A Spirit Visits John


I must hurry and get this all down on paper before it's too late.   I am trying to organize my thoughts as I write, and I just hope someone out there will understand me.   I am writing this chronicle not for my benefit for I will not be here to enjoy it, no, I write this for the human world.   Maybe the best place to start would be a brief history of my life and death.  
   My name was Jane and I grew in the city with my twin brother John.   We were twins but only because we were in our mother's womb at the same time.   We did not look alike and we did not act alike, believe me no ever asked us if we were twins.   My brother John got all the looks, all the charm, and all muscles.   I got the mousy brown hair, the flat chest, and an insecurity complex.   My name went perfect with my looks, all through school every one called me 'Plain Jane'.   While John played varsity football, I was in the Chess Club.   John went to all of the school dances always with the hottest girl in class; I was on the decorating committee and usually ended up operating the punch bowl alone during the dance.   I always studied extra hard (of course what else did I have to do with my time) and got good grades.   John never had time to study and still got better grades than I.   You can understand all of the resentment I had for my twin and of course, a lot of jealousy.  
  Then during our senor year, my prayers were answered and I had an actual date for the senior prom.

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    The boy wasn't an 'A' lister like all of John dates but I didn't care, he was a living breathing boy who had asked me to the prom.   When John heard I had a date, he said he wanted to offer me some advice,
"Listen to me Janie, you got a guy to date you so don't blow this chance.   I'm just telling you to loosen up enjoy yourself, if this guy offers you a little drink don't refuse it.   A little alcohol will relax you and let you have some fun.   When you go out after the dance just don't be a prude, go ahead let the poor guy get a few free feels. "
I told John to mind his own business but I did listen to him
   George and I went to the prom; I let him put a little something in my drink as my brother suggested.   John was right as usual, it did relax me, and I had a good time.   After the prom George took me to park where all the kids went, I had never been there and that alone was exciting.   I let George do whatever he wanted with me and ended up giving him my cherry in the backseat of his mother's car.   When he exposed my breasts, it was the first time any man had ever seen them.  It made me so proud to see a man excited over my little tittys.   I felt so empowered, George acted so thankful, and it felt as if I was bestowing an honor to him.   To be honest none of it was enjoyable to me, I can only imagine that George was as inexperienced as I was.  
   It was on the way home from that night of firsts that I met my tragic end.   I can't tell you what happened because I don't know.

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    We were driving home and I got the wildest idea, I moved over next to George and opened his fly.   I reached in his pants and took a hold of his penis, I had never held a boys member before, and it was so erotic to feel it harden in my hands.   I kept thinking to myself 'I'm doing this I am making this boy excited', I slowly started to stroke him and then faster and faster until he was completely erect.   Then out of nowhere I made the craziest decision in my short life, I leaned over and put George's penis in my mouth.   I felt in complete control and I loved it, when he started to moan I began to suck harder and harder.   Then without warning he erupted in my mouth, I remember trying to swallow it all, I didn't want to spill any on my dress.   Next, everything went black.
   I have no idea what happened but I realized I was hovering above George's car and it was in a ditch.   The first thing I noticed were my panties laying on the dashboard, I guess I never put them back on.   My first thought,
"Oh my god we didn't use protection I hope I'm not pregnant,"
 Funny huh?  Then I saw me sprawled out on the floorboard that could only mean one thing, I was dead.   I tried to get a better look and was finally able to get next to the car; I looked at myself and realized in horror, I had George's penis in my mouth.   Did I cause the accident by biting off his penis or did the accident cause me to bite off George's penis?  If all of this sounds surreal to you just imagine me as I witnessed this scene.  
   I suddenly realized George must not be dead as I was the only thing floating above his car.   That could only mean George needed medical help fast if he was to survive.   I made myself rise back up to the road where I tried to flag a passing car but no one could see me.

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    I went back down to George but he was already gone, I never saw his spirit and I have no idea what that means.
Those were my last memories of my time on this plane.   I wish I could tell you where I have been or what I have been doing since that fateful night, but I just don't know.   The only thing I know is somehow I have been granted one day back on Earth, the rules are simple I have twenty-four hours, I cannot look like me but I can choose how I want to look.   I choice flaming red hair, full c-cup breasts, and curves all the way down to a full derrière.   Now you know as much as I don't ask me why or how because I just don't know.
I stand in front of our house waiting for someone to answer the door; I don't know who is at home or what I will say.   John opens the door,
"Well hello there, what can I do for you?  Please come in. "
What a line, John is still the same; I stammer for a minute and then just blurt out.
"Can I ask you some questions?"
I go on without waiting for permission,
"Didn't you have a twin sister?"
"Yes, but tragically she died in a car wreck, almost five years ago. "
"You must miss her terribly?"
"Oh I miss her alright but really we were not that close.   We would go three or four days without seeing each other and I guess in the back of my mind I keep thinking that I'll see her tomorrow but of course, tomorrow comes and still no Jane. "
As he is talking, he's trailing his fingers along my arms and just grazing my breast.   This is sending jolts right to my vagina and I start to feel moisture seep into my panties.   I notice that John has stopped talking I raise my head and he looks me in the eye.

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    Then he leans across and puts his lips to mine while he continues to gaze into my eyes.   I know this is wrong, but John doesn't, he doesn't know he is kissing his sister.   I try to stop him but I can't, I am his prisoner to do with as he wishes.   Somehow, John realizes this, maybe he knew before me, he breaks our kiss, stands, and leads me to the bedroom.   I am on fire I think I might faint as he starts to undress me.   He takes off my blouse but leaves my bra; he starts to kiss me everywhere but my breasts.   I can't stand it any longer and practically tear my bra off my chest; I hold one of my large breasts in my hand and offer it to his lips.   As last, I can feel his mouth on my bosom, and it is delicious.   I can't understand how can his mouth be so wet and so hot at the same time.
I beg him,
"Please, please take me now I can't wait any longer. "
He actually chuckles,
"Sure you can, my love, we don't want to hurry we want to take our time and enjoy ourselves. "
   As I lay on his bed panting with lust, John slowly takes off my clothes as each section of skin is revealed to him he plants kisses and little bites to it.   He started with my shoes first rubbing my bare feet and then sticking each toe in his mouth sucking them like big clitoris.   Next came my slacks, again first rubbing my calves and thighs, and then running his tongue to just short of my throbbing vagina.   I could not stand any more I grabbed his head and put in the middle of my vagina.

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    I held his head and moaned as he licked and kissed and bit my steaming altar of love.   When he attacked my clitoris, I came, screaming and crying and pleading
"Don't stop, don't stop, oh please don't stop. "
Finally, after I could take no more and I pushed his head away.   He crawled up next to me and began to kiss me; I could taste myself on his lips.   Not once, in all of my life had I ever had a taste of me, of my essence and yet here is my brother having me taste myself on his lips.
 I felt his erection as he lay next to me.   I wanted to return the favor and put him in my mouth but I was afraid because of what I did to George.   I took a hold of his penis, still in his pants, as he had not even undressed yet.
"Will you put this inside me; I want to feel your hardness deep inside?"
He smiled and said in a while my love; I want to enjoy you more.   We cuddled together like lovebirds and all the time I kept holding his erection, squeezing and rubbing just feeling his hardness through his pants.   Again and again John took his mouth to my private areas driving me to new heights every time.   Finally as I lay there whimpering, John said it was time, he asked me to undress him and I was only too glad for the opportunity.   I tried to return the favor and move as slow as John but I was too eager, I wanted his member and I wanted it now.   With just a kiss to the tip, I turned on my back and once again begged him to take me.  
  Take me is just what he did, as gentle as he had been with his mouth and tongue, I was taken aback by how brutal his penis attacked me.

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    He kept slamming into me with such force, yet it was just what I craved, to be taken.   He held my arms above my head and kissed me savagely, biting my neck and breasts and yet I screamed for more,
"Harder, harder give me more, yes like that yes, yes. . . "
I felt him empty himself into me his semen splashing onto my cervix, and I came one last time as we both collapsed
I woke up to hear him in the bathroom,
"Are you awake yet?  Do you know I have been looking for you all of my life.   You are my perfect partner; you do know that I can never let you go now.   I am in love for the first time in my life and I don't even know your name.   Tell me, what is your name?"
I kept thinking how long have we been asleep.  I looked up at the clock to see my time on this plane was over, we had made love all day and night.   I called out to John,
"My name is. . . "

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