expected, Abby revelled in the princess treatment.

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That night, after putting Abby to bed in her own room an hour earlier, I crawled into my own bed in my boxer shorts and was watching the late news, when my baby girl appeared at my bedroom door. She told me that her throat was hurting again and that she couldn’t get to sleep. She looked so beautiful, dressed in her short pink snoopy nightgown, with her big blue eyes drooping with exhaustion. I patted the other side of the bed and she climbed in while I climbed out to go and get her one of the painkillers that the hospital had sent us home with. I poured her a glass of milk to take the tablet with, then decided that since she was in desperate need of sleep, one of my sleeping pills would also help her get through the night. After watching her swallow the pills and then wiping her milk moustache off her sweet mouth, she asked if she could stay here with me until she went to sleep, and so I crawled back into bed, making sure there was a huge gap between our bodies. Of course Abby wasn’t satisfied with that arrangement and was soon snuggled under my arm, her head resting on my shoulder as we watched TV together.
I think it was her soft sighs that pulled me from sleep, or maybe it was the feel of a hard nipple against the palm of my hand. Hell, maybe it was my cock rubbing up against the silky smooth skin of her ass. I awoke to all of these sensations and more. The scent of her hair was driving me crazy. She was so tiny, wrapped in my arms with her nightgown pushed up around her armpits as my fingers pinched lightly at her tiny nipple. My cock had escaped from my shorts and my hips were slowly rocking, pushing my hardness along the crack of her ass. Jesus, I had to stop. This was my daughter, the only good thing in my life.

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   But even as I thought this, my hand slid down her body, caressing her tiny waist and slowly sliding across her hip, until I reached her thigh. Only then did I realise that she wasn’t wearing any panties again. I was a goner.
I sat up slightly on my elbow and moved my upper body away from her. As I placed my hand on her shoulder and pulled her backwards she twisted to lie flat on her back, brushing against my cock and I moaned aloud at not only the sensation, but at the sight of her prepubescent breasts coming into view. They were so small and puffy, but her nipples were hard and I couldn’t help leaning forward and flicking my tongue across the small tight bud. Abby moaned and arched her back, pressing against my mouth, and I wrapped my lips around her small mound and sucked on her perfect breast, my tongue stroking her hard nipple. My God, she was truly delicious. I rubbed my rock hard cock against her.

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