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    My name is Jeremy and this is a story of the first time with the loves of my life. Before I spill Some intros are in order. I am 16 and my mom died when I was five. I started to notice  myself checking more guys out then girls at the age of twelve. My best friend Derek came out to me that he was gay at the age of thirteen. My Dad is thirty-five his name is Matt.     It all started one Very hot summer when Derek and I were looking up free porno pics on the web when Derek said to look up gay porn for him so I did but I hadn't told him I was gay yet so I acted as if it grossed me out so I walked away. When I came derek was jackin' off to these really hot guys fucken each other and as soon as I saw it My 6 1/2" cock was rock hard. All I could do was syand there and hope derek never saw me but it was to late. He stopped jacking instanly and with a wide grin on his face he said your gay to! I was instanly red I tried to come up with an excuse nothing came.     Next I knew derek was threatening to tell every one including my dad if I didn't fuck him right there. I knew his word would better then mine because he is an excellent liar and Im not. With in five minutes we were striped down and had a condom from my dads room, and a thing of vaseline.      I started by probing dereks tight little ass with a finger covered in lube. He let of moans as his 7" cock fully hardened. After five minutes I was as ready as I would every be i said here I go and derek bent over the couch a little further and spread his legs even wider.

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   I lunged at him lodging my cock in his tigh ass. I started to pull back slowly trting not hurt him but he said he liked it rough so I started to slam his ass so hard he was screaming and moaning a the same time.      After only three minutes of banging him I stopped as I heard a familiar sound it was the front door opening but before I could react I heard my dads breif case hit the floor as I looked I saw his droped jaw in udder amazement. I tried to say its not what it looks like but the shocked look had passed now he had a wide grin on his face as he said son you should have told me sooner I would have helped you in anyway I ask how could he help me and before I knew what was happening he grabing dereks ass and proping it up at more of angle then he grabed my cock in one hand and the other on one of my ass cheeks and with one swift motion he ramed me into derek's ass and derek and I both moaned with pleasure and pain.     Then my dad said to keep fucking that he had a surpise for me. so I kept going and after a few minutes my head was being shuved on to dereks back still fucking each other and derek moaning louder and louder I suddenly felt like I was getting stabed in the ass and I felt my cock harden even more. As I looked back what I saw scared me a little it was half of my dads 9" cock sticking out of my ass. My dad said it's ok son and derek said yah  matt and I had this all planned. As i learned they had been fucking each other for 6 months.     I soon felt my cock contract and I picked up my pace Derek was screaming my dad was saying what a good boy i was taking 7 of the 9" cock he was feeding my ass. Suddenly I stiffende up and shot my load twice into derek. Derek the said he would switch and fuck my dad. as dereks ass slowly relesed my cock my dad said son Im giving you all of it now and it ok to scream it turns me on more.     Derek positioned him self in my dads ass as my dad shuved the rest in all I could do was scream suddenly my dad backed out I thought thank god but then like a battering ramm he pounded back in I though I was dead for a moment the he evened his pace out and I thout I was in heven. Suddenly My ass jumped as he shot cum in my ass like a fire hose.

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   jus the derek finished up his ass.    Then my dad sat down on the couch and I laid sideways sucking his cock as derek knelt on the floor sucking mine and I fell asleep naked with my dads cock in my mouth and it imprint on my ass                                What happens next? .

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