Accidental Encounter Part 2


 Read part on first.   . . . . . . . and there stood my little 15 year old sister in the doorway, paralized by the sight of me and my cousin Jennifer naked with my erect cock squeezed inside her tight pussy oozing with my hot cum.     It was silent for a few seconds until Jennifer stood up and eased my dick out of her and grabbed a blanket to cover herself. I stood up and searched for my underwear but could not find them so I grabbed Jennifer's shirt and tried to cover myself. "Brodi" said Jennifer "I. . . We. .

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  . it is not what you think. It just happended. "    "You won't tell anyone will you Brodi?" I said. Brodi was still stunned from the sight that she had just seen. Meanwhile Jennifer had found her panties and bra and put them on, then moved towards Brodi, pulled her in and shut the door. "Look this really isn't a big deal. We can work this out but you have to promise not to tell anyone OK?"     "OK" Brodi shakely said, snapping back to reality. "but. . you are cousins!" "I know it is a little wierd but look she is a girl and I am a guy and sometimes you just can't help yourself but to. . . you know. " I said.

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   "So what you mean since I am a girl and you are a guy that you would have sex with me then?"    "Whoa what! I didn't really mean that I just-" "But would you?" she asked. I looked over at Jennifer hoping she would help me out but she just looked back at me with the same surprised look on her face. I turned back towards Brodi and said "Well Brodi you are a little young and your my sister, not to say that you are not attractive or anything, but I guess if the opportunity presented itself. . . maybe?"    "Really you would! You would have sex with me if i asked you?"My mind was racing. She wanted me to fuck her, her own brother! I mean I had thought about sex with her once or twice before recently because she had started to fill out a little bit. She did have very nice breasts and this cute little ass that wagged when she walked but still I knew she was my sister so I threw it out of my mind. "Well. . . . sure I guess if you really wanted me to. "    "Well I won't tell anyone about this, but you have to do whatever you did with Jennifer with me" I could not belive what I was hearing. "Alright" I said "Your descion"    Almost immedaitly Brodi started stipping off her clothes.

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   When she unzipped her pants and dropped them around her ankels my dick got so hard it hurt as I was trying to hold it down. Seeing my little sister wearing a matching pink thong and bra with her pants around her ankles turnned me on more than I ever thought possible. Even Jennifer was getting excited. She had let the blanket drop below her chest exposing her boobs and I could see her nipples getting hard looking a Brodi undress. When she was fully nude I almost came right there. She was smoking hot. Her tight virgin pussy perfectly shaven was amazing. And her perky breasts were stunning as she bounced over toward me.     "Well I'm ready" she said pulling the shirt away from me showing my hard erection. "You know I have always had a fantasy about this. " I could not speak. "Wow Brian I hope it will fit" Brodi said laughingly as she cauiously placed her small hand on top of my package. "Come on" she said anxiously.     "Ok" I said puting her onto the bed. She giggled nerviously as I slowly spread her long legs apart exposing her wet pussy.

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   I looked over at Jennifer who now had gotten naked again. She moved to the front of the bed and started playing with Brodi's nipples. I reached over to the desk and put on a condom. Her breath started getting more rapid as I inched my cock closer and closer to her tight cunt. As the tip of my dick touched her pussy lips and almost thought I would cum right there but I restrained myself so I could make sure my little sister got the best fuck I could give her.     I slowly eased my shaft into her trying to spread her legs as wide as possible. Up top jennifer was now sucking and licking her boobs and rubbing her belly. It took a couple of minutes to get my entire cock inside her but once I did I slowly started pumping her tight slit. She moaned louder and louder each stroke. Each time I thought 'I am fucking my little sister's virgin pussy' entered my mind it just made me hornier. Watching her face and seeing her pleasure only made me go faster. Jennifer had now grabbed Brodi's hand and had her fingering her pussy and then moving over her face and shoved her cunt in my sister's face making her lick it.     "I can't go much more" I said. "Just one more minute Brian" about five strokes laer she started bucking her hip into me and started screaming louder than before.     "I'm ready now" she yelled "Give it to me big brother, shoot your hot cum inside me" And I did just that.

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   It was the most explosive orgasm I had ever had. Ramming my shaft into her with all my strength. Feeling her pussy jucies sparying out over my cock and balls dripping onto the bed, and seeing Brodi bring Jennifer to a climax only made it better. Brodi's hands and toes were clenched as I pumped out my last load of cum inside her.      We just layed there on the bed for a few minutes with my penis still lodged inside Brodi's slit. Jennifer aparently didn't get enough though because she moved over to me and made me pull out of my sister, pulled off the condom and tried to fuck my slightly limp dick. I couldn't move so I just layed there with my eyes closed and let her have her way with me. I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes I was in the middle of an orgasm with Brodi's little mouth around my cock lapping up my sperm with her tounge. Jennifer was coaching her and playing with my balls at the same time. When she was done Brodi stood up, my cum dripping off her breasts said "Thanks big bro, your secret is safe with me. " smiling she licked her finger got dressed and left. I just closed my eyes, smiled and fell asleep. .

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