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This all happened a long time ago, almost 20 years ago in fact. I’m finally at the point where I can share my experiences, in the hope that it can make others in the same situation feel like they are not alone. I know this isn’t a subject that many girls can talk about. At the time, when I was 13, my family lived on a sheep farm in the mountains. It was a wonderful place to grow up, surrounded by so much natural beauty. There was no school nearby, so my parents tutored me themselves. When I wasn’t taking my lessons, I’d hike or ride around the farm. Sometimes I did this alone, and sometimes with Andy, my 17 year old brother. On that day, my parents had left early in the morning to make the monthly 6 hour trip to town and back with supplies. I decided that since I had so much free time, I’d hike up to the high country. I wasn’t supposed to go up their alone as my father said that it could be dangerous up there, but I didn’t want Andy’s company, so I went alone anyway. It was a beautiful clear day. The air was crisp, without a single cloud in the blue sky. I walked for hours, almost entranced by the sights and the smells of the high country. Then I remembered to check the time. It was 1.

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  30 already. My parents would probably be back by 4. 00 and I needed to do some school work to show them I hadn’t been wasting time all day while they were gone. I started to hurry back down the mountainside, half jogging, half running. I knew I should have slowed down and walked when I hit the scree slope, but I wanted to get to work so that my parents wouldn’t get mad and punish me with chores. Halfway down the scree slope, my heavy steps caused a slide, and the ground started slipping away from under me. The slide was carrying me downhill, but somehow I miraculously managed to stay upright. I noticed to my horror however, that it was carrying me towards a narrow chasm in the slope. I tried to stop myself, but the next thing I knew, the slide carried me into it. It was narrow though luckily, and with all the scree that was falling with me, I fell in only to my waist. But the scree had packed the chasm around me and I couldn’t get myself free. I was trapped. I could see down the slope, to the house in the distance. Praying that the still air would carry my voice, I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping that Andy would hear me. My prayers must have been answered as I soon saw a small dot making its way up the lower slope.

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   I continued to yell at regular intervals, and I could soon make out that it was indeed my brother coming to my rescue. It took him 45 minutes to reach me, and I’d never been so glad to see him in my life. “What the hell did you do?” He asked as he approached me. I told him what had happened, how I’d been stupid enough to try running down a scree slope. He told me I was lucky I hadn’t broken my neck, and I agreed. “I’m stuck though,“ I said. “I can’t get out. Will you stay with me until Mum and Dad get home?” He agreed to, and we talked for a while, but I could tell his mind was elsewhere, and he kept giving me funny looks. “You’re really stuck?” He asked finally, and put his arms under my shoulders and tried to pull me out. I could feel rocks sticking into my hips, pinning me in place. “Ow, that hurts too much. Yea I’m stuck” I said. He stopped and gave me another funny look. “I’m going to show you something” he said as his hands moved to his belt. He unfastened it, and then his jeans, which he removed.

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   Then he took off his underwear and stood before me naked from the waist down. “That’s gross!” I said and looked down at the ground. He moved towards me and I felt his hand grab me by the chin and pull my face upwards until I was looking into his crotch. “Take a closer look” he said as he moved even nearer, one hand holding my face as he started to stroke his dick with the other. His knob was inches from my face and slowly getting closer as his dick got harder. “Have you ever seen a hard-on, Melissa?” He asked me. I mumbled that I hadn’t, which was the truth. I was disgusted with my brother for doing this to me, but I’d never seen a dick get hard before and I was transfixed. He must have realized I couldn’t look away now, as he took his hand off my chin and used it to play with his balls as he masturbated in front of me. “You like it don’t you?” It was more a statement than a question. “Yea, I guess. ” I didn’t really, but I was afraid of what he might do if I said no. “Since you like looking at my cock, you have to show me your tits” he said leering at me. I told him I didn’t want to. “You have to,” he said.

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   “It’s your turn. Take your shirt off. ” I told him no again, and he growled and started to unbutton my shirt, despite my protests. As he moved to the second button, I tried to do the first back up, but he just laughed and pulled at both halves of my shirt, ripping it open completely. I yelled at him to stop, and tried to pull the two halves of my shirt together. He continued to laugh though and moved behind me, pinning one of my arms against my back and then the other. Holding both my arms in one hand, he used his free hand to pull my shirt back, exposing my breasts. “Pretty little tits,” he whispered in my ear as he grabbed my left breast in his hand and started to squeeze it. They were little. I guess I was well developed for a girl who’d only just turned 13, but my breasts were still small; only just filling the A cup bras I sometimes wore. I’d been pleading with him to stop with no effect, and I started to cry as he pulled harder at one breast, then the other, working my puffy pink nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He let go of my arms and started to fondle both of my breasts at the same time, but I was too numb to try to stop him. As he started to kiss my neck and shoulders, all I could do was weep in humiliation at what he was doing to me against my will. Finally I guess he realized how traumatized I was. He walked in front of me again, and after giving my breasts one last long look he pulled my shirt back over them.

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   His dick was softening now, and he put his underwear and jeans back on. He told me he’d get Dad to rescue me when he got home, and then he walked away, leaving me to cry until I ran out of tears. When my dad finally bought me home, I collapsed into my mothers embrace, and started to cry all over again. She obviously thought it was from being trapped. “Its ok,” she whispered to me, “you’re safe now. ” When she noticed my torn shirt, she asked how I’d managed to rip it like that. I wanted to tell her what had happened, to say the Andy had practically raped me, but I was afraid that they might think that I’d done everything deliberately as a ruse to ensnare him. I know now how stupid that sounds, but as a young girl I was too ashamed to be reasonable. I knew my explanation wasn’t really sufficient, and Mum looked like she was going to say more, but thankfully she kept silent. The ordeal was over it seemed. To be continued. . . .

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